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Best Buy: Wii U Bundle New Super Mario Bros U And New Super Luigi U For $259.99

Best Buy is currently offering gamers the chance to snap up a Wii U console at a discounted price. The latest Wii U Deluxe bundle includes New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U and is priced up at $259.99. The bundle normally retails for $299.99.

Thanks, Jason P

22 thoughts on “Best Buy: Wii U Bundle New Super Mario Bros U And New Super Luigi U For $259.99”

    1. 260 is more than enough for 2 games and the system. Giving them Mario Kart would make it go up 320 since it’s giving you 4 games if you lock in the code online.

      1. That’s why 260 for a console and 4 games would be incredible! I’d be tempted to buy it just so I could sell it on Ebay and make a profit. I’m sure that a lot of people would buy the console at that point

          1. Hey, I am the 5 Dollar Bin guy after all. De Blob, Nerf N-Strike, Geometry Wars, all of these games I recently bought at Gamestop in the 5 Dollar bin and it’s always worth it. It’s why I can’t imagine paying 260 so easily

          1. It would be the latter I suppose. I do own a Wii U and PS3, but the highest price thing that I’ve bought recently would be a video game for 10 dollars. I’m typically a penny pincher

      1. $260 for a brand new next gen console with an exclusive Gamepad and 2 bundled games is too much for some people who would likely pay more for something else that has less or nothing interesting…

        That’s stupid and cheap logic.

    2. $260 for a next gen Nintendo console with Gamepad bundled with 2 games together is expensive?

      Damn you cheap asses don’t know good value and I bet you’re eyeing for a Xbox One/PS4 that hardly offers any good games and exclusive differences between one another beside the gimped PC hardware.

      1. I am going to get a PS4 at some point, but no way would I ever buy it Year 1! I’ll get it at some point in early 2016 when there are a lot of good games to get.

        Now, a good value is the new KFC 5 dollar Fill em up. You essentially get a chocolate chip cookie with two side orders and some chicken if I recall correctly. Drinks not included…but that’s okay

  1. I might get it at best buy but then again I just started work at target and I only get 5% & if I do a target card I get more which kind of stinks cause I think i is like a credit card but I’ll get my 3ds games there for sure

  2. Best buy is the worst place to buy ANYTHING. Example: Special offer for 1 week, but we can only cover 1 day with the stock we have, yeah, best buy logic, go 1 week but cover 1 day

  3. Don’t forget if you are in the US, you can get a Nintendo Refurbished, with one year warranty 32 gig system AND Nintendo land for $200. You want a deal, there you go. When my brother’s arrived, he could not believe it wasn’t brand new.

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