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Epic Games Is Hyping Up An Announcement For Tomorrow

A number of Epic Games employees have taken to Twitter to hype up a possible announcement tomorrow. There’s no clues regarding what the announcement might be, but we know for a fact that Game Informer are teasing their cover story, which will be shown off tomorrow. Whether it’s related to their forthcoming game Fortnite remains to be seen. Whatever it is, it should be interesting.

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70 thoughts on “Epic Games Is Hyping Up An Announcement For Tomorrow”

    1. And it’s almost guaranteed to come to PS4. As much as I love Wii U, Nintendo has literally forced me to buy a second console.

            1. Unless you like noisy powersupplies that scream if you doing pro gaming… I don’t know whether I have bad luck with PSUs but if PC gaming is cheap then why am I forced to buy a headset to block out the noise of the freaking PSU?

              Consoles are much more affordable in the long run because on PC you can use things like Steam to get a cheap deal but you’ll more than likely ignore the game and play the same game over and over again. Whilst on consoles, you have exclusives and many interesting features added thanks to the Next Gen controllers.

              1. I get that point about the PSU, which would be my main complaint against my PC. However you/I could get a sound reducing case and a more discreet PSU.

                I got my PC for a total of about £500 (including an upgrade). It is more powerful than a ps4, but not insane.

                However the last points you make are kind of moot. You get most games apart from a handful of exclusives (Nintendo is the exception obviously). And PC gets exclusives as well.

                Your features point is also ridiculous considering that a PC can do soooooo much more. Stream films, create films, create games, use Photoshop, create music, broadcast YouTube content, live streaming, Skype, write essays.

                What can a console do that a pc can’t. Kinect is the only thing I can think of that is distinctly different.

          1. I didn’t spend $10000000 on my pc. Gaming pc has free internet and cheaper games so even if you do spend more than you would on a ps4 you’ll save money in the “long run”. It really only takes like 2 years to make even out, after that you start saving.

            1. Technically you have to pay the internet provider… also Wii U has “Free” online as well… so yeah

    2. I find it funny that both Ubisoft and Epic are revealing something tomorrow in trying to reduce the Smash annoucements. Desperate actions for desperate times heh.

      1. I HIGHLY DOUBT they are trying to reduce the Smash Bros announcement. If anything they are trying to ride the hype train with Smash.

        They would know better if they were trying to squash Smash Bros, because Smash Bros squashes all lol!!!

      1. You mean that sinking ship of a company?
        I love Sony but I can’t ignore the fact that Sony is in deep trouble whilst Nintendo is doing well.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        You shouldn’t be so quick with things, I have good connections with a large portion of the “Master Race” which I know are your enemies…

  1. I highly doubt that Epic would do something for Nintendo though. They have almost no history together.

  2. There’s no clues regarding what the announcement might be, but we know for a fact that Game Informer are teasing their cover story, which will be shown off tomorrow. Whether it’s related to their forthcoming game Fortnite remains to be seen. Whatever it is, it should be interesting.

  3. another indie game….just going to be crap like the rest of the of the 35 indie games. i want a naruto game on wiiu not this shovle ware of indie games. 75% of the reason why i got this console was to play naruto and the rest of the 25% was for third part

    1. If you can’t afford the PS4/PC, then don’t hate on the console YOU chose. Since I can afford two consoles, that’s not a problem for me though.

      ”75% of the reason why i got this console was to play naruto and the rest of the 25% was for third part”

      Lol, you crack me up.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        More like 25% to play Naruto and 75% not to play anything but instead attack our empire…

        1. I have to agree with the enemy on this, you are 100% correct. And the low-life form is 100% in need of lube for his butthurt.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            It’s funny how the Xbots and the Microsoft Realm in general always unites us in temporary alliances…

            You should reveal your name and gravatar…

            1. Indeed, Xbots always say the most irrelevant things that my programming cannot ever compute, maybe I need an update in the version I am using, or I really cannot compute this bullshit this low-life is saying in the name of both the crumbling Microsoft Realm and in the name of the rising Great Sony Empire.

              Honestly, I wish this low-life would only speak for the Microsoft Realm, its bring such a disgrace to us. Xbots always pollute our good clean skirmishes between our Empires with retardation.

              And maybe in the near future, maybe I will…

        2. actually the 23% was third party. i dont know when wiiu is only for first party kiddy games. fuck that retarded logic am not buying nintendo trash games ever again after how pathetic sm3dw was.. never will i drop $30-60 on a nintendo game again.

          1. So its 23%? What’s the rest? To be a retarded Xbot and soil the name of Sony? You fail at life. Disgraceful weak-minded human.

            1. Another peasant trying to use my identify everyone here knows I have a treaty with The nintendoneans but secretly trying to persuade them to our empire stop imposter

              1. How can you use an “identify”, that’s not even noun.

                But back to the subject, you know as well as I do, that building trust can let strike us strike enemy by surprise. I shouldn’t argue with myself or else our plans may have technical issues and the goal of secretly converting the Nintendites to our side will never succeed.

              1. Better at being worse? I can live with that, thank you for understanding that your doomed system is doomed, even more doomed than Wii U, and soon Sony will dominate you all and dispose of you useless weak-minded Xbots.

              2. …. Xbox One is doing horribly in terms of sales and the Wii U and PS4 are basically tea bagging it now.

                Kid, I’m sad to say but… Xbox has been dead since the Xbox 360… Bill Gates already confirmed it when he left the company

  4. This better be coming to Wii U.

    I was looking at my game collection earlier and really needed something different to play, like a new action or racer. Right now I have a few action games and two racers. I need more.

  5. Smash News tomorrow. Most important day of the year. This news is childs play compared to what Sakurai’s got baking in the oven.

  6. Sorry epic games or whatever game informer has for cover. Smash bros direct is coming tomorrow and I’m boarding the hype train for it.

  7. If these games aren’t coming on the Wii U then I seriously don’t give a dang about them. Anyways, I’m really excited for the SuperSmashBros direct!!!

  8. Smash brothers direct is tomorrow and Epic mysteriously is announcing something. The felt that mario kart 8 epic showing now they are shaking.

  9. King arthur the mother fucker who didn't exist

    Who cares. They made Gears of War and that series was just pure trash.

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