Bayonetta 2 Will Include Bayonetta 1 Game Disc In Japan


Nintendo has confirmed that retail copies of Bayonetta 2 in Japan will include the original Bayonetta game disc. In the west, Bayontta 2 will come with a digital download code for the original Bayonetta nestled inside the packaging. Bayonetta 2 will be released on September 20th in Japan.

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  1. That’s a shame, I would’ve much preferred a disc over a download code given my internet connection but oh well.

    1. Ditto. In fact, I might go digital with it just tutu avoid the risk of harm befalling the disk.
      The system itself is far more durable.

    2. Don’t get me wrong I have no real problem with downloading it. It’s just being able to pop in the disc and play would’ve been nicer.

  2. I’m really hard pressed to get this game… I don’t know if I’ll have time…

  3. Between zelda, pokemon, evolve, destiny, super smash, and shadow of motor I will be a very busy gamer.

  4. Aw man, I didn’t know the western version had the included Bayonetta (1) as a downloadable code instead of a disc. That’s a shame, would’ve preferred the disc :/
    Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers I guess, they didn’t have to include the prequel in the first place, but it’s still a shame…

  5. Hmmm…
    Since I was going to buy it on disc and eShop, I wont need that DL code…
    Disc would have been nice, but I was planning on playing the downloadable version anyways.

  6. If NINTENDO doesn’t turn link into a young african female in the next zelda game im going to fucking rage!!!!

    Please support my dream and petition.

  7. BOOOO download code, without unified online accounts, Nintendo shouldn’t be sending out download codes, because if it my Wii U fucks up they won’t give a shit.

    1. Actually they do.

      If your 3DS or Wii U system breaks, Nintendo will transfer all your purchases to a new system.

      1. Nintendo always has to be so difficult, i recently purchased a new 360 after my old one broke, and i easily re-downloaded my shit. Yet i’d call Nintendo, and hopefully (not guaranteed) i’d get my downloads back.

  8. The game is free, so complaining about it being digital in the West would be dumb. If I had a choice though, I’d choose physical for sure. Man, I can’t wait to play both these games.

  9. Great. By the time Bayonetta 2 releases, I’m going to be w/ out wi-fi. Even still, I’d probably need to spend more $ for an external hard drive since I’m getting low on space w/ Indie & VC titles. Yea…

  10. I’m just glad we are getting the game at all, but if I could choose. I would so choose Bayonetta 1 on a it’s own game disk. Please Nintendo make it happen!!! PLEASE! Bayonetta 2 will sell better in the US than Japan anyway!

  11. I really want the disc.. I think I will wait Nintendo change their mind cause otherwise I won’t have enough space on for the future I already consumed 10 GB… bad move from Nintendo

  12. Both is fine with me, I mostly buy physical because I can. If all games where to stop being released physically, I would buy all my games through eShop!

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