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Miyamoto Talks Star Fox Wii U And Passing It Onto An External Developer

Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken at length about his ideas for Star Fox on Wii U. We glimpsed an early demo at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, but it was far from the finished project. Miyamoto says that he may incorporate ideas from Project Guard in the final project and also says that he’s thinking of passing it onto an external developer.

“Perhaps if you noticed in Project Guard, there was a Star Fox logo on the cameras! I have different ideas for what would be possible, but I haven’t finalized anything yet,” Miyamoto said, when asked if Project Guard would be a game of its own, or whether it was merely a prototype that was meant to be part of something bigger.

“One idea that I had for Star Fox is something like the Thunderbirds TV series, where they had all these different vehicles and Mechs that they could use. I’m not certain, but one thing I think about Star Fox is that, instead of just a ship-based adventure that we’ve seen in previous Star Fox games, there’s multiple different mechs and vehicles and things that they use. And maybe, within that, the Project Guard style of gameplay could be one element of sort of a larger-scaled thing.”

Miyamoto added, “The other analogy I’ve been using with the team is that the Star Fox games that we used to make were Star Fox for the movie theater, a big dramatic adventure. And this time, with our focus, it’s a little bit more of Star Fox if it were a TV series. So maybe Project Guard is the TV series of Star Fox that runs late at night, and the main missions of Star Fox are the TV series that runs in primetime.”

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28 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talks Star Fox Wii U And Passing It Onto An External Developer”

    1. I don’t think it’s quite the same. Adventures was originally going to be an unrelated game called Dinosaur Planet before being shoehorned into a Star Fox game.

      On the other hand, this is a Star Fox game from beginning to end.

  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    Having ground missions as well like Assualt would be nice, like a perfect balance between air and ground missions would be swell imo.

  2. Okay good. I didn’t think Project Guard was going to be a full game and thought both ideas for Project Giant Robot and Project Guard will be good for Star Fox. At least we know Project Guard is just conceptual stuff for Star Fox. Does anyone know if Project Giant Robot will be conceptually in Star Fox?

  3. This sounds promising, the battlefield esque starfox I’ve dreamed of might come into being. Interested in finding out more about this as time goes on

  4. Nintendo better not pass up online multiplayer for star fox if they do that would be one big dumb mistake

  5. They better not skip on online multiplayer for this new star fox because that would be one big dumb mistake

  6. Sweet! I really hope there’s ground combat mixed in there really well. I love the idea of multiple vehicles and maybe even missions where you need to cover someone on a camera system, could be where project Guard comes in.

    StarFox is a group of mercs and it would be nice to get a sprawling adventure with these trained soldiers. love the idea of multiple vehicles and game modes, really looking forward to seeing something on this game.

  7. okay, first off, no, don’t put stuff from project guard on a star fox game. Tower defense is not something Star Fox can do. Now, passing it to a external developer? That can go either way. I say give it to platinum! Hell, Hideki Kamiya even said he wanted to work on it!

  8. Even thou I want another game like starfox adventures because its one of my favorite games of all time I know the majority doesn’t. And I think they should have a balanced gameplay like some battles in the sky but you should be able to explore space, they should also have battles on the ground where you can explore the ground like in adventures. That is my dream for this series

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