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The Game Boy Gets Its Own Stage In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS


Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed on Miiverse that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game will feature as stage based on the iconic Game Boy. Sakurai also said that if players turn on the 3D effect on the Nintendo 3DS, it actually looks as though there’s a Game Boy inside the screen.

If you turn on the 3D effect, it really looks like there’s a Game Boy inside the screen.

Thanks, Dennis B

35 thoughts on “The Game Boy Gets Its Own Stage In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. It looks pretty neat and I for one, always use the 3D mode so it will be interesting to see how it looks. I am such a huge fan SSB series, that I was thinking of creating a Nintendo 3DS XL case with each character on there representing the character they pick for battle. Our Nintendo 3DS XL case designs can be found at

    1. I’m really liking those cases, and you can expect a buy from me when I get some money transferred to Paypal. :)

    2. Definitely go with the character cases as well, I could only imagine the amount of cases I would need to buy. :P

  2. With all the action that will be going on in this game, I’m probably keeping 3D off. Anyways, I have an XL which is probably good for this type of game. :D

    1. I’ve played the game, and the 3D effect is minor. The 3D effect is nice and noticeable, but is small enough that it doesn’t take away from the action.

  3. I’m a Nintendo and Smash fan, but this stage looks really bad. Hopefully we see something to make this stage active like Brawl’s pictochat stage, rather than just a still screen.

    1. Most likely it will transform through various gameboy games, but even if it didn’t, I would still enjoy it. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it :/ to each their own, i guess.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              They are too stupid to assemble a real force by themselves…

              I will just enjoy their ultimate destruction…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Indeed, when that day comes, we will be one step close to total domination by the Valve Republic and our Empire…

        1. 4K looks great (I saw it in action in Japan recently) but nothing affordable can play games in that resolution yet, even the Large Pixel Collider that PC Gamer built struggles to run some games at a decent frame rate, and that thing has quad SLI Titan power.

        2. 4k will cap out the resolution of the human eye so it will be the best looking screen that we can comprehend. I cant wait

    1. Eh. Not many games are truly exclusive. Pretty much everything gets re-released eveuntually. Kind of like destinys special content on the ps4. After a few weeka of being exclusive on ps4 it will get sent to the xbox one for free. Speaking of the xbox, killer instinct has the best bet code on the planet and i picked up an xbox one just to play it. So worth. Its like playing ki on the super nintendo but so much better. Im certainly glad they didnt try to make this on the wiiu :/ would have ruined it.

  4. Err, the character layout on the title picture resembles the superman shield. It actually has the same outer edge shape.

  5. That’s pretty awesome a stage that looks like the original gameboy with the classic green screen when you play looks looks like your playing a gameboy very cool

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