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Tomonobu Itagaki Believes Devil’s Third Will Bring In New Wii U Consumers

Dead or Alive series creator Tomonobu Itagaki believes fans will purchase a Wii U just for Devil’s Third. In a recent interview, the acclaimed Japanese video game designer said he wasn’t concerned over fan claims for additional platform ports, but freely admitted that many would buy a Wii U just for the hack and slash game, and that it will succeed in a similar vein to his past games’ history.

“I’m not concerned. Looking through my Facebook already I’ve seen a lot of comments that say, ‘I’m going to buy a Wii U just for this.’ I feel that ultimately gamers are the ones who make the future. I remember back when I took Dead Or Alive to the Xbox instead of the PlayStation – there was a certain Newsweek reporter who said, ‘Sony got steak and Xbox got hamburger.’ But what ended up happening is fans of my game came to the platform and it succeeded in the end. I wonder if looking back that reporter would still say the same thing now and if he’d be embarrassed about having written that article.”

Itagaki recently divulged information on his relationship with Nintendo and how Devil’s Third came to be an exclusive for the Wii U. He affirmed that 90 per cent of the game will display his original vision and all violence will remain intact. Despite the less-than-sharp graphics we’ve seen in Devil’s Third so far, let us know if you think the first-person shooter game can make a substantial dent in Wii U sales in the comments below.

61 thoughts on “Tomonobu Itagaki Believes Devil’s Third Will Bring In New Wii U Consumers”

  1. I for 1 have been waiting to play Devils Third Multiplayer since I saw it at E3, cant wait to spread Propaganda all over my friends and enemies when I’m Winning, the graphics do look a bit lackluster but now every time I see the game I’m not bothered by it at all because the Game is going to be Fun as Hell that you can be sure of.

    1. I already own a Wii U but he can count on my purchase. We need to support projects like these if we ever want to see more M-Rated Third Party games on Nintendo platforms.

    2. true the game has been in development hell for a long time and nintendo saved it. i dont why people are cry little children about the game’s graphics and what not, the game isnt not even close to finished and nintendo has made sure itagaki has enough resources to develop the game,we just have to wait. and P.S the multiplayer looks really good

    1. Yet you buy games like Call of Duty and Battlefield which are basically the same game every year… just saying.

    2. So does Minecraft, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the best selling games of all time.

      1. Minecraft has a specific “retro” vibe of art style of its own. Devil’s Third just looks like a Wii game, for a “realistic” type of gameplay they’re aiming for

    3. Were you a puddle, I wouldn’t get my feet wet stepping in you.
      That’s how shallow your comment makes you out to be, graphics whore.

      1. What makes you think I’m a graphics whore? A game like DT requires three things: Gameplay, Story, Graphics. So, right now, it’s failing badly for a certain section. Guess which one…

        1. The fact that you think Devils Third requires realistic graphics just to be good, failing without them, only proves my point; you’re a graphics whore that isn’t giving the game fair credit.
          It’s art style is just beautiful and sits the game perfectly fine; hyper realism is overrated.

          1. It’s art style is just beautiful? WTF? XD I’m not being a graphics whore, if this looked even close to the graphics of games like ZombiU, a moderate-looking game, I won’t be complaining. I’m not expecting them to push Wii U’s hardware, but the least they can do is make it look like a last gen game. But this looks like an Xbox 360 launch title, for fuck’s sake, and it seems like a lazy cash grab effort by the devs

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                No, you are an idiot. Graphics are never a reason to buy a game, in fact, any game. If that concerns you so much, then let’s get rid of old games that available digitally on PSN and VC, since everyone hates those games for its terrible graphics, even though NO ONE BOUGHT IT BECAUSE OF NICE LOOKING GRAPHICS back in the day.
                Another thing is, you say it’s failing in on one section, while the other two sections are succeeding, and you already claim it’s a fail, you also tell us graphics don’t matter, yet at the same time they do matter, your contradicting your own statement.
                I didn’t buy Uncharted for graphics, in fact, the graphics are sub-par to ok, but I bought it, because it had story, it had depth, it had fun. So now your telling not to buy it because graphics matter. Okay then, no more Uncharted for me.

        2. Because you called the game fugly & it looks like a Wii game. Hence, graphics whore. You are on a roll with your full retard aka sasori mode, Shuhei.

    4. what makes you think it wont sell?and please dont tell me bcos the wiiu isnt selling well bcos it is selling well.and please dont tell me the audience bcos nintendo audience have variety(we buy games that are good),and this game is still in development so ofcourse its not gonna look good for now but will be polished as time goes…so i ask again what makes you think it wont sell?

  2. Am definitely interested, but im notba new costumer :/ but at least we have another exclusive and i can’t complain .

  3. The previews I saw were underwhelming. Looks chock full of dopey tag lines and stereotypes. Almost like a parody.

  4. It won’t change anyone’s mind on the WiiU unless the game’s amazing, a step up in gameplay. Having said that, I’m still looking forward to it.

  5. This game looks like shit the early version looked awesome looking and it was going to be coming to 360 and ps3 first this is like a big middle finger to us devil third fans who were waiting for it aso why changed the characters to a gay skin head with a bunch of tattoos the original characters looked cool they basically changed the game completely to make it more western gayy

    1. The most obvious reason for the Nintendo exclusive is money. Maybe it wouldn’t have been financially feasible to continue development on their own so they took the same route as Bayonetta.

      People bitched about Bayonetta as well but don’t realize that a Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U is better than no Bayonetta 2 at all.

      1. They’re all un-fucking-grateful of Nintendo giving those games a second chance to shine because basically its Nintendo. Everybody thinks its fun to hate them aimlessly when they’re the ones not being major dicks to their consumers at spamming trash FPS or other boring ass games every 11 months, shoving DRM up everyone’s ass, overcharging DLCs or making GayStop provide some Day one in-game content bait to attract idiots to fall for their disappointing pre-ordering scheme. Oh and they give free online play as it should be.

    2. Obviously you’re blindly kissing Sony/Microsoft’s ass when they’re the ones who rejected this game just like Bayonetta by not funding it even when they had all that money to do it. Saying Nintendo is giving you the bird by finding the game themselves so that you can still enjoy it is by far the dumbest BS you have ever said and the most ungrateful because..its. Nintendo. You’ll hate them regardless because the jackass Internet friends says so without a legit reason.

      Grow a fucking brain. If you want this game so badly, then just buy the system. Problem solved. Wii U is never a terrible console. Everybody else wants to make it sound like it when it has its good moments just so you can waste cash on the other consoles that have failed to deliver the so called “next gen” experience which is all a PR lie to sell you a gimped PC box with hardly anything that makes you go “Wow. Its truly amazing”

      About the game’s design/character, that’s the developers call, not. Nintendo. They’re just publishing the game. Get your facts straight.

      1. non of the ps4 and xbox one are mad there not gettting the game. they have distiny, battlefield hardline and call of duty advance warfare.

        1. Exactly Sasori and you don’t own none of these systems…oh wait you want a xbox 360 exposed

      2. I think those that started gaming in the 7th gen–particularly w/ PS3 & 360–are angry when a 3rd party game is exclusive since multiplatting has become so common.

        But what I don’t understand is why they are fine w/ 1st party exclusives (except of course Nintendo, who they seemingly want as a 3rd party). Even more puzzling, they’re perfectly fine w/ Sony & MS having platforms that run different master source codes. Which is it? Do they want consoles (closed platforms rife w/ 1st AND 3rd party exclusives)? Closed multi-media boxes (only differentiated by 1st party software & manufacturer’s hardware visions)? Or a platform like PC or DVD players where there are multiple manufacturers but a single master source code (play the same game-disc on an HP, Dell, or Alienware PC, or the same DVD on a JVC, Panasonic, or Samsung)?

        Well, I love console-gaming & hope Nintendo keeps that paradigm alive.

    3. You don’t count as a real fan of the game if its change of system is enough reason for you to say it sucks.
      You’re just a Nintendo hater; real Devils Third fans are still on board for this game.

      1. ^^This. I’m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts so I’ll definitely be getting a PS4 for KH3 alone if that ends up being the only game on the system that I want to play. Same with Final Fantasy XV if the gameplay is just as good as the graphics.

    1. yea the multiplayer had better impression than the single player,the simgle will be polished soon enough.yea the multiplayer looks like fun and as much as it looks like those other generic shooter that has flooded the market, its actually very gonna pick this up with splatoon

  6. Seriously can’t wait for this and I’m sure it’ll attract some hardcore fans into the platform. :) Those hating on this game simply because its on a Nintendo platform much like Bayonetta for which they gave these game a second chance to live and this is how they thank them, are truly moronic.

  7. I tend to agree with that statement cause i think game like bayonetta,hyrule warrrior, zombie U, assassin creed 3. Devil the third will attract another type of audience. If xenoblade chronicle x is good as the first and contains the same theme as xenogear then yes, wii U will attract a larger audience.

    Just on the sidenote if people want that game and bayonetta then should buy the wii U instead of moan about the fact it’s a wii U exclusive. I wanted to play Batman knight on wii U but I can’t, so I would have to upgrade my PC for it.

  8. I plan to get a WiiU anyway and I love Nintendo. I’m a die hard fan of there IPs and games. I’m looking forward to this game. And the fact that I’m sure it’s still early in development and if he is working with Nintendo then I’m sure the game will look stunning like Bayonetta. And encourage more third party developers to develop of the game sells well.

  9. Devil’s Third may or may not be a system seller but it does get enough reaction to suggest there’s interest from non Wii U gamers. Hecklers can say all they want even if it’s killing them that they can’t play the game unless they buy a Wii U.

  10. yes we should get every adult game for the u to support it.
    but this game looks like crap.
    why we dont get the real good games.
    we get deus ex instat tomb raider.
    dont understand me wrong.
    deus is a awesome game, but everybody has it already.
    tomb raider was a new game.
    we get mass effect 3 and and the other system the trilogy for the price of one.
    its normaly that the people take the trilogy. the u is just the best second console you can have.
    but you need another console for the big tripple a games.

  11. pink0crystal0midbus

    I am excited for Devil’s Third. The game looks really innovative for a shooter. I really don’t care if the graphics look like the N64. As long as the game is fun, then it is worth a purchase.

    1. Devil’s Third looks like it’ll be the Wii U’s Red Steel since Ubisoft probably won’t be making a Red Steel 3.

      1. Whoa. I never thought of Devil’s Third in that way. Now I’m SUPER-hyped for DT. Seems I only need Ubisoft for Prince of Persia (& the impossible Buck Bumble remake), if their goals are any indication. I enjoyed the 1st Red Steel, thought 2 was way better, & yearned for a…whoa, 3rd. So yeah, DT has guns & swords, plus it’s Japanese! The ‘Red’ in ‘Red Steel’ is now rust.

        1. The fact the main character has a katana as his only melee weapon with different guns to choose from, it does give off a Red Steel 2 vibe for me. Minus the 1st person perspective.

  12. Can’t wait for the game. And it’s more third person than first person. So idk what you guys talking bout

  13. Ive been waiting for this game forever I’m not gonna buy a fucking wii u just play it. Dumb move incredible disappointment

    1. Well you are just one upset person, so it’s not a dumb move as I’m sure there will be many others more than happy to take your place.

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