Watch Dogs Sold More Than 4 Million Copies In Its First Week, Coming To Wii U This Fall

Today, Ubisoft announced ongoing record sales for Watch Dogs, which has sold-through more than 4 million copies in its first week, positioning it as the best-selling new IP at launch across the video game industry.  Having already broken sales records in the first 24 hours following its release, Watch Dogs is now the company’s best-selling game ever in week one.

“The results we achieved in the first week of launch are amazing and prove Ubisoft’s commitment to developing new blockbuster IP and thoroughly new-gen experiences,” said Darren Bowen, UK Sales Director.

The launch of Watch Dogs on consoles and PC was accompanied by the release of a free companion app, ctOS Mobile. The app allows gamers toconnect with the Watch Dogs universe from anywhere, at any time, and is designed to enable revolutionary dual-screen gameplay, or even to be enjoyed as a standalone experience without the main game. ctOS Mobile has already been downloaded and played more than one million people. Watch Dogs will also be released on the Wii U system from Nintendo in Fall 2014.

Watch Dogs is set in Chicago and lets players become Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker seeking justice following a violent family tragedy. Pearce hacks into Chicago’s Central Operating System (ctOS), which controls the city’s infrastructure (security cameras, traffic lights, public transportation and more) as well as key data on the city’s residents. The game uses the all-new Disrupt game engine to deliver stunning visuals and an incredibly immersive world.


    1. Is finally coming to our sacred machine :D hope they used all this time to improve this version and make it the absolute one like they did with rayman legends (but to be fair the game was already finish when they imported it)

      1. But in reality they will downgrade it even more than they have now and then blame our people for the lack of sales…

        1. I guess i won’t be buying a severally downgraded version of a game for the same price as the other two. Too bad, i was looking forward to this game since it was from what for a short time seem to be our allies.

            1. Nintendo betrayed Ubisoft and other 3rd parties by making a system that cant handle demanding games and a system that doesnt have relevant install base.

              1. Wii U was created not only as a creative console but also by the demand of the same Third Class empires you are refering to…

                Once it got made, half of them backstabbed our empire even before it got released…

                1. Maybe if nintendo actually advertised the wii u they wouldn’t have been backstabbed, don’t blame the 3rd parties, they want to make money and nintendo just wasn’t delivering

                  1. It’s the fault of both not just one side…

                    But the backstabbing began first…

              2. Actually it sports a more modern hardrive and can blow games up to 1080p,.unlike every other system currently in use. The only reason nobody wants to make
                games for it is because software developers hate actually using their brain and would rather make a generic ass fps than actually use the game pad to its full extent.

            2. Wii U got best version of Rayman so ubisoft didn’t betray people who really waited that game. It was released little later than first planned but same did Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

              1. Yes but now games that are much better to my liking are out and those are the ones I will be getting now…

                If by some chance I happen to get a job after college and have enough money I’ll buy it one day probably…

        2. Yeah, if they release it on the Wii U and people don’t buy it, then yeah, the blame is firmly planted on the fans for not buying it. You can use excuses all you want for it being delayed or with not as many features, but when you have to spend more time and money to put it on a console that isn’t selling well, what do you expect? If you don’t buy the game, then they have no incentive to release other games on the console in the future. Does it suck that you have to buy a version that might not be as good as on another console? Maybe. But that’s what happens when you have a Nintendo console and you want a 3rd party game – at least for the foreseeable future. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – you don’t buy the game because it might not have a multiplayer or DLC component because the userbase is less on the Wii U > they don’t get the sales for the game > no more 3rd party games on the Wii U > you bitch that they don’t release games on the Wii U > clearly not your fault for not buying the game because REASONS > hurrrrrrrr.

          1. Do you really think I’m stupid enough to settle for lesser versions just to support another empire?…

            When I buy a game I expect it to be as good as the others, nothing more and nothing less…

            And it makes me frustrated to know that even gaming has now become a pathetic political game where you don’t buy games for fun but only to support another one…

            I buy games to have fun, not to waste my hard earned money only to support someone who may or may not support our empire…

                  1. Idiot, Wii U is not the entire Nintendo empire…

                    Go back and get some logic…

                    1. It’s still their current console and where they’re putting most of their effort into. It’s not their entire empire, certainly, but it’s a huge part of it.

                    2. And unlike others on this site and youtube, I’m not sitting home in the basement all day thinking I have a real job making money making videos…

                      Many of us actually has important things in life to do…

                      And I have the 3DS which is their real flagship…

                1. It’s people like you that are polluting this website. First of all, get rid of the stupid name. “Nintendo Commander Quadraxis”? I’m sure all the women will go crazy over that name. Second of all, stop embarrassing all of us Nintendo fans with your role-playing. Come back when you get a reality check.

                  1. I can’t even count how many wrongs there are in those sentences…

                    You are the reason to why gaming is so pathetic today, taking it way too seriously as if it was the world’s most important thing ever…

                    Grow up…

                    1. Quadraxis is an awesome boss from Metroid Prime 2, so anyone who wants him to change his name is automatically lame. Be sure to add me when you get a Wii U.

                    2. You got it, be prepared to see my NNID in about 7 days…

                  2. Really? HE is polluting the website? Sorry, that’s just bullshit .
                    Don’t waste your fucking time riding his ass until you find a way to reduce all the fucking waste-of-space trolls that come just to make racist, crude, offensive comments because they don’t have to bother logging in.

                    This is a fucking Nintendo site, and maybe 30% of us actually like Nintendo. Maybe you could help us out by going after the fuck-tards and non-Nintendo posters

                    1. Sorry dude. I just feel as though Quadraxis is a bit biased towards 3rd party developers. No need to go apeshit over it.

                  3. Leave him alone he’s a nice guy. You should get a life and not pick on people…

                    1. Katty Perry to my rescue I see…

                      Just for that, I’m going to listen to one of your songs…

                    2. Excuse me no, she only wants you to buy her music, I truly support you, King Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  1. Then we will race comrade and play other games a stime goes by…

                    1. Yes! So what games will you be able to afford on day 1? Just Mario Kart for starters?

                    2. Well mario kart and then we have the free game but I’m getting pikmin 3 so no multiplayer there I guess…

                      Then I’m buying a used ZombiU copy because the Ubisoftians will never ge tmy money unless they bring PoP to the Wii U…

                      What other games have online multiplayer besides Sonic Transformed?…

                      And don’t bring up garbage from the Electrons because I will never ever buy their crap again whether it’s on the Wii U, 3DS or PC…

                    3. Ignore gaga shes the one craving sales! PRISM stays slaying the charts 😆

                    4. Commander please buy a new copy of zombie u, I really wanta sequel, i bought assassin’s creed 3 used and its good a game, and I bought it used for 14 – brand new its 20- my 20 could have showed ubi anothet wii u supporter they are going to ignore. They do make better games than EA and are our empires only link to good to great 3rd party titles. Btw.. watch dogs wii u will be a definitive version and will use smart phones and 3ds for hacking… idk just assuming 3ds support.

            1. The fact that you haven’t even bought a Wii U yet to support Nintendo shows that you’re just a part of the problem you’re complaining about. Keep it up, “Commander”.

              1. That was a great insult, my friend! It’s about time somebody told that guy to shut up!

              2. Me not having a Wii U or whatever is still not a valid reason for anyone to make gimped versions of any game…

                1. Yes, it is. Blame it all you want on the developer, but when the console is not selling, they can’t put the same amount of time and effort into a game for it as the others because they won’t make a profit. If you buy their game, then they can see that there’s actually a demand for their games on the system, so maybe NEXT game it’ll be better because they’ll have more incentive. Does it suck that you might get a semi-gimped version at first? Yeah. But if anything it’s mainly Nintendo’s fault for not being able to sell their system – regardless, if you hold your nose up and think that you as a consumer aren’t partially responsible for how games are released on a console then you’re being completely and utterly naive.
                  Also, lol at your comment above about the 3DS being the “real flagship” of Nintendo as well as your feeble excuses to justify your lack of support.

                  1. Some of us are actually busy in life, why don’t you make yourself a life instead of just sitting in the basement?…

                    And go on ahead about your own pathetic excuses…

                  2. And your a dumbass like that monkey sasori. It is solely the developer’s responsibility, they have to advertise it, they have to make sure that the game is not a piece of shit, and the have to give the consume a reason why they should get it, just like with Watch_Dogs. Think I would get a game if it was shit like Ride to Hell: Retribution? Think I would get a game that I never knew existed? Think I would get a game that doesn’t show me a reason why I should get it? Is your philosophy gimped? What? So we should buy gimped games finding out they are a piece of shit like your explanation? So he’s not show his support by getting a 3DS, meaning he shows his support, yet at the same time he doesn’t!? LOL Your excuses is stupider than Gay Commander’s excuse. Give up he just owned you.

                    1. Have you even played the game? Sure the game has it’s flaws, and sure the game has a few bugs which they could have prevented it,but it’s still an enjoyable experience.

                    2. I don’t he’s he’s talking about Watch_Dogs there Espurr, I think he’s talking about a terrible game in general.

                  1. “How was I supposed to know that Aeolus?”…

                    You sum up every pathetic troll that has ever bashed me on this site…

                    I find it funny how pathetic you primitive apes can be…

                    1. “Primitive apes”? Ouch, that was harsh, pal. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to recover from that. Oh, and just to be clear, don’t call me a troll. I’ve owned every Nintendo console starting from the NES.

                  2. Just because someone is in college doesn’t mean they aren’t living with their parents still. In fact, more and more college graduates are also moving back in with their parents.

                    1. That’s the not the point idiot.
                      He assumed Gay Commander is still in the power grip of his parents to the point where he could still get grounded. He’s a legal adult already.

                    2. And being a “legal adult” doesn’t mean much in those terms when you live under someone else’s roof and have to abide by their rules. Parents can still charge you rent if you come back to live with them, they can still enforce rules on you because they’re housing (and most likely feeding) you.

                    3. But most likely he probably isn’t. Therefore, the argument still stands until he proves otherwise.

                    4. I was forced to move back home considering how the US and Europe have ruined the lives of countless millions, but I still pay for my own things and rent so I live by my own rules still…

                    5. That doesn’t mean his parents will punish him for anything. What are you twelve?

                  3. Anonymous: “I’ve owned every Nintendo console starting from the NES.” So then you should remember GameCube, how it was 3rd place in the 6th gen in terms of sales, yet 3rd parties still provided quality games, some of which were exclusives. & speaking of Ubisoft & the 6th gen, I don’t recall Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time & Batman Vengeance (multiplats on all 3 consoles) being delayed or gimped for GCN. Plus, GCN still got the rest of the PoP trilogy & Beyond Good & Evil, completely & timely.

                    Problem is, 3rd parties have changed. They stopped making games like they did on Wii, where gameplay was more important. Hel, some even supported the N64 w/ high-quality exclusives, even though N64 had comparatively lackluster sales. The industry itself has changed. Video games have been institutionalized, governed by outsider suits. I’ve been w/ Nintendo consoles since SNES & have always gotten more 3rd party games than 1st. But Wii U has shown that the genres & qualities I seek in games is best left to Nintendo & Indies. 3rd parties mostly treated Wii U like it was another Twin, instead of catering to its actual audience. If I wanted those types of games, I would’ve bought one of those consoles, which already had those games & @ a lower price. Maybe it’s the Western style or inexperience, but even the Japanese 3rd parties have faultered. & online components are now used as a crutch to patch & justify rushjobs, add extortionist DLC, eliminating a rich plethora of offline unlockables.

                    I don’t have a PS2, but I shouldn’t say anything good or bad about it until I’ve owned one, aye? I guess everyone should just discuss what they have & realize that research is absolutely worthless. One must blindly purchase a game or console before being permitted to form an opinion. Does it look good in the store? Hey, that’s all that’s necessary.

                    1. ^Thank you. Anyone that owned the Gamecube knows that 3rd parties from then & the 3rd parties of today are cheap, lazy assholes that want to make easy ports. The Xbox One & Playstation 4 are practically twins, so it’s easier to make multiplats for them. With the Wii U, they don’t even want to take the time to actually try to make a multiplat work. Rayman Legends is the exception ONLY because the game started off as a Wii U exclusive, so naturally it was going to do well on that console since that version was already FINISHED. As for Watch_Dogs, maybe Ubisoft will prove us wrong & show that they do care about the Wii U & make that version the best version. I want to support 3rd parties but I refuse to buy gimped, half assed developed games. I did this with Assassin’s Creed 3 which has a few annoying glitches. Assassin’s Creed 4 only had ONE pain in the ass glitch. But I think Assassin’s Creed 4 has even more problems like certain unlockable outfits & weapons won’t work in replay chapters. Those are either glitches or Ubisoft just didn’t bother to work to make sure those unlockables would work in replay chapters. But no more. Ubisoft won’t get my money for Watch_Dogs for Wii U til I’m absolutely CERTAIN it’s not going to be glitchy or unfinished. Til then, I’ll stick with the 3rd parties that actually do make sure their games are finished & without glitches, or very few glitches as possible that don’t pop up every hour or two. Like Capcom or Tecmo Koei. I know a lot of people are pissed at Capcom, but I hope Capcom can save itself because at least they aren’t giving the Wii U gimped games. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate & Resident Evil: Revelations were flawless. Maybe they’ll smart up & revive Megaman, and hopefully they will restore Resident Evil back to it’s former glory with Resident Evil 7 or with a reboot.

                2. Hell, I remember when I used to look up to you. I thought, “Wow, this guy sure makes some valid points.” But I feel as though you are just a shell of your former self.

                    1. If you looked up to me then why are you starting to bash me now?…

                      I’ll tell you what, when they first announced Rayman Legends I thought to myself:

                      “I’ve never liked Rayman but I will buy this once I have it…”

                      Then they screwed our people by the delay for no reason whatsoever and so the deal is off for me…

                      Then Watch Dogs came and was announced and I thought the same thing…

                      But the more information and videos I’ve seen of it the more boring it got and now this delay is another deal breaker…

                      I don’t even want to start how much I will never get any Electron game ever…

                      I can imagine myself getting one of these Batman games someday unless the Warners betray us…

                      I will eventually buy TW101, Bayonetta 2, X, I wanted to get MH3U but I’d rather wait for a newer one since I’m getting MH4U for the 3DS next year…

                      And so on…

                    2. Your name sums you up so keep going with your “smartmouthing”…

                    3. How it affected you that Rayman Legends was late? It’s was released year before you actually bought Wii U.

                    1. So you didn’t buy a game just because you saw some videos of it and think it’s boring? You sir, just went full retard. Never go full retard

                    2. Educated guess using past information dipshit. Something that you didn’t do, even though you were his stalker surprisingly. Also, using that “lover” comeback means you really have nothing left for you to defend your point and are now resorting to pure insults, than like me, using insults and logical arguing.

                    3. Actually I probably might have been a little mean with that “lover” comment you made.
                      The answer is “no”, sorry to disappoint you it you have some sort of interest in yaoi.

              3. And the fact that you deliberately ignore sasori’s claims about loving Microsoft products yet he doesn’t have have a 360 also contributes to the problem. Keep it up being a “unbiased” that you so claim to be. Yeah, give me a break dumbass.

              4. Why would he buy a wiiu if he’s not going to use it?not everyone has time for video games i barely have time too as well but he’s supporting nintendo by owning a 3ds and when he buys his wiiu in 8 days, what will you say then?

                1. If he buys a Wii U and starts actually buying the few 3rd party titles on the system, then he can continue his bitching and moaning from on top of his self-appointed altar as the “Nintendo Commander”. Otherwise he’s just being a hypocrite.

                  1. Why would I buy game sI’m not interested in?…

                    Unlike the idiots in this world, I will not waste my resources on gimped games or games I have zero interest in…

                    1. Then 3rd parties won’t release any other games on the system, Nintendo will falter trying to support the system with only their titles, and you’ll have no valid excuse to complain about it because you were part of the problem.

                    2. Blaming the consumers for the lack of support is the most retarded thought ever…

                      If you want a valid argument to blame anyone you should blame both these Third Class empires and High Command, never the consumers…

                    3. Wow, you really don’t understand how it works, do you? If consumers don’t buy games to support the console, then the console will stop receiving support. While it is on Nintendo to sell the system initially, there is still a responsibility of the consumer to support it if they want it to succeed. But the main point is this: If the company is not giving you games or a console you feel comfortable supporting, then don’t fucking complain all the time about how woeful the situation is or put all the blame on someone else.

                    4. The 3DS is the most succesful console this current generation but you don’t see the biggest players doing much or anything for it either now do you?…

                    5. Uh…..yeah, 3DS still gets pretty great support, not just from Nintendo. What rock are you living under?

                    6. I said “biggest players” can’t you read?…

                    7. Yeah, and you’re still living under a rock if you don’t think there are big players releasing games on the 3DS. Regardless, you don’t have to be Capcom or Square Enix to release good games on the 3DS, so your point is still crap.

                  2. It’s better a hypocrite than someone with comments that contradict themselves, also Aeolus is going against you in this, and he always trash talks Nintendo Commander, which is saying something.

                    1. What contradictions? And I don’t give a damn about Aeolus. Your point?

                    2. “3DS being the “real flagship” of Nintendo as well as your feeble excuses to justify your lack of support.”
                      So what you mean is…
                      “You are not showing your support by buying something that shows your support.”
                      Makes perfect sense, also did you know pigs have now started to develop wings? The first pig flew into space to fight off an evil lord on the asteroid Galvatron Omega in the Star System Dingle Berry Dingling of the Galaxy Aphelia Lego Wanton for the Empire Republic of Strawberry Splitter Ripper Panties in the name of Baron Arch-Duke Fredward Kenobi Mikey Anderson Boogloo XV.

                2. that’s typical nintendrones, they dont even own the shitty console but they defend it for lack features.

                  1. And yet you still don’t have an Xbox 360 but own a 360 copy of GTA5. Exposed.

              5. I don’t know about you, but Quadraxis is busy with more important stuff than a video game console right now. What the hell is wrong with people ignoring this fact about him? It’s like everyone attacking him is a little kid with parents that do all the buying for them or adults still living with their parents while also mooching off of them so they can waste their money on video games. Til you guys actually get out in the real world & have to support your hobbies yourself, how about everyone that has a problem with him get off their high horse, eh? And if you’re not, maybe you have a good high paying job so you can afford to spend your money all willy nilly on video games. If that’s the case, quit trying to be one of those 1st class rich assholes (the rich people that actually act like this, anyway) that think they are better than everyone else.

            2. Don’t waste your time on these people. They think that you should buy crappy donuts from Mccompany ten miles away, when you have delicious donuts right in your own neighborhood THat is the kind of stupid that you are dealing with when people say support Ubisoft.

              If a third party makes a game that is awesome on the wii u people will buy it.

              1. They remind me of those idiotic men & women that stay in an abusive relationship because their beater loves them every now & then, so they assume that’s them “supporting” them. “They may give me gimped, unfinished games, but at least they are giving me games! Yay for 3rd Parties!” *facepalm*

          2. Watch dogs is a shit ! Of course I will not buying it. Ubishit will not make wii U games anyways !!! I like third party games but I will not be begging for them. If 3rd partys don’t support nintendo I will not support them ! I’m very happy playing just nintendo games that’s all I need though!

          3. Actually it sports a more modern hardrive and can blow games up to 1080p,.unlike every other system currently in use. The only reason nobody wants to make
            games for it is because software developers hate actually using their brain and would rather make a generic ass fps than actually use the game pad to its full extent.

          4. Wow did you just pull that out your ass? I thought the reason for the Wii U was to reach a new userbase like it did for me, since I wasn’t as into nintendo until this system. Like I would never ever buy a game the same price with less content unless it was an accident. I own Watchdogs on PS4 and it is already a huge disappointment for something ” Next-gen”, without the multiplayer I wouldn’t really be playing, so I wouldn’t blame any Wii U owner to not get it because they had a chance to see how bad it was. Seriously who would want it without the mutliplayer or dlc?
            No jumping, no planes, no melee weapons, can’t shoot out of the car, there isn’t much to hack, should have been made in a future city and great artists for the soundtrack but the wrong songs. In my opinion the game was a 7/10

      2. I found Rayman Origins and Legends to be better on PS Vita to be the absolute versions The game just fits handhelds perfectly and all the content was the same, plus it cost less.

      3. Well hope these sales are good enough because nobody is going to buy it on Wii U because it wasn’t released with the other versions. Are they scared that the Wii U version might sell better…Now that the “bad” reviews are out, it will drop in sales like a rock, I wont be surprised if the Wii U version gets cancelled…

      4. Yep. I hope the dedicated team gets most of the bugs fixed! Personally, I don’t mind a glitch or two, I LOVED ZombiU, but they can’t give us the current broken version.

        1. Watch Dogs works well on Xbox One so i’m pretty sure they can also get Wii U version working. I know that graphically Wii U version will look better than 360 & PS3 versions but i’m little worried if ubisoft need to cut out online modes and if game will have some framerate issues.

      1. Good question. I definitely felt like there was a big difference when we made the leap from 6th to 7th gen, but it doesn’t feel the same this time around.

    2. If you were thinking of buying this for the wii u, DONT! IT IS A TERRIBLE GAME, Graphics look like it’s from the ps2 and game play is so repetitive and boring, terrible physics. Game should be bought only if it’s 15$ or less

      1. 2 years ago I would when it was actually interesting, but today I won’t…

        1. Wow commander, you got yourself in a tough battle, and you handle yourself pretty well, good job, i honestly don’t see anything wrong with you, yeah there are somethings you say that i don’t like(religious stuff) but all in all you seem like a cool dude. By the way you should probably recharge your cuantium battery :) must be pretty low after this battle.

          1. I’v ebeen upgraded with a new power source, so do not have to recharge quite as often now…

            I find it hilarious how butthurt many are in here because of one little fan enjoying himself…

              1. I’m not going to stop anytime soon, infact, once I have mu Wii U, I’ll be ten times worse…

                For them that is…

  1. now imagine if they didn’t delay it and released it at the time when GTA came out. it would have been now mediocre game with all hype off.

  2. Watch Dogs looks like a pretty impressive game. I might buy a gaming PC just to play it. I don’t think any other game has impressed me in a while as much as this one did.

  3. Lol… 4m on 5 platform… so about 1m by console, if pc didnt sell well, and for conclusion 1.2m of mario kart8 on 3 days is better then 1m for a week!!!

    1. I was going to mention this. Mario Kart did in a day what a multi-play did in a week when you look at it that way.

      Regardless, Even at selling 1 million, in 1 day with a low install base…. Mario Kart kicked Watchdogs ass. And Mario Kart was not available on the Wii like Watchdogs was available on all sub-systems.

      Ubi got their asses handed to them! Lol
      (I still want watchdogs!)

      1. In a way yeah. I think the ps4 version sold the most, then xbone, 360, and ps4

  4. Hopefully with all that time left until the Fall they will improve upon the game and make good use of the Gamepad. Don’t know if they can fix the story and character development though.

  5. Watch Dogs looks cool. But it looks like one of those games that may get boring after you beat it. The story looks interesting and the graphics do look great I guess. May get around to it when I get a gaming PC.

  6. Selling 4 million copies across 5 platforms in a week isn’t really all that great but I guess it’s exceptional for a Ubisoft game. I have it on PC and I guess I’ll get on the Wii U when it arrives this fall

    1. It’s still pretty damn good though. There are other games that get released across multiple platforms, but most of them don’t sell this much, let alone within their first week. So I personally think it still is quite impressive.

  7. good for watch dogs, I wasn’t really feeling it when I played it on my friende’s pc, its fun, but it has that assassin creed one feel, had some good ideas, but didn’t use them fully, then later did a better job on them

  8. Not that impressive its on 5 platforms thats not even 1 million copys sold.

    Mk8 all the way

  9. This just proves that the PS4 and Xbone must have pretty bad games. For people to have been this desperate to buy something as boring-looking as Watch Dogs. Then again, that’s the kind of games that PS4 and Xbone gamers like. (- _ -)

    1. Your comment proves nothing and is absolutely childish.

      Everything you are saying is subjective, I don’t personally have a big interest in Watch Dogs either but obviously people bought the game because they did and probably are enjoying it.

      What’s stupid about your comment is there are many Wii U owners that also want Watch Dogs, so if the game is releasing on all platforms basically besides handhelds.. What point are you trying to make by bashing PS4 and Xbox One fans only?

      You’re trying to put Nintendo fans on a higher pedestal, when there will be Nintendo fans who buy this for their Wii U as well. So your comment is one bad attempt at trolling and makes you look just as dumb as all the PS4 and Xbox One fans that bash the Wii U.

      You people act like the Wii U’s launch was flawless and filled with games which I find extremely dumb, every console for a good while now has released with very little at launch, that is the risk you take being an early adopter of any gaming system these days.

      It won’t change until there is some uber program that makes developing big titles effortless and cuts the costs of making higher quality games by a huge margin. As games today take a lot of time, people and money to make, as to why they aren’t just churning them out endlessly like the old days.

      Meh.. Probably wasting my own time and energy trying to convince any of you trolls to be more sensible.

      1. Why did you even bother if you believed he wouldn’t? Doesn’t that destroy the entire point to your own wasted energy on typing?

        1. She was just “propably” wasting her time and energy not “surely” wasting it. Every change to convince trolls has small possibility to work and Michelle tried her best. :)

          I actually bought both Watch_Dogs and Mario Kart 8 and i think they both are great. Watch_Dogs is like combination of first True Crime and latest Splinter Cell games.

      2. “but obviously people bought the game because they did and probably are enjoying it.”

        They might be enjoying it now but i am pretty sure that 90% of the people who bought it had never played it before, same with those 1.2M who bought Mario kart in the first 2-3 days.

        It´s all hype, just like with movie blockbusters. You can´t claim that people are enjoying a new movie because it set a opening weekend record. People are paying before viewing the product

      3. Not gonna happen with a device that cuts down development time. Sony, Microsoft, video game engine makers, & 3rd Parties are far too busy trying to push the limits of graphics than trying to make games longer WITH the great graphics while also cutting down on development time. Instead, they’ll cut down on development time by just releasing the multiplat before making sure the gameplay is 100% finished & 100% bug free. Then when the user feedback lets them know about the bugs, then they’ll work on a patch. But if the game isn’t selling well after a certain time period, they’ll just not bother fixing the problems & just tell them “We’re sorry the game is broken, but we can’t fix it because the game just isn’t selling well. We’ll do better NEXT time.”

  10. The game sucks And not nintendo news… when hf3 gets a teaser trailer it better be posted here…. and halo news also and lil big planet ect

  11. 4 Million on 5 platforms in a week is hilarious!!!!!!
    No even a Million each platform!!
    MK8 sold 1.2 Million in 2days, so its first week sales should be around 1.7-1.8 Million!!

      1. you’re still butthurt, because tou were sure that mario kart was going to sell like your shit and it sold very well at least for me, that fact is enough and for me this it’s not a competition about which game sold the best, we are angry because ubiliars laugh at our faces with rayman legends and stabbed us in the back with the delay of watch dogs…happy?
        no, you’re trying to troll saying we only want to bash 3rd party games.

      2. Of course a watch dog would trash MK8, its a dog, it’ll chew on multiple things, even a copy of Watch_Dogs. You failed to prove anything relevant.

      3. And you dug through trash to get games because you lack a job or the necessary funds to get said games yourself.

        You even posted a video of your juicy lipped self showing off your “find”.

        In conclusion, you should be the LAST person to talk about trash, bro.

  12. I’m surprised Sickr or Alba didn’t post the news that the Wii U update is available today (which adds the quick start menu). I did this update late last night. Though I still don’t see much point to it.

    1. Quick starting your WIi U and games, that was the point of it. Have you actually even used the features added in the recent update at all? You seem to be the only person I know who doesn’t see the point in it.

      1. Does quick start always need you select profile or is it only because i have 3 seperate users with own Nintendo ID’s saved in my console?

        1. I have multiple profiles on mine also, so yes I have to select the user after selecting the game too. I couldn’t tell you if it’s that way if you only have one profile, sorry.

      2. I never had any problem with the way the Wii U already was. It didn’t feel like it needed an update like this. But no, I haven’t really experimented with it yet.

      1. You’re pretty cruel, Michelle. I’m scared of you now. But, I also like the new update, saves my lazy fingers time.

        1. Any time saved is a good thing in my book no matter how little it may be.

          I know I can be mean but only to people who deserve it, I mean c’mon the article is still on the first page of the site for goodness sake. How they missed that is beyond me.


    2. To correct myself, I later found that this update WAS posted on MyNintendoNews. I must have overlooked it.

  13. I can’t wait :3
    I’ve been holding off for this game on the Wii U for days now and I just bought it on Xbox One to try it out. It’s good so far but it will be even better on Wii U :3

    1. On pc and just decent? Thats it just decent. . Not magnificent or marvelous just decent….

      1. It really is just decent. I also have the game on PC, and while it looks good, it doesn’t look as good as it was hyped up to be. Still, a solid game all around.

  14. Gonna try it out for wii u when it comes out, not gonna care what the graphics look like.

  15. Good for you Ubi, but again, releasing Watch Dogs in is gonna make it harder to sell on Wii U since Bayonetta 2 and X is coming around those time.

    1. yeah well they love doing that.. they did it with rayman legends.. same thing.. released it when GTA 5 was knocking at the door and for no good reason even..
      somehow makes you wonder why yves guillemot is such a slow learner

    2. It’s like Ubisoft is trying to make sure their games like Rayman & Watch_Dogs sell like crap. Is the guy in charge of Ubisoft now the same guy that was in charge of it during the Gamecube era? I’m going to assume not.

  16. Lol why do people keep bringing up mario kart? It doesn’t have to be one or the other…

    1. Because it’s a small victory for Nintendo. As Nintendo has been in a constant state of fail, it’s nice that the sales were very competitive when compared to a huge, 3rd party, multi-play, “Biggest launch game ever” title with massive hype. (Watchdogs)

      Nintendo’s success and victories have been slim as hell, so, on a website promoting Nintendo and fostering a group of people who love Nintendo, it makes us glad to see things like this.

      so no, it doesn’t have to be one or the other, but it’s exciting for Nintendo fans nonetheless.

      1. It’s exciting for *nintendo fanboys. Plus all the fanboys are doing is attacking the game.And it’s not a success if the fan boys are the ones doing the competing(watching from the side lines). Fucking fanboys are annoying.

  17. this fall? that’s ridiculous.. that’s at least another 3 months.. likely more

    nah keep it ubisoft, save yourselves the effort, wasn’t much effort to begin with anyway
    hardly anyone will buy it then and many people will probably already have forgotten about it

  18. I would like to give it a try but I am afraid Ubisoft is going to wait and release it roughly at the same time other Nintendo games like X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors or Smash are coming out…

    Let’s see what happens.

        1. There is no such thing as trolls and haters. Its only inferior species and insects.

                1. I’m sorry but my bf always owns your ass Nintendo Commander.. You must be a real hit with the girls

                  1. Twerkie, stop it now or I will call the police on you if you annoy me enough. In fact, everyone should call the police on you for identity theft, I am trying really hard to be nice now stop.

                  1. Don’t worry, there are quite a few humans I recognize as a step forward in evolution like you, the rest are just going backwards for some reason unexplained by current knowledge and common sense, those need to be eradicated or exiled to the Planet of the Apes.

  19. lol you nintendrones are mad watch dogs trashed you rehash lol. i warned you drones.

    1. 1. And yet you still haven’t bought of copy of it. Exposed.
      2. You stil, don’t have your 360 that you so claim you will get but never will. Exposed twice.
      3. All you can do is retaliate with pathetic insults about me on your vlogs which commenters will still make fun of you on. Exposed again.
      4. Why do you have a copy of GTA5 for 360 when you don’t have that underpowered PC? Exposed going 4 times.
      5. Watch Dogs took 8 days to sell 4 million. MK8 took 2 days to sell 1.2 million, meaning it sold more copies than Watch_Dogs could the same amount of time. Exposed going 5 times.
      6. Throwing your own poop at others is not the same as “warning” people. Also your prediction is wrong, your mad and extremely butthurt which is why you are now resorting to arguments with no basic structure of logic besides the dead hamster in your skull. Exposed going 6 times.
      7. Too much cup of tea for your primitive mind to comprehend? Must be why you are a gold mine for lulz.
      8. Everyone else already exposed you. Exposed 8 times plus the amount of other times you were expose, including times that you exposed yourself.

      Destroyed and proven invalid once again.

      1. I just hope Watch Doge Wii U is its own version that utilizes the gamepad to the max and the GPU the Wii U is capable of very beautiful games not I’m a graphics whore lol just want the wait to be worth it

        1. Indeed, I’m still pretty interested in it. I still am a sucker for the hacking mechanics and the stuff you do like batman.


      3. also mario kart sold 1.2 million of copies in just ONE CONSOLE, it’s an amazing feat!

      4. ^And this is why I don’t have to say anything to sasori this time around.

        1. I can’t take all the credit. Pathetic Xbot helped destroy himself, I just used his information that he carelessly gave away and used it against him.

    2. Except it didn’t.
      Watch Dogs took a week to make 4M.
      Mario Kart took a single weekend to make 1.2+M.
      And the install base is smaller, too, for MK.
      So comparatively, Mario Kart 8 is whuppin’ Watch Dogs, and if it keeps its momentum, it’ll sail past 4M by a fairly decent amount by the end of the month.

  20. Valve Glados your loins will birth a nation of Trisomy 21 “Mongolians of unnatural decent”… But watch over them my friend for Nintendo Commander likes to abort the likes of the Twenty-Ones…

    1. I thought your favorite pornstar died already. Please try to find another pornstar who also does your trisomy 21 fetish. Don’t dwell on the past and cry about it, I’m sure there’s more pornstars that do your favorite fetish.

  21. My brother said the rain in Xbox 360 version looks like sea man (the white stuff) guess the textures are really poor on last gen this can’t happen to a much powerful Wii U

    1. You forget the PC version, unless I’m mistaken and that hasn’t released.
      And that’s over a week’s time.
      Comparatively, Mario Kart 8 is on a single system[that happens to be the least popular right now], and its first three days on the market still generated 1.2M+.
      I’d say that if Mario Kart keeps up this momentum, it won’t even be a contest; it’ll out-sell Watch Dogs by a land-slide.

  22. Good luck with sales on the Wii U… with planning like this, Ubisoft apparently is just releasing it to say, “There, now it’s on Wii U.”

  23. In any event, Ubisoft had better give me a reason to want to make this purchase for my Wii U, and it had better be good.

  24. Of course it did.
    The advertisement created hype for it, as did the info-dumping, and it’s on 5 different systems[current gen, last gen, and PC], and soon to be on 6[Wii U].
    Of course it’s going to get bigger sales when it’s a multiplatform game with hype.
    But comparatively, Mario Kart 8 has sold better.
    It’s just one single game, on a system that is currently the kick-it-while-it’s-down target of the gaming community with a lower install base, yet in the time it took Watch Dogs to sell 4M[one week], Mario Kart has reached 1.2M+ sales[and rising], in a single week-end!

    So, yeah, I’m not impressed, Ubisoft.
    You’ve still got to prove to me that your game will be worth the trouble I’m going to of waiting for the Wii U version.

  25. Now wait just a minute… Am I reading correctly that Nintendo is gonna publlish Watch_Dogs “Director’s Cut” for the Wii U? It’s either Yves making amends with Iwata-san or Positive Pachter is making the North Pole less frozen?

  26. Gay Commander and that Black Fag Monkey Sasori, are the most hopeless Social rejects on this side

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    1. So I’m Gay Commander and he is Black Fag…

      That makes you Aeolus the Anus?…

      1. Hey Commander sorry about yesterday that was my little brother. I don’t know how he got on to my account.

    2. Oh look. The troll Aeolus is back. Welcome back. Where have you been hiding, nazi wannabe?

  27. Ive been busy enjoying MarioKart 8,Mgs 5 and Infamous 2nd son,or and watchdogs on my ps4

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