Polygon Says Mario Kart 8 “Will Likely Be The Worst-Selling Game In Franchise History”


Online gaming publication Polygon believes that Mario Kart 8 will most likely be the worst selling Mario Kart game in the franchises history. The site says that there’s only 6.17 million Wii U consoles in consumers homes, and that’s fewer than the number of copies that all but one previous Mario Kart game sold. Polygon says that the only way to stop this happening is for Nintendo to obviously sell more Wii U consoles to consumers on the back of this game. You can read their detailed report about the sales of the Mario Kart series, here.


      1. Nintendo, all you have to do is make a great console that everyone likes and make great games for both casual and core, that are graphically outstanding and fun. That’s how you sell lots of consoles. Wii U’s experience can be so much better.

      2. I agree. Make it sexy and powerful too. And yeah, don’t forget the online component of gaming , Nintendo! I’m not sure why Nintendo is afraid of online gaming? Every home essentially already have internet connection with a computer!

      3. Make it more sexy so my friends can masterbate with me in a wii mote circle jerk, lets make it more power but sell for like 50 dollars and give me free gamed cause u knoe we are entitled tl bs ps4 hype. FUCK YOU! Fuck EA, fuck Rocksteady, fuck ubisoft. FUCK THE IDIOT GAMER who expect magic farts from their systems

      4. Wii U is far ahead of XBone. Hopefully the Wii U bundles with Mario Kart and then later with Smash Bros. will sell millions. I’m a huge Playstation fan but I am so disappointed with the lack of games. I’m also tired of all the God awful COD games. There is very little variety from Microsoft and Sony right now.

    1. people pre-ordered the PS4 when no games were released.

      why are people waiting to buy WiiU until Mario Kart is released?

      the answer is, they’re not waiting … people who want to purchase Mario Kart 8 have already purchased a WiiU … others don’t want it or don’t think it’s worth buying the WiiU for.

      unless … e3 shows off the WiiU Lite … an extremely cheap version of the WiiU. expect this, or expect the WiiU to end it’s life very soon.

      1. Disagree as ive stated before I know lots of people personality who r getting the bundle stop being so negative

      2. some would say the current sales trends of the WiiU is “lots” … just not “lots” enough to matter whatsoever

      3. also this “bundle” thing just, just happened … and your nintendo-fan-friends never owned a WiiU already?… they knew Mario Kart was coming but they still didn’t own a WiiU? … before the “bundle”, they could not afford it? … come on now, i know a lot of people who don’t believe you.

      4. They wanted the console for specifically mario kart whats so hard to believe about that? Btw this has to be the dumbest chart ive seen in my life this is like saying not one single wii u is going to sell dumb I gurantee it reaches 3 million easy

      5. games have been the only thing selling the WiiU … games have been released … games are going to be released … what’s the difference between this game and previous games?

        the sales will continue at the same pace.

        Titanfall was supposed to make XboxOne beat PS4 … in April, it didn’t … they immediately took the Kinect off to make the XboxOne cheaper.

        Nintendo will lose the Gamepad … watch and see.

      6. So by your logic, the PS4 & Xbox One should have WAY MORE SALES since people know Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 8, Grand Theft Auto VI, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed V, Metal Gear Solid 6, etc etc. So do you like using double standards?

      7. they got those extra sales already – minus the fact that those systems cost even MORE. WiiU would be No.1 seller, if it cost more.

        a lot of people didn’t buy the WiiU, i think we could agree … ask them what the No.1 reason is … it would have to be price over any other reason.

      8. I’m pretty sure it’d be because there are not enough big name games on the system, not the price since it’s the cheapest console. But this is all conjecture since we don’t know every single person on the planet.

      9. The Wii U is a mess, everything about it can turn away a customer. The price, the lack of innovation, the lackluster software, the SHAMEFUL REHASHES >:( , the region locking, etc..

      10. Thats fine… drop it.. I got u dont there fore my wii u is better than urs without.

      11. PS4 had hype that’s why people bought it so early. Wii U didn’t have that.

      12. oh really? … because Peirce Evans says that everyone is hyped over the Mario Kart Bundle. so, lets both agree that there’s no hype (yet) over the Mario Kart Bundle *eyes rolls*.

        to your comments in particular about the PS4 having hype – the only thing that could give the WiiU hype would be a cheaper price. Nobody wants the Gamepad … it just isn’t “cool” … i mean, i might think it’s cool and useful, but it’s nothing worth bragging about. It wasn’t cool in 2012 when it was released and it’s definitely not cool in 2014. Wii’s Motion Controller was cool in 2006 … it hyped itself.

      13. Im just stating fact that a lot of people are waiting to buy a wii u for mario kart 8 wii u is going to see a nice bump mario kart 8 may 30th and best buy june 10th smash bros Wii u its not.going to.explode but it will get the ball rolling

      14. when has Mario Kart ever boosted the sales of a system dramatically? … this is the 8th Mario Kart.

        N64 had poor sales … so did Gamecube.

        don’t say that this time it’s different because it’s the Best Mario Kart yet … because that’s arguably true every time a new one is released.

      15. Mario Kart 7, along with Super Mario 3D Land, would strongly disagree with you. The 3DS turned around rather quickly once those games released.

      16. Tallon … the 3DS dropped heavily in price … that’s the very DAY the sales tilted upward and maintained until current days.

        i should know … i’m an ambassador who would have waited – having purchased 3 of them for family multiplayer gaming.

      17. It’s because MK7 did it for the 3DS that it could happen the same with MK8 for the Wii U

      18. dude if you wanna be negative then go to and complain there, if you don’t like it, no one who does cares about your opinion so your not really doing anything, saying all this crap

      19. it’s a negative article i just happen to agree with … i’m only disagreeing with the people being negative about the article’s correct views

      20. It plays games how much cooler can it get… cool as xboxone controller. Ciol as ps4 controller…. controllers that had the same design give or take aesthetics.. go fuck urself Ted ur dumb.

      21. and they wouldn’t get the system a couple days early because zero currently released games are of any interest to them?

        believable … highly believable … that these huge nintendo fans aren’t interested in any other mario game or pikmin game or nintendoland or donkey kong or zelda or anything else … nope, it’s mario-kart or nothing for these made-up individuals.

        i mean, sometimes people exaggerate to try to win an argument, but this is getting to be grade-school.

      22. Made up individuals? You’re starting to come off narcissistic with this “you’re all a bunch of liars trying to win an argument.” You seem to be the only one trying to win this argument by saying everyone that says otherwise to your opinion is just lying.

      23. Yes, your opinion like everyone’s else’s here. The article above is Polygon’s opinion. The game hasn’t come out yet. As they said, “Online gaming publication Polygon believes that Mario Kart 8 will most likely be the worst selling Mario Kart game in the franchises history.” -Polygon

      24. Because that’s the game that they want. The other games obviously didn’t entice them. Is that too hard to comprehend? Sounds like you’re the one in grade school.. MK 8, believe it or not, is one of Nintendo’s most well known and loved games next to Smash, and is even considered to be a SYSTEM seller.

      25. You sir, are f***king idiot. Not everyone likes Pikmin, who cares about a rehashed Zelda. DO:TF is decent and somethin I’d want to rent, not own. Don’t make me laugh at the mentioning of Nintyland. The problem? You ASSUME these “made up individuals” (ps im one of them) are die hard Nintendo fans. No, clearly not, otherwise they would’ve had the console at launch….or so says you. It’s the lack of games. At this point, the NSMB thing got lame and I was right when I got to play the NSMB U and the Luigi U. Rehashes of games I’ve beaten cause I could careless that batman and the other remakes looked better than their ps360 counterparts, it’s. The software. The Wii U is the biggest emulation machine out there. Even worse than the Ouya cause that’s where all the good shit is for the U. So yes, I do want the system solely for MK8, Smash 4 and Zelda (New, not rehash unless it’s a good rehash cause I still dislike WE). Other than that, it’s a flop imo and only worth it for the Virtual Console service. And I don’t want to be that guy to say “it’s cause of the hardware” but a good portion is cause of that. It’s harder for the devs to do something which is why multiplatform games come delayed to the system, it’s why EA stopped making sports games for it and what not. I’m sorry I’m not a Nintendo whore who eats up EVERY title they publish. Now, lastly, it could do better now that it has games, and I’m sure the games you mentioned will entice many, but the other big big problem, is lack of proper advertising, especially with a botched name like Wii U. Most people don’t even know it’s a new system >.> onlyus gamers do.

      26. It doesn’t matter if they knew Mario Kart 8 was going to eventually come out. Why? Because some people don’t want to buy something if they won’t use it til that certain game comes out. I know Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV are eventually coming to the PS4, but I’m not going to buy the damn thing til close to the games’ releases. I don’t want a knickknack that I can look at, I want a video game console I can actually play. But by all means, God. Tell me how many PS4’s will be bought by the end of the year. And give me an exact number.

      27. I am waiting to buy a Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle. Proof your statement is wrong, and more importantly, stupid.

      28. “You know it’s coming! Why don’t you just preorder the game!? #Exposed!” xD Just giving you a heads up. Some troll or Nintenhater is going to tell you this when they see this post. As far as Ted is concerned, you are either lying or you already own a Wii U.

      29. i’m not a troll or nintendo-hater … i’m a realist … some people think that when i’m critical that i’m not a big nintendo fan.

        some people also think i’m predicting a nintendo defeat … nope … i’m 99% certain they will release the WiiU Lite and their sales will explode … mario kart won’t save them … but i think nintendo can turn things around still.

        also, i’ll be buying mario kart and getting pikimin 3 free … no doubt.

        also, i didn’t consider Anonymous’s sale … that changes everything … if he/she buys it, its certain to go viral. ;)

      30. Wii U might end 1 year earlier, but your bullshit is a waste of time. Nintendo wont ever end their system early. As much as I dislike Iwata these days, he has said they wont end the Wii U till the userbase is satisfied. And until I get a Starfox game on Wii U, I wont be satisfied so there fore Wii U will not end.

      31. But Wii U already had a cheap version, the basic version and they discontinued it. They could give it a new look, if Sony and Microsoft can sell their consoles for a higher price, then make a Wii U Lite, same price or 20 dollars less, but a brand new slick look. It’s not that hard. And maybe the gamepad can be lighter and better looking.

      32. Actually they are are waiting for the game. The reason why is because unlike the PS4 the Wii U doesn’t generate much hype. However people get hyped over Nintendo games like Smash and Mario Kart.

      33. no, people are waiting because the wii was infested with shovelware and most people don’t want to make the same mistake of buying a console that is full of shovelware and will eventually collect dust. i will still get a wii u but unless wii u get a lot of third party support, most people will stay away from it

    2. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░▄███░░███▄░░░░░ ░░░░░░▄█████▄▄█████▄░░░ ░░░░░░██████░░██████░░░ ░░░░░█░█▀░░▀██▀░░▀█░█░░ ░░░░░█░█░░██░░██░░█░█░░ ░░░░░░▀█░░▄▄▄▄▄▄░░█▀░░░ ░░░░░░░░▀▄▄▀▀▀▀▄▄▀░░░░░ ░░▄▄▓▀▀░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▀▓▄░ ░▐▓▒░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒▒▒▒▒▒▓ ░▐▓░█░░░░░░░░▄░░░░░░░░█░ ░▐▓░█░░░(◐)░░▄█▄░░(◐)░░░█ ░▐▓░░▀█▄▄▄▄█▀░▀█▄▄▄▄█▀░

    1. No on is going to buy wii u for the same Mario kart experience they can get on 3ds. OMG FIGURE 8?! yeah, all pass. None have been any where near as good as MK64

      1. I agree. The switching mechanic was great and the lack of rubber banding with competitors too.

      2. True and it was also the most challenging and fun one…

      3. I will.
        7 on the 3DS was “meh”. I’d rather play this game on the tv versus the small screen/cramped controls.

      4. I hate Mario Kart 64 so much. the game just feels super awkward to me. I seem to be the only one who thinks so, though…

      5. It takes skill get good at your most likley a ten year old who use to casual automatic controls.

      6. At my school everybody is talking about Mario kart 8 now, and some are preparing tournaments for when it comes out. I think is going to be really good and a nice experience. I can’t wait !!!!!

      7. Speak for yourself 50 of my friends have the mk8 wii u bundle preordered

      8. No one is going to buy the PS4 for the same Call of Duty experience they can get from a PS3. Oh wait, they have!

      9. Jajajajaja the stupidity of today’s people, is like the FIFA games its all the same crap every year and still they buy that shit omg!!!

      10. If I was to get into sports games, I’d buy only one of the games from the series I like for the gen it came out in. I won’t be one of those idiots that trade the old one for the new one. Now if I could get 50% off next year’s version, I’d gladly buy them then. And only if the new game isn’t infected by glitches out the ass.

      1. You’re the most damge controlling person I’ve ever seen. Stop frontin niggeh #exposed #iceeatenjudgerisafaggetz

      2. Im just curious do u have no life I have a ps4 and wii u and I see you on here all the time both systems are great I love my wii u and ps4 why is it when people are the internet they mostly choose to be am idiot

      3. Because the internet is not just for porn anymore but idiots & haters, too. xD

      4. Jajajajajaja I feel shame for those haters. Poor of them !! Their consoles are shit that they have to go out and hate nintendo couse nintendo it’s the only company that really now to make art with their video games.

  1. Is 1.26 million their lifetime total sales predictions do you think? Because I think they’re way off the mark if that’s the case. Yes, it will be the lowest selling in franchise history, but it will sell over 3 million lifetime.

    1. Yeah. And 6.17 million units are just now. Not lifetime. So i just dont get this chart

      1. Yeah, the Wii U will of course sell more. If you’re going to try and use stats to figure these things out, learn how to do it! Their 20% figure is way off the mark as well, it will be more like 35% as for MKWii.

      2. They’re using an average, but yeah, it might be around 30% at least.

      3. I figure closer to 50%, since most Wii U owners and new buyers (me included – ordered the Mario/Luigi bundle this week and will get MK8 digital) are not the casual market that the Wii attracted so many of.

      4. mario kart wii would actually be 140% on this chart
        it sold 35 million but there were only 25 million wiis around at that time

    2. just look at mario kart wii.. when it was released there were “only” 25 million wii consoles on the market

      going by the current consoles on the market and making a sales prediction based on that is completely stupid

      if i extrapolate the success of mario kart wii after its release then mario kart 8 should sell about 8-9 million units
      that is still mere speculation and may be off by a large margin but it’s a much better guess than what polygon is offering here.. it’s just dumb

  2. They base their “projections” wuth the hypothesis that MK8 will move zero WiiU. The moron level is high.

    However, this prediction is really not that hard to make in the current situation. “Journalism”

    1. They also think that only 20% of Wii U owners will get it, compared to 30% on the N64, 31% on GC, and 35% on Wii. Why do they expect that to drop so much? I fully expect it to be owned by around 35% of Wii U owners.

      1. Because nobody cares about buying software for the Wii U, perhaps?

      2. You haven’t looked at and understood the sales of Wii U software. Wii U software sells just as well as or better percentage-wise than Wii franchise equivalents.

    1. Yeah!!! Me too I preorder two of them one for me and one at the name for one of the haters that come at this site. It’s worth the price!!!!

  3. Me and hundreds of thousands will buy the bundle or this game alone…

    Just go and die…

      1. You forgot the hashtag…

        Epic troll failure is just sad…

      2. So Fraud Commander DONT OWN Wiiu and try to damage control Fraud #Exposed

      3. I’m just one out of thousands of Commanders so it doesn’t matter…

        And I’m getting one in about 3-4 weeks…

      4. You have a hard on for Quadraxis, don’t you? He’s one of the few people you address on here.

      1. Sometime around mid-june when my current semester is over…

      2. Me too!!
        Im gonna buy a wiiu with mario kart when i finished my exams (mid june)
        I would love to play with both of you! :D

      3. Im not english and english is not my first laguage so please understand my gramatical errors . _ .
        Im not a troll just a spanish speaker.

      4. I’ll be happily waiting, good luck with finals guys and enjoy your new systems.

      5. Be nice to have you join the wii u community shaping up to be a great system:) when in june got a

  4. Isn’t the point of releasing this game to sell more consoles…? This is a really stupid article that polygon has obviously put up for hits on the day where everyone is talking abou5 and praising Mario kart

  5. Wow this is pretty stupid. It’s like they’re saying the Wii U lifetime sales are 6.2 million. This number will obviously increase drastically over the years, especially with Mario kart 8 coming out. This graph would make sort of sense when nobody is allowed to buy a Wii U anymore from now on. And even if that would be the case, I still think the would sell over 1.26 million. I’m pretty sure at least half the people who own a Wii U right now will buy the game

    1. I know right? Comparing a brand new system to other systems that aren’t even on the market anymore (excluding the Wii and 3DS), is foolish. Mario Kart 8 will be a game that sells over the Wii U’s life time. If Wii U sales pick up, then MK 8 software sales will pick up. It’s that simple.

  6. Probably, which is really sad as it looks to be one of the best! Though, Mario Kart is the type of game that keeps selling years after release, ass more people buy the console. Also, they have not taken in account new console sales by the game.

  7. This is why there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics”. If you look at their numbers, in terms of ratio of games sold to consoles sold, MK8 is fairly in line with other entries, although a bit on decline from MK7.

  8. It might be the worst seller. But comparing consoles with 5 or 6 years to one that has 1.5 or 2 is stupid. Most Mario Karts were released likely in the same time frame and sold well but compared to the previous ones of course it was less. People tend to forget that Nintendo games sell from the first day of release til the last.

  9. If it doesn’t sell great the first day then going foward, then the U in the Wii is truly over.

    1. How is it truly over Nintendo stated they will continue to support the console no matter what fact:)

  10. Actually I think not. Most people who bought a Wii U is probably the same people that bought Mario Kart on previous systems as well…so in that case I would go for 80 % of the Wii U owners will get Mario Kart 8.

    1. Nintendofans dont BUY/Play Games the only thing they do is Browsing on Internet to Damage control facts#UMAD?

      1. Really because I am playing games as we speak


      2. No you play the damage control Game#WiiuHasNogames#DontLie#PlayWaitingGame


      4. ah, that’s all?


  11. A tricky and bad intentionally post from Polygon. Sure there are less consoles out there. But the game should be great. It may boost the sales of the Wii U. I have 1 Wii U in the house. We are buying the Mario Cart 8 bundle to support and because is a great package

  12. Polygon needs some medical attention because the damage control aids is strong in them

  13. So they give the game a 9/10 yet they say it will be the worse selling in the series?… Hypocritical much?

  14. This chart is incredible. It may be oversimplified but we can draw some conclusions from it:

    The MK64 and MKDD are great in my opinion, much better than the Wii version, and yet each sold less than 10 million units. Less than a third of Mario Kart Wii sales, around 35 millions. But what all these 35 millions of copies represent?
    I have the impression that these numbers wouldn’t have been so great if it wasn’t for a solid basis constructed in the N64 and NGC era. I can say for myself that after these two games I was in great expectation for the release of Mario Kart Wii, but after it I am not enthralled by the Mario Kart 8 launch.

    But more important, now talking about hardware, is that albeit the game cube sold no more than 22 M units, I have never seen anyone complaining about it. On the contrary, who had it by the time knew (and know yet) that it was a great system with an incredible library of games. So my question is: did it really sell little? Perhaps those 22 M buyers is all that Nintendo should focus on.
    What is ruining industry today, and unfortunately Nintendo is going on the same path, is this general thinking that one must sell to as many people as possible, and that growth is the rule. With the DS and Wii, Nintendo experienced an explosion, investors were happy, but it would be better for everyone if they considered that as a singular happening, and from now on kept their expectations a little bit lower but still doing what they know how to do.
    Perhaps the WiiU will sell no more than 20 M units, and then we will see a confirmation: not that Nintendo is doomed, not that it is going to go third party, just a confirmation that this is the range of people interested in and capable of recognizing what Nintendo does. Focus on us, and everyone will be happier.

    1. Yes it did only sell like 22m and I think the xbox sold around 24m. It was only the PS2 that had really crazy good sales that generation. Nintendo still made money on the Gamecube though.

    2. I do not understand the Mario Kart Wii hate. I know plenty of people who love Mario Kart Wii, myself included. 64, DD and Wii have all built a solid tradition of Mario Kart console games that is surely going to stick around for 8. I would strongly expect at least 30% of Wii U owners to get Mario Kart, and that may be conservative.

  15. I don’t think so! Mk8 is the best game in its franchise and it will sell more than that duble dash. I’m sure that all those who bought double dash will return to mk8 and even more. I’m one that didn’t own a Mario kart game since the N64 one, and I already preordered two copies of mk8.

  16. This is the kind of news article written that is been giving the system trouble even before it launch. Its almost like you could say the Wii U failing since 2011 or at least most of these news articles would have you think.

    The problem with the chart and some of you already pointed these out too, is that all those other sales are for LIFETIME rates, (or the 3DS which has been out a bit longer) and has the expectation that Wii U won’t sell anymore units. This won’t be the case no matter what you might think, considering its highest sales month was Dec. 2013 where it sold about 1.5 million world wide, which was a year after is supposedly failed.

    The other main problem is they have it at 20% and the attach rate games per system is much higher with the Wii U than it was for some of the past Nintendo systems.

    The other thing they seem to be forgetting is that Mario Kart has a good reputation and will drive system sales (how much I don’t know outside the estimates made by Nintendo are reasonable for system sales if not a little low). They have some really good deals this time around too, i.e. buy Mario Kart get a game free or the pack in for the game. And this game is reviewing very well as where something like Mario Kart Double Dash didn’t review well despite it being a good game.

    Most the people who have bought the system are likely to buy this game cause they are either families or diehard Nintendo fans. I expect it will hit that 1.2 million within the first month or two. It seems like the game allot are waiting for.

  17. I generally agree with Polygon, but this shit statement has no reasoning behind it.
    It completely ignores the fact that the game will move units, and also that not every current owner of the console will buy it; I seriously don’t know how these people got degrees with such faulty education.

  18. well that’s not logic!!!!what’s about mario kart will be release and will generate more sell cause people will have a reason to buy a wii u. I brought a game boy advance cause of final fantasy tactics advancewhen the game was released. I did the same for the wii U I brought the game knowing Mario kart will be a reality. I could have wait but I got it for a bargain.

  19. Already trying to pull off the “Patcher’s BS future sight” stunt to shoot down a great game. Seriously STFU and wait to see how this game will play out Polyfuck.

    1. Yeah, I doubt that Mario Kart 8 will be the worst selling MK game. Trust me, it’s going to outsell a few of the others. It’s Mario (Epic) Kart!!!

  20. Some people are waiting for the Bundle (which is a fucking steal), and let us not forget that people buy the most in the holiday season, (which by the way, Smash would hit those stores). Let us not draw any conclusions yet, Polygon. Also let us consider that Double dash was the best Mario Kart and yet in sold less in a System that: 1. sold less than 22 Million in it’s life time 2. it was a powerful system by the time.

    Sometimes I think people don’t buy for Nintendo just because they are being Nintendo.

  21. Polygon are predicting that MK8 is going to sell only 1.26 Millions. LOLOLOL. Watch your prediction fail hard, Polygon. The first week MK8 is going to surpass the 1 Million. Somebody want to bet?

  22. Holy sh**, Double Dash did that bad in terms of sales? Even though it has by far the most vatiety with the concept of two drivers and special items that I couldn’t play any of the newer ones without getting bored after a couple of days?

  23. mario kart titles keep selling steadily over the life of a console generation

    to make such a claim now is ridiculous and completely speculative

  24. Polygon needs to factor in the bundles. That’s sure to sell at least one million.

    1. polygon needs to factor in that they’re fucking dumb x_x

      they’re comparing sales figures of consoles at the end of their lifecycle with figures of a console that’s not even half through its current lifecycle

      there were only 25 million wiis around when mario kart wii was released.. yet it sold 35.. go figure
      i’ve rarely seen such a clumsily made sales projection.. they better never accept any job in business

      1. And it didn’t sell 35 million right away either. Good point.

  25. If anything, this article shows that Nintendo has sold 99,760,000 copies of Mario Kart, and is about to BLAST past that number in a couple weeks, selling well over 100 MILLION copies of Mario Kart!!!! NINTENDO WINS!! NINTENDO WINS!! NINTENDO WINS!!!


  26. “The site says that there’s only 6.17 million Wii U consoles in consumers homes, and that’s fewer than the number of copies that all but one previous Mario Kart game sold.”

    So they are assuming that either people will only buy it at launch
    or that the install base won’t increase over time?
    Those seem like pretty idiotic assumptions.

  27. This game won’t push console sales, I really don’t believe it will. especially with the internet being absolute shit on it.

    1. It will push consoles there is a reason the wii u has been in the top 100 and moving in the top 100 in France Germany and about to be uk for the wii u bundle:)

    1. Oh. It’s sasori. *doesn’t watch the video & moves on to the next email from My Nintendo News*

  28. Who cares!! Worst sales does not mean worst game. And that info is messed up since MK will trigger an increse of WiiU sales, in other words, thar grafic would only make sense if the number of sold consoles accounted were the ones previous to MK release.
    Polygon has commited a noob error.

  29. Mediocre news. One of the goals of Mario Kart 8 would boost sales of the console? Why do not you make these materials Xbox One who sold unless the WiiU? Cast a game of 500 million dollars as the Destiny for a console like the XBox One will be a great deal huh!

  30. Well they somehow managed to change the obvious into the worst possible clickbait there is

  31. Polygon is one of the sites that gets paid by marketing firms representing companies like Sony to diss Nintendo every chance they get.

    WiiU is doing bad because the gaming/tech press trashes them every chance they get. Remember those few years where every other day there was another site saying Nintendo should stop making hardware and put all their games on smartphones and tablets? Those tech sites are supported by advertising, free shit, and getting paid to write articles in favor of or against certain things. If people realized this WiiU would be doing fine, but good luck telling anyone anything these days, nobody can concentrate long enough to even read a fucking paragraph.

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