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New Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off Zant, Lana, Agitha, Plus Character Details


More media for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s Hyrule Warriors have come flooding in. We already gave you a look at the villainous moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in the game yesterday. Now we’re treated to more images showcasing Zant, Lana, and Agitha. You can indulge yourself with the full image gallery, here.


Agitha, returning from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, is a young girl who collects golden insects that lost her way from another world. She is attacked by monsters, but is saved by Lana, who is searching for the Door of Reincarnation. She is a natural airhead and does everything at her own pace. Her atmosphere is generally warm, and she is always smiling. In addition to her parasol, she can fire giant beetles at enemies, as well as fly to the sky on the back of a gigantic butterfly.


Lana is a “White Witch” who can manipulate powerful magic. She has a lively and honest personality, and puts her all into everything that she does. For the good of all Hyrule, she decided to help put an end to the misconduct of the game’s main antagonist Cia. She and Cia share some sort of connection, but doesn’t talk about it. In battle, she does a lot of running and jumping, making her fighting style dynamic.


Zant is a man said to have ruled the shadow world with powerful forces snatched away from royalty. He was summoned by Cia from another world via the Door of Reincarnation. At first he might appeared composed, but he’s actually considerably hysterical and bizarre. He wields two curved swords, which he slashes recklessly in combat, and has a body slam attack that does damage across a wide area. He is also well off in magic-based attacks.

Argorok is the “Twilit Dragon” of the City in the Sky. A ferocious beast, even the Oocca and their advanced civilization have trouble containing him. His entire body is protected by black armor-like plating. He remains in the air as he attacks—predominantly through hot flames and gusts of wind—allowing him to invoke damage all around him.

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230 thoughts on “New Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off Zant, Lana, Agitha, Plus Character Details”

    1. I swear this game looks better and better every time they show it. I’m definitely buying this day one. I hope this game sells well so that Nintendo supports more projects like these.

      1. And if no one buys games like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Devil’s Third then all we’ll be getting are 10 more Mario games. And yes, I fucking hate that stereotype.

        1. Yeah, it’s our duty as Nintendo fans and supporters to buy these games. If we truly want Nintendo to be more diverse then we need to support them with our wallets not just our comments.

        2. Ladies and Gentlemen, you will be happy to hear that I, the almighty Deuce Ex, have gotten a WII U. I hold no responsibility for the blindness that my brilliance ensues. Now bask in my shameless glory. Shit be muthafuckin’ ON!

    2. if you look through the picture gallery there are two pictures of lana and midna facing off. pic 25 shows gameplay of midna attacking lana with wolves (presumably a boss fight). pic 33 shows lana and midna facing each other with opposing armies, midna’s army consists of bad guys. she is also holding something in her hand; this is the butterfly from pic 15. im guessing midna turns evil and captures agitha.

  1. So I am guessing that this Door of Reincarnation they mentioned is some sort of plot device to get characters from other Zelda games into this one? Cool.

    1. That’s exactly what I took from this as well! I’m glad there is some sort of plot device explaining why all these characters from across the timeline are popping up in one game.

      It gives us a glimpse into Cia’s mentality too, she is so desperate to destroy Hyrule that she brings villains from other times to help in it’s destruction. Beautifully chaotic!

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Looks like we’ll be getting Vaati & Agahnim hopefullly. I’d love to use Veran from Oracle of Ages. Or Byrne from Spirit Tracks!

        1. Chozodian Emissary

          I’d love to play as Byrne from Spirit Tracks!! Yeah, from what I understand we got a lot of Twilight Princess info because it was “Twilight month” and we should be getting Skyward Sword info this month and then Four Swords month? Either way, each month will have a timeline theme until the game releases. I’m hoping for Vaati too and even the blue demon Malladus from Spirit Tracks with his Demon Train!

                1. Chozodian Emissary

                  Nice! I wonder if any of the Link Between Worlds cast will make it in. Ravio would be really interesting, Hilda and Yuga? Any of the sages would be neat too.

  2. Nintendo is my Blood

    I was hoping Zant would be in it, he is one of my favorite Zelda villains because he is so insane

    1. I agree with Nintendo is my blood zant is awesome and he is my favorite antagonist and also in my opinion Midna is overrated

  3. Okay, Midna, awesome, that’s an interesting and relevant character with cool possibilities. Zant, not as important as Midna, but still in his own right he is interesting and relevant, but AGITHA?!?! I feel like they are over representing twilight princess here, there are so many great characters from the other games that could be in the game but instead they are just over flooding it with Twilight Princess characters, why not add maybe skull kid with the ability to switch masks like Link could or maybe Ghirahim or even Tingle for crying out loud! I would appreciate it if they added characters not in Twilight Princess, from this point on.

    1. From what I understand this was Twilight week, or something like that. We will get Skyward Sword week, and Majora’s Mask week, etc following up until the release of the game.

        1. That would be interesting! I love those games and I’d love to see how they implement those characters into this game.

  4. i actually enjoyed twillight princess and skyward sword. too bad i lost interest in the zelda franchise.

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    1. Hold on guys, he actually had a legitimate comment. He enjoyed Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword but like Aonuma has said himself, the Zelda convention got a little old.

      That’s why we are seeing all these changes in Link Between Worlds and what we’ve seen so far of Zelda U.

      Does what you’ve seen so far of Zelda U interest you Sasori?

      1. zelda u has a bad art style. what the heck did they even do to link, is he a tranny or shemale. zelda u is even a down grade of 2011 tech demo.

        1. You’re talking visuals though. It’s an early build and I’m sure the graphics will be smoothed out. Plus Aonuma has said that he’s not a fan of the ultra realistic take on the Zelda universe.

          I’m asking about game play. It’s more of an open world and the ability to choose where you go and what you do in whatever order you like is what they’re focusing on in this title. Does this appeal to you at all?

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Don’t bother, Chozo. He’s like Donko: upset Zelda U isn’t going with the semi-ugly artstyle of Twilight Princess.

            1. Chozodian Emissary

              Yeah, I attempted to have a civil conversation with him but he never responded to me. However he did respond to everyone who was hurling insults at him. I think he likes being the troll of this site. He doesn’t want to be reasoned with he just wants to instigate.

        2. Nintendo is my Blood

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          1. First of all, your sentencing and grammar is piss poor. Second, its spelled “Cel Shade” moron and lastly, you’re one to rip on cel shae and anime style when you’re the same dumb douchebag enjoying Naurto games that applied the same crap.

            Hypocrite Xbot exposed again.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              xD Oh burn!! The dumbfuck should learn to watch what he says. Watch him have a come back of “Well Naruto does it way better than Zelda, anyway! Hurr durrrr!” xD

        4. and now the social reject is a game developer, seriously kiddo you know everything about gaming development you’re smart!!!
          idiot, go to hell and stay there

        5. Okay that I can actually agree with. Link’s looking more and more… Asian? Can’t describe it but I prefer his Skyward Sword look

          1. Yeah, they seem to be going for an Anime look. Like with Wind Waker Aonuma really wants to see Links expressions and instead of going back to the Wind Waker look he chose a more “mature” look that would help in being able to see the expressions. Anime style.

        6. Right so we should stick with Halo style or Gears, all fucking stale realism? Forgot about Twilight Princess and how other say its style is unoriginal lay appealing while they use to bash Wind Waker before it was released and then happen to like WW style right after?

          Again, who the fuck would listen to your shit stained mouth about art styles when you heavily lack intelligence and tastes in gaming? Morons like Aeolus maybe.

      2. A moron agreeing with another moron believing he actually liked Nintendo games when that moron agreeing with that moron forgot that same moron was talking shit loads of dumb rants illogically complaining every Nintendo game being a rehash.

        Sad day to be you.

        1. Why so hostile all the time? I’m just acknowledging him as another human being. I know who he is and I’ve seen his comments but that’s no reason to jump into attack mode every time he comments. Especially if his comment was legitimate.

          This site would be a lot less hostile if everyone just respected each other instead of firing grotesque insults back and forth.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            sasori comes here just to complain about something he obviously hates, he is instigating and of course we will retaliate

            1. Oh I get that. But what ever happened to not feeding the trolls? If we don’t respond they’ll just go away.

              Sasori is different though, I think he likes it here and I just wanted to offer something other than a hostile comment. If we treat him like a human being then maybe he’ll calm down a little bit. Honestly, if we respect his opinion and actually have a conversation with him he might not be such a troll. I disagree with a lot of what he says but we all will disagree with each other all the time. If we can be more civil then he might be more civil in return.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                If he wants respect he must do this first

                1. remove that WordPress description, we are not “mindcontrolled” by Iwata, we love Nintendo, he must get over that

                2. He must stop being such a whiny bitch, he makes videos that are 30-40 minutes long, how fucking pathetic can you be to rant for that long?

                3. He must learn fucking English, like that other guy said, his grammar is piss poor

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                1. Well, if he can have a conversation with me then I’ll talk to him but if he can’t be civil then I’ll go back to not feeding trolls.

                  I am interested in what he would like to see from the Zelda games though. If he liked Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, then what would he want to see in the next game to get him interested again.

                  1. *face palm* Go ahead and waste your time finding out he’s an obvious douchebag here. I promise you, you’ll feel stupid shortly after.

                    1. I agree with him, I’ve been here to see all that has gone down with sasori and from what I’ve seen you guys tend to get just as annoying as he does with your reactions. You become more focused on him than the actual reason you came on to this website. Chill the fuck out and ignore that fucker

                  2. it doesn’t work, lamatsucubo was really nice with him and then he started to call her social reject, moron and such things, it was before he realized she is a woman and before he made those sexist comments, he was so rude with someone who was very polite.

                    in other words you can have a decent conversation with him without him start to insult you, he believes we are rude because we are “fanboys”, but the fact is that we are that way with him because he’s so rude and doesn’t have any respect toward us.

                  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Obviously you haven’t been here for long or if you have been then clearly you have ignored everything he has said about our Lords, empire, women, children and other things…

          2. Heard of “Damage control” by playing nice? That’s exactly what that Brokeback asswipe is doing and you’re the sucker taking his rotten bait.

            1. I normally don’t feed the trolls but he is a human being. If he wants to have a civil conversation then I’ll talk.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Oh trust me, it won’t be like that for long, before I even made this account, I tried being nice, just like you, no look at where I am now, a person who is now exposing him every step of the way and making look like the biggest lolcow on the site.

                1. Dang… Yeah, he hasn’t responded to me yet, but he’s responded to everyone who has called him out… I think he really does love being the troll of this site.

                  I kind of felt bad for him because he gets all the crap and usually can’t retaliate very well, but I do, I think he likes being who he is on this site.

    2. Yeah right asshole. Way to go on trying to kiss ass to avoid the evitable truth of you being a tight sore loser bashing Nintendo for not being like Microsoft with its faulty gimped PC boxes offering generic shooters repeatedly.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            He’s talking about how I mentioned that I got an Xbomb and it exploded day 1, where I then returned the dud terrorist bomb.

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  6. *Warning* *Warning*

    *Opinion Incoming*

    *Read at your own discretion*

    *You have been warned*

    *You ready?*

    *Seriously? You may not like or agree with it*

    *Okay, proceed*

    Hyrule Warriors looks like utter shit, from the moment in the Nintendo Direct reveal till now. It’s a Hyrule Warriors game with Zelda skin burned on it, and Hyrule Warriors is a boring ass, repetitive series

    1. I’ve never been a fan of the Dynasty Warriors games either and this is definitely a Dynasty game, but it’s like a love letter to the Zelda series from the devs of Dynasty. And, in my opinion, I think that the Zelda elements will help keep the game feeling fresh unlike my experience with the repetitive Dynasty games.

    2. Calling “Hyrule Warriors” a repetitive game when its the first of its kind…

      How fucking stupid of you.

      1. The stupidity level is off the charts here. I don’t even want to explain to someone that may just die by mental meltdown

  7. LOL this game is a joke. Zelda combined with weaboo loli fanservice girls to please disgusting nintendrone manchilds

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Said the Sonyan trying to impersonate Stranga and then exposed himself and then wastes his time on a Nintendo stronghold…

                    1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

                  1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

                1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

              1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

            1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

    1. Yea. Lets mention. That halo woman hologram you xbots love so much… lets pretend halo is unique. Grow up, at least were getting new stuff unlike you guys…

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      It’s only fanservice if you are attracted to it. The fact you mentioned it as such makes me question what’s in your dirty little mind.

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  9. So many girls playable in this game. Link is getting all the pussy, but seriously?? Make the gender balanced!

    1. Lol then who do you want to be included in the game that is worth adding? Happy Mask Salesman? lmao

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Unless you want the game crowded with a ton of Links from different time periods, I suggest you get use to the idea of most of the roster being women.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I’d prefer Ghirahim. Least with him, he remained the biggest threat of the game he’s in til the very end. Zant’s position as the villain was GREATLY hindered by the reveal of Ganondorf being the one behind Zant’s power. In fact, the final battle with Ghirahim was better than the fight with Demise.

  10. Mario kart online is the biggest pile of s*** to ever exist. What kind of mindless drone do you gotta be to “enjoy” this abomination. Damn, Nintendo, all the hype for this garbage online experience????? No game, I mean ABSOLUTE no game has angered me like these s***y online sessions. Almost broke stuff, almost tossed stuff, and I tolerate miles more than the average gamer. But this is s***, Mario kart 8 I would NEVER, EVER recommend to any sane person, E V E R. Those of you who counter with “it’s fun” it’s because you accepted the fact that you suck! I don’t don’t suck, I win when this pile of dog s*** does me justice. Nintendo is so damn lucky I don’t just sell this garbage; I tend to collect some Nintendo games, unfortunately Mariokart is one!
    Online experiences for yours truly 1-10…..1 being worst, 10 best

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    Don’t argue with me, just accept the fact! And yes, I will no longer play this bulls*** game online…,Coins every f$&@ing where, while the competition gets all the goodies. F$&@ YOU NINTENDO for this. Everything else is exemplary. Mariokart 8 online should be a method of interrogation! You would now have to PAY ME to play such trash! And I love the MK series.

    1. I had no problem with MK8’s online, mine worked fine other than occasionally disconnecting a couple of times due to my shitty internet and if you are “winning” then you would know that coins show up a lot in first place, they aren’t gonna give you the best items in first

      1. I know how the items are programmed. I have no problem with keeping first place. The problem is being 5th and later and getting COINS, anybody with a right mind would rage like crazy! Two rounds back to back I held second place only to get those damn dreaded coins again while first player got banana and green shell. When I did get a green, he had it blocked. Then I get hit with the red shells, the fire balls, etc….and the first place guy(both times) lead increased and no blue shell in sight. Tell me something isn’t wrong there…I get coins more than once, first place gets shell or banana to block.(if the game decides to give me red or green)

        Mario Kart 8 online is like Loot Crate just a bunch a bulls*** that cost you money in the end.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I sometimes get coins at last place but I’m not a civilian newbie sorry excuse of a “gamer” complaining about it, I still have enough skills to be placed at number 1…

            1. Participation isn’t life. There are winners and there are losers, medals are not for the lucky. I’m a winner, games where experience IS the decisive factor, I flourish. You on the other hand, are content with a pat on the back, thank you participating. Learn to accept it, in my eyes, a loser is he who complains as to why one investigates his constant losing streak, not one who settles.

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                                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

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                                          2. “unless your trying to teach me to be egotistic, then no thanks, I will not learn my lesson I rather be the misguided and learn something other than egotism”

                                            Counter trolling indeed.

                              1. I average 1st place every four rounds. Saved a round where all but me had 3500 pts(experience on me) and I won first, at 2000 pts

                              2. @sasorideidaraobi “i warned not to buy mario kart 8. i knew its waas going to suck”
                                this is how people listen to the new god: Mario Kart 8 sold 2 millions copies and everbody loves MK!
                                @heyitsguy, i am really happy your’re back, you really know how to burn that black fag!

                            4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              “Those of you who counter with “it’s fun” it’s because you accepted the fact that you suck! I don’t don’t suck, I win when this pile of dog s*** does me justice. ”

                              Obvious civilian butthurt newbie confirmed…

                              Learn to play real games or stay out of gaming alltogether…

                              1. Come on, of all people. I would understand if you held the clout I do in online gaming. Guess I touched up a nerve, mindless games aren’t fun for the elite. Yours truly is light years more experience than you and your little buddies that gather on here to “take down” trolls. You’re spared for your dedicated service as a pawn, I will not go to war with someone with little to no know-how on how real online experiences should be. Flatter yourself, the expense, your buddies that follow you around. I’m an elite, don’t forget that, I wouldn’t have shown if you accepted your place.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  “real online experiences”…

                                  Yes like the many mostly american servers on CoD or BF as examples that bans me because I owned them with knife only 6 to 1…

                                  1. “I will not go to war with someone with little to no know-how on how real online experiences should be”

                            5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Still trolling I see. Well I have to admit your doing a good job, it’s actual funny, unlike the other trolls.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  You are very funny. I just don’t understand why you have to act like an ass when I gave you compliment.

                                  1. Comical is defined by the companionship of an unfortunate(at times dangerous) placement of events, such has not occurred on these walls. Bitch is a little harsh, I agree, but targeting yours truly with negative energy drove old habits to the forefront.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      Please explain why complimenting your skills of trolling is negative when I really have never made quite any rude remarks other than what you have done towards me.

                                      1. The accusation that an individual of once anonymous status is to automatically be deemed; and I write this with disgust, a “troll” is not something easily overlooked. I’m insulted, insulted not by the moniker, but what it has devolved into. Yours truly is of the original variant, different ages, different colors; such elite antics were put to what was believed a permanent sleep.

                                        Suddenly an acquaintance of she who I direct this comment, felt necessary to explore what it is he never sought, unbeknownst of course.

                                        Yours truly was “normal” but it was a must I resurrect the ways of old in standard procedure with the code.

                                        These “trolls” they put to shame the forefathers, this is the future, don’t be fooled by the knock-offs.

                            6. Have you never played Mario Kart before? I get that it sucks getting coins all the time, I hate it too, especially holding first like you said and getting 5 coins straight. And yea it makes you rage. That’s how Mario Kart always is though, there’s always SOMETHING to screw over first place in some form. I don’t know if there is a special timing with the L button to get you a better item than just not pressing it and letting it cycle through the random items on it’s own, if so I don’t know the timing on this game.I just press it a second or two after I get the item box or a few seconds before it’s going to finish (although I had two races where the item box didn’t respond and literally took like 20 seconds for the stupid item to pop up, coin or not) and it helps me get a shell or banana in first place, though I do get coins too, so it’s not guaranteed.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  You probably weren’t here to see the fail storm your identity created sometime ago weren’t you?

                          3. Lord Sasori, please forgive these “false Church of Sasori clones” for their homosexual comments and fantasies of you fapping. They are just fanboys of you and imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Their unintelligent and apostate expressions of you have been condemned by the church. They fail to see the true misleading of the flock which has been transparently orchestrated by the yellow cancerous leper and the foretold “Mongolians of unnatural decent”. Trisomy 21 will be their fate and will curse their loins for the rest for their days. We praise lord Sasori for your rich gaming blessings and guidance. You have saved us from the unnecessary tribulations of Mario Kart 8 and the Mario rehash plot. Thank you for our daily bread….

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Yep you are definitely Grape Ape. Who else would use that overused catchphrase “Trisomy 21”?

                            2. wait, sasori approved your comments about the gay orgy, he never denied the comments made by the church of ASSori. in fact, he seems to like the idea of a gay paradise and he said the guy that comments as the church of sasori is his greatest fan…

                            3. Lord Sasori forgive me for beign such an idiot, you know i’m bipolar, now i remebember that those gay fantasies are the reflect of your perfect vision of your world, forgive me lord Sasori am ready to my anus blessing sesion. I praise lord Sasori an i deny to accept women in our perfect gay uthopia. amen.

                              Church of Sasori

                            1. Lord Sasori filmed us while having gay sex in his closet with his low res 90’s camera. lord Sasori believes past tech is superior to the current gen garbage that has blinded those morons that’s why he says xbox 360 and his pc are superior. oooh lord Sasori crush you enemies and bath them with your sacred cum. ooooh lord of lords lights our way to a superior gaming era. amen

                              Church of Sasori

                          4. pink0crystal0midbus

                            Awesome!!! It sounds like Zant will be playable. Maybe not in the story, but in like a “pick your character” match.

                            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                              If this works in the same way Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper worked, you’ll unlock the villain characters to play in past stages once you beat the game.

                          5. Whenever I see a troll on here I picture them as a 40 yr old fat guy stuck in his swivel chair all day long in front of his computer, having his mom bring him hot pockets just like Cartman in the world of warcraft episode

                          6. lol Gaytendo fans actually like Zelda??? lol Maybe this game will sell 1000 units if we’re lucky.

                            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                              Nice name. Did your husband give it to you? (If you don’t get the reference, I pity you more than I do already with that name of yours.)

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                          8. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                            I can’t wait to use Lana & Agitha. We better get Ghirahim, Veran, Vaati, & Agahnim in this game. If we get an amnesiac Ganondorf, Agahnim could be in the game as a plot device to get Ganondorf to remember who he really is.

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