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Pokemon Art Academy Announced For Japanese 3DS

Nintendo of Japan has announced a new Pokémon spin-off game for the Nintendo 3DS, but it’s one for the artists in the room. Pokémon Art Academy will feature over 40 different kinds of Pokémon to draw, including Game Freak’s mascot Pikachu, as well as new Eevee evolution Sylveon, feisty fire critters like Charmander and Vulpix, plus many more.

The announcement video – shown above – displays various painting tools from fine-tipped pens to pastel mode, as well as including the ability to apply shading to your sketches. There’s also a Free Paint mode, where budding artists can simply draw from memory onto a blank canvas, or – for the less adventurous – players can use a vast amount of Pokémon templates to create their wonder sketch.

Pokémon Art Academy features an in-built use for the 3DS camera, as well as the ability to post all your drawings onto Miiverse. The game will be available in both physical and digital forms, and is due for release on June 19, priced at 3,619 yen.

12 thoughts on “Pokemon Art Academy Announced For Japanese 3DS”

  1. I’m hoping for a localization, but I’m somewhat disappointed the dev team decided to focus on this rather than the full Wii U title we were promised a while back…

  2. of course nintendo fanboys will buy anything from nintendo whether a barebone games, cash ins or rehash. pokemon art game just to make quick money from the people who pokeman x and y. another pokemon game already?

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