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Pullblox World For Wii U Coming To Europe This June

Nintendo of Europe has announced Pullblox World will be coming to the Wii U’s European eShop this June. The puzzle platformer will feature over 250 brainteasers that will let you push and pull the game’s protagonist Mallo to freedom. But even after players have solved all of Pullblox World’s ready-made puzzles, they can dabble in creating and sharing their own as well.

Europe will also receive special discounts on Pullblox and Fallblox for the 3DS to celebrate Mallo’s launch on the Wii U. Both titles will be discounted to £4.49 (in comparison to their respective prices £5.39 and £7.19) in the eShop until June 12. Plus, for players who already own Pullblox and Fallblox on the 3DS, Nintendo will host a great deal and give players 30% off Pullblox World (making it £6.29 compared to £8.99) until July 31. The game is set to launch on June 19 in the European eShop. If you want to find out more about the title, you can do so here.


  1. Might consider it now, as I already have Pillblox on 3DS. Haven’t completed it yet, though, so don’t really care about buying fallblox…

  2. Nintendo Commander please purchase a Wii U so you can take advantage of this delightful game…

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