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Kraid, Bonkers, Kremlings, And More Will Apparently Appear As Boss Characters In Smash Bros Run

We’ve already learned that Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS will contain a game mode called Smash Run. The mode sees players tackle numerous enemies from established Nintendo franchises. Speaking to YouTube channel GameXplain, Chris Niosi talks about other boss characters that are meant to show up in Smash Run. Among those discussed are Bonkers, Kraid of Metroid fame, a Kremling boss, and even the Great Reaper from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Gamenesia believe that the Kremling boss is Klubba, from Donkey Kong Country 2. You can watch the video above.

72 thoughts on “Kraid, Bonkers, Kremlings, And More Will Apparently Appear As Boss Characters In Smash Bros Run”

    1. You mean all 3 of the only good characters?

      Super Smash has WAY more awesome characters than All Stars Rip off Royal

      1. I thought that the Ape Escape kid and the Big Daddy were cool but the rest (Not including Crash because he’s also awesome) are just shit.

      1. The company that made it happen is still around, the developers on the other hand, got canned. I’m still pissed about them not releasing the next character to be DLC; Dart (of Legend of Dragoon)

        1. Although Dart is another typical hero made to look badass, center of attention guy in red attire, I did love The Legend of Dragoon. So I would love to play Dart over most of the cast from PlayStation All Stars.

    2. You serious? That POS knockoff itself is a joke that nobody but fanboy nimrods like you would bother with.

      Like if any of Sony’s characters would even come close to kicking Nintendo Universe’s ass.


      You mean that fail of a Super Smash Bros. clone? Yeah its back there…but it ain’t doing so hot. Now AC unity might…MIGHT…be a good game to play, I’m seeing the hype there and I now sort of own a PS4 but it sucks already, where is the BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma? Where is the Street fighter 3 online edition, Midevil, Heavenly sword, and golden eye 007? WHERE ARE THE GAMES??? I see nothing but a few games like the last of us HD final fantasy online. I gave knack a try too, it was an ok game. BUT COME ON MAN, WHERE ARE THE GAMES??? Can’t claim it so “great” if there is nothing for it to play it on man…Until AC untiy comes, street fighter, tekken, or any other good games, you’re gonna get monkey smashed…by the way, where is that game too? Monkey escape?

  1. I predict (predict no,I am sure) that after that,a lot of king k rool fanboys are saying that he’s confirmed to be playable in smash just because of a kremling being a boss in smash run

    1. Well that would be kinda calm from them, i am sure they will use this as their “proof” that Nintendo has quietly bought Rare with all their old staff back and they are now making sequels to all their N64 games for WiiU and they will all be GOTY´s and even Nintendo will be jealous of the quality games that Rare will put out for WiiU and those games will be so good that Ms and Sony doesnt have other choice than to go 3rd party. That is what i believe they will say ATLEAST.

    2. A lot of people say Chunky Kong is an assist trophy. I think that further proves Nintendo isn’t worried about Rare or Microsoft trying to prevent them to use characters that were introduced in Rare games.

      1. They have always owned the rights to these characters, I mean they still use diddy, dixie, cranky and funky, all created by rare. They’ve even used k rool in spin-offs, retro just decided not to use him

  2. If King K Roll does make it in, which would be amazing, it should be his DKC 2 design. That design looked the best in my opinion.

    1. They will use the design most familiar which is his original. Maybe pirate as a costume. No doubt they will give him the blunderbluss as a move though.

      1. I hate that design. Who knows they might go with the DKC2 design because it’s the most popular game of the 3 but who knows.

      2. Kaptain K. Rool was far more intimidating and hard to beat than DKC1 version.

        I would have both of those costumes and screw the third version. That game and K. Rool fight in DKC3 is a joke.

  3. king krool is owned by rare…nintendo doesnt own that shit…so i imagine fanboys being retarded about this….and for playstation allstars….they dont have shit compared to smash brothers..

    1. Are you dumb rare only owns banjo kazooie, conker, killer instinct and etc why else you think he was in mario baseball

      1. well thats bc i havent played it….we got people like gamespot giving reviews saying basically its shit….but i woulded know personly

          1. @ninteneternity – krowstone and Franky are correct, Nintendo did use King K. Rool in Mario Super Sluggers, the sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball. He was definitely one of the best characters.

            1. Rare created all the DK characters except for DK himself, nintendo owns everything in the donkey kong universe

    2. King K. Rool is part of the DKC universe which is Nintendo’s franchise and anything Rare makes that falls into their licensed franchise, its theirs. Learn the difference you idiot. Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark is Rare’s IPs and its theirs to do whatever with butcher them into unimportant factors of their work.

  4. nintendo wont buy rare….microsoft pays them well enough already…so why would they wanna go back?? especially the new donkey kong games dont have any king krool or kremlings

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Because new enemies are always better than having the same thing over and over sometimes…

    2. Its not up to Rare, MS owns them by owning the majority of stock. Unless MS gives up the stock they aren’t going anywhere. Plus, the original Rare staff all left and they make up a lot of different studio’s; Retro, Crytek UK, Flipping Pixels, Armature Studios, ect.

  5. King K. Rool better be a playable character since all these Kremelings are in the game. He deserved to be in it since Melee.

  6. YAY! Also……rip K Rool.

    i always thought kremlings were an acknowledgement of Dk’s past/unqiue fighting enemy choice for smash run RATHER THAN a “tease” of K Rool

    Dixie has been in my gurantee list(which was never wrong so far) and thought DK would get 3 this game, and 4 CHARACTERS NEXT GAME(this part here about next game may be wrong – alsmot impossible to predict.)

    1. Dixie will basically be a semi clone of Diddy.
      King K. Rool has so many moves that they can give him from 6 different games.

      1. No she doesn’t have to be, her hair could make her really unique, imagine a smash version of millia from guilty gear

    1. Smart choice. Its nothing more than a dumb carbon copy of Smash Bros. like Move was to Wii Remote and PSVita Pets is to Nintendogs.

      Sony just loves copycatting shit for IDK what reason other than scared of facing the music of running out of ideas such as making PS a gimped PC box like Xbox.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        You have never said a single remotely positive thing our empire has done ever, why are you even bothering with our empire?…

        1. What? Psh. Zelda U deserves many claps and thumbs ups 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👏👍👍👏👍👍👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👏👏👏👍👍

  7. For folks who want to skip the love fest/occasional whining of these guys, the actual mention of the enemies comes a little after 23 minutes I think.

    1. Well that wasn’t the purpose of THIS video, it was mentioned in their video of their time with the game. Sickr, if you could add a time slot, it could be helpful for thoose who want to get to the info. (not me just a suggestion.)

      1. Never really said that was the purpose, just my observation and opinion. But good idea of suggesting to Sickr for those who hit the video for the headline.

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  9. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    By looking at that video Nintendo can make a great mega man game, they should buy capcom or atleast buy mega man

  10. I vote for Dixie and Cranky in Smash. Still waiting for these 2 to be confirmed and Shulk, Krystal and Magnus

  11. I was hoping they’d replace Bonkers with the polar bear from Tropical Freeze and add in O2, the flying, bloody eye from Kirby. Hugs!

  12. How the hell can Kraid be an enemy and he’s so huge? Unless it’s Mini-Kraid from Super Metroid.

  13. I’m just waiting for Crom to be announced in smash bros. I loved the new fire emblem game for 3DS, and IMO, Crom is just as good a protagonist as Marth. Once Crom is announced, he’ll probably be my primary in SB4

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