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Renegade Kid Creating “Experimental 2D Game For Nintendo 3DS” After Spectacular Kickstarter Failure

After their spectacular Kickstarter failure, Renegade Kid founder Jools Watsham said on Twitter that the team will concentrate on developing a new experimental 2D game for Nintendo 3DS. The team was originally going to produce Cult County, but the project received a meagre 10% of its lofty goal of $580,000.

Thanks, Tam


  1. They had two main problems with their kickstarter.

    The goal was way too high. They should’ve tried to fund just episode one alone, rather than the entire 5 episodes at once. Then they could’ve had a more reasonable goal of around 150,000.

    And they needed to have some gameplay footage ready to show off straight away. I know they released a gameplay demo after a week or so. But they needed it ready as soon as the kickstarter launched.

    I hope they can find another way to get the game made. With a publisher or something.

    Also, come on Treasurenauts!


  2. If they want to get funded, ally yourselves to our empire only and youäll get all the fundings you’ll ever need…


  3. So does that mean Cult County has been dropped entirely? Or are they making the game on their own time?

    I was intrigued by what the game was, but I was not willing to fork over any money during a kickstarter campaign. Nor do I have any means of making a kickstarter account in the first place to give money.


    1. They said if the goal was not met, they would still make the game, but it would take much longer. Which probably means they’ll work it on slowly in their spare time, while funding it through their other games with shorter development times.

      They said they were exploring other options, so maybe they’ll look into publisher support also.


  4. They must’ve been confident that could’ve raised $580k. It’s not like they’re as popular as Keiji Inafune and Megaman to raise $1mil in 1-2 days after all :P A smaller goal would’ve helped.


  5. Uh, they were expecting too much, they didn’t show any gameplay footage and were asking for such a large amount

    But I am curious, if a Kickstarter campaign is not reached, is the money refunded?


  6. Nintendo fans don’t want to back up a game that could have been good that’s actually 3D but they will back up a crappy copy and paste mega man game with no mega man in it.


  7. That’s what they get for keeping us waiting for a year then bullshitting by dropping it and trying to make it for every console


  8. Am I the only one who thinks this tweet feels entitled?
    Like he’s pissy he didn’t get the money?
    This is what we are getting to guys, people who think they’re entitled to a quarter million (Smosh) or half a million (These people) just because they ask for it.


    1. So now we basically have to fund them, so they can make a business so we can further pay them for their service.
      Exactly where is the logic in that?


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