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Treyarch Finally Release Nuketown 2025 For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U

Activision and Treyarch have finally released the Nuketown 2025 map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Wii U almost two years after the game’s release. The news came as a welcomed surprise to many Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players on the Wii U. The zombie themed DLC map Die Rise has also apparently popped up in the game’s menus.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


46 thoughts on “Treyarch Finally Release Nuketown 2025 For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U”

    1. everybody i think people have been playin diner zombies turned on the wii u version theres 8 people that have been playin check it out on the wii u leader boards

  1. Better late than never. Hopefully it’s a good sign that they’re still committed to Wii U and that we’ll get Advanced Warfare.

  2. That’s awesome. I just picked it back up again a few months ago for $20 I had a Zombie-Twitch itch.

    It updated last night, I wonder if that’s what it was?? :D And a new Zombie Mode perhaps?

    1. well not all of them on diner zombies turned i spotted that 8 people have been playing turned on wii u i think there testers or something

  3. Nuketown is not appearing in any other online modes, there’s no Nuketowm zombie map and why add Die Rise if it isn’t there?

    This update was a huge waste of my time.

  4. 3 Scenarios:
    1. Treyarch hinting at Advanced Warfare for Wii U.
    2. Treyarch giving Wii U owners something nice because they won’t get Advanced Warfare.
    3. Summer interns were given the task of porting Nuketown to Wii U.

  5. fuck wack ops 2! try giving us dlc on ghost you know your latest installment instead of releasing dlc on a 2yo game that has only 200 people online or less at any given time

      1. Very true and Black Ops II is better than Ghosts. I think even Treyarch realise that. That’s why we got DLC for the older game.

        1. real gamers dont play lag

          ghostz is unplayable because of lag

          ops2 is unplayable because of lag and broke wii remote that feels like aiming thru jelly

          there both fucking dog shit

          1. Black Ops 2 doesnt lag if the the connection is good. Ghosts does because IW were lazy at building that game.

      1. I was just playing it and I have no problem with lag at all, there are also a little over 2000 people playing the game…

  6. Tried it today and it really works. The Wii U finally has Nuketown 2025. About time! Now let’s hope we also get Nuketown Zombies sometime soon.

  7. Thank you Treyarch :3 They most likely had to fight for years with the upper management and take several paycuts to make this a possibility!

  8. I really hope they bring more zombie maps. nuketown zombies would be enough but if that der rise tease means that the map is coming it would be awesome :)

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