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Golden Sun: Lost Age Listed By PEGI For Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo Europe has submitted Golden Sun: Lost Age to the PEGI ratings board for the Wii U Virtual Console. The game was listed today by the company and was recently released on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console. We also heard today that Mega Man 7 was also rated by the European ratings board for the Wii U Virtual Console.

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31 thoughts on “Golden Sun: Lost Age Listed By PEGI For Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. it would make sense if it came to vc. I hope the ds one makes it over too and a 3ds sequel needs to happen.

    1. Agreed. It’d be nice to have all 3 games downloaded side by side on the Wii U. I’d prefer to have them downloaded side by side on the 3DS for when another sequel comes out, so I can download it right next to it’s predecessors. But this will just have to do.

    1. When is this stupid PEGI system going to go it’s just ridiculous as nobody pays attention to the ratings anyway!

  2. I think VC is a good idea but terribly executed. Any PC today can emulate the roms, upscale, filter etc, making the experience so much better then VC. Who wants to pay such rediculous prices for an over 10 year old GBA rom on a lazy emulator? The 3DS GB VC should have upscale as well with SGB support. Today I much rather play GB emulators on my PSP, which shouldn’t be the case if Nintendo put some effort in it. Buy 40 VC games and you might just as well pay for a sexy Hyperspin HTPC with 1000s of games and options.

      1. Even though I wouldn’t wanna promote piracy either, I hardly think anybody cares about piracy on 10 year old games. If it makes an impact at all, it’s minimal at best.

        1. That doesn’t excuse the action.
          Spring official versions of games is how we, as gamers, ensure that their creators will be around to create more entries in the series we love; piracy runs counter to that, and in the long run it does leave an impact, because it slowly becomes a trend.

    1. Well emulators are never 100% perfect however; while Nintendo’s emulations are practically perfect. Also, at least nintendo putting some more effort in their VC games now on the WiiU like save states and pixel perfect filters on their GBA games.

  3. I keep hoping that Nintendo will keep Golden Sun around. By far one of their most underrated series, and it also deserves a sequel.

    1. word. though I think it’s safe to say that Golden Sun is pretty much Nintendo’s most underrated series, and (on a somewhat unrelated note) SSB4 would be the perfect opportunity to give GS that needed “Colbert Bump” in order to expose it to a wider audience, much to how SSBM introduced Fire Emblem to thousands of gamers that were once oblivious to it.

  4. Yay! Now I’ll have all three games in my 8th generation consoles thanks to the retrocompatibility of 3DS!!!!

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