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CoroCoro Reveals Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, Mega Salamence, Plus Shiny Beldum


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication CoroCoro has revealed Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Salamence in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The important information that you need to know about each Mega Evolution is listed below.

  • Mega Altaria is Dragon / Fairy and has Pixilate. Its Attack gets a boost. It’s the exact same weight as before, but taller (1.5m vs. 1.1m).
  • Mega Lopunny is Normal / Fighting and has Scrappy. Its Attack and Special Attack are improved. It’s slightly taller and much lighter than before (Mega: 1.3m / 28.3 kg, Normal: 1.2m / 33.3 kg).
  • Mega Salamence is Dragon / Flying and has Aerilate. Its Defense gets a boost. It’s taller and a little heavier than before (Mega: 1.8m / 112.6 kg, Normal: 1.5m / 102.6 kg).
  • Details can’t be seen right now, but players can get a shiny Beldum with its Mega Stone via an event when the games come out.
  • A new character, Lucia, is a Contest Idol and gives you clothes that you can wear for Pokemon Contests. She owns an Altaria.
  • Pikachu gets special Pokemon Contest moves when you dress it up. Pikachu Rock Star gets Meteor Mash, Pikachu PhD gets Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star gets Draining Kiss, Pikachu Belle gets Icicle Crash, and Pikachu Libre gets Flying Press.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

61 thoughts on “CoroCoro Reveals Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, Mega Salamence, Plus Shiny Beldum”

      1. That must suck knowing you wasted all that time breeding for nothing. That’s why I just look for shiny pokemon at the friend safari. If you’re worried about the nature, just use the synchronizing method. I’ve gotten two shiny adamant metangs, two shiny timid charmeleons, two shiny naive shellgons, and a shiny timid female gardevoir. It literally took me no more than an hour to find each one.

    1. Nobody cares what you think. Also, your little dots are really getting stupid and out of hand. Type like a normal person, wow.

      1. Oh..! Those dots must really burn… I’m sorry this annoys you… It’s okay… I get annoyed when people talk…
        robot… Are you annoyed even more yet..? If not, I can keep going…
        the… dots, bub…

  1. Love Mega Lopunny
    Love Mega Salamence
    Love Pikachu costumes
    Love the return of trainer customization
    Love the idea of mega altaria, that design though, meh
    also why the fuck is it’s attack being raised, I’ve always imagined it as a special attacker

  2. That Mega Salamence though, lmfao. Is that really the best they could come up with for a kickass dragon Pokemom, a frisbee/boomerang crossbreed ?

    1. It isn’t the best design but I think it still looks good. It kind of looks like it fits, though, with how Salamence looks. @.@

  3. “A new character, Lucia, is a Contest Idol and gives you clothes that you can wear for Pokemon Contests.”

    That kind of makes me worry that we may not be able to change our trainer’s default clothes and run around with them at all, but only able to change it during events such as contests. Hope they didn’t take out the trainer customization.

    1. I doubt they will, it was extremely popular in X and Y, at the very least they’ll have different hair, eye and skin colours because obvious reason is obvious

    2. I hope not. If it is, it won’t be the first time GameFreak took a step back after going two steps forward.

  4. Goddammit Im getting tired of Pikachu…. I mean you could save theres not enough space for each pokemon to get costumes, Pikachu is like the spokesperson for pokemon but goddamn.


    1. Well they have Gallade, which can be seen as the male counter part to Garvedoir. Even so there’s always been tons of girly pokemon, but that doesn’t keep people from using pokemon.

      1. Yeah already knew gardevouir, had gallade as a male evolution. I was referring lopunny to gardevouir because only the male kirlia can evolve into gallade by giving it a soften stone. Maybe if you train bunneary a sorteb way or whatever, you can some how evolve into a male counterpart of lopunny. Just like gardevouir and gallade

      1. I’m not complaining, I’m just merely stating my opinion. And what’s so “absurd” giving a “opinion” about male and female counterpart evolutions. That just like saying nidoqueen and nidoking are just simply irrelevant. Including all the other male and female pokemon counterparts evolutions

        1. “Lopunny needs a male counterpart because it’s too girly” it’s a complain, not an opinion, and it’s absurd because that would lead to dual evolutions for every single pokémon that shows the slightest gender characteristics. It’s just as ridiculous as saying that Machop should have a female only evolution because Machoke is too manly.

          1. Well it’s mix of both. Your point reached. And your right not all Pokemon need this gender based evolution. That why they have appearance differences. But the other some of Pokemon that can’t just simply get away with that should have gender based evolutions. (Machoke) But since this “opinion” is so “absured” to you. I guest: latias and latios, illumise and Volbeat, meowstic, mothim and wormadam, vespiqueen, etc. Were all just merely absured designs.

            1. By your own argument, since Lopunny is based on female models and bunny girls, it can’t get away with the male based evolution.

              There’s a fundamental difference between the designs you listed and the Gardevoir/Gallade case: all of them were introduced in the same generation (which is VERY important, since the design is already established as either male, female or one for each) and there’s nothing in their preevolutions that marks them as male or female (unlike Kirlia). Besides, half of them are based on insects, with show MUCH greater differences between members of each gender than other animals.

              1. Well i just think the who based on male and female designs. Should have gender based evolution or appearance that holds strong to there gender. And a may be wrong, but wasn’t the gradevoir evolution chain was just ralts>kirla>gradevoir, in till they added gallade a generation later by giving a male kirla stone. Which is way you can have a male and female gradevoir. If so way can’t they simply just do that with Bunneary and such.

                1. “And a may be wrong, but wasn’t the gradevoir evolution chain was just ralts>kirla>gradevoir, in till they added gallade a generation later by giving a male kirla stone”

                  Yes, that’s exactly my point. The design and evolutionary line were designed with a femenine look in mind. Later, someone came and made Gallade, turning a dancer into a knight. It makes zero sense, even in pokémon standards. If a design looks male or female (and it was INTRODUCED as that), it should stay that way, independently of the genre.

                  1. Well let’s just end on a happy note and all I have to say is, in till they make a male alternate to lopunny I’ll capture or use it in the gender of female. A shiny pink male mega lopunny is just a no no in my book. I’m not sexist or anything. I just really love to see a male lopunny. Because right now I just breed a male shiny buneary with max out ivs. And I’m gonna leave it that why in till a male design or something comes out for it. Just breed a female one for this mega. As a sigh off note. (Wonderful weather we’re having today.)

                  1. In my last comment, I’ll just continue to capture Pokemon that’s based on primarily one gender. In that gender it’s based on. ( Still what a nice day we’re having. )

                    1. People need to learn that what anatomically seems female to humans might not be the same thing for other creatures.

  6. Just what we needed, a Mega Evolution for Lopunny. As if the PokeFurries needed to cream themselves even more. -_-

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  8. Something I just thought of… Has any Pokémon that evolves using an evolutionary stone had a Mega? I don’t remember any…

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  10. I want to see Eevee get a mega evolution since it doesn’t really need to evolve to be a great Pokemon. Hell! I’m shocked Pikachu hasn’t gotten a mega evolution just because it’s the Pokemon mascot. xD

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