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Famitsu Reveals Two New Playable Characters In Hyrule Warriors, Plus Zant Will Appear

The latest edition of Famitsu contains some interesting new information for Hyrule Warriors. There will be two new playable characters in the game, Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and a previously unknown individual named Lana. The magazine also confirms that Argorok and Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be making an appearance. Hopefully we should have some more substantial details soon.

66 thoughts on “Famitsu Reveals Two New Playable Characters In Hyrule Warriors, Plus Zant Will Appear”

    1. They will have to include the skull kid but I wonder if he’ll have Majora’s Mask? That just seems too incredibly overpowered. But what about Viscen? I would love to see Viscen as at least a cameo character. And the Hero’s Shade, why is nobody talking about this? How about a combo attack with the Four Sword? Toilet Hand? Maybe not. But Sharp and Flat for sure! Mamu Mamu? Probably not going to happen. Ralph? Oh, for the love of God, YES! And above all, I want Kojiro, I want so much Kojiro.

      1. This. Agitha is an unimportant nobody that should ha e replaced Ashei, who is a much more notable TP female that had to do with the game’s plot at least.

  1. Crazy bug lady? Where the hell is Linebeck or the Happy Mask Salesman if we’re putting random characters in?

    1. How is it any more random than any original characters that you’ve never heard of that are playable in any Dynasty Warriors game? They’ll be introducing new characters as well but the majority of them will have something to do with the Zelda Universe which is the whole point.

  2. Goth loli confirmed as a playable character in a Zelda spin-off.
    That’s too random and hilariously awesome to be anything but true.
    You can’t fake this kind of shit, folks.XD

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  4. yes, I will love to as her. not to many people like her because she loves bug too much. all doesn’t matter to me but what I want to know what she can do in the game.

  5. Agitha? If people here didn’t say it was the bug girl, I wouldn’t have known who that was.


    1. She might be based on Lanayru/Nayru. Maybe it is the blue haired girl on the cover. Maybe we could have all three goddesses/oracles in the roster.

  6. Actually Aonuma said there would be tons of playable characters. He also added that if you have a character that you have always wanted to play, then it would probably be in the game.
    I think (or hope) that the fact that Agitha appears as a playable character confirms this, and the list will be much longer. Wait and see…

  7. Nintendo is my Blood

    Oh yes Agitha, the little bug obsessed girl
    way better than Skull Kid, the undead imp possessed with the power of the almighty demon Majora
    or maybe Darbus, the powerful Patriarch of the Gorons, with his awe inspiring strength
    or the Hero’s Spirit, the undead spirit of Link of Ocarina of Time, with his skills that match that of all Links, past,present or future


  8. So… it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that the old lady from Majora’s Mask, the one who gives you the Bomb Mask, will be playable…

    1. We can see him at the end of the E3 trailer, so he will be in ! Now we don’t know if he will be playable or not though.

  9. Agitha?! WHAHAHAHAHA… HE…HE… Just goes to show that this game will be no holds bar and over the top.

    Makes me wish I could afford a Wii U.

  10. Agatha? Agatha?? Fucking random inclusion! She was pretty cool though. They should include a few characters from the Resistance. That would make more sense.

  11. Agitha? That’s so random, haha. If this is true, I wonder what her move set will be like. Perhaps she will summon bugs or something? I think this is pretty cool though, but a little weird nevertheless lol.

  12. Well, Agitha is pretty random but whatever. If she plays wells, that’s all I need.

    Zant is in too? SWEET! They’re really going all out with this game.

  13. I read this blog daily and I love the comment section. Lol “That Darn Sasori!” But this May be random but kid icarus pit and palatena DLC would be awesome :D

    1. If they wanted to bring in other characters from other series, I’d love to see some Fire emblem characters, actually that could make it’s own game, Fire Emblem Warriors

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        *drools* Oh god! Fire Emblem Warriors would have such a huge fucking roster of playable characters! @.@ I’d like to see the Wii U get called a last gen console or weak console with 300+ characters to choose from then.

  14. I hope there are more characters from TP, I’d love to play as the resistance. Also I hope we get some form of a zora, goron and deku scrub using the abilites from MM

    1. That is an AWESOME idea, I’ve always loved the resistance from Twilight princess, especially ashei and rusl!

  15. I never could find all of the gold bugs in Twilight Princess. But then I beat Ganon (easiest Ganon ever) and finished the game. Then I didn’t see any point in going back to find the bugs. Didn’t care too much for Twilight Princess.

  16. I remember that Hayashi said they spoke to fans of the Zelda universe for feedback around who to make playable.

    I can imagine people suggesting Tingle but Agitha tops Funky Kong in obscurity. How could they have come to this conclusion? The only thing I can think is they were pulling names out of a hat.

    I also get the impression DLC or Amiibo characters are going to jump in this like a virus. Would they seriously leave us Zant fans without him playable and make bug girl playable?

    Forget it. Agitha is playable. MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!

    1. I’m guessing they took dynasty warriors characters as a base and chose characters that fit that playstyle, I believe there is one character that also uses a parasol as a weapon

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Yep. You’re thinking of Okuni, the character who is a bit of an oddball herself in her respective franchise.

  17. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    So Agitha is getting into this game? Awesome. She is one of the few Twilight Princess characters that I really liked even if she was involved in a subquest. But it is one of the very few subquests Twilight Princess had. I sure do hope we get Skull Kid, with Majora’s Mask, & Malon. An avatar or incarnation of the three goddesses would be awesome to have, too. If this game has time travel involved in some form, I’d love to see Groose or Ghirahim pop up out of nowhere.

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  19. Excellent! We’re really bringing back some of the Twilight Princess characters and I’m really happy about that. This is the closest that we will get to a crossover between the various Link games so I’m all for it. This game continues to look better and better all the time. Now we just need Skull Kid and a nice secret character like Toon Link to make the game complete. Even if they don’t make it, this game already has quite a few solid characters.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Didn’t you hear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? In other words, you might think it’s ugly but others will strongly disagree with you & say it’s beautiful.

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