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Here’s How Many Units Each Zelda Title Has Sold


Wondering just how many units of the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were sold? Well this graph details precisely how many copies were shifted along with the majority of other Zelda titles. As expected it’s Ocarina of Time that sold the most amount of units while Four Swords Adventures sold the least. There’s plenty more graphs to check out here, if you’re interested.

Thanks, Kyle

196 thoughts on “Here’s How Many Units Each Zelda Title Has Sold”

    1. Skyward sword sold like a piece of shit, because it is a piece of shit. Don’t say “majora’s mask” sold less, it was the second game on the system and overshadowed by ocarina of time.before you say “well twilight princess was on the wii”, yeah, well it was on gamecube as well, ocarina of time wasn’t on snes as well as n64, so suck it skyward sword fans, also wii had a much bigger install base, but most of the people who owned it were retards, kids and old people in one word casuals.

        1. Yea, and it’s not even a low 3mil, it’s just 240k shy of 4million.

          Skyward sold the way it did because it was sold near the end of Wii’s life. Games usually don’t sell great if launched at the end of a consoles life cycle, just like MM on N64, TP on NGC, and GT6 on PS3,

      1. Umm Excuses much? MM has been available on multiple systems, and the fact that it was a sequel to OOT, the highest selling Zelda game/most lauded, should mean it would sell more.

        1. No stupid. Meaning it’s a sequel, it would sell less because those who wanted Ocarina got their N64s for Ocarina. Multiple systems do not count, only the original systems. I do understand that Twilight Princess was released across multiple systems at the same time, but it has never been rereleased. Never have I heard anyone say they bought their Wii for Majora’s Mask on VC. Never.

          1. You’re assuming a lot of things. This list was conjured with units sold worldwide including digital copies and remakes in mind e.g. master quest and ocarina 3d. So stop spouting things as if you’re the king of this world and no one knows better than you you insignificant worm. Get a life.

          2. What? Who are you calling stupid? This has nothing to do with selling nintendo systems, it’s about how many each of the Zelda games have sold in TOTAL, which includes their multiple releases on multiple systems…In saying that; MM should have sold many more copies than it has. I say this because, it was a sequel to one of the most awarded games of all time! It should have piggybacked of off OOT’s success. e.g “I loved OOT I wan’t the sequel!” or “I’ve heard such great things about OOT but I’ve never played it, I have to buy the sequel!”. PLUS, it has been made available for purchase on the game cube, and wii.

      2. Games that absolutely require extra Controller Hardware to play sell worse naturally, since Decades. And the Plus Mote Requirement is a big Reason why I never bought Skyward.

        1. And how difficult is it to lightly swing a fucking control stick that you hate it on so much?

          I bet you’re one of those earlier retards who threw the damn thing at the remote and tried to blame /sue Nintendo like a fucking idiot.

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            2. And how difficult is it to lightly swing a fucking control stick that you hate it on so much?

              I bet you’re one of those earlier retards who threw the damn thing at the TV and tried to blame /sue Nintendo like a fucking idiot.

            3. Wow, so that’s a big reason why you missed out on what is arguably the best Zelda game ever. (Yes, I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, etc)

          2. Suck what?
            Majoras mask sold less than Skyward DEAL WITH IT. That doesn’t make either bad games.

          3. Skyward Sword was fucking great for people who don’t suck and actually got the controls down. Twilight was on Gamecube….but who the hell bought that over the wii version? Poor people and kids who’s parents wouldn’t buy them a wii? If you think Majoras Mask is the best…get the fuck out with that. Do I think Skyward Sword was the best? Nope, but any haters of it are missing out. Certainly ain’t perfect, but it’s definitely a great game with one of the best Zelda stories. People who love majora for being so different but hate skyward for being different in it’s own way make no sense to me.

            1. I was actually thinking about getting Skyward Sword, but I skipped it due to how people keep saying it’s the worst Zelda game ever. Still unsure about it. Trying to get into the series anyway so now I’ve got ALBW and Wind Waker HD.

              1. You must have been reading the wrong people’s comments. The people that say that either were mad it was linear, hated the artstyle, thinks perfect 1v1 motion control is a poorly made gimmick, probably couldn’t calibrate it right, didn’t like how it wasn’t another Twilight Princess with photo-realistic graphics, or just mad the game hinted at a possible relationship between Link & Zelda. Oh & there are people that will bitch at the prospect of Link getting with the Princess of Hyrule. Trust me on this because I’ve ran into some people that refuse to accept the possibility that at least one of the Links over thousands of years had a relationship with Zelda.

          4. Skyward Sword is the best… just cause a majority is ignorant on how to play… gameplaywise it is superior to any zelda title. Graphically excellent… story is OMG awesome. BEST characters in the series. Ghirahim ,Impa, Groose, The Dragons, Demise. .. all offered brillence not seen since Majora Mask… WindWaker has a pretty forgetable cast.
            It may not be as groundbreaking as OOt but that was a 2d to 3d leap with nothing else like it.. 3d graphics been around awhile now in Zelda.
            The 3ds oot is good but when played compared to skywsrd sword its fun factor is little.

            1. “Wind Waker has a pretty forgettable cast.” Lol, I can’t really blame you. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been playing through WWHD and I believe I’m about less than halfway through. Only people I remember are Aryll, Link’s Grandma, Tetra, King of Red Lions, and Alfonzo. XD

          5. How is retard a consumer category? You know… hardcore players that love the Wii exist. I own around 50 Wii games, most of which are pretty good. I’ll tell you the truth… your mindset is not open to other people opinions and you are ”overgeneralizing”

          6. sounds like a typical dudebro.

            Ermagerhd! Good graphix! That makes twilight princess da bestest!!1!

            Please explain why you think skyward sword was “a piece of shit” and why the wii is owned by “retards, kids, and old people”.

            Oh wait, you don’t have to.

            Because you’re too busy raping your copy of crysis while rubbing another copy of a microsoft graphics card on your ass.

            Well, I’ll just leave you to your lame games with great graphics, go play shovel knight, a GREAT game with outdated graphics. Have fun with that…

          7. Why dont you go fuck yourself skyward sword was an amazing story and you just have to git gud at motion controls

              1. It was muddy and unappealing.
                Looks really dated. (That’s why why celshaded is used in the new Zelda’s, it’ll always look good.
                Forgettable Characters… Midna was great though.
                Bare over world
                Screwed up their villain ( at least ghiraham was out and proud from the start)
                Once again shitty art direction, sad how they were gonna make a wind waker 2and ditch it for this game.

                1. The art style wasn’t that bad and I still remember all the characters. You also forgot the great music which is the best in the series by far. The dengeons were amazing and so were the bosses. Excluding 2 only which is better than most Zeldas. It just seems to me like your just mad you didn’t get wind waker 2.

                2. I completely disagree. Twilight was beautiful and open world. Before Elder Scrolls, Twilight was THE best in open world gaming and had great characters and a fantastic ending. Link and Zelda actually hook up for God’s sake.

                  1. That’s kinda gross, considering in skyward sword they hook up, which may in fact mean that the two in twilight princess are distant relatives…

                  2. “Before Elder Scrolls, Twilight was THE best in open world gaming”
                    Excuse me, what?
                    You know that TES didn’t start with Oblivion, do you? Twilight Princess’ overworld was barren when it first came out and it still is as barren as the damn Mojave now.

                3. Twighlight princess is still my 3rd favorite zelda game. (only behind wind waker and ocarina of time) The characters were (mostly) memorable, and the bosses were awesome. (that ice temple boss. *shivers*) the start was boring, but once that was over I started spending about 5-8 hours at a time on it.

          1. Oh, it was? Nope. The Beginning is boring, some specific Characters are annoying as Hell, the Puzzles are Shit, the Bosses are some of the easyiest in Series and overall TP is an OoT 2.0 that did not get as good as it could have been… and it gonna be look like an old Game from a Point of Graphics before WindWaker will ever start to age or before the Look of Skyward can be considered as ugly (※ but that just as a Side Note).

        1. It definitely was one of the top ones.

          I’m surprised it sold that much as well though considering its only been released once so far. OoT was on the virtual console as well as revamped for 3DS so I’m sure that number includes the different versions.

        2. Really? I thought it was pretty good. I liked that they tried a more realistic bleak style compared to the cartoon style of the previous game, The Wind Waker.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          How ALBW didn’t sell atleast 3 times more is beyond me considering the large army we have with the 3DS…

          1. It just came out Commander! Give it time. It’ll be a long term seller and it’s numbers will grow!

      3. Nintendo is my Blood

        Surprised to see more people bought the Adventure of Link more than half of what is on the list, Zelda 2 was the worst Zelda game ever

          1. The touch screen is actually really intuitive. At first I hated it so bad I rage quite and said the game sucked.. but after a while I tried it again and forced myself to play it. Finally mastered the controls and love its intergration especially during the most awesome boss fights experienced on a handheld. Its actually the most intelligentlly designed dungeon s ever and the characters are surprisingly complex. Definitely a top Zelda game.

              1. To say they are shoehorned in there means they to no time to make sure they worked the best they could. I believed since touchscreen was the only options of control I feel as if they utilized the ds touchscreen flawlessly therefor not shoehorned in. Are they frustrating yes at first but with practice PH and ST make for perfect touchscreen action adventure/ rpg games better thsn any ios or android aarpg out today.

        1. it wasn’t bad, it was just different. if it was a different IP it would have been a big deal. it is incredibly hard though.

          1. Considering there are about 100 million Wii owners, ~4 million wouldn’t be too good.
            But then again, a lot of those Wiis were bought by parents for their children, people who don’t even know about Zelda & Co., so it’s actually not that surprising.

            1. well there are approximately 1 billion PC gamers worldwide.. and even for a PC game selling almost 4 million is a pretty big deal

            2. the average wii owner bought 9 games. thats the second highest ratio for nintendo. it’s second to only the gamecube in that aspect, so don’t say it was bought for only children.

        1. since when does quality corelate with sales figures?

          MM does have an average rating of 95 which makes it one of the 5 best zelda games

          1. yup. if sales matter then Call of Duty is the best series. (It’s not) majoras mask is a great game. so bright and gloomy :D

        2. There’s a reason majoras mask didn’t sell well, it came out right at the end of the N64s life just as everyone was moving to the gamecube and being overshadowed by ocarina of time didn’t help

          1. Theres a reason MM didnt sell well…. just like with SS its to innovated. There thats the truth.

          2. For that, Nintendo should’ve waited to release Majora’s Mask for GameCube launch. It would’ve really helped the system from the start.

      4. Twilight princess was a great game. Story, atmosphere, music. It was an absolute pleasure to play and one of my tops.

          1. Ugh! Twilight Princess is my LEAST favorite Zelda. I just started replaying it with my niece, and I STILL hate it. I can’t stand the whole story, and that stupid twilight realm (or whatever it’s called). Everyone has such different tastes in games.

      5. Albw definately deservers to sell atleast 5 million copies LOL

        Anyway i didnt realize that FSA did that bad sales wise, its underrated Zelda game imo, definately better than those Ds titles they released.

      6. Seeing ALBW near the very bottom makes me happy. That game was an overrated piece of crap that I hope Nintendo never does again.

          1. Hearing this from an asswipe who hates anything Nintendo for no reason but still be stupidly hypocrite to own a Wii U anyway and be afraid to sell or destroy that shit because he’s as poor as his welfare gorilla mom he sleeps with..eww, who the hell would take any crap you say seriously except for that MLK remark which I know you’re chickenshit to say it outside in a black neighborhood without getting dogpiled.

            Never played any games you wanna shit on because Nintendo-biased Gamespot gave it a Game of the Year or Game Informer and IGN giving Mario Kart 8 Game of the Month instead of the washed up, gay ass downgraded Watchdogshit, that only makes you a fucking moron of an internet troll who just proved that its got no life outside of that Windows XP PC screen.

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            You see, nobody cares what you think. Nobody. At all. Due to Internet loading issues, I think it’s only fair that any comments made by unintelligent beings be sorted into the “don’t care pile”, right over there in the special “space-saving bin”, also known as the delete button.

        1. ALBW has only been out for like 7months or so and handheld zeldas usually sell less than console zeldas.

      7. Surprised that Spirit Tracks did so poorly despite being on the best selling handheld (and now console?) of all time.

        1. Spirit tracks isn’t that popular, I think people just avoided it because of stylus controls and using the unpopular wind waker style could’ve hurt

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Sold the most due to being cheaper than actual DVD players, so about most or half were used for DVD players than the purpose they were created for. Another thing, DS surpassed it.

        1. This is the cumulative number of games sold since the “beggining”. Naturally, the newest games will have sold less than games that have been out for 15ish years.

      8. Twilight Princess was my favorite one. Wind Waker was my 2nd favorite. Lets see if I have these era right. On Ocarina of time, if Link fails then the world floods so Wind Waker picks up. If Link defeats Ganon then Majora’s Mask comes next followed by Twilight Princess. Is that correct?

        1. Nope, when link is defeated that leads to a link to the past, zelda 1 and 2. I forget how the 2 timelines where link defeats ganon work but one of them lead to wind waker and one to majoras mask and then twilight princess

          1. But I thought after Ocarina of Time their were 3 time lines? Also what ever happened after the Phantom Hour glass? Did the flood go away? That’s the mystery to me. Wind Waker Era is a mystery I tell you. How would the so called gods get rid of the flood? What would become of the Deku tree if the flood went away?

            1. There are 3 one where link is defeated, one that follows young link after he is sent back where he presumably informs zelda of ganondorfs plans and he is sealed away before twilight princess and one following adult zelda where hyrule is restored after ganondorf is sealed, he then gets released and causes the great flood
              After wind waker and phantom hourglass, link and zelda find new land which they found as hyrule and then 100 years later spirit tracks takes place.
              The flood never left, it’s just that there is more land outside of what we could explore in wind waker

              1. I got to play Phantomhour glass and Majoria’s mask so I can see what happened before Twilight Princess and after Wind Waker. But I got the story on Wind Waker. Link from Ocarina of time sealed up Ganon when he put the sword nack in the postal. Ganaa killed Ocrina of time Link then the people was waiting for the hero to return. He never did because he was defeated. So they called on the so called gods. The earth was flooded. But before that Ganon killed the sages both from the deku forest from ocarina. Wind Waker Link had toget the master sword and restore thepower and kill ganon. Red Lions diedwith his kingdom by destroying the seal that kept the land below dry. The Duka tree and those sages are where Ocarina of Time Link came from…but if you are playing Wind Waker, that Link was defeated. So now we must know what time line is Zelda U taking after. My guess is Twilight Princess.

                1. The timeline that Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, & Spirit Tracks is part of is the result of OoT Princess Zelda sending OoT Link back to the past to BEFORE they met. This allowed Link to change the past as he knew everything that Ganondorf would do, allowing him to warn the King of Hyrule. If you watched Dragonball Z, this is a big no-no as you don’t change the future but instead create a whole new timeline altogether, cutting the past off from the now-alternate future. Japan tends to use time travel in a way different from how the United States tends to use time travel. It’s still unknown how the 3rd timeline, where Link loses to Ganondorf, was created, so everyone has their own theory.

        1. Hey where is Kakruku Village in Wind Waker. I know I spelled it wrong but you know what Im talking about. The only volcano is Dragon Roost Island. Was that supposed to be that village? And if so, what happened to those warriors?

      9. And people want a Majora’s Mask remake with that much sales? It will either be less or equivelant if they remade it.

        1. Well look at Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, they both had remakes and those sales helped them push further up the list.

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        1. …you’re an idiot.

          You just called Skyward Sword shit not too long ago. Now what is this stunt is suppose to do? Make us somehow like you more for pretending to like an underrated Zelda game? Dumbass .

        2. I have to disagree with you there. As much as I love skyward sword, ocarina of time greatly surpasses it as far as how timeless that game will always be.

          Also, you’re a n00b. Just wanted to throw that out there.

      11. I can’t believe A Link Between Worlds and Skyward Sword didn’t sell better than that. They’re suck awesome games.

        1. Well Link Between Worlds isn’t even a year old yet so it’s doing pretty damn good if you ask me with that sales number. As for Skyward Sword, it’s having the same problem Wind Waker had when it first released: people were whiny about the graphics. The fact Skyward Sword released when the Wii was starting to die didn’t help matters, either.

      12. Usually Zelda games always have memorable music in the games that people won’t forget. But I got to say even tho I loved play Twilight princess, I don’t think there was a single new song in the game that was memorable, well maybe kakriko village and that’s it. I enjoyed skyward sword a lot and it make be my favorite zelda, but there was a lot of memorable songs from that game, from the theme when you fly in the air, the battle theme when you fight ghirahim for the first time is unforgettable, and a lot of the other boss battle themes are good too. I think orchestrated music is what is best needed in the zelda series and I’m glad it’s coming back in the new zelda game in 2015.

          1. Lol ^ that is the most memorable song out of ANY Zelda game and he doesn’t even remember it! I made a save file for that moment even just so I could go back a.d listen to it whenever I wanted.

      13. Keep in mind, the top games have released on multiple consoles, unless this list excludes that.

        I’m glad the Oracles and DS series have both sold relatively well, love those games.

      14. I have a question…. Where is four swords? We have four swords adventure for gamecube it looks like, but not the original for gba? (I’m assuming they are combined, but that would be pretty low sales for two games) Also is the ocarina of time 3D sales counted with the ocarina sales? (I saw someone post that the windwaker sales were counted alongside the HD remake sales.)

      15. You guys remeber on Twilight Princess when Link had to up to the heavens, was that the the remains from Skyword Sword you think?

      16. the numbers are wrong skyward sword superpass 6 millions and a link between two worlds was over 2 millions last year

      17. @jtz have you beaten Skyward Sword? Im pretty sure there were more sky islands than just Skyloft. Could be, probably not.

        1. Nope I didn’t beat it. I got tired of going back to all three areas four times or more. Then you have to defeat the same freaking monster everytime he breaks that seal. Then have to fly far away and place something in some temple in the sky. Then go back to the ground to the same stage and find something else.

      18. I liked the free limited anniversary edition of 4SA for DSi/3DS, but it doesn’t surprise me it didn’t really sell many consoles, both the rerelease and the original.

      19. Ocarina of Time is available on
        -Nintendo 64 (original)
        -Nintendo GameCube (Master Quest, Zelda Collection)
        -Wii (Virtual Console, Brawl Masterpiece)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Ocarina of Time 3D)

        A Link to the Past is available on
        -Super Famicom/SNES (original)
        -BS-X Broadcasting System (port)
        -Game Boy Advance (A Link to the Past/Four Swords)
        -Wii (Virtual Console)
        -Wii U (Virtual Console)

        Twilight Princess is available on
        -Nintendo GameCube (original)
        -Wii (port)

        The Legend of Zelda is available on
        -Famicom Disk System (original)
        -Famicom/NES (port)
        -BS-X Broadcasting System (BS The Legend of Zelda)
        -Game Boy Advance (NES Classics: The Legend of Zelda)
        -Nintendo GameCube (Zelda Collection, Doubutsu no Mori+)
        -Wii (Virtual Console, Brawl Masterpiece)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)
        -Wii U (Virtual Console)

        Link’s Awakening is available on
        -Game Boy (original)
        -Game Boy Color (Link’s Awakening DX)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)

        The Wind Waker is available on
        -Nintendo GameCube (original)
        -Wii U (The Wind Waker HD)

        The Adventure of Link is available on
        -Famicom Disk System (original)
        -NES (port)
        -Game Boy Advance (NES Classics: The Adventure of Link)
        -Nintendo GameCube (Zelda Collection)
        -Wii (Virtual Console)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)
        -Wii U (Virtual Console)

        Phantom Hourglass is available on
        -Nintendo DS (original)

        Oracle of Ages is available on
        -Game Boy Color (original)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)

        Oracle of Seasons is available on
        -Game Boy Color (original)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)

        Skyward Sword is available on
        -Wii (original)

        Majora’s Mask is available on
        -Nintendo 64 (original)
        -Nintendo GameCube (Zelda Collection)
        -Wii (Virtual Console)

        Spirit Tracks is available on
        -Nintendo DS (original)

        A Link Between Worlds is available on
        -Nintendo 3DS (original)

        The Minish Cap is available on
        -Game Boy Advance (original)
        -Nintendo 3DS (Ambassador)
        -Wii U (Virtual Console)

        Four Swords Adventures is available on
        -Nintendo GameCube (original)

        And the chart forgot to mention it, but…

        Four Swords is available on
        -Game Boy Advance (original)
        -DSiware (Four Swords Anniversary Edition)

        That means that including backwards compatibility, the only Zelda game not playable between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is Four Swords Adventures. And that’s counting the two Tingle DS games, the Tingle DSiware game, Link’s Crossbow Training, Hyrule Warriors, and the upcoming Zelda U. No, the CDi games do not count.

      20. to be honest the issues with Skyword are, the world is not as big as other Zelda. You have 3 areas and you have to go back and forth zillions times (but make sense after you see the end and have time to digest the all story). You have to beat a particular boss 5 or 6 times.

        Saying that there are good stuffs as well: the puzzle are good, The final boss is horrible/challenging at first,the remote control is just great and make sense. the story is good and kind of setup the all franchise.

        The skyword game was for me, a game where Eiji san tell to the world and Miyamoto san that’s he is THE boss now and he IS the guy behind Zelda not Miyamato san.

        1. More like you went back twice to each area, if my memory works corretcly, and you had to fight the same boss (not the same, but whatever) three times. I understand if you don’t like to backtrack, but keep the exaggeration to yourself.

          1. Each area is used thrice in the game, first for the chasing Zelda storyline, then for the sword forging storyline, then for the Song of the Hero storyline, and no, you didn’t just fight the same boss thrice, you fought two bosses thrice, all of them clumped at the end of the game, so the boss list falls marvelously to pieces due to the repetitiveness of the whole thing. at least TP knew to save the boss rush to the final dungeon when the stakes are at its highest.

            1. If that’s true, my mistake. I thought you only had to go twice through each area. Even so, the areas are not the same, like the second visit to the forest (flooded) forest, so that point is a bit ridiculous in the first place.

              “you fought two bosses thrice”. And another couple of ones that you left out, conveniently.

              ” at least TP knew to save the boss rush to the final dungeon when the stakes are at its highest.”
              And before the final dungeon you get some wonderful bosses like that aquatic boss of the third (I think?) dungeon, which CANNOT KILL YOU AT ALL. Defend what you will about Twilight Princess, but please, don’t make me laugh by defending the bosses when the only memorable one besides the final bosses was the dragon boss, even if it was very easy as well.

          2. No wonder you love the game so much, you seem to have a very erroneous concept of it, and I’m not even talking about your subjective opinions, I can’t care less about them, I’m talking about how you don’t even remember the basic architecture of the game.

            1. Who said I love the game? It’s probably my least favorite 3D Zelda title after Twilight Princess. It did a lot of things wrong, but the backtracking wasn’t one of them, no matter what the people that complain about it say. Those people are just complaining about going through an area with the same name as one they visited before without noticing they’re not following the same route at all.

          3. firstly your memory is incorrect cause you have to go back at least 3 times if not more. And the big thing have to be beaten at least 5 times easy. So now, you didn’t get me, I stated why player may not like the game and what I found could be the issue with the game. At any point I did not say I don’t like the game. Finally I don’t know where you come from but in my country we have freedom of speech and I use it.therefore the exaggeration I share it and if you don’t like it tough.

      21. No wonder Skyward Sword got the third-to-last place, the game is so inferior to Twilight Princess which coincidentally got the third place, it’s so technically underachieving it’s not even funny, the gameplay is linear and hand holding and doesn’t encourage exploration, abuses motion controls (Is there really a need to use motion for anything beyond the sword? There’s an IR pointer that works wonders in TP, but SS still decided to use motion for pointing, there’s a control stick readily available that TP used for both flight and swimming, but SS still chose to use motion for these activities), the story is cliched, the characters are hollow, the sidequests are mostly fetching, the overworld is empty, the dungeon progression is broken and lacks substantial rewards and motivations, the storytelling is minimal and very basic (TP made it so every single dungeon had its own little story and characters, the only thing that comes close in SS is the Sandship and it’s underdeveloped), there’s red herrings, plot holes and filler content everywhere, even the time travel mechanic was used differently in different situations (The orange crystal and the tree, both in the same room, operate on different mechanics, the crystal can be seen before it is put there in the past, but the tree has to be put there in the form of a seed in the past for it to exist).

        1. “the story is cliched”
          Same as every Zelda game.

          “the characters are hollow”
          Same as every Zelda game, with some exceptions.

          “the sidequests are mostly fetching”
          Same as every Zelda game, with some exceptions. Remember how fun fetching all those bugs was?

          “the overworld is empty”
          Same as every 3D Zelda game.

          “the dungeon progression is broken and lacks substantial rewards and motivations”
          Provide examples, or this is just empty wording. Remember how challenging was that Yeti dungeon, with the infinity soup potions?

          “the storytelling is minimal and very basic”
          It’s not much more simpler than many of the ones in the rest of the 3D games.

          “(TP made it so every single dungeon had its own little story and characters, the only thing that comes close in SS is the Sandship and it’s underdeveloped)”
          Why do you want so many characters in the dungeons? The Oocas were horrible, for example.

          “there’s red herrings, plot holes and filler content everywhere”
          Same as every Zelda game. Hell, just take a look at the timeline.

          1. I love when people nitpick the things Skyward Sword did wrong while ignoring the fact practically every Zelda game has done the same. Exact. Shit.

      22. Too bad Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, & Skyward Sword didn’t sell a hell of a lot better. Oh well. They exist & are canon to the Zelda universe, so I can enjoy them to my hearts content so fuck sales. And if anyone hates those games, sucks for them since they are missing out for whatever reason they don’t want anything to do with them. Aonuma has only let me down once with him in the director’s seat for the Legend of Zelda franchise & that was with Twilight Princess, which isn’t even a bad Zelda game since it was at least good. Other than that, he’s got my full approval for the Zelda series since every other Zelda game he directed was practically a masterpiece. I can’t wait til Zelda for Wii U.

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