Lucky Gamers In Japan Get This Triforce Clock With Hyrule Warriors


There will be two special editions for Hyrule Warriors in Japan. The first is the Premium Box and the second is the Treasure Box. Both versions of the game will come with a clock shaped like the Triforce. The Premium box comes with an official Hyrule Warriors booklet and six character costumes. The Treasure box contains the official booklet, the clock, eight character costumes, a treasure box with sound, and Link’s scarf. Hopefully pre-order bonuses will be announced when the game comes to the west in September.

Thanks, SherlockWillFightBilbo


  1. Honestly, that clock would probably 85% of why I’d ever buy Hyrule Warriors. Europe will probably get something similar, and following the recent trend, the U.S. will get no such preorder bonus.

    1. Good luck, we never get any good game bonuses and it pisses me off…The question is why? Is it because they know we will buy it and other countries need incentive? Just like Bayonetta 2 is confirmed to give Japanese owners a “physical” disc for Byonetta 1 but not the U.S. We didn’t get the Zelda treasure chest for ALBW or a Blue Shell for Mario Kart 8..

      1. Honestly I think they’re just too lazy to translate, ship, and handle all the merchandise. But if region-lock wasn’t in the way, than people who don’t mind Japanese could just import it. Still they could make so much more money by selling things worldwide. -.-

  2. I use my phone as my alarm clock, but I swear if this comes to NA I will use this instead (if it has an alarm, that is).

  3. I have been extreeeeemely excited over Hyrule Warriors ever since its first trailer, but please please pleeaase let this release in the west!! I am throwing my money at the screen at this moment, especially for that treasure box edition!

  4. But what Zelda sound to use as the alarm? Item get? Puzzle solve? The Link to the Past intro? So many options.

    1. I got the perfect one. “Hey! Listen!” xD What a wake up alarm that will be, eh. lol

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