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Sakurai Teases Meta Knight’s Return With A Mii Fighter Outfit In New Smash Bros Screenshot

The eponymous trickster Masahiro Sakurai has been teasing fans once more in a new Super Smash Bros. screenshot. This time, the director has taken to Miiverse to show off some rather fetching outfits for the Mii warriors. As you can see from the image above, a Samus outfit is joined by a Meta Knight costume, hailing from the Kirby universe.

Many fans have speculated that this gentle tease from Sakurai could hint at the veteran fighter’s inclusion in the character roster. But with the 3DS version releasing October 3, time is steadily slipping away. Is there still room for Meta Knight in the huge character roster? We’d certainly assume so, but let us know if you think Sakurai’s placed a hefty hint with the screenshot in the comments below. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“Pic of the day. ‘Hello! I’m Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!’ ‘And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!'”

63 thoughts on “Sakurai Teases Meta Knight’s Return With A Mii Fighter Outfit In New Smash Bros Screenshot”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    There will be hidden surprises in the final game so I’m not worried…

    It would be so stupid revealing absolutely 100% of the game now, I want surprises…

    1. It is stupid that we even get to see this much. Where are the days we had to find out about unlockable characters ourselves, where the “new challenger approaching” screen would catch us totally off-guard, making our heart race because we knew we would screw up big time if we lost the battle. There’s nothing left of experiences like that nowadays.
      It sucks that so much of the game gets spoiled so early, takes away all the excitement, tbh.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        Blame the Xbots with their impatient nature that infected our whole universe…

        They get so angry if there isn’t any news about anything in 3 hours…

      2. I couldn’t agree more, Namie. I too miss the days when certain things were left as a surprise to figure out on our own. Every game these days seems to reveal every freakin’ secret before the game is launched.

          1. True. I mean, even if you don’t want the game to be spoiled for yourself, it’s pretty much impossible unless you shut yourself out of the internet for months, otherwise you will stumble upon news concerning the game whether you want it or not. As already said, sucks. I wish Nintendo would be a bit more secretive about it.

      3. Think about how much hype this makes for the game though. There are people stupid enough to skip out on the game because the roster is bad, so while this is Smash, and it will sell anyway, Nintendo is just securing extra sales. Until Hyrule Warriors, outside of Indy games, there’s nothing to fill the game gap anyway, so I’ll happily take Smash news/hype to keep me entertained instead.

      4. I think that’s because you needed to buy Nintendo magazines and subscriptions. The internet wasn’t very reliable for speedy information back at the time so Nintendo more than likely depended on articles and prints. Now that all these websites are active and steaming is easier than it was. Nintendo just puts the news online with twitter, blogs, youtube, and many other sites. Now that most of us use internet. almost nothing is a secret because of leaks. and people delivering information that travels like the speed of light. It’s not the game’s fault //Although they are making new character intros, but it’s also the fact that everything is so connected now. unlike back when we played super smash bros 64 and many people didnt use the internet that much to deliver information. So it 50% the company’s fault, and 50% our fault. If we went without character announcements, people would lose their shit.

      5. It kinda goes both ways… Some people get even more excited and happy…as some others feel it was spoiled and are mad at that.

      6. Who’s to say we won’t be seeing the “new challenger approaching” screen? As far as we know, there could be quite a few of characters in this game that won’t be revealed before launch.

      7. Well Sakurai realized there is no use to hide anything because he considered his work ruined when subspace shorts where uploaded, and he knows when the game comes to japan, the wikias will have absolutely all the info of the whole game in less than a day.

    2. Trust me, not hidden for long if you stay updated on the site. Once the game comes out in Japan, it’s likely all going to be reported on. We’ll know the final bits in seconds!

      1. I think not.
        – No projectiles
        – Easy to dodge special attacks
        – Shitty grab range
        – Terrible recovery move (doesn’t need it often but it’s still terrible)
        – Weak standard attacks

        1. Meta Knight in brawl was the most broken character is super smash bros history, if you know what you’re doing. lt isn’t without reason that he is banned from every major tournaments.

          insanely high priority b-neutral, quick and strong smash attacks, endless grab combo with which you can get some characters up to 100 percent while they can do nothing to avoid it… he is the one character that was more about knowing than reaction, if that makes sense

        2. Then explain why Meta Knight has been the most used character in tournaments. Clearly, you don’t know how this character plays so well that’s widely considered broken.

  2. Two of my favorites of Brawl was Snake & Meta Knight…
    Sakurai please, bring atleast one of them to the next level :(

  3. I want Geno and Mallow from Super Mario RPG to be included in this game. I see no reason why they can’t or shouldn’t. Nintendo has a good relationship with Square Enix now. So even if Square Enix owns the rights to Geno and Mallow, I don’t see any reason why they’d refuse for them to be included? There was something very special about Super Mario RPG. The Paper Mario games (while good) never felt the same as SMRPG.

    Speaking of Paper Mario, it would also be interesting to see other side-kicks from that series appear in Smash Bros. Such as Madame Flurry, Admiral Bobbery and Vivian etc. The list goes on. In fact, I never thought about Paper Mario when I was trying to think of what characters could be included.

  4. Here’s to hoping he gets a “fix” in this game.
    He was God Tier alongside Snake.
    He had virtually no counters in Brawl and his kit revolved around EVERYTHING. Speed, Power, Edge Guarding/Planking Punisher, semi decent Chain Grabbing potential, etc.
    He could pretty much mop the floor with any character in that game. :S

    1. Exactly this^^^^ and that’s why brawl died out. Meta knight was way to OP and had no bad match ups. Essentially everyone at high level play would use him and that made going to tournaments boring and pointless

      1. I still think metaknight was incredibly easy to beat. sure he spammed attacks. but his hits are hardly decisive. Abd you could K.O him easily if you’re good at evasion and timing your hits correctly. you could kill him with a strong attack while his Percent is at 45% – 60%

        1. When you’ve beaten M2K’s perfect Meta Knight, I’ll acknowledge your theory. That’s coming from someone who generally believes arguments should stand or fall on their own merits, not on their users’ experience or position.

      2. Meta Knight isn’t the only reason Brawl’s community is a straggling mess. If it was Meta Knight, Brawl tournaments should’ve boomed now that he’s generally banned.

    1. Sakurai stated he doesn’t like nerfing, so he’ll probably make a completely different moveset from scratch for Meta Knight.

      1. Playing with strange things is a trolls favorite pass-time. It’s the only thing that keeps them relatively sane when their attempts at trolling us start to fail.

    1. It’s really kind of weird that you enjoy Dogshit that much! But y’know, I’m open-minded. I guess there are all kinds of cultures out there.

    2. That depends on which dogshit is being used for comparison. If you were extremely hungry (perhaps on the verge of death), and the dogshit in question was shat after it’s progenitor had eaten an enchanted golden apple and drank from the fountain of life, and you had some sriracha sauce on hand, then yes, I suppose dogshit could be viewed as better than Super Smash Bros.

  5. My Hopes:

    Metaknight, Ness, Falco, and Gannondorf to return

    3-5 newcomers yet-to-be-announced

    Lucas, Mewtwo and Roy to come as DLC in about a year along with a few more newcomers.

    Final Roster to top out at 65.

  6. Awesome! I would love to see Metaknight return. I also want to see the return of Ness, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Falco, Wolf, and of course Roy. A new character I would add is either Isaac from Golden Sun or Heracles from Glory of Heracles.

    1. It’s okay. Ness is in the game. Ridley’s a big character, so Ness is most likely behind him somewhere. Maybe he’s pulling an Eragon & will be thrown at someone from Ridley’s tail soon.

  7. I doubt characters that have been already removed will return. Plus, we are NOT getting 5 Fire Emblem characters.

  8. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

    -Obi Wan


    -Luke Skywalker

    On the other hand, Something tells me Sakurai wouldn’t voluntarily carry over his own acknowledged failure from the last game. If Meta Knight’s coming to Smash 4, he’ll be a completely changed character, or pretty much every other character is getting that much of a buff, which I doubt.

  9. Don’t worry, guys. Meta Knight won’t be returning because Ridley is taking his spot. lol Waluigi, Ashley, Dark Samus, & Meta Knight all had to be removed from the game’s roster, so Ridley could fit into the roster of playable fighters. lmfao

  10. All you idiots need to just go play your shitty Xbutt & GayStation “hollywood trash” type games…Which I know you all do cause those games are easy for the modern day badass!

    Let Sakurai San do as he pleases ultimately he know whats best not You and your “broken” or “Spam” comments.

    The true champions know that this game is -THE GAME- regardless of what people may think is unfair.

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