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Grab A Wii U 32GB With Four Games Plus An Added One From MK8 For £250 From GAME

UK retailer GAME have a good deal going on at the moment with the Wii U. You can get a 32GB Premium Console with LEGO City Undercover, Mario Kart 8, Sonic Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games for £250. Don’t forget that if you do decide to purchase the bundle then you’re entitled to the free game from Mario Kart 8.

Thanks, Ben

26 thoughts on “Grab A Wii U 32GB With Four Games Plus An Added One From MK8 For £250 From GAME”

      1. I still need to get Lego undercover but 50 pounds on the eshop I might hold off for a while until I get all the good upcoming titles and then get it.

  1. Look at the extent Game need to go to get UK consumers to take the wii u of the shelves shameful if I saw the deal right now I would I got the It but I’ve already bought it so yeah.

  2. One is a good game, one is a okay game, the rest are total garbage.
    Anyone can guess which is which?

    1. Mk8= Good Game
      Lego City Undercover= Ok game
      Sonic Lost world/ Mario and Sonic = Garbage?

      Did I get that right?

      1. Sonic Lost Worlds was okay to be honest, Lego City is very underrated and is actually more fun than GTA V, MK8… yeah that’s fucking awesome so no doubt about that and Mario and Sonic…. worse series ever…. I would rather have a Mario and Sonic game based in the 2D Platform rather than some boring sports game.

  3. £250 for the Premium Wii U and a couple of games to start your collection if you’re new to the Wii U? That’s an awesome deal

  4. Approximately $ 342 dollars. More games in this deal than what America offers for $330, but is more games a good thing for this bundle?

    1. Nintendo fans just wants Nintendo to give Wii U away. It’s kinda of Y’all fault the Wii U ain’t powerful. How are they supposed to use what little revenue they get from yall for the next generation hardware?

  5. Nintendo fans still won’t buy it. They complain that Sonic Lost World’s is a bad game and yet an excuse not to buy and PS4 is still selling for $400.

    1. Agrred . lost world is its own Sonic game, where slow paces are more reliable. Going fat in Lost World requires skill. A lot of people say wii u is overpriced; they clamour for price drops and shit even though they know that they won’t even buy a Wii u if it were $150. People just dislike Nintendo and rather fish out 400 dollars for a system with lackluster exclusives.

  6. Finally somone else who agrees. How will Nintendo get enough revenue to assemble the next hardware? Funny how everyone was against me about Nintendo should keep super cheap labor in poor conditions. And yet bitch about Nintnedo prices too expensive for them. Now just think if Nintendo fans got what they wanted, better work conditions for the people in developing cuntries then bitch if Wii U prices were even higher becuase labor cost went up. I remeber when Nintnedo fans saying they should build the Wii I here and ignoring minimum wage is like $10 an hour here so they really wouldn’t buy a Wii U at $900.

  7. I wonder why 3Ds version Lost World’s sold better sold better than Wii U version. Oh that’s right because it was cheaper. I feel sorry for Smash Bros Wii U it can’t compete with $49.99.

    1. Not really. If you played the demo, the 3DS version was better control and speed wise compared to the Wii U version. Albeit, 3DS sales are secure in Japan when smash releases.

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