First New Look At Jade In Beyond Good & Evil 2

Legendary games designer Michel Ancel teased fans with new art work for the lead protagonist in Beyond Good & Evil on a Rayman Legends Twitch stream that the team did recently. Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in development for what seems like forever. Hopefully we will catch a new glimpse of the game at E3 in June.


      1. may be its on pc only. but hey its ubisoft soo am 78% chance it may be coming to wii u.

      2. yep am might get it because at this point am avoiding buying nintendo games on wii u. third parties desever better respect than nintendo.

      3. Why do you care all of the sudden hypocrite? You stupidly hate Nintendo remember?

      4. what hate? typical stranga trying to hunt me down on every comment i make lol.

      5. How come almost nothing intelligent comes out of you mouth besides Kabuto’s dick? Yeah didn’t think so.

      6. Exactly, you died like a little bitch and you still are, but not only that your sucking Kabuto’s dick now, no wonder no one can take you seriously. I’m just buried in a hole somewhere…

  1. an actual interesting game on wii u that looks fun and innovative. i hope this game comes out decent for wii u and not too downgraded.

    1. wouldn’t get my hopes up yet.. we’ve seen material before only for it to drop back into oblivion

  2. Hmmm never played the first one, might have to look for it for gamecube. Though I heard the game only sold around 500,000 thousand total. I’m pretty sure its going to be on all current gen consoles and ps3 and 360 as well. The game has cult following, hope it gets more of a fanbase

    1. If you own a ps3 its was also remastered and released digitally, im not sure if it was released on the 360 but I dont see why it wouldnt.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that, Ive yet to see it on the marketplace but in my defense, I rarely do use it,

      2. I feel the same way for a few games, nothings beats the controller they were originally layed out with so its understandable.

  3. enough with the teases x_x

    show something that makes me believe the game is really getting somewhere…
    it’s been ages since they’ve shown that cinematic trailer.. and nothing since

  4. Didn’t really care for the first one. Though I might get this one for either wii u or ps4, since my brother liked the first one so much.

  5. This is very likely not coming to Wii U. Even though it is stupid that EVERY Dev seems to be going to PS4 and XB1 when they are going bankrupt on the older systems, and they think they can afford to go only on the new systems. You would think there would be ones that want to try on Wii U.

  6. Eh, the original had some good ideas but as usual, the forced Ubisoft weirdness got old fast. And besides, Ubisoft doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Nintendo (I’m just typing here, so no pointing out the hypocrisy) after how they’ve treated their working relationship.

  7. I remember playing the first one on my Gamecube. I had no idea what it was. I just happened to rent it at Block Buster and I thought the game was too hard :P

    Of course I was only like 8 or 9 when I got it, so now I’m sure I’d find it easy.

      1. It had a few games here and there, but the ones that it did have were truly great gems.

        The gamecube also holds the best paper mario to date.

  8. I loved the first one, I even got bought it again on the 360 just to show support. I hope this comes out soon!

  9. I not getting my hopes up, Ubi already crushed my faith by not announcing the next Ass Creed for Wii U. If this does come out for the Wii U the same time as the other platforms then good.

    I’m not too excited ‘coz Ubisoft and their distributors delays their Wii U versions in my country up to 3 weeks of release date.

  10. Can’t wait for this game, I have great memories of the first one. Jade looks badass as shit <3

  11. The first one was great, but UBI still want to kill the WiiU to make their own console so this game won’t come to the WiiU. UBI IS BLACKLISTED.

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