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Persona Q: The Wild Cards Premium Edition For Europe Available To Preorder, £69.99 Plus Postage

Thinking about purchasing Persona Q: The Wild Cards Premium Edition for Nintendo 3DS? Well, it’s going to cost you £69.99 plus postage if you want the privilege of owning the special edition from NIS Europe. The special edition contains the following additions.

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth game.
  • Persona Q-themed protective Nintendo 3DS
  • “Sounds of the Labyrinth” music CD
  • Exclusive art book
  • Eleven Persona Tarot Cards
  • Collectible outer box.

28 thoughts on “Persona Q: The Wild Cards Premium Edition For Europe Available To Preorder, £69.99 Plus Postage”

  1. Is this coming to NA? If I manage to save up enough money, this might be the first collector’s edition of any game I’ve ever bought! ^_^

      1. Oh, I see. That’s a bit higher than I expected, but I’ll gladly take it. I just hope I can get my money up in time for it. I hate missing out on collector’s editions! I want to own at least one in my life! And this will have to be that one… Plus, it comes with an exclusive 3DS pouch. I want to brag to my cousin when he isn’t able to buy it from the store. Haha. :]

          1. Another arrogant asshole. Let the kid be, he might be going through a rough patch, or like most Nintendo Die hards, he’s a scholar trying to get his life together. You fucken prick.

            1. Ok then, the comment will now be redirect to you, cuz I bet you that young boy up there slacks at school and play video games all day (and/or browse the Internet), it’s not his fault it’s Americas,

              1. The amount of stupidity in the comments on this website is astonishing. Usually, I would write a really long rebuttal to a comment like yours, but I’m not even going to waste my time. This website is about video games. What do you expect me to do? Explain my whole life story? Please, just stop with the ignorance.

                  1. My bad…..

                    I thought the truth would make him realize, but only offense came from it, the ignorance is harsh but spoke from the heart, not everyone is perfect but there very presence in this worth is a miracle, for any of us it’s a miracle, may the world (and this website) live on

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  And you’re only 16, what does he expect, foryou to have a billion dollar company?…

                  The arrogance of apes today is amusing…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Says the Xbot who wants to buy a console to watch movies…

                      Xbot, go home…

        1. You should be really happy about the $80. 70£ is nearly $120. 70€ would be about $95. Gaming is a really expensive hobby for us Europeans, and South Americans + Africans have it even worse. Lucky, lucky Americans. q:

          1. Well, yeah I am pretty grateful for that. It’s cheaper over here, so I’ve got a better chance at getting it. I hope I can possibly pre-order it before it becomes available. I’m definitely not missing out on it.

  2. Wii U ha a HUGE lineup of games. Can’t wait for these
    Guru so no-oniyana dash!
    Far Crass 1
    Naruio-Seganray Ney Hop
    Garena’s Wonderful Magic Circus
    Day Soon Sedia
    Kekenan Lurus
    Pan dang kehadapan
    Unesco Upi Gaia
    Hop!!! Henray gekko diyap

    1. And these too;
      Bandai Namco’s Happy Happy Clown World
      Mario-su Kurisu Hecate
      Dari-Kiri, Cepat Jalan
      Hentak Kaki Cepat Hentak
      Yeama-ni Farin
      Yoshi’s Wonderful Land

      Eat my shit Xbots and ponies!

  3. NIS Prices are shitty as Hell and this one proves it again.
    That’s around 90€ in Rate of today, a bit more and it would be double of the Price Muricans pay for it, especially if you go further, because this is only raw Price. On Top of this there is a Ton of Shipping Costs for european Customers if you order from somewhere else than UK.

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THERE. Not even if you have Shitloads of Money. You can spend it for better Purposes.

  4. From experience, I usually feel that Limited Edition are bragging rights and aren’t really worth the extra money.

    However, I’m a Atlus (moreso Persona) fanboy…so that limited edition is VERY tempting.

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