Miyamoto Says Star Fox Wii U Will Be Completed By 2015

Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Star Fox for Wii U will be completed by next year. The news of Miyamoto’s new project may have been leaked accidentally earlier today, but over on Nintendo’s live-stream at the Treehouse the producer confirmed a 2015 completion date. Though there was no gameplay shown, we know a floor demo has been previously shown during E3.

Star Fox for Wii U will focus on GamePad-based controls and even let players pilot a helicopter. Miyamoto assured in an interview earlier that the game has been in development for many years, with its initial creation beginning on the Nintendo Wii.


  1. Everything Nintendo showed is a day one buy, 2014 is going to be very good while 2015 is going to be even grander

  2. I’m happy and worried at the same time, a lot of games will release in 2015, some of them i thought it will do in 2014..
    but ok, I’m so happy with a new starfox *_*

    1. Yea… 90% is 2015. Was hoping Nintendo would press hard after the success of MK8. Hoping the spike doesnt fade since we have to wait until mid fall until anything noteworthy comes out. I was also hoping for announcement of acquisitions/mergers at e3 too. Bringing some in development titles over to big N exclusively. Oh well. Sega merger and Capcom/SquareEnix purchase i guess will have to wait until a new CEO has arrived.

        1. Yea Im waiting to see the un-announced games. Iwata has just been too slow to adapt for me. He doesnt seem concerned with 3rd party exclusives (except for bayo2/devils third), hasnt been aggressive with getting software fast enough, ect. He just hasnt been agressive enough period. We will see though. Everyone has their own opinion. Im just tired of the game delays and game droughts.(seems like we are in for another drought over the summer again) Its just a shame that the MK8 spike wasnt built upon with aggressive software releases and heavy marketing.

          1. Im really surprised with devils third though. Very outside the box for typical Nintendo. Its encouraging to see.

      1. I agree with you most of those game are 2015 release and I bet you there are not beginning of 2015. I am worry cause Nintendo stated that 2014 will be different than 2013… so far it’s not the case at all. Furthermore everybody criticised UBisoft to delay watch dog, now I am glad they did it cause otherwise there is nothing to look forward to this year (and no smash brother is really not my cup of tea).

  3. Glad It’s coming. I just wish I could speed up time. After waiting nearly 2 years for the Wii U to get Zelda and Starfox, I’ll have to wait one more year. But, at least there’ll be good games while waiting this time. Unlike 2012-2013. God, the wait was so unbearable and the only things to look foward to was Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World. XD

      1. Ha you watched it in you’re school library
        Also you look like you’re about to cry because it was wayyyy better than sony or microsofts

      2. Ignoring they did but you rather play dumb as if Zelda U’s small footage wasn’t impressive.

      3. Dude, you are the biggest retard on planet earth stop crying about dumb shit and man up. It was definitely better than ms and sony

        1. You know he’s just salty because Wii U has games that will boost hardware sales. So now he is going to play dumn like that small footage wasn’t impressive. It also cancels out just how powerful Wii U really is. That out did MK8!

      4. Seriously. If you were smart, you’d say something like, “You realize Zelda and Starfox won’t be out until Christmas 2015.”
        To call Nintendo’s E3 a failure is ignorant.
        To call it an epic failure…you are just one sorry excuse of a dumbass making real dumbasses look smart.

        Nintendo surprised us all. The only ones not surprised were the silly fans who ALWAYS think Nintendo will do something amazing… Just so happens this one time, they were right.
        Have the dignity to not damage control.

      5. Wow Sasori to say your as dumb as dog shit is giving you WAY to much credit, even on IGN where they have bigger Nintendo haters than you their saying Nintendo won E3. Pull your head in and next time your in the school library I suggest you read a book instead, that’s if you can actually read

      1. I’d hate to say it, but given Nintendo’s track record with things like this, but you’re probably right.

  4. So we still have to wait until 2015 for the majority of these games, while only a few big titles are released this year. Still not a good strategy from Nintendo.

      1. Except Sony and Microsoft still have a large number of games coming this year aside from what was announced at E3 for this and next year. Nintendo’s list of games to be released this year pales in comparison.

        1. Yeah, because sequels and downgraded games look SOOO much better than games by Nintendo that actually had gameplay videos and in engine demos…. just sayin, Nintendo was superior

        2. Yeah. Just ignore all the indie titles coming out to the Wii U this year like every other idiot that has to use the “Wii U has no games” bullshit to justify hating the console.

        1. Which there never was a Nintendo game that was delayed and ended up being crap…ever.

  5. When StarFox skipped the Wii, people complained. When Metroid skipped the Nintendo 64, no one said a word

    1. Were you hiding under a rock when Metroid skipped the N64? People were SO PISSED and very vocal about it.

  6. I got burned out on Star Fox after Star Fox 64. However, I forced myself to play Star Fox Assault, and eventually liked it. Even if I buy this new Star Fox, it won’t be until I find it real cheap. Even if it’s used. The sad case for most games these days.

    1. personally, I love StarFox Assault more than 64, but the beta emulator of StarFox 2 is byfar superior to every released game to date, I hope this game measures up to the perfection StarFox 2 was. at first I’d like something like that combined with an improved version of Assault but now that Nintendo FINALLY confirms this, I am honestly in tears. I don’t care what its like I just thank the gods now that THEY FINALLY DID IT, I’m crazy happy now this makes up for how shitty Nintendo’s been lately IMO

  7. They did say 2014 wasn’t going to be the Wii U’s peak year, so I’m very exited about 2015 as well!

  8. I really REALLY hope its a lot like Assault or StarFox 2 but vastly improved, it better have Krystal and some of the older characters that were lost in SF2

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