Ed Boon Suggests Mortal Kombat SNES Classics Will Never Come To Wii U

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has seemingly ruled out the possibility of bringing the SNES versions of the first three installments in the fighting game series to Wii U. Although SNES games occasionally see re-releases via the the Virtual Console service on the Nintendo eShop, the designer recently said on Twitter that there’s a “0.0%” chance of the titles appearing on Nintendo’s latest console. The latest entry in the series launched in 2011 on multiple platforms, excluding Nintendo’s systems.


    1. Mortal Kombat is pretty much deader than SF4 being milked with add on DLC discs every several months.

      It doesnt doesn’t bother me and besides, I can still get Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for DS used.

  1. Great way of showing support to Nintendo…by even no bringing the classics. Don’t care anyways, Newest Mortal Kombat games are no like they use to be.

  2. That’s fine. I gave up all hope for the WikI and have my emulators to occupy me.

  3. That’s a shallow answer. He should give a reason why because Virtual Console is a pretty successful service for the Wii and 3DS and I imagine that Nintendo is going to be amping up the Wii U virtual console service soon. Maybe there really is a third party conspiracy of hatred towards Nintendo.

    1. Oh course theirs a hate train rolling from these 3rd party jackasses against Nintendo over all these years.

      Why you think they ain’t making original games but port gimped 2 year old titles into Wii U and why not capitalize 3DS 3rd party support when its selling far more than PS4/One/Vita combined?

      I know there’s more to this Nintendo /= 3rd party support BS than what the 3rd party is telling us but I already pretty much figured out their transparent asses years ago. Almost all of them hate working hard and fear losing money manly because they have no fucking imagination to put into their work other than ripping out pages from other well established movies, TV shows and games out there and apply them into their mainstream realistic shooters BS routine and partner with the most monopolistic bastard companies of all like EA hoping they would help cheat money out of millions of dumb consumers without consideration of what they want and how to safely provide entertainment to the right group of audiences. Look at COD now: Mainstream rehash garbage that millions of underaged kids play because of, again, dumbass parents and consumers.

      That’s the true nature of 3rd parties; serving overpriced, violent realism crap onto the tabel occupied by oblivious misfits for short term profit. Why you think Nintendo only hand picks the best of the best that actually works hard to get to where they want to be and earn their cut in the business?

      1. and what has nintendo really done, same old mario, zelda, pokemon , donkey kong and kirby. ea has actually made new ips this gen but nintendo has done nothing new.

      2. WHAT HAS EA MADE:
        DEAD SPACE
        DEAD SPACE 2
        DEAD SPACE 3
        BEJEWELED 2
        BEJEWELED 3
        FIFA 6
        FIFA 7
        FIFA 8
        FIFA 9
        FIFA 10
        FIFA 11
        FIFA 12
        FIFA 13
        FIFA 14
        MADDEN 6
        MADDEN 7
        MADDEN 8
        MADDEN 9
        MADDEN 10
        MADDEN 11
        MADDEN 12
        MADDEN 13
        MADDEN 25

        And so many more I can’t even remember

      3. Damage control 101.
        Hypocrite 101.
        Being Butthurt 101.
        Lolcow 101.

        You are all of these things, and since you love achievements so much.

        Achievement unlocked: Hypocritical Damage Controller, with a whole lot of Butthurt.
        Achievement unlocked: Time to milk some Lulz!

    2. I’m pretty sure he’s saying ninty wouldn’t approve it on their family friendly WiiU.

  4. the secret about mortal kombat games is that they are terrible. Genre defining for sure. Iconic even. but no one wants to go back and play MK 1-3 on VC. those who do probably own the original system and cartridges anyway.

  5. Too bad, they don’t like easy money. Anyways the new entries are uterly shitty and slow, good thing those won’t come to the U either.

  6. he probably thinks nintendo is too babied for mk in today’s age. he’s not too far off.

    1. too be honest MK is more silly then mature. Yeah it has gory moments, most of the things in games can not be taken seriously(though MK9 was a bit different in terms of kombat, and fateilties)

  7. Easy money avoided I guess. I have a friend who loves to take me back to MK1-3 and destroy me.

  8. Lol, those games suck, they were only famous because of the over the top violence at the time, but now that we’re long past that era, they are nothing but shit.

    1. Exactly. The series is close to death and just like that Atari founder talking shit about Nintendo being irrelevant while being mad about driving its own company into the ground, this one is now hating Nintendo without explanation because his precious ultra violent game its as huge anymore and its losing steam by every passing generation.

      1. and what happen to the mario and zelda series. what happen to the pokemon series. just the same thing every year.

      2. And what happen to the call of duty and battlefield series. What happen to the FIFA series. Just the same thing every year.

      3. Every year uh… new zelda and mario platformers are released every 3 to 6 years depending on platform…. assassins creed, cod ate rehashed yearly without fail.

    1. Not to mention we have SF, Marvel vs. Capcom, Injustice, Dead or Alive, Tekken and such?

      Those games easily overshadowed Mortal Kombat over the years and now this fool is taking his anger out on Nintendo for some reason just like that Atari founder calling them irrelevant as for a guy who knows damn well about irrelevance when he destroyed his own company.

      1. the atari guy was actually right. nintendo is really irreavlent. many people are are starting to care less of their weak and inferior hardware. causals left them, the hard core left them, kids left them, western gamers left them and more.

      2. If kids and “casuals” already left them, why are you still here?
        Really? A 14 year old hardcore gamer you say!?
        Sorry my mistake…

      3. 11 yearas old?, the guy looks very old!!!
        I do not think he is a teenager

    2. What risk is there? The games are already made, and all they would have to do is publish it to start making money.
      Literally no hard work whatsoever.

  9. Reasons:

    1.) Nintendo said no
    2.) Nintendo wants too much royalties (cut of profits)
    3.) 3rd parties are angry about something
    4.) there’s a contract reason to only release them on PS or Xbox

    of all those reasons, you can further break them down

    1. Or, you know, Nintendo fans just doesn’t want to play fighting games, and Netherrealm realizes that they’re never gonna earn back the port investement. Sad as hell; loved MK on Wii, and Injustuce is a blast.

    1. That’s a fucked up way to talk about Down Syndrome while acknowledging that you don’t know what the fuck it is nor ever had one to feel what its like.

      You’re an ass.

    2. Then hating Nintendo must really give you autism, I can tell since your comment is very full of autism.
      What? You decided to be offensive, so you’ll get some in return.

    1. Its clearly either dumb hate or just being angry that Mortal Kombat isn’t as huge anymore. The series is gonna suffer the same fate as Spyro: A once glorious game who’s candle is burning dimly.

    2. they dont hate nintendo. nintendo fanboys wont buy their games because all these drones want mario kart 8 and smash bros. these people were shitting on watch dogs lol. its 30% of the reason why wii u is a failure.

      1. Versus the drones buying shooters and rehashes of GTA, COD, Batman, etc. Gimme a break.

  10. nether relm kinda pissed me off with injustice, the wii u version is worst version, they didn’t add the online support the ps3 and 360 version had nor does it have the balance patches and DLC the other versions had. To be honest injustice was not that great it had too much of keep away gameplay. I hope MK10 is good especially story wise too the story in MK9 was every where.

  11. What’s new? Everybody is ignoring the Wii U. So piss on them.

    I’ve already played Mortal Kombat 1-3 (and Trilogy) so much that I got burned out on the series. So it don’t matter to me anyways. I just get sick of all the Wii U hate. It’s completely uncalled for, and I’ll never understand it.

  12. i have a question though

    who the hell would want the SNES version of MK 1 on the wii u, let alone anything? if anything get any other version because that censored piece of crap sucks

    “oh they aren’t hurt, they just tired, look see the sweat?”

    1. and who would be pay $8 for gba games while you can play them for free in many other sources.

      1. Emulators are illegal you know. The virtual console is not illegal. We get it. You hate the virtual console.

      2. He does not fully understand what the terms legal and illegal mean. He is just a kid playing to be a man behind a computer or smartphone

  13. pretty useless question, considering that they haven’t even released all the dlc characters for Injustice on Wii U.

  14. Dude… The classics came to PS3 and Xbox 360. Even MK9 didn’t even come to Wii U. SO WHY CAN’T YOU BRING IT? I don’t even give two craps honestly. Mortal Kombat has been pissing me off ever since after Deception. Each and every game, they started to lose their charm. And now it’s complete garbage. Good thing I waited until MK9 was $20 in the greatest hits (pfft) PS3 collection…

  15. these nintendo fanboys make me laugh, you idiots were shiting on third parties,bashing them, giving many excuses why you wont buy their games. all you fanboys praise is having smash bros for wii u, none of you nintendrones even praise tekken tag tournament 2 wii u edition or injustice for being on wii u. its pathetic as usually. even the fact the third party are the one who are actually utilizing the wii u hardware , nintendo making cheap cartoony graphics. most of guys didn;t even get need for speed most wanted because it wasn’t as kiddy as mario kart 8. these third party companies actually read comment amd look at them.

    1. Yeah right. As if developers really take time out of their busy schedule just to read comments on mynintendonews. Its true what people say about you, Sasori. You really are an idiot. Quit providing pointless “facts” without having evidence first to back up your statements.

    2. I actually got Need For Speed Most Wanted and it is one of the most horrible games I have ever played and I’m a really huge Need For Speed fan.

    3. Do u ever not repeat urself.. do u ever say anything new. GOD U just rehash and talk the samething in each post. Ur mind is Barebones and lame as the Wii U u hate so much…

  16. if you are going to damage contol over vidiogames then you should kill yourself with a knife and murder yourself over your vidiogames if you are stupid and have no life as you seem to surgest

  17. Maybe this is because they don’t want to spend time to go back and re-do a game?

    Doesn’t mean they won’t do a game for the Wii U.

  18. Mortal Kombat is a fun game. It’s sad to see so many developers neglect the Wii U. The Wii U has barely any GOOD fighting games, and that makes me sad. On the bright side, Street Fighter II, the best fighting game in the universe (next to Smash Bros) is on the Wii U’s Virtual Console, and that’s all I need.

    If you’re a fighting gamer like me, and you want more than just Street Fighter, don’t get a Wii U. All the Wii U has is Tekken and Injustice and you don’t want to wait an eternity for Smash Bros when it’s already coming out for 3DS.

    But seriously, SOMEONE make more fighting games for Wii U!

  19. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighters games always played best on Arcades and Nintendo consoles…….I don’t see why ED boon dont wanna make a lil extra money off his classic mk games…man every mk game imo is for sure a goldmine

  20. bs talk about cheap asses. I can understand not putting MK9 on the WiiU but not even putting a classic on the WiiU. oh you cant risk putting a classic 16bit game on a console you will loose too much money. boo hoo. bs cheap cunts.

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