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Cooking Mama 5 For 3DS Hitting North America And Europe This September

Majesco Entertainment has confirmed a launch window for the next Cooking Mama game on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit – which released in Japan last November – will arrive for North America and Europe this September. For more details on the delectable dishes fans will be able to serve up later this year, including gorgeous Hawaiian pancakes which will have your Tomodachi Life miis salivating at the thought of being fed, check out the press release below.

Join Mama, the original kitchen diva who created the cooking genre, in Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit and unlock 60+ recipes to perfect a kaleidoscope of foods including appetizers, drinks, main courses, and desserts. Cook your way through classic fare, exotic cultural dishes and sweet treats including: pork cutlet rice bowl, chicken nuggets, barbeque skewers, pumpkin gratin, raisin bread, Hawaiian pancakes, gingerbread cookies, and much more! Step out of the kitchen and help Mama with more than 30 new activities around the Burger Shop and house: feed the pets, deliver orders, serve ice cream, organize crafts, even play word games!

Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit features intuitive stylus-based play across six modes, including the new Cooking Dojo mode where Mama slips into her gi for some serious culinary training. You can also customize your kitchen and Mama’s outfit with decorations and outfits earned through SpotPass. What’s more, single cart download play with up to three friends enables you to cook off with fellow chefs to share the experience.

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    1. Oh, and leave requests!! I want to know what you guys would buy! I’m also going to make a peach shirt, a rosalina shirt, and kirby so far, who else do you want? (I’ll maybe even make a shrek shirt)

    2. What are you printing your shirts with? Both characters have the black boxes around them and the logos have white boxes around them. I’m assuming that you have to print them this way due to the printers limitations but to be honest it doesn’t look great.

      I would start with white shirts, then you don’t have to worry about the color of the shirt messing with the color of the print. I’m asking because I’ve worked with fabric printers before and they can be a pain to get right. I’d love to snag a shirt and support you venture but the black and white boxes don’t look good.

      1. Oh, and yeah it is because I want the colors to stick out, thats why i used the boxes, I tried using without the boxes but people didn’t seem to like that any more than this. . . Thank you for the feedback I will take it into consideration!

        1. What you could do to get around the colored shirts messing with the color of the print is create a black background in the shape of the character. So keep the box but make the box in the shape of the character and place the character on top of the black shape so they have the black outline around them instead of a box. You should be able to do it with the logos too. You could do this with black shirts or any other color shirts but you wouldn’t have to have the black or white boxes or outlines on white shirts. White shirts would make it easier but I get that you’d want a diverse color selection for your shirts.

          Do you design these in Illustrator?

          1. No, I use a program called Sai, it has a lot of stuff from illustrator. But in my shirts case I don’t have a problem with colors, but yes I should try out the black outline that you said, oh and yeah I want to use different colors because someone else said that they were too plain. What I think I should do from what you said is test different types of outlines and boxes on the computer rather then when I already have them printed out.

            Thank you so much!

    1. Casuals. Why do you think shovelware keeps getting pumped out, especially on Nintendo platforms?

  1. This is why the 3ds is so successful they make games I want to play, and games my little sister wants to play.

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