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Nintendo America Says Sea Green Nintendo 2DS Console Coming June 6th

On June 6, 2014, the Sea Green Nintendo 2DS video game system hits stores at a suggested retail price of $129.99. The portable device has a white front and back with sea green accents on the directional pad, face buttons and stylus. The new color joins the red and blue Nintendo 2DS systems that are currently available.


    1. Dammit… Nintendo you really need to stop announcing stuff only a few days/weeks before it released. I sure as hell would’ve waited for this instead of my XL! >:/

      1. Troll? Do you even know the meaning of troll? Doesn’t look like you do. I literally just said I like the regular 3DS best.
        And 50,000 fans across the world? Where did you pull that number out from? I really hope for you that you don’t think Nintendo only has 50,000 fans worldwide.

      2. Fans approximately owning the 2DS. If you plainly said that you prefer the 3DS, this entire argument could’ve been avoided, you amateur troll.

      3. Why would people who already own a 2DS care about a new version if they already own one?
        And the fact that you’re still calling me a troll is just too cute, really.

      4. What do you mean why would they care? So you wouldn’t care if they released a way better color of your favorite color? Green is my favorite color, but I already have a black 3DS XL, so I might get this someday.

      5. When the 3DS XL released, I found it hideous, so I stuck to the Aqua Blue 3DS original I had since Launch… But then the Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL released in March for an EXTREMELY limited run as an incredibly rare collector’s item, and that was the motivation for me to upgrade.

        Now there’s the 2DS, which I liked the design of, but didn’t like the color options. Now that the Sea Green 2DS has been released (Aqua-bluegreen being my favorite color), I’ll definitely snag a 2DS in the very near future. As much as I love my Pikachu 3DS XL, I -NEED- a 2DS because Super Smash Bros. is a game that I’m very hard on my controllers with. Knowing I’ve tore through 6 GameCube controllers with Brawl, I’m going to need a separate 3DS in fear of ruining the circle pad on my Pikachu 3DS XL, and the 2DS fits the bill as a MUCH more durable unit, as well as being a very affordable system that won’t empty my wallet to replace should I break it.

        Ignore that lifeless Anon dude… While I agree with him that the original 3DS is my favorite model, and that I most definitely find the 3DS XL and 2DS to be inferior models in a number of ways, they have their niches and selling points.
        The original 3DS is the most portable, pocket-friendly unit, has the best speakers, and its design is some of the best eye-candy Nintendo’s put out since the DS Lite back in 2006. But that doesn’t mean that the 3DS XL and 2DS don’t have anything over the original.
        The 3DS XL has the largest screens a Nintendo handheld has ever had yet, and they’re very crisp, high-quality displays that I’d argue have better contrast and color saturation than the 3DS and 2DS. Having a large touchscreen also makes touch-based games much more accurate to control, and in my own experience, the 3DS XL is the best handheld game system to make art with in the Colors! 3D painting application.
        The 2DS is the cheapest model, so both kids and adults can get their 3DS games without breaking the bank. It’s also by far the most durable, and without a hinge to break as well. Also, having the circle pad & buttons higher up, with massive Wii U-style L/R shoulder buttons, it’s undoubtedly THE most comfortable Nintendo handheld since the original GBA. Lastly, many sources have proven it provides the best battery life in all situations against the 3DS and 3DS XL.

      6. well…. i seriously put off getting a 3ds because i thought the regular 3ds looked ugly in design and color selection and the 3dsxl had shit color selection then this came along and in 2 days i convinced my mother to give me a early and less expensive (i was gonna settle with a ugly colored 3dsxl) 2ds sooo ya~
        allot of people (and myself) find this color to be really beautiful~ and may or may not have a next gen system plus there was no girly color for the 2ds anyways~
        Nintendo is just trying to appeal to everyone.
        but tbh if they realy wanted to do that they would would stop being but hurt losers and take off region locks so i can get that Japanese mint blue and white 3dsxl~! >_<

    1. Actually, I thought of the same thing as you do until I held one in my hands and found it surprisingly comfortable and easier to use than original 3DS because of my big hand size.

      Gove it a shot. Its not as stupid or pointless as you think and when I once thought it was.

      1. Yea I understand what you mean when you say it’s not as stupid as you thought it was, I feel the same. It actually lets you play 3DS games without having to pay for a feature, the 3D, you wouldn’t be using anyway, after all.
        If it only wasn’t so damn ugly though.

      2. I don’t really like the XL either, but I think it still looks better than the 2DS. Though there are some quite nice limited editions of the XL. I got the Pikachu one and it’s one of the few editions I really like. When it comes to the regular 3DS, nearly all of them look neat. I got the aqua blue one though, there wasn’t much to choose from at launch.
        tl;dr: 3DS > 3DS XL > 2DS for me.

      3. No, I think you’re right. I have a black 3DS XL and I think I should’ve gotten the original 3DS. My cousin owns an aqua blue and it has better looking screens and the sound is rich. It sounds like he’s playing from a TV with the volume up high. Meanwhile, I can barely hear my 3DS XL over my own talking. 2DS might not have better speakers, but it benefits from the sharper looking screens. I let my friend play Kirby Triple Deluxe on my XL (he owns an original red 3ds with the same game) and he immediately said “Ok, the graphics suck on this one”. :(

      4. The XL’s sound is a non-issue if you use headphones or an external speaker though.

      5. Yea there’s something up with the resolution. They made the screens bigger on the XL but kept the same resolution as on the regular 3DS, so all that happens on the XL is the image getting stretched. That’s why the visuals don’t look as good as on the regular 3DS, it’s the same “image” in a stretched version.
        About the sound, well, I have both versions of the 3DS and I haven’t noticed much of a difference? When it comes to the 2DS though, it’s a little different. Unlike the other two, which have two stereo speakers on the sides of the display, the 2DS only has a single speaker, on the left side. Sucks, to be honest.
        I don’t know, other than that, there are more things that speak for the XL than the regular one, so you made the right decision, in my opinion. The only reason I have both is because I bought the regular one right on release and the XL was a special case I guess, it was a gift. Plus, it’s the Pikachu version and I really wanted it. If I had neither and had the choice between the two, I’d probably go for the XL too.

  1. Fuck Nintendo and all their fans they all satanist fuckers.Nintendo+Fans are cancer of Humanity.

    1. They are the angels wings of humanity, they are the company that make children into gamers so that one day they can support sony and microsoft consoles. i dont see sony and microsoft pleasing everybody if its only about “hardcore gamers”. thats why sony is saying nintendo is needed because they breed gamers, because lets face it if nintendo is gone over 20-50 years consoles will be no more only pc gaming since everyone uses that.

      1. 100% agree. Everyone talks about Nintendo releasing the same game over and over, but I’m sorry, my 9 year old didn’t play games 20 years ago. Hell, I’m only now (relatively) playing games. I really like what Nintendo does, and thats giving kids and kids-at-heart the chance to play games, not fake reality real games. And I’m saying this as someone who thoroughly enjoyed Uncharted series and others like it.

    2. …are you even trying to troll a little bit with that embarrassing attempt? lol

      You need to put more originality and thought into it.

  2. I preferred the 3DS XL over 2DS. Hey, Nintendo haters, Nintendo is not perfect but they are the greatest company in the world.

      1. Nintendo has twice the morals, ethics and heart than both Google and Apple combined. :)

      2. Not Google anymore when they bought Youtube and fucked it with pointless G+.

        Apple is still a great company and tech is superior in some way but yeah, its pricy.

  3. Nintendo Commander will by this instead of Wii U… you fucking waste of scrotum.

    And Valve Glado, die of cancer

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      3. Brokeback, your ONLY quotes are: “I hate Wii U” “Nintendo cons everybody with their weak systems” and especially this funny number: “Mario Kart 8 720p confirmed”

        XD Try again asshole.


      4. Stranga, that isn’t the real Sasori. The real one doesn’t know how to fucking spell. His grammar is too good. Lol.

      5. Obvious 11 year old is obvious. lol

        You really need better parents and Jesus to save your ass kid. XD

      6. You own the red Pokemon Y 3DS XL? You lucky fucking bastard… ¬_¬

    1. lol Keep trying troll. You might be able to creep into somebody’s skin within 35 years of practice but by then, you’ll be dead.

  4. Iwata looks down syndrome and is therefore a “mongolian of unnautral decent”.

    1. Retrobit thats just harsh man, we all know Nintendo Commander is a poser but what did he ever do to you??

      1. What do you mean he’s a poser?
        He’s a Nintendo fan that daily cosplay’s a gaming Military commander the for company he supports… But I don’t get what you mean by “Poser?”

  5. I got a yoshi xl a reg xl and a reg 3ds… $100 more I can have 4 3ds… so many 3ds games have download play … bless the 2ds

    1. I actually prefer the Xbox One’s design over the PS4’s. I have a strange taste…

      1. That fat black Betamax box? Are you that into Nutty Professor (original)?

      2. Actually Stranga, I have to agree. The Xbox One looks like a sleek smooth black box ready to play some games. It also looks tough too! Just look at how fat it is! XD Just kidding. I actually prefer the PS4’s design because it looks sexy especially with the blue line in the middle. But there’s nothing really wrong with Xbox One’s design. I mean it’s just a box. You don’t hate boxes do you? o.O

    2. How is that relevant in any way right now though? Besides, that is your personal, subjective opinion.

    3. PS4 looks odd but not ugly. Xbox One is like a huge block of Hershey’s on hormones gone wrong.

    1. Its fine. I would’ve kept the 3DS XL if it had a second analog stick which could’ve happened but no.

  6. I was considering getting this, but I thought it was 100 dollars, not 130. I must have been thinking of the Wii mini. But darn, gotta get a new camera, so this will have to wait another month or two. I just hope it’s not a limited edition.

    1. It would’ve made better controls for some games though.. And it wouldn’t really be like anything else because it has so many different things that differentiate it from its competitors. Glasses-free 3D, clamshell design, great 1st party Nintendo titles, etc.

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