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Disney Magical World Adds Pirate World DLC

Nintendo has confirmed that the Pirate World is now available to download in Disney Magical World. The new area joins the existing places, including Cinderella World, Aladdin World, Alice in Wonderland World and the 100-Acre Wood. Released last month as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Disney Magical World features multiple quests and collectibles. Within the game, players can help various Disney characters retrieve their missing items.

16 thoughts on “Disney Magical World Adds Pirate World DLC”

  1. Too anyone who have played this is it fun? Is it a “girl game” is it as fun or better than animal crossing?

  2. the legend of zelda shrimpshield was confirmed last month in a nintendo direct and so was hyre warriors release date for june

  3. come onDisney make new worlds like Oz, The Grid, Camp Half-blood, Toontown, or Asgard s DLC fir the older fans

  4. Please release this game in Australia and Europe! We have already missed out on a few Nintendo 3DS games this year (including Rune Factory 4 and Chibi-Robo’s Photo Finder). Being an Australian Nintendo gamer sucks! I am almost ready to abandon Nintendo altogether, just like they are abandoning us.

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