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Japan To Get An Exclusive Yokai Watch 3DS XL Edition This July

yokai_watch_3dsxlNintendo of Japan has announced it will launch an exclusive 3DS XL (LL) edition for the popular ghost-hunting game Yokai Watch. The special 3DS XL is set to coincide with the release of the game’s sequel in July. Retailing for 18,000 yen (around $180 / £105) the edition will sport Jibanyan – the anime’s orange and white cat mascot – on both the front and back, as well as tiny silhouetted critters from the series.

At such a low retail price, Yokai Watch 2 will not accompany the 3DS XL edition, but will come with a selection of six AR cards and a rare Golnyan Yokai Card Dasu. Fans of the game series will be able to purchase one of two Yokai Watch 2 editions, Ganso and Honke, which each come with one version-specific medal. Both the sequel and 3DS XL edition will be available on July 10. 

7 thoughts on “Japan To Get An Exclusive Yokai Watch 3DS XL Edition This July”

    1. Except they don’t know how to make limited edition Wii U’s. Heck, they barely knew how to make the black and white Wii U.

      1. true what you say. it’s sort of different for home consoles. but i think there might be some limited editions later. i would even rebuy a WiiU xenoblade limited edition lol

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