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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Listed For $39.99 At Kmart

We’ve yet to hear about an official price point for the upcoming Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Wii U, but Kmart have the adorable game listed up at $39.99. Hopefully this is the official price for the game, but we won’t know for sure until nearer release.

Thanks, Kyle

111 thoughts on “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Listed For $39.99 At Kmart”

      1. Poor Nova needs to change his/her/its name to feel like it accomplished something over people. What is your next plan, little one?

    1. I was ready to pay $60 for a full retail game. Now I only have to pay $40 for a full retail game. Win.

        1. You make me wanna cry as I am a gamer who enjoys Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Apple iPad Air, and my custom built three monitor PC, all equally.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Adorable, like every other child your still trying to learn.

                  Here, let me give you a life lesson. Copying and asking a question are two different things. But don’t worry your developing brain is still learning.

  1. I’m glad they are not marking this up to the full $59.99 price. I don’t think the game is worth that much so it’s nice they marked it down $20. If they pack it full of content with at least 8 worlds, then I will agree that this is a fair price ( 8 worlds=8 world bosses).

  2. Hopefully that’s the actual price, i really liked the Toad levels in 3D World but a FULL game made of a minigame is not something i would pay $60 for. (Anyways i will still buy it cuz it’s Nintendo)

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious the levels are not just mini games. They are full fledged levels…otherwise, yeah…who’d want to pay full price for that?

  3. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

    I don’t really care how much it’s going to cost.
    If I can enjoy and have fun with it
    Hey what the heck 60 bux is nothing

  4. It depends on much content they plan on adding before I plan thinking about getting it, the mission were fun in 3D world.

    1. Not really. Its a solo adventure starring Toad and I think this is something new they should try. They gave Luigi a solo series so why can’t Toad have one?

      1. Except Luigi was the same stages but with different characters and a shorter time limit. This is all NEW content. You’ll still have puzzle levels, but they’re adding FPS stages, boss battles and more. The demo was only a taste of it.

    1. You really shouldn’t judge it based on the price. Nintendo prices almost every one of their freaking retail games at $60 and NSMBU for example is worth about $30. Lol, at least this is all new.

        1. Lmao that’s a bit harsh there. I haven’t played any DKC games yet so I don’t know about that. I still hate that they priced it $60 like every other game though…

          1. I’m pretty sure it was $50 at some places depending on where you went, but I didn’t have a problem paying $50 or $60. The game was great, the levels, the character selection, and the music itself is one of the best video game soundtracks in YEARS. Reminded me of how video games are “supposed to” sound.

              1. A shame… for you, anyway. I enjoyed the music, the levels, & the villains just like Zedd apparently did. As for the price, it was more than appropriate. Just because you felt it was too much doesn’t mean it was. The only place I see people disliking the game’s worth is here & it’s only been from like 3-5 people.

              2. Villains were definitely poorly designed compared compared to the Kremlings, but nothing’s ever gonna feel right til we get them back. Music though was definitely great, I have it on my iPod even it’s so good, and I only have like 5 or 6 video game soundtracks on there out of like 15,000 songs. Obviously we are going into opinion with music, so we can both say whatever we want about why we like or dislike it, but it’s not gonna change the others’ opinion. Level design I found to be good, I don’t know what you expect from a 2D platformer. It’s never gonna be Lost Levels hard, if that’s what you’re looking for.

        2. Definitely not, $50-$60 was a fair price for it. Just cause it’s a 2D platformer doesn’t mean it didn’t take a lot of work to make like some 2D platformers. Mario U I wouldn’t even say is as low as $15 in value. Certainly not DK though, it was a great game.

            1. How so? DKC 1-3 all cost the same. This is a similar game with HD graphics and such. and things that just weren’t possible on the old systems. Just cause it’s not your type of game or you think it isn’t good doesn’t mean it didn’t cost a lot of money to make it. HD costs extra. The fact video games have only gone up $10 over the years per game is not bad at all considering how pricing of other things seems to go up and up over the years.

      1. I would say $50 instead of $60. It was a BS price for a rehash just like COD and don’t say COD is different. Its always the same game since COD4.

        1. Lol nah. 3D WORLD deserves to be $50. No, it deserves to be $60! NSMBU should’ve been $40 at launch and $20 now. It is a disappointment. NSMBW is much better imo. Only thing U has over it is HD. Which isn’t even that impressive in the game. And what noob needs Miiverse for that game? It’s easy lol. 3D World is supreme. God tier. Blows Mario U out the water. Lol.

      2. This is just a mini game from SM3DW, taken out and made into it’s own game, i’ve seen footage, and it’s deffo not worth paying $40 for; especially when a lot of people still think it’s an eShop game.

  5. $40 does sound sweet but a bit too generous for Nintendo to start with. $50 would be fair enough and as high as it can go.

  6. $40 sounds like the sweet spot. You have an all new franchise that not many people will recognize (even though he was in SM3DW) and pricing it too high will turn away interested buyers. Most people (especially during the holidays) don’t take the time to actually see what a game is about, but Captain Toad looks appealing, is a recognizable character, has Nintendo on the front, and is priced reasonably lower than other Wii U games.

    Smart move Nintendo; if the rumor is true anyway.

  7. I’d gladly buy it for 60 bucks if it’s a long game since I enjoyed the levels in SM3DW, but 40 bucks sounds awesome!

  8. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    call of duty blacks ops camping was soo amazing. 8.7/10 for me. raul Menendez is really an interseting and deadly and smart enemy the game. the level dese and scope was beautiful and well played. it was frincken cool to play as a yemen soldier next to Menendez sometimes in the camping. soo much betrayal plot and miss assumptions during the 6-7hour camping. there’s even 3-4 endings of what happens to that bastard ……. Menendez :).
    worth $49.96 for me. treyech devs and ubisoft have even put more effort on wii u than nintendo. it felt so awesome to fly on a drone and ride on horses. i have reached rank 33 on the multiplayer. gotten above 200-300 kills. the game needs a bigger player base.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Oh look it’s the Xbot still providing no proof that third party’s worked harder on the Wii U than Nintendo. Also no one cares about your kill score that a 12 year old can wipe his ass with his 3000 kills.

        1. I think you underestimate how long that actually takes. Lol. Especially with people who play the game way better than you do.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I get about 40-50 kills a round…

            So no these that are “better” than me obviously are not…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                If I play it again I would, I haven’t played a CoD since BO2…

                There is a difference hating a franchise for it’s lack of innovation and milking and having played it and be good at killing…

                  1. Since it’s never really done it before, I say Call of Duty, in order to be innovative, is to release a new game that has so much content & replayability that it will last til the next generation of gaming starts. Call of Duty has never done anything like this before so it’s quite innovative for a franchise like itself. How is that for innovation? lmao

                    1. That doesn’t mean innovation though. People would just see it as a really long Call of Duty and skip all of that and go straight for multiplayer mode. I think they tried to change things with Ghosts and like I said before, people don’t like change.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Stop teasing your elder, it might lead you to your own demise kid…

                                1. Seriously, he slammed the knife into the table at like full speed with no indication of whether or not it could have chopped the boy’s finger off. They must’ve had to practice that several times. That kid must’ve been pretty brave.

                                2. Or it’s the usual Hollywood “magic,” Hollow. It looks like that’s the case but in reality the knife or the boy’s hand is most likely CGI. I guess I’ll just have to watch The Mummy Returns with the commentary on one night.

                                3. Anyway, I always loved the kid’s face when the guy told him he actually missed, realizing the guy was trying to actually stab his little hand.

                      2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Triple, no commander, not twice, from my calculated analysis, you would get quadruple the amount in a day.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Well if I play like a coward then yes but my gameplay style is very aggressive and I don’t care about dying…

                          For each kill, on average I kill about 3-4…

                1. Most modern games are 60 add 40 for the pass or add 20 3 times aka easy to play games like Battlefield Call of duty and Assassin’s Creed. It’s disgusting.

                  If captain toad was dlc then anyone with the game couldn’t play.

                  It should be 140 because its going to be a good challenge that requires thought unlike most modern fps games that 4yrs can beat in one sitting

                  Also xbox one is flopping HARD…. fuckin rot xbox brand

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