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Nintendo Talks All About Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life producer Yoshio Sakamoto has spoken at length about the premise of Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo 3DS. Sakamoto says that while some of the ideas are similar, they didn’t receive any influence of input from the beloved Animal Crossing franchise. He also revealed that a console version of the game isn’t necessarily out of the question, though this is really something that the development team will have to consider.

  • Console version could be a possibility in Sakamoto’s opinion
  • 33 people at Nintendo worked on the title
  • External developers also helped
  • Development took two years
  • Localization took another year
  • The original game wasn’t localized due to DS restrictions
  • The voice/data engine couldn’t handle all the different languages and sounds


  1. Iwata “please understand” your not who you once were and destroyed a mighty empire into a casuals republic… Far are the days of power and innovation and many are the times of gimmick and ancient hardware.. Do me favor, fire Reggie for god’s sake!

  2. meh am not this game.am just going to continue saving up a referbished xbox 360,120gb costomizeable hard drive and 12 games all for $360. i have $82 at this moment :D

    1. $360? Are you insane? A new 4GB 360 is $199. And $360 isn’t even that far away from $400. The PS4’s price. And if you have a 3DS, the games are $40 new. That’s about 9 BRAND NEW 3DS GAMES. Lmao.

    2. Ikr the only games Nintendo has is rehash fail games that can’t save the Fail U also known as Baby U

    3. Well, of course you won’t since you have been saying this about almost every new Nintendo game announced on this Nintendo news site!! Do us all a favor and just get a life…

    4. $82 of welfare money stolen from your mother’s purse. Yeah. You’ll be able to afford a $360 worth of outdated Xbox crap in no time…

      Ever consider selling garbage cramped in your closet? You can still make another $14 or less and still never be able to reach your goal of buying an outdated Red Ring console from a pawn shop.

  3. This game looks so zany. It looks like it’d be fun, but also like it relies heavily on novelty value, which tends to wear off pretty quickly.
    I do really like New Leaf though.

    1. I feel like nintendo is using this game as a way to show that anyone can do what EA has done with the sims and make it better. Or at least its a start in that direction.

      1. The Sims died after 2. At least for consoles anyway. Sims 3 on Wii and PS3 is garbage. PC version is always superior and I don’t own a PC so meh.

        1. The 3DS version of Sims 3 was not only complicated, but the 3D graphics made me nauseous. Never has any other 3DS title achieved a response as such on its own with me.

  4. Is there anything you guys don’t complain about? You make this site look like the bastard son of /v/

    1. It’s a shame that there’s no “like” buttons on this site, cause I sure liked your comment.

            1. Personally I don’t care about marriages since it’s a religious thing, other than that if games like this are all about “life” then it should contain gay/bi too…

              1. i dont care for religion, gay marriges happen in registry offices not churches haha an yeah it should :(

              2. Marriage isn’t a religious thing. Weddings are, particularly elaborate fanciful ones that exist only for the sake of stroking one’s ego. Marriage is plenty natural in nature, in various cultures that have nothing belief in a judo-christian god.

        1. Why would I buy the game to marry girls? XD I am already tempted enough to get Senran Kagura Burst… I don’t need anymore women to make me decide in purchasing a game. XD

  5. It sounds like a great game… but that was the worst trailer for anything I’ve ever seen. There is such a thing as trying to fit too much comedy in 10 minutes that it doesn’t make sense.

  6. to me this looks like a great chance to print money. in japan it is a huge success but i can see it becoming a hit in the west too. it´s a brave and very unique concept. the direct was fantastic. just fantastic. so unexpected. great style and presentation. nailed it. i love nintendo for their classic stuff and because of weird stuff like this. i am not among those screaming for third party and more hc games (whatever that means anyway) on nintendo systems – we have so many other systems for that already – and i think in the long term iwata has chosen the better path for nintendo with pushing the concept of the 3ds and wiiu. while the wiiu isn´t going through the roof, the 3ds is and the concept of the dual screens and miiverse will be something we´ll probably see in their next system too. it works. it´s great. in the future they need to focus on just one machine though. the competition in this market became too big. only few are willing to invest in 2 games devices from one company. you can see that happening to the vita too. a wiiu/3ds like hybrid console will be the perfect concept for a standalone homeconsole that you can also take with you on the go as well. i love nintendo because they are nintendo. i cannot wait for dark souls 2…but i want to play that on pc.

  7. Sure, at first glance this game seems like shovelware, but it’s definitely not. I saw the Nintendo Direct about it and the game looks like a ton of fun. It’s daffy, bananas, wacky, zany, ridiculous, bonkers, over-the-top, interesting, and different. :P

      1. Nintendo shovel ware is the worst idiot. Get a life and don’t play rehash kidtendo games

      2. The developers worked on the game for 2 years. It’s packed with content and possibilities. So, no, I don’t think it’s shovelware.

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