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Mighty No. 9 Starts New Crowdfunding For Bonus Content

Despite raising $3,845,170, the Mighty No.9 developers are asking for additional money for new bonus content to add to the game. The new stretch goals which have been added include full English voice acting, plus a new Mighty No. 9 animated series. However, according to Comcept, this drive is not for the animated series. You can read all about their ideas on the Kickstarter page.

Thanks, WiiUMasterRace

134 thoughts on “Mighty No. 9 Starts New Crowdfunding For Bonus Content”

    1. Inafune idiot are going to milk the Kickstarter cash cow dry.Aren’t four million american dollars enough you idiot!!!

      1. Yeah, I would love to hear more about how you have a degree in game developement, and know all the costs in making a game

      2. Man hours plus software costs, plus liscensing issues, plus contracts/wages for professional game designers, plus profit = a SHIT load of money. I’m surprised they’re asking for such a LOW amount considering the obvious amount of work they put into it.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And I think the few ones with a brain in here agrees that you idiots have been proven wrong for about 4 weeks now, exposed…

    1. Agreed. I think they’ve raised enough, and if this game that I was looking forward to, becomes a greedy cash grab, I’m not supporting it.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Uh, GrapeApe fool, NC has had a Wii U for nearly a month, I’ve raced him on Mario Kart 8 many times, WiiUMasterRace (The guy who coincidentally posted this article) can also testify to that.
        Are you butthurt much though?


      2. Lay off the Xanax man, Nintendo Commander had a Wii U since, what, June? I doubt you even own one yet…

  1. Animated series and full English voice acting sounds great! I think Kickstarters really are such a good thing. If I recall, isn’t that how Shovel Knight came to be? Anyways, whenever I get the chance, I’m funding this. Seriously, another good game that can be brought to life all with a little help from us. :)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      “The pledging campaign ended on October 1, 2013, raising $3,845,170 in total and becoming the then sixth most funded project in Kickstarter history (as of June 2014, it is seventh). An additional $201,409 obtained via PayPal increased the total money collected to $4,046,579, contributing to the achievement of all the stretch goals announced.”

      Don’t they have like almost 2 million dollars to do all of these things?…

      Why do they want more?…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          My Wii U is on repair now so we won’t race for atleast 1 week more, so you have time to hone your skills…


          1. I think I’m prepared to defeat you. You should cower in fear! I was going to ask you to race before but then again, I wasn’t as skilled back then… Also, I missed whatever races you did with WiiUMasterRace and Nintendo is my Blood, so I don’t know how skilled they are. But they’d better be prepared too. Haha!

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              If you race with Nintendo is my Blood, he is like my equal…

              So it might give you some picture about my own skills…

              And after you have been severely butthurt, then…

              1. Even if I lose, I’m not going to go down without a fight. ›_‹ And speaking of fights, in the words of Reggie: “With Smash on the 3DS, I’m gonna play on the go. And I’m gonna come back NEXT TIME and kick your ass”. XD

        2. I think 4 million is enough for a great play former that probably won’t provide half the game play of shovel knight. I’m going on alert that these guys are getting greedy.

          1. Why are you comparing Shovel Knight, a game that has a NES budget, to MN9, which is an AAA game?

              1. You do know what the qualifications for an AAA game is, right? And you’re still ignoring the fact that Shovel Knight doesn’t need to use so much of a console’s power

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              How do you know it’s an AAA game?…

              Just because the Mega Man creator is making it doesn’t mean it’s automatically an AAA game…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Yes and right now I’d hardly consider it an AAA game, not even resource wise…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Right now, it’s uncertain so I won’t judge until I see the latest trailer…

            2. Not only WAS Shovel Knight AAA in my opinion, but we get DLC for free as a thank you for their success… As a thank you for M9 successful kickstarter, we get….fucking begged for more money. No.

              1. Can’t say anything in regards to MN9’s unknown gameplay and the cost of developing HD graphics in comparison to modern 8-bit development. I can say though that Shovel Knight is a fantastic game in all ways that it can be. Anyone who likes platformers needs to get this game and become a man. I wish more people had the gall and inspiration to take on the Mega Man formula in any kind of way close to how good this game did it.

                Going to play MK8 now.

              2. Shovel Knight isn’t an AAA game. It has retro graphics, retro soundtrack, etc etc. It hardly tries to push a system’s power

      1. Well, hiring voice actors wouldn’t really be cheap. And I’d imagine that the animated series that they’re talking about would be pretty hefty too. And you never know, they could use that extra money to begin a new game in the future or put even more content into Mighty No. 9. Me personally, I’ve never played any Mega Man games, but I’m hoping this reaches it’s goal. It deserves every penny.

        1. I’m sorry, but why do you need a series to a game that hasn’t come out yet?

          If the game was out and sold like fucking hot cakes, I’ll understand a cartoon show. But truthfully, they are throwing all these new things that aren’t really that important to the game when all that should be important is the game in the first place.

          Give me 4 million and watch me make a mega man with all that shit he’s asking for. The game is a 2D game, not 3D.

          1. Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that they’re not the actual ones making the cartoon, they’re actually hiring a third party for that. So the possibility that it will affect development is next to none. I would love to see you make a full Mega Man game with $4 million! I see you have a degree in coding and shit? Yeah, I didn’t think so

            P.S: It’s 2.5D, actually

            1. I’ve been gaming for 30 fucking years and I’ve read the budgets. You don’t ask for 9k, get 4 Million, over 3 million over budget and then ask for more because the game that hauled in over 4x the budget can be great unless you are 5x over budget.

              Listen buddy, we all want mighty 9 to be a success, but they have WAY FUCKING more than they asked for. You need to see reason and implement some logic.

              1. YOU should implement some logic. They’re not even asking for more! They’re just OPENING UP PAYPAL. For the people who didn’t want to back or were to late to back the game during the project’s Kickstarter, but now want to back it. It’s an opportunity for other people to back the game. Obvious fail is obvious

  2. I actually forked out $400 for this game. Really excited for this Mega Man revival, and I hope it succeeds! :)

    1. Whoever you are, Anonymous, you are a wonderful person. Bless your life. I hope it’s filled with wonderful joy and I hope you get everything you want in life.

  3. Making a new campaign for bonus content does make sense, as the Mighty No. 9 project is more well-known now than it first started. Besides, an whole animated series does not come cheap.

    Makes me eager to see what else they have planned. After all, Inafune did make this game to succeed the Mega Man series, so he is probably going to pull out all the stops.

  4. Absolutely disgusting greedy bullshit. They raised almost 4 million and reached all the stretch goals. If they wanted more they should have put in more stretch goals at the start. Kickstarter shouldn’t allow that crap.

    1. Good versus great. You really want a dumbed down game only because of less funding? It’s not being greedy, it’s giving the developers more options to make their game better

      And btw, they DID have more stretch goals in the campaign, but they didn’t have enough time to reveal the last few.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        They asked for $900k. They got $4 million. I don’t understand how they could possibly make a “dumbed down” version of the game. They had one of the most successful kickstarters of all time. Perhaps the MOST successful kickstarter.

        I don’t know why they can’t afford English voice acting with the money they already earned. What the heck did they spend it all on?

        1. Have you ever developed a game? Both you and I haven’t, so we don’t know where development costs go to. By dumbed down I meant a game which wasn’t exactly what the developers wanted. The thing they envisioned and not put fully into the game. Hard to explain. But more money is always good for developers, isn’t it? It’ll be better for them, they don’t have to cut corners.

          1. Shovel Knight is a FANTASITC, damn near legendary game developed for under $400,000. I Am going to support the skeptics on this one. If they can’t at LEAST pull off a great game for 4 million, then they had no right using their fame to start this project to begin with.

                1. Let’s be honest, the maker of the game knows what is needed to make it — 900K was their price.

                  4 million is now what they have. If you can’t make the game you originally wanted to make with 3million and 100 thousand added on, clearly there’s something going wrong there, no?

                  The truth of the matter is, this sounds like a lot of bs to ask for a lot of money. If this game is anything less than steller, everyone will not be getting their money back while they back their checks.

                  1. They CAN make the game with $4 mil, developemnt is progressing very smoothly. They just want to try to satisfy the fans a little more with cool additions to the full game

                    1. SO, based on your arguments, they were going to make a total Shit game for $900k, right? I don’t want them making a game if they were going to start with shit, need 4 MILLION to make shit into a “good” game, then need even more money to make it great.

                    2. Did you even read my comment?

                      “They just want to try to satisfy the fans a little more WITH COOL ADDITIONS to the full game”

    2. They came up with new stretch goal ideas. They’re doing a crap ton and realized they can do even more. And they aren’t doing this through kickstarter, they’re doing it through paypal. Most kickstarters I’ve seen have had pay pals open up until launch, after the initial goal is met, even if just to pre-order a copy. This, at least, works towards new stretch goals. And considering the size of Comcept and the time they’re putting into this game, it’s not surprising they’re needing larger budgets that typical kickstarters. I know people wanna compare it to things like Shovel Knight, but an 8-bit styled platformer, even a AAA quality one like Shovel Knight, will still be a fraction of the price of something like Mighty No 9 with all its extras and modern design with a professional team backing it

      1. We have seen jack shit about mighty number 9. I’ll compare Shovel Knight to the last AAA call of duty with all it’s HD explosions and FPS bullshit and SK is way better. M9 want’s to thank you for outstanding support by…asking for more money.
        M9 better be the best fucking game ever or you all need to learn not to be utterly blind supporters of a money pit.

        1. You’re an idiot if you compare Shovel Knight to MN9.
          The developers of MN9 are just letting the people who wanted to back the game, but didn’t have time to do so before the time ran out for the Kickstarter, back it with Paypal. They’re not going to ask the backers they already have to fork up more money. Stupid logic of yours

    3. Sounds like SOMEONE’s gone Richard Gere on us. Need some hemorrhoid cream with that butthurt, laddy buck?

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    Im happy you gamepad broke, i sold you that fake Wii U since you were too broke to buy the real deal lol


    1. Did you know that a large majority of those who openly ridicule same-gender relations are, in fact, secretly homosexual?

      Just a fun little tidbit for you, boyo.

  6. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.
    The game that didn’t really need to be on Kickstarter to begin with, made over $4 million. Why on earth do they need more?
    What I really don’t understand however, is that the game looks no good anyway. It looks like a fan game.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Still, don’t you even think it’s remotely arrogant and greedy?…

            They have almost 2 million extra to do whatever they want…

            1. I’m glad to see your logic is in working order. :) I do hope it’s a good game, but this thread is just ignorant. I’m signing out before I become uncivil.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                My logic is always in order, whatever the trolls might say…

                Come on, I want to see your wrath!


              2. You’re the ignorant person here, making yourself look like a retard. Glad you ran away from the comments section before you make an even bigger laughing stock of yourself.

            2. So you’re saying they deserve less? That they should have less funding but still make the next Super Mario World?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                What I’m saying is that this game only needed 900.000 dollars to be made and they already asked for 2.2 million as their goal…

                Now they have almost twice as that, almost 2 million to do what they want, it sounds very fishy…

                1. I think they just want to make sure it’s the best they can make it, while still making some sort of profit from it.

                2. You did see the stretch goals for the game?
                  Two More Stages
                  Mac and Linux Versions
                  New Game Plus and Turbo Mode
                  The Making of Mighty No. 9 Video Documentary
                  BONUS Boss Rush Mode
                  PS3/X360/WIIU console versions
                  Challenge Mode
                  Extra End Stage & Boss
                  Beck & Call Online Co-op Challenge mode
                  Intro Stage and Boss
                  Support Character
                  PS4 and Xbox One Versions
                  PlayStation Vita and 3DS versions
                  Single player Call stage & boss fight
                  Optional Retro-Style Chiptune soundtrack + FX
                  Online Battle Race Mode

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      With 4 million, I thought the game would look better too.

      I have a feeling they only used the $900k for the game while the rest of the money went into their pockets :/ They must really like kickstarter. It’s made Comcept rich and they haven’t even sold their game yet.

        1. How would you expect it to look better when it only has been in development for 6 months? It looks AMAZING for something made in that time frame

  7. I thought what they raised already was enough, but hey I wouldn’t extra content. I’d rather put money towards something like this than pay for DLC that was clearly ripped out of the original content.I say that’s more of a cheapskate thing to do than this.

  8. what the actual fuck?!
    they wanted 900k, but got 4 million… and now they want even more?

    sigh… kickstarter is so retarded 90% of the time

    1. Obviously. Higher funding ultimately = a higher quality game. I wouldn’t mind more money for the devs so they can make the game that they truly envisioned it to be

  9. turns out making a cartoon and stuff is actually really expensive! making a video game on multiple platforms with lots of features costs millions and millions of dollars by itself, but expanding the IP into various other media is even more expensive.

    besides, why should he take out loans and portion out his company to investors when he can just ask his fans to give him money? it’s way better from a creator’s perspective, and people who invest in it get actually cool things out of the deal in addition to the game! it’s really a much better way to support creative enterprises than having them enter into uneven relationships with investors to get their ideas even funded in the first place.

  10. I guess people didn’t notice the mistake because they, still didn’t graduate from school. The word Comcept strikes me as being incorrect.

    1. They had a whole article in one of their newsletters for why they spelled it that way, actually. There’s a reason. I forget what it is, but it was some kinda play on words, or something like that

  11. IDK… I sounds to me like Comcept is using kickstarter a little too much to me. It’s called “kickSTARTER” not “Pay for my shit.” The money you get is to help you start a project you think will be successful, if you happen to get enough money to pay for your whole project, then you are lucky.

    I think that once you are successful with one kickstarter, you should leave it at that and set out to do what you wanted to accomplish.

    With two kickstarters, this game better be freaking phenomenal.

    1. Exactly. 900k was to kick start the game, for fuck’s sake they can finish for 4mil. Then you have ALL the people who will buy it after it’s released…unless it’s going to be a shit game…then yeah, soak in all the money now while they can.

      This just looks suspicious to me. Greed crab if nothing else.

      1. Soak in what money? So the developers should have less money, they deserve much less, because if they get anything else it’s automatically a cash grab, right?

  12. They should have used the money to develop ALL the content for the game first then used the left over money for the animated series. Not both at the same time compromising the game. Majoritu of the cobtributora donated be ause of the game anyway abd not of the animated series. Fail in planning. Greed.

  13. I hope this does not explote in their face, because it seem that MN9 has gone way past over Keiji Inafune’s head.

  14. Wow greedy much. 4 million is more than enough to make this kind of game and now they want even more. If it was the kind of game that could last for hours nd hours then I can see them doing that. But this game is going to be on the same level of length as any other megaman game meaning only a couple of hours long I don’t feel that English voice acting will be a huge deal In a platformer like this. I think the game will be amazing but not really anything new. The more I hear about this game the more I feel like it’s turning into a cash grab

  15. If they didn’t waste the money on an animated series they wouldn’t have to do this.

    Plus voice actors? Why? This game don’t need no stinking voice actors!

          1. All of your blindness is edvidence on the comments above.
            Same thing with your stupidity.
            There’s your edvidence.
            Everyone else is suspicious but you.
            You are what is called “a fanboy” shame I had to use that word. I didn’t want to but you forced me too.

                1. You do know that not everyone has an account for this type of website right?
                  You really are a stupid, blind fool.

            1. And there goes Richard Gere, everyone! Came on this site JUST to comment! We should feel honored that such a kinky man as himself came to talk to us.

              Tell me, how does it feel, having your computer mouse up your butt?

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    or in this case…


  18. I think this kind of stuff defeat the purpose of kickstarters. They already had the funds, if more money was needed for the project it should have planned properly before hand.

    I know more content is being offered but in my opinion they should make the game with what they have (wich seem to be a decent amount) and if it is a success then work on additional content, animated series, etc from there.

    The thing is if other projects start following this route people might start thinking twice before supporting kickstarters. Kickstarters is good for gaming, it seems wise not to abuse of it.

    1. This isn’t a second Kickstarter project. They’re just adding Paypal for the people who wanted to back the game, but didn’t make it in time to do so

    1. See the problem I had with this fucking kickstarter bullshit project? The man behind it created Mega Man, he must be fucking rich, but he won’t risk a penny of his fortune so he’ll kickstart every time he wants to buy a coke.

    2. Actually, this is for things like full English voice acting and new game modes. Even if they did dlc, it’d probably be free for the kickstarter backers anyhow, most times it is, like with the kickstarter Shantae game, I believe

  19. You guys might wanna mention the fact that this isn’t a kickstarter campaign, it’s through paypal. A lot of people are giving crap to kickstarter and blaming them for enabling this when they’re not, and the article makes it sound like a new kickstarter campaign, so you should fix that

  20. I don’t mean to be a downer, but am I the only one who thinks that the game looks really ugly and not at all like what the concept art implied it would look?

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