Nintendo Defeats Non-Practicing Entity In Global Patent Fight

Nintendo has won a patent infringement case in a U.S. District Court in Texas. The case was brought in February 2009 by Wall Wireless, LLC, which claimed that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems infringed a patent. Wall Wireless is a company whose primary business is enforcing patents. The court dismissed the case on May 19, 2014, after the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled all the patent claims Wall Wireless was relying on in its case.

This dismissal follows a decision by the Japanese Patent Office, which also found that Nintendo’s products do not infringe Wall’s Japanese patents.

“We are very pleased to see the U.S. case dismissed, and also to have the Japanese Patent Office confirm that Nintendo does not infringe Wall’s Japanese patents,” said Richard Medway, Nintendo of America’s vice president and deputy general counsel. “Nintendo vigorously defends patent lawsuits and other proceedings when we believe we have not infringed another party’s patents. It does not matter where such cases are filed or if it takes more than five years to vindicate our position. Nintendo continues to develop unique and innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”


        1. a non participating entity … is someone who owns a patent of which they don’t actually have a product for.

          that’s called BS patent.

    1. It was filed a few years back and sometimes these patent cases can take a couple of years to resolve.

    2. Some court cases take over a decade to fully conclude, which is why most of the time people DON’T want to do them. Its just another victory in Nintendo’s book.

      1. I guess that’s why mostly no-name companies and patent enforcers go after Nintendo and other big companies.

    3. A given case will have many, many hearings (as in, days actually spent in Court) and generally the Courts are pretty busy so each hearing will be months apart. First there will be a million interlocutory hearings to decide how the matter should be dealt with, who does what, etc. Then at the next hearing it’ll be decided that more discovery has to happen or some interrogatories need to be done so the next hearing is set, which only yields more red tape and so on. And then when there finally is a decision it gets appealed and starts again with an even slower court. Unless it’s a cut and dry personal injury type thing, these things take forever. The legal system is dumb.

    4. Did anyone else get an e-mail from Nintendo offering a download code for a demo of Tomodachi Life? Pretty excited. Gonna go download it now.

    1. Phillips is another dying tech company suing left and right for easy bail money.

      They’re obviously gonna lose. So many patent troll lawsuits against Nintendo have tried and failed hard before.

      1. I think it’s from metroid prime… Haven’t had the chance to play that series yet…

          1. Ahh! Thanks for correcting me! ;) If I ever see the Metroid Prime Trilogy at a reasonable price, I will definitely buy it in a heartbeat!

    1. It’s good to see Nintendo taking another win! Nobody should ever try to sue them unless they are actually in the wrong. Gotta stand up for what’s right after all!

      BTW, Shard of Nightmare may be real, but that’s probably not the actual title

  1. Very good to hear. Now Nintendo needs to lock-on to Phillips and destroy their accusations and requests for money.

    1. Oh believe me. Phillips is next in line to lose and look very stupid and desperate for money. :3

  2. These scumbag companies who just hold patents for no other reason than to sue companies who actually want to provide innovation for consumers are the lowest of the low. Good to see them getting struck down, but they need to be outright punished for their lowly actions.

  3. Another predictable and flawless patent victory for Nintendo. :) These fucking patent trolls should just give up and stop trying so damn hard to fail at everything in life. We all know they don’t patent shit first or properly and just tried to rob Nintendo’s money.

      1. Almost fell out of my chair with laughter at this comment. XD You tell him, man.

  4. So the case was dropped and Nintendo didn’t receive compensation for their 5 year battle? Tis a shame.

  5. I never hear about Sony getting sued. Nintendo had to go to so many courts over the Wiimote, yet when Sony introduced hardly anything comes up.


          The fucked up thing is…that guy in the blue shirt, is actually and mostly right…

          “I had no idea, lololol”

          But hey, thanks for trying to prove me wrong and trying to call me a fanboy when the truth is about to smack you in the face right here.

          Dam, too much of me raping stupid shits…gotta love me.

        1. But they will still try since they don’t know the meaning of intelligence…

  6. NEXT! Who’s going to be the next to lose a case against Nintendo? It seems like every company in existence wants to taste it.

  7. I’m sure that Nintendo is very careful whenever they make new products. They most likely check and do research before producing anything, to make sure that nobody else has already filed a patent on the same (or similar) thing.

  8. I think patents is bullshit. I mean taking patent over a confused described idea, that’s just bullshit. If you do have a real invention then sure take a patent for it but other companies should be able to develop something similar and compete with your product. Kinda like PlayStaion Move and e the Wiimote….

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