Storm In A Teacup Confirms Next-Gen Visual Novel Nero For Wii U

Italian indie developer Storm in a Teacup has announced that its new project Nero is coming to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Described as a next-generation visual novel, the game is also in development for other platforms, but the Wii U version will contain elements that utilize the Wii U GamePad. For example, user interface icons will be laid out on the controller’s touch screen, rather than obstructing the player’s view on the main display.

“NERO is a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty where a kid is the key to all locks and the night is not as frightening as we all could think,” reads the game’s official description. “NERO is about love. NERO is about faith. NERO is about feelings. NERO is about questions that need answers.”


      1. Yea its more like you are reading a novel with picture and video and you get to make an occasional choice. Such as “save the girl” or “run away”

        Usually visual novels are made with high quality story lines, but low quality graphics. That way they can churn them out like a factory. I would be shocked if this has more than about 5 of these cg videos you saw in the video above. The rest being still images in the background.

      2. according to storm in a teacup this is going to be first person.. now i’m not an expert on graphic novels but first person is usually an indicator that you can’t make do with still images unless you take the approach of myst and the likes

        we’ll see how it turns out

      1. It’s always been a great home for indies. Indies love it, and with good reason. The gamepad provides them with great opportunities to link mobile and console games.

  1. The premise sounds very intriguing, the visuals look beautiful and i love that they’re getting creative with the Wii U version.

  2. Good God that is one beautiful game! I’ll definitely be following this game- looks VERY interesting.

  3. Lmao. Storm in a Teacup is one of the most epic video game developer name I have ever heard of. Hehehehe…

  4. You forgot that it’s also coming out on 3DS as well.

    It looks like its not coming to PS4… that’s good because it means seeing how very little people want an Xbox One and for the people who hate the Xbox One can buy the Wii U version and still have next gen visuals.

    1. sorry is wiiu get mirrors edge 2,the crew or assassin creed 5. wii underpowered confirmed. mirrors edge even on xbox 360 looks better than any wiiu game.

      1. Go to an xbox site and praise the 360… Easy, done . Your very existence is meaningless and pathetic! You accomplish nothing other than looking stupid and seem to be releasing hate from your own life which you clearly don’t like!

      2. Name one Xbox 360 game that runs in 1080P 60 FPS that is as good as MK8. I dare you.

      3. Grape! There is no getting through to this one! He thinks the 360 has superior abilities to the wii u, he lacks logic all together! I could understand if he was debating the xbox one to wii u. He is a child that can muster the funds to buy a 360

      4. GTA V?… Oh wait no.. that was 720p upscaled…. I can name a few Wii U games running in 1080p at 60 fps:

        Mario Kart 8
        Bayonetta 2
        Transformers Prime
        Sonic: Lost Worlds


        …. does Halo 3 count?

      5. sonic lost world is not 1080p.transformers in game graphics sucks. forza 4 still looks better than mk8. i hope you know theres a difference between graphics and 1080p.

      6. I hope you know how to make sentences and get some glasses because Forza 4 is a realistic racer, Mario Kart 8 is cartoony but MK8 still looks better ;)

        Sorry you’re so butthurt Xbot, seeing how the Xbone is almost dead because devs are losing interest.

      7. We all know you love Nintendo, and you just post these troll comments to have a laugh, why else come here every single day? Obvious is obvious…

      8. To be fair mario kart 8 was never confirmed to be 1080p ..but it is 60fps in local two player …three player plus it dips.

      9. Wow… you are really trying hard to troll aren’t you Narutfag? ;)

        Don’t forget, the Wii U has the superior ESRAM over the Xbox One plus, the GPGPU isn’t full unlocked yet so expect the Xbone sales to drop even further ;)

      10. xbox one is beating wiiu every week. esram is nothing special because xbox one still has way better hard ware than wiiu.

      11. You are right, you should buy a gamer pc if you are only interested in good graphics.

      12. Lol, you Xbots make me laugh, it’s even better that you are a Narutfag too XD

        Wii U = 6.0 Million
        PS4 = 6.4 Million
        Xbox One = 4.2 Million

        …. Wii U is tea bagging the Xbone.

      13. The wii u has also been on the market a year longer. Must be some small nuts.

      14. The best part is that he even exposes himself in his own videos…

      15. Better questions are, are you’re parents going to buy those games for you? when are you ever going to get a better english teacher? last but not the the least when will you ever grow up? Answer me these questions then we’ll see where your future in gaming ends

  5. wow… the clip is great… no its awesome. it really hase something from journey. great sound.
    i keep it on my mind.
    when this would be gameplay grafik.
    yes :-)

  6. There was a song in NFSMW by somebody named Nero. But unfortunately, most of you probably didn’t know that because I am in the minority of Wii U owners who bought it… ♪Won’t you be there♭.. :P

  7. This should have been launched at retail aswell…

    Other than that it looks great, something like a micture of Avatar/Tron/The Abyss…

    1. it’s a visual novel.. you don’t usually catch a huge audience with something like that…
      also this video is entirely pre rendered, these are not the visuals of the final “game”

      1. Ask the people who made Journey….. That was of the PS3’s biggest selling game on the platform so yeah, expect this to be one of the system sellers

      2. “You don’t usually catch a huge audience with something like that..”

        Journey is similar because it still tells a story, so yeah…

      3. every game tells a story x_x
        so by your definition every game would be similar to a visual novel

        journey is a jump and run/puzzle adventure game and actually has very little story to tell
        if anything then journey is an interactive artbook

        you don’t usually get visual novels from western studios (and neither are they successful in the west) as it’s a japanese thing
        visual novels also don’t have any gameplay per se

        play for example fate/stay night and you know what a visual novel is

        this game will be different of course in order to appeal to western markets but if they’re calling it a visual novel then it will be nothing like journey…

        the myst games are probably the closest thing to a visual novel that we have in the west and i imagine that this game will be similar

        myst was actually pretty big upon its release.. but those were the 90ies and the prerendered backdrops myst delivered back then were stunning to say the least

        times have changed since then and it’s very doubtful you’d have any huge success with a similar game nowadays what with people being entirely used to fancy graphics and being more keen on involving gameplay

      4. slight correction:
        they could be the visuals of the final game but if they are then those backdrops would be pre rendered aswell

        no console currently on the market would be capable of these graphics.. i’m not even sure a high end PC would be able to stem them in real time

  8. I just commented on the devs channel saying I’m gonna be buying this on Wii U and 3DS… they liked my post… something tells me they are more focused on the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game

      1. well there must be some love for nintendo platforms if they’re bringing it to the wii u and the 3ds but not to the PS4 (or any of the last gen consoles)

    1. Or maybe they just liked it because you stated you were buying their game. Yeah. I’m pretty sure if you said “I’m buying this game” they would have liked regardless.

  9. LOL the baby u can’t even support real games. The only thing it can do is read storybooks FAIL

    1. *Cybernetic cough* Wonderbook *Cybernetic cough* Kinectimals and stupid children *Cybernetic cough*…

      1. *Cybernetic cough*Ours actually were fun and successful*Cybernetic cough*Nobody remembers the other two*Cybernetic double cough*…

      2. It’s not damage control since the Kinect versions of those games were outsold by the Wii’s originals, so don’t be a sore loser.

      3. He completely changed the point from he fact that Nintendo has even more of those type of games to SALES. So, yeah, damage control obvious

      4. *Cybernetic cough*Correction: Damage Fixed*Cybernetic Cough*…

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