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Here’s The Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Oh Kirby, You’re So Silly Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded a fresh new trailer for the forthcoming Kirby: Triple Deluxe on the Nintendo 3DS. The short video shows off some of Kirby’s trademark moves and super smooth platforming action. The game is due to be released on May 2nd.


    1. The 1st rule of Kirby Triple Deluxe, is you don’t talk about Kirby Triple Deluxe… D:

    2. Hahaha! Whip Dat Ass Kirby. B^3

      And to answer your question: He/she/it is teaching him a lesson. C:

    3. Kirby is whipping this bastard’s ass BTW: sasorideidaraobi (that Anti-Nintendo troll prasing other POS stuff that’s clearly worse)

      Bet Kirby is like “Keep talking shit troll, I’m still kicking your ass in the name of Nintendo”

        1. Sasorideidaraobi: True American Reject who’s opposing words are opposite and true to only itself.

          Nice try. But I don’t go waste time trashing something I never tried before and hate it because the next dumbass 3 inches away said so.

  1. I hope there are more Kirby fans than I think, because it would have been a terrible waste of time and resources to make a game like this with 10 hardcore Kirby fans, 20 people who will like it, 30 people who will buy it and play it a couple times… Of course with the 3DS install base, the chances are better of finding gamers for it.

    If this were released on WiiU, 3 people would cheer, and the rest of us would continue to lose hope that Nintendo has abandoned it’s adult audience. :/
    (yes, yes, an adult could enjoy this, but they are not the target demographic!)

    1. I think it would’ve been a wise idea to push Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and even Mario Party 9 (with online minigame multiplayer) to Wii U since it was released in the same year for Wii and it would’ve gave Wii U launch adopters more software options and lessen the BS “Wii U has a scarce 1st party launch lineup” complaint.

    2. There kirby is pretty popular all over just not as much as other ips. He tends to sell around 3-1 million. Since he is on a handheld he should be fine. His fanbase is actually pretty loyal so underestimate that pink blob of power. I think if the game came to wii u people wouldn’t bitch that much since there are hardly any games.

    3. Well ill be playing the fuck out a this game, I would’ve bought it regardless of what system it was on…

  2. Its coming on May 2nd? Damn it. XC I was planning to spend money on seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie with my family and then go for Mario Kart 8 in the end of the month.

    I guess Kirby will have to wait. ^^;

    1. I would rather spend money on Kirby than the Spider-Man movies…

      I really don’t like the new ones, they feel shallow and just childish compared to the other previous 3…

      1. Come on Commander. I know the first seemed lackluster but let’s be real. The reboot is actually more faithful and accurate to the comic source material more than the original trilogy (I would say SM1&2 because the 3rd shouldn’t have happened)

        And the next movie is really stepping up its anti and lets not forget, Sinister Six is coming. :3 Would you want that or stay stuck with the original 3 where the first seem to rush its storyline and the 3rd that royally fucked everything like reducing Venom into a skinny bastard for a few minutes before killing him off in a BS way?

        1. I don’t really care about the comics but the fight scenes in the first ASM was so boring and the music was utterly awful…

          I felt no tension at all and the entire plot was just ridiculous…

          Men turning into lizards in a few seconds…

          And it was supposed to be “darker” in tone…

          1. You don’t care about comics? Then you’re watching these movies for the wrong reasons. Yes it can’t be 100 percent correct and every comic adaptions is different and as a Marvel fan myself, I learned that in time.

            About the lizard transformation on cops, you forgot that Connors was working on mass reproduction of human/lizard cross species for some time so of course the formula in gas form would work faster and more effectively. Plus, as for the story, its more focused straight from the early Amazing Spider-Man comics lore so they pick Lizard to be a villain as its one of his earliest villains and then evaluate from there.

            I think you’re only concern about the action instead of the story which the comic based movies is suppose to rely on to entertain comicbook fans and enthusiasts. For the most part, Amazing Spider-Man did its source material right. My only gripes is the choice of making Lizard’s face humanoid instead of a snout, Spider-Man costume design sucks and killing George Stacy off too soon was a bad call because its a missed opportunity to explore his supporting role with Peter as his destiny being Spider-Man.

  3. Its coming on Maay 2nd? Damnn itt. XC I was planning to speend money on seeeing Amaziing Spider-Man 2 movie wiith my famiily and then go forr Marrio Karrt 8 in the end of the mnonth http://qr.net/sBx9

  4. Kirby! I loved Squeak Squad. I thought it’d have been easy but I was proven wrong lol. I got 100% anyway. This one also looks adorable like me. Hugs!

      1. What video? About how your ass got publicly owned in one of the online multiplayer matches and started raging like a typical 7 year old in COD or Halo? I would love to watch that.

    1. Miiverse has become a joke and I got banned for warning others about a hacker in COD Ghosts. Like WTF was that about? Its not bullying or even swearing out loud. Its being informative about somebody abusing the game and systems to cheat a win but I guess the admins is too fucking stupid to realize WTF is the real problem. No wonder there was no security in Swapnote and why it was taken down. Both sides don’t know how to just use the damn software properly and stop fucking around to ruin everyone’s joy.

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