Hyrule Warriors Will Include Many References To Previous Zelda Games, Plus More Details Revealed

Nintendo’s live coverage at the E3 Treehouse has shown fans an in-depth coverage of Hyrule Warriors. If you didn’t manage to catch the stream, we’ve rounded up a few of the key aspects below, including the fact that Princess Zelda will not be captured and kidnapped and instead will join you on the battlefield as an ally.

  • You can fill up both a magic meter and a yellow bar which will enable players to unleash a special attack on enemies. For example one of Midna’s special attacks is to reveal a special beast form, where she sprouts a number of spider-like legs and swipes her staple head hand through enemies as they near.
  • Midna can move quickly through the field of enemies by morphing into the shadow wolf to ride into different zones to take back enemy areas.
  • Once players have fulfilled a number of steps and claimed the necessary Zelda item, they can take on the boss of the area.
  • There are lots of hints and references to the Zelda franchise within Hyrule Warriors, including the creepy Majora’s Mask moon.
  • Demo shown included the Great Fairy. She will strengthen your items just like in previous Zelda games.
  • Puzzle solving elements are included in the game, for example players can throw multiple bombs at rocks to uncover secrets.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma also appeared during the Treehouse stream to answer various questions, alongside Tecmo-Koei producers. Sharing a couple of tidbits with fans, the producer was originally playing another Dynasty Warriors collaboration title when Tecmo-Koei came to him with the idea, commenting that it was simply a “timely approach”.

Later in the stream, Tecmo-Koei producers said they stayed true to the Zelda franchise as much as they could, but Aonuma gave them the freedom to explore different areas for the collaboration, with throwing multiple bombs used as a prime example. Hyrule Warriors launches for the Wii U on September 26.



  1. I was watching the gameplay of the game on the Treehouse show and it looks like some cold hard fun.

    Also, in case anyone is wondering, Zelda gets kidnapped in the beginning, but you save her in the first mission lol! That’s what one of the game developers said during the Treehouse demo.

  2. Theres also like 10 characters that can be chosen from, and all have different play styles. I want to play as a zora or tingle!

    1. Probably a Link variation, like dark Link. We don’t know how this Zelda plays or the plot, so anything could be possible regarding this Link and his (or her) roll in the story.

      1. Well it would be really interesting in how this could affect the game. I mean it could still be a Legend of Zelda, and probably Link could be indeed be there but not as a playable character. This could be his son (or daughter… who knows) and we could get some interesting story.

      2. Who knows? This game will be amazing no matter how/who the characters will be. :)

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