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The Mercedes-Benz Mario Kart Advert Has Exceeded The Car Manufactures Expectations

Mercedes-Benz says that the Mario Kart advert has brought droves of people to their luxury showrooms in Japan and demand for their products have exceeded expectations. What is also interesting is that the Mercedes-Benz DLC has yet to be released, so no doubt interest will rise further. Here’s what the company had to say.

“[The commercial] was quite a talking point, bringing a lot of people to the showroom,” Mercedes-Benz Japan president and chief executive officer Kintaro Ueno commented. “This is a new market segment for us, but it has exceeded our expectations. I can say that it’s going well.”

126 thoughts on “The Mercedes-Benz Mario Kart Advert Has Exceeded The Car Manufactures Expectations”

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      They would most likely make a different commercial for the West if they decided to advertise in the West. The commercials here are obviously very different haha

  1. Question: Is that te actual commercial that will play on TV? Why didn’t they throw in a Mario Kart 8 logo or a Wii U logo in there somewhere?

    1. because this is neither advertisement for the wii u nor for mario kart 8, this is advertisement for mercedes

      the MK8 DLC is just another incarnation of that advertisement

      1. It’s Rosalina Kart 8, since most of the population who play, choose her and it’s mostly all guys too.

              1. Damn, haven’t seen you in a while. Where’ve you been? Me, GLaDos and NC had to beat down on some trolls without you.

            1. Luigi will always be in the dark. XP As much as I like him, Mario is upfront and Rosalina officially replaces Peach since she’s just a tomboy with Stockholm Symdrome over Bowser. XD

              1. Peach is a dumb blonde. She’s always getting kidnapped. How many times now? Like… 20? Lmao. Rosalina is better! (imo) She can rule the galaxy with her own little Luma babies and she has never been kidnapped. She would beat the heck out of Bowser if he ever tried to get his hands on her. Rosalina also has a better personality imo. Plus, she’s way more beautiful than Peach could ever be. Even baby Rosie is more fabulous than Peach! :3

    1. Dude, shut up about the stupid death stare. Infamously, that has gained too much recognition for being stupid like the Falcon Punch. I hope someone runs you over with the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And we all hope you get run over first so we can look upon your primitive roadkilled corpse…

  2. I’m gonna enjoy ridin’ like a baws in this car as Rosalina, but I wonder when we’re getting other DLC. Nintendo, I’ll gladly get money and buy more characters or tracks if you just make the DLC! C’mon!

  3. So you’re saying that all those racing games like Forza, Gran Turismo and Need for Speed never helped a Car sell but when free DLC for MK8 is released the car becomes a big success? Wow… just tells you that Nintendo have been hiding their actually GOOD marketing team away from the public

    1. No. What we’re saying is stop pretending to be me because its sad that somebody tried to imitate me in a pathetic way. Nice job at failing in life.

  4. mariokart is a spawn of Satan. First place the whole race and then I get hit with a shell of some sort and my dreams are crushed.

    1. 1-4th place is relatively safe. Anything below that and you’re stuck in a war zone. People with Triple Red Shells, Boomerangs, Starmen, oh the horror…

      1. It’s fun to be in the war zone from time to time as long as you don’t drop out and lose all your coins online tough. And lightning is bullshit and should be removed or changed that you don’t lose your item anymore… You don’t even lose it when you drive of the track and that’s your own fault…

        1. Yes, lightning is even worse than the Blue Shell. There is absolutely nothing that can stop it and no matter where you are, it ALWAYS hits you. Like say for instance, you’re in the middle of flying and boom. You plummet to the floor and lose your item and get taken back to the ramp. Meanwhile, the guy behind you hadn’t even gotten on the ramp. And he’s placed conveniently in front of an item box and is about to take off. Now that’s BS. XD

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


            If you kids can’t handle a super hardcore game like Mario Kart then you should go to bed earlier…

            1. I never said it was hard. I was only talking about how unfair the lightning is. Fail, Commander. XD

                1. Quiet, you. I’m not exactly an expert gamer, but I still try my best. Remember, overconfidence is the greatest enemy. Now, you go ahead and make fun of me, but I’ll be having the last laugh when you get obliterated by Blue Shell followed by a barrage of triple Red Shells and then getting lightning’d at the glider ramp only to fall off the stage. ;P

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I just had the urge to emotionally bully someone…


                    But we’ll race as soon as I get it back of course…

                          1. NNID: Superstickjr I’ll accept the friend request as soon as I can. Kind of busy right now so don’t panic if I don’t immediately accept. :P

                          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I don’t know, they’ll notify me whenever…

                            However if I don’t get an answer in 2-3 weeks I’ll call them…

                              1. So you’re telling us you have experience of spgetting screwed multiple times in second after the blue shell? Listen, I’ve been there but I don’t give in. I keep pushing on.

                            1. Commander, everyone has a softcore side in some type of game. Maybe you prefer to use auto-targeting or don’t go back to collect the star coins in Mario Bros. Besides how would you be a boss in a game like Harvest Moon, Mario Party, Animal Crossing and any other Casual/Sim/Party games XD.

                              1. … Ok, I admit. I don’t 100% my games. And I did not get all the Star Coins in NSMBU because it was too hard. XD

                                1. It’s ok I don’t either, I would probably have moved to another game by then, unless I absolutely love the game like SM3DW.

                                  1. Have you gotten enough Stars in SM3DW to reach the last level? There is one final world you get to for doing it and… it’s more like punishment than a reward! I have not beaten the final level to this day! And even if you did, you have to do it 4 more times with the other characters to fully 100% it. O~o

                                    1. I’ve gotten all characters and such, but I haven’t beat every level with all the characters. I even have Rosalina. :) (Sorry for Double post, weird tablet)

                                    2. I gotten through all the worlds and all the levels, and have Rosalina. Only thing I haven’t done is cleared EVERY level with EVERY character. Too much backtracking. Guess I’ll always be softcore.

                                  2. And if you ever want to race online in MK8 my NNID is dejahc. I’m free to play almost anytime since its summer.

                                1. Ever got struck while in the middle of flying? Mhmm.. Yeah, that’s why. XP Also, you are temporarily frozen for about a second, so if you’re drifting a tight corner at full speed past lava and get lighting’d, well… you’re screwed.

                          3. No its not because it affects everyone except the user and if you’re in first, oh well. Ride it off and keep going when its over.

                            Blue Shells is to be feared for many reasons like being in 1st near the finish and then get screwed by one while the next person behind takes you quick. Lightning slows everyone down which is more fair for you to sustain top position. IDK about you but Lightning is nothing. I’m more scared of getting hit by Boomerangs, Piranha Plant and fireballs than Lightning or Blue Shells. XP

                      1. If I play online two player one of the two people will be massacred with every item, it is usually me lol

                      1. No I just got a gold kart all I need now is the gold glider and I’ve done everything possible on this game :D

                        1. Oh.. I see. I remember when my family used to be like that not too long ago. We’re doing better, but I remember back when we used to only live off noodles. I’d be lucky to bet even one game a year. Lol. The only reason I have all my games now is because I get paid to baby-sit my Auntie’s kids. They’re a handful but definitely worth it. I would suggest taking up some chores or something from your parents to earn money. That’s how I used to get money before I was baby-sitting… Yeah, times are hard these days…

                        2. so, you are saying that you would get this game??. maybe… if it gets a price cut??. congrats for not insulting people here.

                        3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          So are you not going to buy it because you’re “poor” or even if you weren’t you’d still not?…

                          1. Yeah, I told you guys it might have been money problems. He doesn’t necessarily hate Nintendo. He just isn’t able to buy all of their games. And with the limited amount of money he gets, he just may not find it worth it anymore.

                              1. As the classic song “hammer to fall” says rich or poor or famous for your truth it’s all the same.

                              2. Yeah, but you see, that’s one of the effects of money issues… First it’s regret, then it turns into jealousy. Sasori might’ve been jealous of all the other people that owns other consoles with all the games he likes to play. Then it results to anger which causes him to hate Nintendo for not offering these games he wants. I used to be the same way. Now I bet if Sasori owned a PS4 or Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc, with his Wii U, he wouldn’t even be the Sasori we know.

                                1. I see, i got a job because i want to buy things i like and i don’t like to ask my parents for money although they always say me that if i need some money i can ask them, but you know things are worth when you fight for them.

                                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  No, instead he would become an arrogant brat like Blackbond or the other tiara wearing fools that don’t know anything about struggles…

                                  And I guess I understand that most are not strong enough mentally to control or not having jealousy etc etc…

                                  I’ve personally never had such issues, mainly because I’ve never seen myself inferior to any ape ever…

                                3. If he has money issues why he wants to spend money on a console?
                                  sorry i can’t accept it, he has to save his money to support his family.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    He is “poor”, meaning he can afford the important things but not much of the Entertainment Life…

                                    But why someone buys games first instead of the console is beyond me…

                            1. Money should not be a problem, i’m not going to annoy him today, but if money is the issue why he doesn’t get a job?

                            2. Knowing the value of a dollar has nothing to do with poverty. It’s a good life lesson, unfortunately not many schools teach it or show you how to handle obsessive cumpulsive shopping/behavior.

                            3. No. Now he wants to act nice because he got his own ass banned and disgraced so much that he’s trying pathetically hard to not expose himself again. I ain’t buying this “change of heart” BS, not from a self-racist Brokeback gorilla like him.

                        4. I’m not going to insult you, but why you don’t get a job? you can work half time. I work half time in a store i even sometimes help as a volunteer in an animal shelter.

                              1. Wow, check you out! :P Haha. I’m 16 and I’m looking for a job currently so I can start making money. I know my mom has other responsibilities so it’s only fair I get a job and get my own things. I’m gonna miss those days where I used to get Christmas presents, birthday parties, and stuff though…

                                1. I work at a friend’s store and it could not be the best job ever, but at least i can pay for the stuff i like, i don’t know why some people say that saving money is hard.

                        5. and yet you still buy Xbox games for a system you don’t have.

                          If you’re poor, why buy games that are more expensive or about as expensive for a system you don’t have?

                          Once again…


                  2. if this was a U.S. article about U.S. dealerships..the good news could be attributed toward people actually thinking they can run over goombas in real life.

                  3. This is so ugly. So very very ugly. These Mc Donald promos are disgusting as well. I am playing on Nintendo systems since Game & W0atch and NES but if they will push these ingame ads and other promos they can kiss my ass.

                    1. Did you tell the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to kiss your ass, too? Those are filled with ads, but no one gives a shit.

                    2. And this is disgusting to market their own content by any necessary means..why? Nintendo has done this man times before and now you find this disgusting? Slow in the head much or busy kissing Microsoft’s monopolistic ass to care what Nintendo has done for the best?

                  4. Sasori should go on kickstarter and do what that one guy who got a shit ton of money to make a potato salad :D

                  5. Really random, and a bit weird. Kinda cool that we get a free kart out of this though, I do hope that this is the start of DLC for the game, I’d love to see new kart parts and characters.

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