Iwata Says Nearly Complete Games And Those In Early Development To Be Shown At E3

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that they will be showing early titles, and those nearly complete, at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles next month. Nintendo won’t be holding a traditional E3 conference this year, but will instead deliver fans a digital conference like they did last year.

“The titles we are preparing to show you at E3 vary from being nearly complete to still in the early phases of development but with the core of its appeal noticeable.”


      1. Those games will be directed to the quirky Japanese, 11 yr old girls, socially awkward Nintendo Commander type. Hey if it works for Nintendo, go for it.

    1. So they are happy games? I hope so, I’m getting a bit bored of all these shooters

          1. Maybe if the queen’s country didn’t suck so bad, we wouldn’t have had to kill all your soldiers as a big “fuck you” to the king and start speaking the way we wanted to.

    2. Good. We need at least one console with a lot of happy games that aren’t so full of doom & gloom.

    3. Early fanboy judgement call at games that aren’t announced yet…

      You’re a fail.

        1. He means that clown is a fail because he made no sense…just like you a majority of the time lol

          1. If only that was funny…

            At least I make some sense when I troll, unlike some person you dickride so much…

          2. Oh I just realized that you weren’t Stranga; which is why I replied like that sorry.

        2. He means that clown was a fail because he made no sense…like you don’t most of the time lol

    4. What’s wrong with gay? People should stop being homophobic… it’s disgusting.

    5. I love gay, gay games. Gay characters like Birdo and Gracie make me so happy. I’m so gay for Fox. Link has so many fanboys for being gender confused and name confused. Link IS Zelda and Zelda forms her feminine body into a slim masculine body for Sheik. Mmm~

    1. no kid Icarus love though.
      perfect e3 would be : Zelda, Metroid, Pokken, Kid Icarus uprsing 2, Kirby 3D, myiamoto ip, third person online shooter with lots of story too starfox game.

        1. A new Kid Icarus would be amazing.Too bad Sakuri saidhe wouldn’t make another Kid Icarus,but who knows?I’d be happy if they did make a new Kid Icarus!

      1. Actually, the other way aroud…

        Neo is nothing more than a sheep, Smith was the only one besides he Architect and the Oracle that could Think differentally…

        1. Actually, Neo is Nintendo & the Agent Smiths are a bunch of sasori’s as he’s infected a bunch of other poor saps into believing his lies. I bet you can even agree with my twist on it.

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      Trolling 101:

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      1. “Never call yourself after an already taken name, because you’ll be spotted out way too easily.”

        Unless the person who has the name is an idiot(which you are not), Like sasorideidaraobi.

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            1. Quiet! He Who Must Not Be Named probably has a damn spell on his name so when someone says it, he pops up.

  1. I’m hoping Yarn Yoshi will be a surprise “it’s nearly complete” game. With a launch date later in June or July.

  2. I really hope that SMT X Fire emblem is one of those shown. I know it was listed as TBD on the list from the last financial report. That’s all I need to know and I can finally relax lol

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis do u think the xbots and the Pony’s will defeat the Nintendolls?

    1. Never…

      Well the Sonyans are winning now but the Xbots will never win anything and will soon be forgotten…

      1. And Steambots will rise in they’re place and destroy the Sonyans, and then Nintendomination with cross-play with Steam and then it will be a Utopia where Steambots and Nintendeans work to together to create a better world for gaming forever.

        1. And when we are powerful enough, we’ll even destroy the Apples!

            1. Please don’t comment here until you realize that everyone has the right to comment on any comment section

      1. Not necessarily a franchise without a new game in a while,but a new Punch Out would complete my life!

    1. Nearly finished considering it was already ready to be shown last year…

        1. Indeed…

          And it actually seems that our empire will live up to it this time…

    2. I willseriosuly and hoesntly say that I will be SHOCKED if Zelda was for next year.

      like really!!!!!!! there is a ratio of like 8:2 reasons for it to come this year than next year dammit plus it was meant to be shown last year.

      1. yea my thoughts are that if it is nearly finished it should be out by november hmmmm

          1. Because this comment section is toxic and filled with derogatory comments by foul mouthed trolls. When sickr considers moderating this place i might actually be interested in venting my thoughts again :)

            1. Fair enough. Could I maybe get a hug again? It’s just a friendly hug lol. Remember?

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  4. Still, most of those games will be interesting but lets not get our hopes up. I’m just glad Nintendo are finally seeing some of the errors of their ways.

    1. Exactly, they have the franchises and the talent to top the other two companies. They just gotta stop shooting themselves in the ass.

  5. i hope this time is not a lie from iwata and nintendo.
    and when i goes like this…
    near finish and finished games are
    mk8, smash bros and bayonetta.
    and at work
    zelda, X, fatal frame.
    i gone kill my U and send it to iwata!

  6. Good things come to those who wait… Now I feel that they really know what has to be done. And for the sound of it we can expect games games games games and more games.

    1. Trolls that has nothing to do with games at all…

      And homophobic apes…

  7. If they used the demand for star fox and F-zero to their advantage…yes they can help the wii u greatly

    1. I can honestly say Nintendo might be going to E3 guns of blazing, this year. I know this might be pushing it a bit, but if they announced a Star Fox game at e3 along with zelda… Nintendo will win in my eyes. I think if they did most gamers will be excited to see the return Fox, more so then most sony exclusives, or XBOX. Most people I know who refuse to buy a wii u, say if They announced star fox, i’ll buy it the sec its announced. The demand of game has grown to levels that fans all over will cheer that nintendo listen.

    Zelda confirmed. New Games releasing this year confirmed.

  9. Hopefully Nintendo will surprise the gaming world big time and win their hearts back. We don’t need some stupid ass specs dick measuring contests and overrated graphically maxed game who either gameplay sucks, short or its appeal burns in 4 days tops to win idiot gamers to realize what gaming was always about. Let them fools waste $200 for the same repeated software DLCs on a disc every 11 months.

    1. We will soon battle on the battlefield against eachother you cursed hunter!

      1. I’m just going to ignore whatever Nintendo says and lower my expectations.

        You should try it.

  10. You guys won’t believe this, but Asphalt 8, Airborn has “Introduced” Hoverwheels. They rotate just like the wheels in Mario Kart 8. Nintendo just got robbed before they could even get their game out the door. :(

    1. Of course not, Doc did from back to the future, but I have not seen it in a racing game, used to fly until MK8. Then I saw them doing similar shit in Asphalt Airborn.

  11. All these different articles about what Iwata said could have been done in one. What’s the point of putting up a separate article for each thing he said? Easily could have provided all his quotes and the news from the investor press release in one article. smh

    1. This site doesn’t create articles for just you. People consume smaller bits of information at a growing frequency. No one wants to just read one long article. There’s nothing wrong with the way they spliced it out, and the articles will probably perform better in the long-run this way.

    2. I agree – this is done way too often. Especially for those who actually look at the source links. It might be nice for an ‘update’ or ‘extended’ or ‘already released this, but wanted a new headline to add views, so I’m reposting the same story but a different part of it as news’ thing. Or just summarizing a big one better. But cool beans.

      I don’t think Jrob was suggesting the site create articles just for them.. just saying it’s annoying. You suggest a lot of things that are opinion (even if stating them as fact) – and others may express theirs, even if they are people wanting to get the exciting info in one article or subheadline instead of either seeing the same thing three times over or waiting a week when the news is slow for them to rehash it.

      Otherwise, love me some MNN.

  12. I’m so looking forward to Zelda and hopefully a new Metroid is announced. It needs a new game out. Retro will hopefuly show us a teaser for any game they are working on and Miyamoto’s new IP might be shown. If a new game from an existing franchise should be shown off, it should be Starfox. Why, because Mario Kart will be the rage this year and if Fzero were to be released it wouldn’t get so much attention, which it should. Hugs for everybody!

  13. I’m hoping for Metroid, Starfox, and Zelda the most out of everything else.

  14. Skate or Die U, Track N’ Field U, Duck Hunt U, Super Off Road U, a new Secret of Mana U, and a sandbox Mario game set in a mushroom kingdom w/ side missions. (basically a GTA but nintendo style.) Is that asking so much?… I FUCKING LOVE NINTENDO!

  15. Wow thats a lot of games. by nintendo translation it should mean ull get most of those by the end or near end cycle of wii u.

    1. Hah hah hah hah! Oh wait, you’re serious? Let me laugh even harder! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  16. I tell what would be cool for a Metroid game. On the TV you see Samus in a 3rd person view, Map will be displayed on Gamepad screen, but you can changed the Gamepad screen to 1st person mode, moving the Gamepad around to get a 360 view of the area Samus is in. At certain points in the game you’ll need to do stuff in 1st person mode and thats when the Gamepad will come in play. This is kinda like Other M. Also when you go into morph mode, you’ll use motion controls on the Gamepad to move Samus.

    1. My own idea involved using the Gamepad for 1st person mode when using different visors like X-ray & Scan. If it’s post Metroid Fusion, an X-parasite visor.

  17. Wow cool, first comment is something homophobic :D love this community, it’s so loving and accepting.

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