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Here’s The Mario Kart 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Commercial

A TV advertisement for the McDonald’s Happy Meal and Mario Kart 8 combination has been spotted online. The 30-second promo shows four boys who become ecstatic upon finding toys based on the Wii U racing title in their kids’ meals. Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal toys feature Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad, Yoshi and Bowser – each in a custom vehicle that is ready to defy gravity. The game is available for purchase in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

162 thoughts on “Here’s The Mario Kart 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Commercial”

              1. You realise no one in this website really cares about what you say, right? Your comebacks are weak, your arguments are invalid

                1. I’m sure they are kiddo.
                  I’m sorry, did I cut a nerve because it seems like your getting a little steamed up.

                  1. I’m sorry but he’s right. You’re one of the biggest losers/fanboys on this site, calling everyone “kiddo”, “butthurt”, “damage control” when you run out of logical statements.

            1. Look at this crap. The first few comments on the article are already a flame war. WTF is wrong with you people? I mean, at least TheBenSanders is on topic. And I don’t even know what the heck he is saying 70% of the time. That really is just sad.

              1. I’ll say. I just voiced my opinion in a little tiny bit insulting way but that’s it.

                All I said was “Ew”

      1. Too bad for you, because your gonna miss out, you should know that a game quickly as this got funded, you should know that these types are always going to have a show with the game…but hey, at least you don’t need to worry, right? After all…its just a show to you.

    1. Looks funny, just like sonic boom, starting his show as the game comes out. Well Its no surprise after the quick donations from kickstarter. This game set a record for sure with kickstarter, thanks to mega man’s creator and Kenji Inifune.

  1. Mario Kart 8 is currently my favorite game. I could play it all day. I haven’t had a happy meal for so long as I can remember, but I think I may go get one just for one of these. I’m hoping it’s either Luigi or Yoshi. :) Best Wii U game ever! We need character DLC along with Battle Arena’s like MK7. And I’d be down with some vehicle DLC too so long as it’s not expensive. Guys, seriously, you have no idea how much I love this game. It’s amazing. And awesome. And epic. :D

      1. Nope. I’ve already been “owned” by some of my other friends on Mario Kart 8 and I don’t ragequit. I just accept defeat and move on. And I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I’m not the best at every game, but I absolutely do not suck. I always come in top 5, usually in 1st, in online races.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          No sorry, you will get owned severely, prepare yourself for Butthurt lesson 101…

          1. No, not really. I don’t take it as seriously as you might. Even if I don’t win, it’s all fun and games. You on the other hand might get pretty angry. :P

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      And somehow most of you suffer from extreme tourettes syndrome…

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      To be fair, N-Dub Nation only belonged to the Nation, Stranga belongs to the Empire, of course he is going to be better at being “worse”…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Yoshida, what do you actually expect? These are cheap 5 dollar toys, if you were expecting works of art, you need to wake up

          1. I just find it laughable when fanboys keep saying Nintendo makes da best shit evar, yet when I see this shit it’s just plain funny

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Why are you even bothering with this topic?…

              Aren’t you Sonyans suppose to brag about how “mature” you all are?…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Irrelevant compared to your first comment…

                  “As per normal with Nintendo quality, they look like utter shit”…

                  1. You asked me why I was bothering with this topic, so I answered it. I don’t know how simpler this explanation can get

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Everyone does, point irrelevant…

                      And just because our empire makes “unecessary” products, doesn’t mean I buy them or am remotely interested in them…

                    2. In other words, I’m taking your talk about Nintendo being shit and putting your playstation in it instead, just to say, you’re stupid…but I can’t figure you out just yet because you will defend Nintendo at times like on the last Zelda article.

                    3. The Nintendo of the past was better than the shit Titanic of Nintendo in the present, with Iwata as the president, pumping out Mario rehashes and casual Zelda games

            2. Yes, but these are actually aimed at kids. That’s why they were put in happy meals. I’m 16 and I’m gonna be getting one of these. Even though, technically, I am still a kid, there’s nothing wrong with an adult getting this. And you know, this is Mcdonald’s. Kids don’t care about the quality. They’ll probably break it in like a week or two. Nintendo put all of their work into Amiibos which honestly look way better and more detailed than these. And I don’t think anyone here claimed Nintendo made the best stuff ever. I know that there are fanboys on this site, but I haven’t seen any Nintendo worshippers. These are just toys, not even real video games. XD

              1. Isn’t there supposed to be this thing called quality checking? And have you ever seen Dark Horse Rider, Stranga, N-Dub Nation before?

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Yes but children don’t even think about toys getting a quality check or not…

                  Most anyway…

            1. Yeah I know about it, so what? I don’t depend on reviews, I judge by my own hands, not by what others think. I heard Knack was shit, turns out it was an ok game, in other words “decent plat former”. I don’t care what IGN, game informer, etc say, what you judge is by yourself…never trust reviews because it might be just for you and not to everyone else. Understand? Don’t try to use reviews on me because I’m just going to tell you off otherwise.

              “Play the game, judge for yourself, not by what others think, do that and you’ll go far”.

              1. The review was exactly my thoughts on the game. And i turns out, PS isn’t shit! Surprise surprise!

                1. And why should we care about a 1-2 year old horror game? That’s old news and the PS4 is a desparate marketing ploy to move the units because PS4 hardly got shit to play until GTA5 port.

                  1. He said that PS was shit, so I’m showing him a degree of the Playstation greatness, dumb shit.

                    And replying to your comment, I can think of a few right now without trying:
                    1. The Order 1886
                    2. Drive Club
                    3. Blood Born
                    4. Uncharted 4
                    5. Everquest Next
                    6. Everyone’s Gone to Rapture
                    7. Planetside 2
                    8. Rime
                    9. No Man’s Sky
                    10. H1Z1
                    11.Deep Down
                    14.Let it Die
                    16.Kingdom Under Fire 2
                    17.Magika 2

                    1. Weren’t we on the subject of Playstation apparently being shit? Why suddenly bring random quotes to the table?

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I’ve never said Playstation was garbage, that’s something I always save for the Xboxes…

                        But Sonyans always blame our empire for “no games” etc etc and when High Command gives reasons, everyone is like “excuses”…

                        But now your empire is doing the same thing…

                        Your empire will always be known for the Nintendo copycat…

                        Just take this site, some Sonyan’s started calling themselves “Sony General”, “Sony Commander Kratos” and a few others before them, exposed…

                      2. I mea, this converstaion started woth Snowman saying PS was shit, so technically that WAS the subject

                        And going by your logic of Sony being copycats, you might as well say Nintendo copied Coleco in the video games industry, and Coleco copied Atari for its Coleco Telstar

                        1. No, and it looks like you misread my comment, so I’ll explain to you again…READ MY COMMENTS MORE CAREFULLY NEXT TIME AND YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND ME MORE!!!

                          “I heard Knack WAS (look, key word here, was) shit, turns out it was an ok game, in other words “decent plat former”.”

                          Meaning its what everyone else is saying, not me, but I went ahead and said it was below just to have a little fun with you and teach you a thing or two. Get me so far? I do it for the laughs and giggles, but you press the right buttons and you’re gonna see how much I actually know. So watch the birdy, because this might last just for a flash.

                        1. Because of the fanboys of the system and company, that’s why. Have you noticed how many people will say shit about Nintendo and xbox but when it comes to Playstation they are like, “Man why you dissing playstation? Maaaaan you full of shit maaan. Playstation don’t do that maaaan, you full of it”, have you noticed? They even gone and said “THATS A LIE MAAAAAN” to the 1.27 million dollar loss they are reporting.

          1. An advertisement collaboration made by a Sony 3 years ago is not really credible in a Sony in 2014

                    1. That may be true and we actually need the company, but if they are not careful as I keep hearing in the financial issues, they are going to end up like Capcom and Sega. If you haven’t noticed by now, Nintendo is expanding buildings and sony is losing them, That is actually bad for the gaming community if Sony fails in the gaming department. I’m not going to lie to a fellow gamer regardless if they are a fool or not, too dam blind to see or not, or too ignorant to realize the truth, but…BUT, My Nintendo fanboyisum (old self) is saying “YES! COME ON NINTENDO, CLOBBER THEM GOOD THIS TIME!” HOWEVER, my Gamer self the one you see now, is saying “Oh man, if they fall too, there goes the neiborhood”.

                      Truth is, I actually care for the systems and the companies, doesn’t matter where or who they are, “One shall stand, one shall fall”. Meaning one stands, they all stand tall and mighty, One falls like a single grain of rice, all three are doomed, Nintendo included…and the commander or Glados, or whoever what the fuck general of so and so system (xbox commander, sony commander), will no longer be called that because our systems and games are crumbled and have to rely on PC only for games. 3rd party is good, but unless the companies can’t get their acts together (NINTENDO, XBOX, PLAYSTATION), then they are fucked…understand me, FUCKED, SCREWED, BLUED, AND TATTOOED!

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Doesn’t matter. They are still in deep shit.
                  Sure, they run more things and division than Nintendo, but that does not make they’re problems sound any less than worse.

            1. 3 years is nothing. That’s not even a full console generation’s worth of time. So it is still plenty relevant as far as referencing anything in recent history. I mean, you look back to see where you can improve, right? Gotta know what you did wrong to do better

            2. Still, the PS3 is still more popular than the PS4 and not forgetting Sony’s new ads are just horrible B Movie Quality

              1. ” the PS3 is still more popular than the PS4 ”
                May I have evidence to back that up?

                And yet the ads are selling PS4s fast. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s kiddy commercials are making the Wii U bomb

      1. Shame on them for making promo deals with weapon dealers (Mercedes benz) and the masters of animal he’ll (Mc Donalds ).

        Huge Nintendo fan right here, speaking out against Nintendo.

        I know this is nothing new but it finally needs to stop.

        I consider suing them for the Mercedes Benz stuff because the promo appears AFTER buying the game (full price) This is clearly hurting my consumer rights. I am looking for partners right now to make this happen. If there will be Mc Donalds stuff in the game as well I am pretty confident that Peta will pick this up. They should.

        I just received a news letter from Nintendo. There will be a Mc D Animal Crossing cross promo as well…That’s just perverted.

        I want to enjoy and play games. Leave politics out of this please Nintendo.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I agree with the promo part but how on Earth is the Mercedes Benz a “weapon dealer”?…


          And it’s impossible not to include politics in anything, mainly because some people will then will excluded and that is not what our empire is all about…

        2. Politics? What on Earth are you talking about? It’s a free DLC car. Why do you people care so much about stupid stuff like this? Don’t download it for all I care. You’re only hurting yourself. God, I swear we Nintendo fans can’t have anything without stupid fanboys making up ignorant excuses. They could’ve charged you for it like EA, so be grateful it’s free. I hope Nintendo considers future DLC and just ignore the people like you trying to prevent us from getting good things.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I know it might seem annoying but when you ar eolder maybe you’ll understand…

            As an example, I hate when our empire makes deals or collaborates with non gaming empires that are environmental polluters…

            And things like that but I can’t really do much except maybe try to convince them going another way…

            1. No, I don’t care. Need For Speed and other racing games make deals with these companies all the time. And not once have I complained. And I’m not going to start either just because it’s “Mario Kart”. I don’t care if it’s a different game, It’s free! People act like it’s the end of the world because a realistic car is in a cartoon racer. WTF? People act like they can’t take a bit of advertisement. Ads are EVERYWHERE. Whenever you turn on PS3, there’s an AD for the latest movies. Turn on Xbox 360, there’s a Mcdonald’s Ad. Do I care? Not one bit. Because I turned it on to play games. By that logic, people may as well quit watching cable TV. There’s no escaping the Ad’s there. I for one am grateful that I get to ride in literally one of the sleekest/ coolest looking cars of all time with one of the most iconic characters ever. How can somebody not be happy with that? Nintendo is going to be upset if they keep seeing their fans give negative responses to everything they do. This is the reason why we don’t even have DLC for most of their games. Because somebody’s going to get butthurt about it and then Nintendo will have to never do it again and then somebody is going to question why Nintendo doesn’t put DLC in this or that game of whatever. It’s stupid.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I don’t think you understood my point but that’s fine…

                Personally I’m not interested in that car at all but if others are then that’s their choice, my problems are with bigger things, not about the car or that it’s free…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Indeed, specially when you watch a tv show and they normally are around 40-44 minutes long, and they have to stop for commercials and crap every 6 minutes…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                But once again, your empire copied our “gimmicks” to an even lesser success…

                Sonyan Empire – copycat of the Nintendo Empire ever since 2004…

                1. Like I said above, going by your logic, Nintendo copied Intellivision, and Intellivision copied the 2600

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Difference is, all of those ancient civilizations became irrelevant once the Atarians fell…

                    So only our empires are relevant today…

                  2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    They copied, but improved upon it, your Empire just copied and made it look different, nothing else.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Don’t quote me on this. Because I’m sure I worded the previous comment of mine right.

        3. Uhh, there’s no politics here. They’re just advertising by cross promoting with other companies. Businesses do it all the time. If you’re gonna call PETA about something, I mean, Pokemon, Goomba and Koopa mass extermination, Cuccos cruelty humor, and those are all flagship Nintendo franchises that do that. But making advertisements and going to PETA? I mean, you could at least look at the toys and say they’re probably made in China with child labor and harp on that, but I think you’re going about this the wrong way. I guess these advertisements weren’t made for you, though, considering you already bought the game

        1. Why are you confusing Uncharted 3’s SubWay ad with this?
          We all know Uncharted is for babies, we get it.

          1. I always thought Uncharted was cool though. Wait.. Uncharted’s for babies?! But.. -sigh- *puts on diaper* :/

          2. Yet the baby game got these scores:
            Computer and Video Games: 10/10
            Edge: 9/10
            Eurogamer: 10/10
            Famitsu: 92
            G4: 5/5
            Game Informer : 10/10
            (Second Opinion: 10)
            GamePro: 5/5 stars
            GamesRadar: 10/10
            GameSpot: 9.5/10
            GameSpy: 4.5/5 stars
            GameTrailers: 9.3/10
            IGN: 9.5/10
            Official PlayStation Magazine (US): 5/5
            Official PlayStation Magazine (UK): 10/10
            Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia): 10/10
            PSM3 (France): 21/20

        2. Only babies watch baby commercials!

          I mean, why are you watching this anyways? Oh because it has Mario on it and it made it to the news! See How immature you are? Now go cry to your mama, your daddy will be home soon.

      2. I really hate yall fucking fanboys. Yall fanboys are the most idiotic immurtue dumbassess I’ve been around. Kids act better than this shit, talking about how each other’s game console fucking sucks and also insulting each other. News flash, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo don’t care a lick shit about anyone of yall. They not fucking paying yall jack shit and yall defending them and worshiping them like they some kind of god. Yall need a damn life and get yall head at the clouds. And FYI, I’m a gamer not a fanboy.

        1. Big daddy, no one cares how you feel, if you read the comments then you’ll see what its all about, you fanboy

        2. You know, we don’t give a dam about what they think either, after all, we have the power to destroy them, How? By not buying the products, but we care enough to buy them and they care enough to even make most people happy…and obviously you care enough to even read the comments and reply here and call everyone “most idiotic immartue (by the way, that’s immature) dumbassess you’ve been around”, seems like the real dumbass is most haters and people like you who can’t even get along with others here tat love gaming period. Want to call someone a fanboy or a fangirl? How about you look towards the people that stick to one system and bash any other game that is third party that goes on their systems? Let the real gamers like me handle the rest like destroying trolls/haters and enjoy games alike.

      3. Who cares? As long as it makes somebody happy to collect these, then there’s no issue and if it somehow bothers you idiots..a fucking fast food toy..really, then just STFU and don’t pay no mind to it. Simple instead of looking like a damn idiot itching for a fight that you definitely cannot win in reality because I would beat their ass silly.

        Anyway, looking forward to get one of these. :3

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Obviously the haters care because somehow these toys are going to rob their “manhood”…

        1. Grape Ape (Trisomy 21 Edition)


              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I love how many of these primitive lifeforms accuse us of being blind sheep and yet they accept any DLC, hackers etc etc…

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  That is because most of the human race is made up of pathetic apes. I’m surprised they don’t make accusations of me betraying my republic. All they can do is call me “fake PC gamer” or the irrelevant “Brony fag”, it’s quite a site to behold of the attempts of pathetic apes.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    What does “Brony” even mean?…

                    My advanced systems cannot identify troll language to the maximum…

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      It’s a term that people who like MLP(mainly males) use to describe themselves. Like how some people in your empire refer to themselves as Nintendites.
                      Technically, us “bronies” are pretty much like how your empire is, made fun of for idiotic reasons just because we like something.
                      Difference is, “bronies” are on a different type of battlefield.

      4. these hacks dont even effect your gameplay…..for right now…..just random stupid shit hacks…..they are just trying to prove they can hack it….ridiculous

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