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Kotaku Now Says The Wii U Is Worth A Purchase

Kotaku has been informing its readers which current generation consoles are worth purchasing right now and which aren’t. Well, twenty months later Kotaku now says that Nintendo’s latest home console Wii U is well worth a purchase. The publication says that the change came about due to the wealth of quality software now on the platform. Kotaku also lists updated functionality such as the recent firmware updates that have sped up the previously sluggish OS. You can read their opinions, right here.

Thanks, Cris and Mike B

187 thoughts on “Kotaku Now Says The Wii U Is Worth A Purchase”

  1. Funny how theres always some people who think they are entitled to tell other people what is worth it and what is not, especially in toy (lets be honest consoles are toys) business.

    1. i think you are seeing it in a wrong way. i think these kind of articles help people decide if they’re not sure about buying a console. i don’t see something bad about it. also, i don’t care if people call consoles as toys or whatever. videogames are fun and that’s what’s important

    1. Imo, the Wii U was ready after it was launched, when you compare it’s launch window games with that of PS4/Xbone. I think it’s stupid some of the criticism the Wii U gets and what is ignored on the other consoles. The Wii U’s real failing was the drought of games, which was 3rd party being bitches as well as Nintendo not keeping up with titles.

      1. 2012 was freaking awesome. Third party left and right. Ninja Gaiden over here. Assassin’s Creed over there. Tekken too with Mass Effect 3. Wii U had such a great launch. Now I’m sitting here wondering just what the fuck actually happened? Where is the support that it launched with? 3rd parties are pissing me off.

          1. Ahaha. I know. But I’ll get my fix when I get a PS3 or 360. Disappointed that people keep skipping the Wii U.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Get a PS3 if you must buy one…

              No Xboxes and PS3 is far superior to it in every way ust like PS4 is to the Xbox Done Last generation console confirmed…

              1. I know. But they do pretty much the same thing. I like the 360’s controller more but eh. I still want to play Sony exclusives. That’s why I’m unsure right now.

                  1. At this point, either console would be good. They are both late into their life spans and have a plethora of good games! Exclusives don’t even really matter- there are a lot of good 3rd party games on both the 360 and ps3. Black Friday is around the corner, and I have a feeling the last generation consoles are going to be relatively cheap.

                  2. I would disagree if they brought back those great games from the ps2 era like Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, etc.

          2. The pair of you are idiots. It launched with F-ALL. Yeah a re-hashed HD version of a 2D mario platformer. And a bunch of titles that were released a year before. The Wii U is gonna die. It will be Nintendo’s biggest mistake. It wont even reach 12 mil units.

            1. You’re an idiot. Basically every next gen console launched with ports. And so you’re telling me that just because the games launched later that they’re bad? Shut the fuck up. I bet you don’t even own a Wii U. I don’t give a shit if the games were released 3 years ago. If it’s good, I am going to buy it. And I can buy another console if I wanted all those other 3rd party games. Stupid fanboys like you are ruining gaming. Do yourself a favor and get a life.

              1. did I say it makes them bad ? No, idiot, learn to read. No. I dont own a Wii U. Because here in Australia. They are $450, games are 70-80 bucks. Yes. The current system launched with ports. But with big upgrades as well. The Wii U is on par with systems that are 7 years old. Where’s your 3rd party games now ???? oh. Yeah. exactly. How do you like those grapes

                1. Well, if you don’t have a Wii U, your argument is invalid. Stop judging the system before actually trying it. I don’t care if the Wii U isn’t as powerful as a PC, I care for the games. And for your information, I have that Mario rehash you are talking about. I play all types of games and consoles so I could care less about anything negative you have to say about the Wii U. I’m getting another system eventually because (surprise!) I like to play games! And I am going to love every freaking second of it unlike you coming on Nintendo articles just to bash a system. There are more important things in life to worry about than fight over a piece of freaking plastic.

                  1. my argument is very valid.
                    who mentioned PC, who mentioned not liking games, who mentioned fighting over plastic. I bet my money you’re a spotty 17 yr old. Either that or a complete pleb. Reading your comments on other posts, You’re obviously very immature. Obviously have a HOLLOW.head.

                    1. My age has absolutely nothing to do with it. That’s completely irrelevant. And if you’re older than me, then you aren’t really showing any level of maturity or respect for yourself. First off, you were the one that came on the internet telling me that I’m an idiot. And for what? Because I said the Wii U’s launch was great? And then you bash on the Wii U talking about how it has outdated hardware and no games. Yes, that’s very mature right there. And I am *almost* 17 too, so your argument fell flat there as well. I’m not even 18 yet and I’m probably more mature than almost every adult I know. I don’t hate on other consoles and worship a single company like some people do. Anyway, my point is, you can’t come on the internet trying to be smart and look cool by bashing on a piece of plastic. If that’s what your definition of maturity is, then I don’t know what is wrong with you.

                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    This skid mark here calls you imature but cannot even write correctly or give valid arguments without insulting like a little brat…

                    SO mature…

        1. I own all the games you listed, and that was just a few of them. I guess the thing is that sells were low, numbers were low. Which was true that first year, but now by all account the Wii U is there with the other consoles in install base and can’t be counted out because of that.

        2. Exactly. It had a decent launch for the 3rd parties to expand from it but with EA and Ubisoft being complete fucking whiny idiots neglecting and BS-ing reasons about Wii U that doesn’t exist. Look at Rayman. Ubisoft excuse its 9 month delay over sales when in less than 2 months, around Christmas, Wii U sold more than 3 million so HTF can they say that with a straight face and now the same stunt again with Watchdogs over the same weak excuse when its around 6.7-7 million units which is 1.5 ahead of Xbox One install base.

          Nintendo have flopped themselves but also its the 3rd party taking the negativity to a new level where it shouldn’t be right now over some deception of sales and power which Xbox One and PS4 fits the bill of “weak” power and gaming shortage. But of course, everybody is too fucking stupid and hypocritical to even bother to see the picture.

        3. You got ripped off if you bought Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U since the PS3 & XB360 got Mass Effect Trilogy for the same exact price. That was the start of EA giving the middle finger to Nintendo & it’s fans.

  2. I recommend wii u to anyone who appreciates games and is a true gamer. Not to ppl who follow hype or only play FIFA and cod

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

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        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

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                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Yes, fappy sauce that the pathetic ape Sasori the Xbot ejaculates from his toes after he shoves a jar of mayo far enough up his ass.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I call it the Fappy Sauce because you fap it out while fapping…

        2. Now you know XD and be careful if you have the bad luck of meeting him and don’t shake hands with him.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Thank the holy Triforce that our homewolrd is used to not greet with handshakes like western apes do…

              1. hahahahahahahaha. if i was him, and thanks heaven i am not, i would not “show” my fucking face on the internet again.

              2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Well at least its wasn’t filmed when Sasori was having that time of the month again, and by that time of the month, I mean the period when he shits buffalo sauce from his toes. That would’ve made it ten times worse.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Also, do you really think that something as idiotic as my comment of WTF bullshit was serious? LOL.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      These apes clearly have no sense of any logical or humoristic ingriedient inside their primitive cerebros…

  3. There is nothing worse than preacher that change so fast of opinion. Never trust that kind of source of information. We know what Nintendo can offer, and it is AMAZING.

  4. Well I’ve had mine since day one. So wasn’t really worried what others said. I suppose though publications saying good things spreads the love. So good for the fence sitters. I counted all my disc games and downloaded games earlier and combined I have a whopping 51 games on my Wii U. Compared to the 7 on my PS4. Watch Dogs isn’t in my PS4 collection I’m gonna see what the Wii U version is like before I consider it.

  5. Oh my! The mighty Kotaku has spoken!

    In all seriousness, Hyrule Warriors alone will make the Wii U a worthy purchase. In fact, I will finally be getting a Wii U when it comes out.

  6. it was worth it for me day one with nsmbu. such a very good game!! now, the drought was very annoying to just have my console doing nothing but netflix bur without that drought, i might not have given lego city a chance. that was the first lego game i bought and it was so much fun to play. i hope we get a lego city 2

    1. I was going to give Rayman Legends a chance because of the drought… Then Ubisoft had to pull that fucking stunt with pushing the completed game back so they could put it on the other consoles. They are lucky I even bought Assassin’s Creed 4. But now I’m even regretting that purchase since the PS4 seems to be the better version. Not to mention the fact it practically stripped away the touch screen controls for changing weapons that AC3 had with the Gamepad. :/

  7. I’ll admit that the Wii U is a great console, it has a lot of potential. I soon hope that Nintendo will put it’s unique features to the test.

    My only gripe with the system is that the range of connection between the console and gamepad is so damn small. Also the gamepad is very distracting. When I play MK8, sometimes I need to look at the map (even though it isn’t that great) and everytime I look at it… I either fall off the stage or go off-road.

    1. Same with me. I find using the pro controller and setting the gamepad in front of me kinda helps. but it’s still annoying to have to take my view off the tv.

    2. So much this^^ I really don’t use the gamepad unless it’s for Netflix or YouTube or Internet. Otherwise, I’m playing my games on the pro controller. It just has a better feel than the gamepad and a MUCH better battery life

      1. Yeah! The gamepad is definitely when using the apps especially the internet imo. I was suprised to see how fast it was.

        Anyways, I need to get a pro controller asap… I don’t thok I’ll last with the distracting screen. If only there was a way to just turn off the screen…

        1. Yea, I would recommend a pro controller to every wii U owner. The controller is really good for games and it has a great battery life. I picked mine up for $42 @ target

        2. Aha, definitely. You know, sometimes I just really feel the Gamepad should’ve been optional with the Pro Controller being the primary one. I mean, I always use my Gamepad, but ever since my charger broke, I had no idea how forced it actually was… It’s gotten to the point of annoyance. Some of my downloadable games for some unknown reason “require” the Gamepad. And oh man, I wanted to throw my Wii U out the WINDOW when it said the Gamepad was needed for Pikmin 3! (Got it free cuz of MK8 deal btw) I’m like wtf? I’ve used my Wiimote and Nunchuk on it before. I can’t access it now? XD Also, I can’t change my mii character, can’t post messages to Miiverse, can’t access certain stages in SM3DW, and worst of all, I can’t view the eshop. Sigh.

          1. Yea I know your struggle :/ I don’t like the fact that you need it for non gaming apps, because they can easily implement an update that allows the pro controller, wii mote etc to have full control over the The non game apps. One other annoying thing is that fact that when you turn on the system with the pro controller, the wii U gamepad has to be on the whole time -__- and also, you can’t even access settings without the gamepad…

    3. You suck that much? Lml. Simple look at the map when there’s a straight pathway so you can look at it quickly.

      1. Why would I use the map, when I’m going straight? If I’m going straight, I know were I’m going duh!!

        Also i look at the map to see what items the other characters have. Lets say they have a blue shell, well I could just back up and let the other person get blown up. Or if I had a star, and another character had a lightning bolt… O I would just use it idmediatly *facepalm*

      2. *facepalm*

        Why would I look at the map when there’s a straight pathway. If I’m going straight I know were I’m going lol.

        I also use the map to see what items other characters have. For instance, if someone had a blue shell, I could just simply move back to let the other person to get blown up. Or if I had a star and the person in last place had a lightning bolt. I could just imediatly use the star before I lose it…

        1. I fucking loathe the fact certain items make you lose the item you are carrying. I know it adds a competitiveness to it but it’s pretty annoying. Especially if you have the bad luck of having a Superhorn while in first place then getting hit by a lightning bolt or POW block then a red shell right after & a green shell immediately after that & then here comes the blue shell which will now hit me cuz the lightning bolt or POW block made me lose the bloody Superhorn. It hasn’t happened to me yet but I’m waiting for it. It’s bound to happen eventually.

    4. I do wish they had a range extender. :/ And don’t even bother trying to make use of the game pad in MK8, they totally fucked up any logical use of the damn thing. Call of Duty makes much better use of the game pad than MK8. D:<

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I wish the Gamepad got a cord attachment to connect to the console so I we don’t have any more pathetic Gamepad defectives…

  8. They’re right though. Was it worth it to buy one up until now? What was there? Pikmin 3? Yeah, I think so. Even now I would tell people to wait a little longer. I’d say January 2015, get one. Which is pretty sad considering that would be over 2 years after it’s launch.

    1. @starteam- While I do agree, for the most part, there is more than Pikmin 3. My family has really enjoyed Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wii Party U, Mario Kart 8, Zombie U, and Super Mario 3D World. It’s a great mutliplayer system, has the ability to play last gen games (+ all of the wii’s virtual console and eshop games), and has a pretty nifty controller.

      But, yeah, once Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs, and a few later titles (Xenoblade, Splatoon, and Mario Maker to name a few) release the wii u will definitely be the console to beat.

  9. Amiibo could really push the system this holiday if everything is done right. Buying little mac, megaman, greninja, pacman, mario, sonic ect. going to bleed me dry for them all

      1. to my knowledge, its not really connect to game, but its data kinda thing, the toy form is to get the attention of young audience, and collectors

        1. Yeah- if only… If these toys actually provided content for games, even the non-collectors/ non-children/ non-super-fans will flock to em’. If they allowed me to play as Link or Samus in Mario Kart 8, that would be really tight’

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Both need to be dropped in a vat of mayo so Chris Chan can smear it all over his flabs so much that he’ll be hearing the word “Kooloo Limpah” for a whole year every 5 seconds while Yoshida plays a game a Shamplatoon, Sony’s newest game that totally does not rip-off Splatoon, because it uses shampoo instead of ink and clones of Michael Jackson instead of squid people and stuff. Also did I mention that Kool-Aid man is an unlockable character?

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And then the Xbots will come with Shrimplatoon sponsored by doritos and nutjobs…

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Indeed, and the newest thing for us at the Vavle Republic is, now we have to learn to count to that number after 3.

  10. Gay Commander scared of sweet juicy pussy so he prefers dick in his ass crack lol FAGGADDY FAGGOT HOWS UR GAMEPad?

  11. its true
    the u dont have tripple a games, but they got real good and genius games with great gameplay and fun.
    ps4/one will have tripple a games.
    a real gamer has a nintendo and a sony/ms console.
    nintendo is like in the last gen the perfect second console.

  12. Ignoring that this guy needs to be added for the sake of MK8 and almost every single other online Wii U game since this guy owns them all.

  13. pink0crystal0midbus

    The Wii U is a great system. Anyone who isn’t a stubborn fanboy should want one. Everyone INCLUDING stubborn fanboys should own one ;)

  14. Needs two more things, Kotaku.

    A proper account system and digital store (with forgiving DRM in case of systems cratering).

    A price drop.

    1. It don’t need no price drop. Take out your $330 bucks and give Nintendo the money they deserve if you really want a Wii U. *sigh*

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          $8 won’t hurt you. Yes, still a little overpriced but would you rather buy a slightly overpriced digital, or would you rather buy a vintage physical copy which probably cost WAAAAY more than the VC titles?

          1. It hurts when there are quite a few titles that I would like is all. It’s not much to complain about for sure, but most all of the games stay just outside of my range for buying though. I’d rather save for a new indie game since I, like most people, have other ways to play most retro titles.

        2. Seriously, how the hell is $5-$8 for a single retro VC too expensive for you people and yet still waste $60 on COD every year I bet? Fuckers don’t know proper money values anymore.

          $5-8 is nothing. You can find that money by scavenger hunting in the streets in a day.

  15. Just sell your WiiU now it still has any value. And buy a ps4. And have so much fun. I had one, i can tell you Wii U vs PS4 is like Opel vs Bugatti.

    No lie.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And yet you prefer to be on our base than playing your so called “great” console…

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      And I can tell you that a man shoved his dick so far into a PS4 disk drive that he was electrocuted and ejaculated skittles and rainbows from his ass while the Wii U grew two legs, two arms, grabbed a dapper gentleman’s hat and walked up to HollowgrapeJ and said “Howz zhat Minecraft?” causing Sasori to pee jelly beans from his ears and shit a lady with a goatee from his pubes, who actually ended up being a jello monster that was eliminated by Nintendo Commander.

      No lie.

      1. Lol that was fun…
        I can tell by the way you tell your story your a very geeky person with no friends who’s behind his wii u console playing mario while its 30 degreez outside. I know it’s true, so don’t lie, you liarrr


        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          And I can tell that you like to shove your dick in a PS Vita while smashing his face in a blu-ray player while sucking Sasori’s buffalo sauce after shoving a jar of mayo far up his ass, all while Lord Gabe Newell flies overhead and rains jello from his armpits, creating jello monster that you ate which then in turn made you Chris Chan 1.2 going to a Wal-Mart holding a sign out that said “looking for a Boyfriend free girl” but instead you got Rosy O’Donald. I’m also sorry you ain’t getting this sexy body.
          It’s true, and its quite sad. But I’ll give you this chair made of ice cream so it can help with your butthurt.


    3. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

      Ps4 is a failed console you stupid. Where’s the fucking games?
      I thought this system suppose to be a powerhouse console and easy to develop games and WTF are you serious Last of Us C’mon Sony
      I have that game on my ps3

    4. I enjoy driving the Bugatti Veyron Supersport on NFS Wii U, which is is a great deal of fun. This is the only reply I can give you since arguing with blatant trolls something I try to avoid. I will say that I hope Sony doesn’t implode on themselves in the near future, because I like them still, and that is no lie.

    5. And WTF is PS4 is gonna give me besides crap like Knack and a Xbox Live knockoff online premium for free online play? I’m waiting until PS4 has a real game coming. For now, like Wii U in mid 2013, PS4 and Xbetamax DOne ain’t got shit.

    6. you *had* a PS4.. so i see it wasn’t that much fun after all

      i’ll be happy owning both once the PS4 actually has any decent games to play
      so yeah whatever.. screw you :)

  16. The problem that I have with third party is that they hype their games with more cgi trailers than actual game footage and sometimes those game footage changes over the course of time. Watch Dogs is an example. This E3 specially was mostly game cgi trailers than gameplay. Not saying Nintendo gameplay does not change over time too but they actually show gameplay when they announced their games. If not, How do you think Nintendo Won this E3?

  17. If Sasori is that annoying, can we just ignore him. I read all the comments and most of it is about him. The guy is not even joining the conversation and he still your guys’ topic…SMH.

  18. Lord Sasori is a gaming martyr and will return to expose those fanboys who prostitute themselves to the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Sasori has a message for Reggie Fils-Aime… “My bodies ready, bitch”

  19. Happy to see good news coming into fruition for Wii U. Wii U is worth a chance to be a great console on its own. It doesn’t have to copycat a PC and sport a plague of FPSs to sell itself to graphic/power drooling idiots.

    Games is about having fun, not admiring a fucking top notch virtual reality or art gallery.

  20. Digital Games Suck!

    I sure wish we had an HDTV in our den so my niece could hook up a Wii U. I’d buy her one for her upcoming 15th birthday. But all we have is a standard tv for her to play on. And I do NOT want to waste money buying her a Wii U and see her having to play in standard definition. *sigh*

  21. To be honest people here in Uk are easily influenced by the review and so call specialised media. I have a friend of mine who swear only bu MS and Sony, he came at home and we start playing Mario Kart 8, then I have to help my wife for the dinner. I let him play zombi U. At the end of the night he was gutted to listen to the media and not giving a chance to the wii U. It shows you how stupid and influenceable people are…. BTW new Wii U owner soon :-)

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