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New Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL Announced For Japan


Nintendo has revealed a lovely new Pokemon themed Nintendo 3DS XL that lucky gamers in Japan will be able to get their hands on. The special Nintendo 3DS XL will be awarded to ten lucky raffle winners who spend over ¥1,000 at Denny’s & Famil family restaurants from July 15th through to August 25th. Those who spend the specified amount will receive a raffle code printed on their receipt. Nintendo also says that an additional five units will be made available via an email campaign with the Japanese company, Apaman. The design is based on the Pokemon movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.


  1. Uhh hello! i wish i lived in japen and cud get that!!! i love pokemon and ash is my hero! :)

  2. haven’t these been announced a few months ago? i think i saw a red blue and red one with the same art online.

      1. You kidding me? That’s one of the coolest Pokemon themed 3DS XL’s I’ve seen so far. Just needs more design around the edges.

      2. It looks like someone took my Black 3DS XL and put a sticker on it. :P If you want a REALLY cool 3DS, look at the Golden Link Between Worlds XL!

  3. How many 3DS can there be!? Also, why don’t they d this kind of thing with the Wii U? I would love it if they decorated a special Wii U console with like Samus or Smash Bros or something.

      1. Even the Xbots would repel any involvement by you, nazi ape…

      2. Bitch please, like you know anything about running a company

      3. I don’t eat primitive nazi disposable waste you Lord Iwata + family deathwisher…

        And the only way I would handle a lemonade stand is by throwing it at you…

        And I would certainly run a business just fine thank you very much…

      1. Also, this. Why haven’t they done it already? I’ve had enough handheld Pokémon. It’s also limiting the graphics. Gen 3 remake looks exactly like X and Y. That’s not a bad thing though. It’s just a missed opportunity.

      2. because reusing engine > making new engine
        There’s no reason to make a new one when the current one is perfectly fine

      3. I was talking about putting a new Pokémon game on Wii U. They had to make a new engine for X and Y so why couldn’t they just made one for the Wii U? I’m ok with it, I just want to see HD Pokémon.

      4. They already explained it several times Before to why they won’t…

  4. another 3ds…. ehhh just put a striker of pokemon on a 3ds and a bunch of clowns will be like “its going to rare and valuable in the future” at this rate nothing be rare if companies keep going that route of making “collectors edition”.

    1. There’s only 15 available out of over 40 million 3DS’. How is that not rare?

    2. Be glad the nazi apes didn’t put a “sticker” on you instead, but of course you had to insult Martin Luther King, exposed…

  5. Low resolution purgatory. Eternal torment or Jaggies. These Nintendo Japanese are so fucking cheap trying to sell 8 year old hardware. They have been marked as the Jews of the east… Far East..

      1. I just love it when primitive life-forms try to use a more evolved language to feel superior…

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