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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Does Ice Bucket Challenge And Asks Reggie And Yoshida To Do The Same

Phil Spencer, who is the head of Xbox, recently participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and has asked Reggie Fils Aime, Shuhei Yoshida and Gabe Newell, to do the same. Spencer has said that he will donate money that he has raised into ALS research. The ALS Association is an organisation that raises money for research for those individuals who have Lou Gehrig’s disease. Would you like to see Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime participate?

Thanks, no po ro po

175 thoughts on “Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Does Ice Bucket Challenge And Asks Reggie And Yoshida To Do The Same”

    1. Speaking of this, my friend recently challenged me and I saw a report of a woman dying after doing als challenge so now I’m in pussy mode and don’t want to do it. And although I support charitable funds a $100 donation is a bit much for an unemployed high school student. What do I do.

        1. If you don’t do the challenge, then the cost is $100. If you DO the challenge then you are suppose to donate $10.

          So technically according to the rules, you donate money no matter what you choose to do, but no one is forcing anyone to do anything, so if you don’t want to donate or dump water on your head, then you don’t have to.

      1. tell your friend youll do it if he/she pays the donation for you or get help by friend, say like 20 person donates $5 each and do it. if you are afraid because of the report have two bukets one filed with ice the other of lukewarm water. Done – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

      2. i see no reason why you would die from getting ice poured on you unless your body was really hot beforehand. The sudden cold shock could cause some problems I suppose. That being said you don’t have to do shit you don’t want to. You don’t owe anybody anything.

      3. Okay, the woman who died from the challenge was fake… It’s water. It can’t kill you unless you breath it in for a couple of minutes or drink 20 gallons in an hour.

        Seeing as you don’t plan to do either of these things, the ice bucket challenge is as dangerous as it is to watch a television show on your couch.

        Lastly, you aren’t being forced to do anything. If you don’t want to donate $100, but you feel comfortable donating $10, then by all means donate $10. If you don’t want to donate anything (again, this is your choice, no one can force you to donate money for a cause you may not believe in) then don’t donate any money at all.

        P.S. HAVE FUN! That is the most important part about the ice bucket challenge. Having fun while raising money to fight back against Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

    2. Another example of stupid people doing stupid things! Phil, you are respected for the position you hold as a top executive at microsofts Xbox division, but this nonsense is just unnecessary.
      All the diseases in the world, why am I not affected by any? Depression, Parkinson’s, AIDS, or physically handicapped? I know why, because I care about my health! I set the standard by which people should abide by! Who smokes? The cool kids? Last I checked, smoking has ZERO benefits. Same applies to alcohol, why drink? Wanna feel like you belong, that’s the only, and stupidest reason I can come up with, happens to be THE reason, too, from what I heard!

      I don’t set out to be “fun” my presence commands respect! I don’t need to fit in, I’m on the outside, in greater plains looking in! Even if you losers see this as a handicap, there is no shortage of individuals whom appreciate the company of this great being! Women, mostly, it bothers you people, because studies have shown, be yourself and people are gonna want to emulate, I’m living proof, I’ve witnessed it.

      Ice challenge, pfft, how pathetic…just like RW commiting suicide!

      Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

      1. People don’t choose to get cancer, mental sickness, physical disabilities, etc. Events happen that are out of their control that causes this. Be an asshole somewhere else you prick.

        1. Smoking= cancer
          Drinking=liver failure
          Camping, bothering wildlife in their habitat=potential physical handicap, greater chance of peril
          Homosexual activity= AIDS
          Tanning=Skin cancer
          Over eating=diabetes
          Relying on others to always pull through for you=depression

          So, are those not choices, the less-than primate beings CHOOSE to make? I believe I am deserving of an apology!

          Worst thing about these “trending” events, when the people partaking are doing it for personal gain. The publicity aspect is exploited; in the eyes of followers(shallow thinkers) the person “standing up” is looked upon as a genuine being with whole-hearted interest in the matter. Could not be the furthest thing from the truth! Why not donate to these causes before they hit a mainstream level? Especially these YouTube “celebrities” it’s their chance at some world wide recognition, some major “moolah”. I do things for people’s enjoyment, I don’t do things to seek a response, that’s the selfish way of viewing things. I’m selfish, that isn’t a secret, but when I deliver, I do it without expecting a reaction.

          Stooped poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

          1. Agree with this comment. These celebrities do this for the publicity. Hollywood and the music industry is 99% infested with blue blooded drug addicts.

            1. Yes, they do it for publicity, but they also do it to have fun and donate. There is nothing wrong with wanting publicity and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun. What better way to have fun while promoting the raising of money for a serious and deadly disease?

              Don’t need to make rich celebrities the bad guys all the time. A LOT of them really do care and will donate a lot of money that would otherwise never make it into the fundraiser had they not been generous enough to donate.

          2. I’ll apologize 50%. True, human action can cause those things listed (counted for the 50%) but if you don’t want to believe it so be it, but people get many ailments out of their own discretion

          3. Also, living normal lives can cause all the disorders and ailments you listed above as well.

            Examples… smoking can HELP cause lung cancer, but that doesn’t mean if I don’t smoke at all in my life that I can NEVER get lung cancer.

            My liver can fail weather I drink or not. Some livers just fail.

            I can get sun cancer from just being outside without sunscreen on for more than 15 minutes. I can get skin cancer from being outside at night without sunscreen on, because of the sun rays reflecting off the moon. Is a person expected to wear sunscreen for every second of every part of the day that they are outside?

            I can have sex with straight people and be a straight person and still get aids.

            I can go camping and respect every rule, pick up all my trash and don’t bother any creature and I could STILL get attacked by a wild animal and lose a limb and become handicap.

            People can be born with diabetes and people can develop diabetes without over eating. I could eat absolutely perfectly, count my calories and go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week to stay in shape and STILL develop diabetes

            I can develop depression by simply not having enough vitamin E in my body or by being born with a brain defect that makes my brain feel depressed. Depression is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses on the planet. Anyone can develop it and it has nothing to do with “relying on other people” most of the time. It simply could be the diet you eat or a traumatic event you went through (losing a child, car crash, etc) or some other reason that I couldn’t control.

            Bad things happen to good people just as often as they happen to those who break the rules. Just because someone has cancer or diabetes or aids does NOT mean they did something wrong to deserve it.

            Any of these diseases could happen to you too….

            1. won't stay here long

              Wow. This is probably the first time I’ve posted on this site. Usually I just come for the semi interesting Nintendo news, start reading the comments and then leave out of disgust for the mass of incredibly stupid and sometimes plain bad people, but you by far are the most sane, pure person here. Maybe I’d even hang out with you, and I can’t say the same for anyone else here. Yeah so keep on being a good person. Try to stay away from this site. Stupid is contagious. And my sister has depression so thank you for sharing your thoughts on that..

              1. Good thing you won’t be here long! To catch you up to speed! I’m BETTER than you and your whole family! Ask around, it’s pretty much been established. Be gone now, you failed abortion. I don’t care about your retarded sister either. Weaklings wanting pity for an easy fix they choose to prolong.

                Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                1. You’re not better than anyone. In fact, you’re lower than a lot of people based on your comments. You act like a child and try to be tough and confident, but no one is impressed. Oh look at you, saying all these things about Robin Williams and people who have disabilities. Wow, so tough behind a screen. And newsflash, someone who brags about being better than others clearly isn’t. They say pride comes before the fall, and I must say, with the amount of pride you have, it’s gonna be quite the fall. Now grow up and get a life you sad sack.

                  1. I know you are disappointed that I am at peace with myself, that I am a happy soul. Many search their entire miserable life for this result, yet get steered off course by the pressure they allow themselves to crumble under. From their peers, from society, hell, from the worst of the worst, trends. But I don’t expect you to understand, how easily you give out your allegiance, you look for acceptance, that’s our difference. You hate me because I’m better than you. I write MY thoughts, I write MY ideas, I write ME! I don’t write Boogie2988, I don’t write whatever other loser you people “love”. I’m better not because I say so, I’m better because the facts speak for themselves. I don’t care what you think, I’ve made mention of that! And it’s ironic, you want ME to get a life, last I checked, you’re the one following the crowd, attacking those that are different. Maybe you should start thinking for yourself, stop letting a popularity contest dictate your view of the world. Sorry kiddo, looks like you’re out!

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch Stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                    1. You’re not at peace with yourself. You’re clearly very insecure with yourself and feel the need to come onto a gaming website and spew crap to act superior. I am not disappointed about how you claim to feel. And most of your response was pure gibberish. I almost never post on this site, so you know absolutely nothing about me, but yet wrote all that nonsense as if you know me. Nice try but you failed. You claim I attacked you, but I was merely pointing out that you are a clown. You’re the one who comes on here and attacks people you idiot. All for the attention you so desire. I don’t really post on this site as I mentioned as it’s a bunch of fanboys attacking each other, but when I see people as sorry as yourself, I sometimes feel the need to show these sad individuals that no one is impressed. You say I have allegiances? I don’t talk to anyone on this site, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just throwing out random crap to try and act like you’re all psychological and know shit about me, but in the end you just look stupid because you don’t. Maybe you should get over that girl who broke your heart, which by the way, no one on here gives a shit about. Go cry me a river you sissy. You think that gives you the right to come on here and tell all these people you’re better than them and that you’re SO SUPERIOR. As I said, get a life. You post on here quite often lately, whereas I merely come here on occasion to browse the comments. I have better things to do with my life than act like an internet tough guy every day like you do. So again grow up. And you say I have a need for acceptance and follow the crowd. That’s just retarded. Because I have similar opinions to others on your posts that means I am following the crowd? That’s just a weak and baseless accusation because you honestly have nothing else to come up with. You on the other hand are trying to do the exact opposite of what you accuse me of doing. You are intentionally trying to make everyone on here hate you and not accept you. You can put on this stupid act all you want about your “facts” (your opinion isn’t fact you idiot) and how much better you are, but in reality, you’re just trying to incite people, either because you think it’s funny or because you have some psychological issues that you are trying to deal with, and if that’s the case, then this isn’t the way to handle them. Seek help if you need it. And I’m serious about that last part.

                    2. This sad sad person only comes on here to get a reaction from people and unfortunately they have being given it. Best thing is to ignore them.

                  2. I sense anger….haha you really are pathetic, aren’t you?
                    Confused as you are, your little tirade is filled with hate! Hate is unhealthy, hate brings out the worst in a person. I don’t type with hate, I am impartial when I type. Sure, I’m better, I’ve proven that. I’ve proven that in ways that just went right over your head, you deserve no further detail. You spark this exchange and expect someone as magnificent as me to stoop to your level? You utilize profanity, you show strong resentment, I’m not affected, but you displayed these emotions. I’m a far superior being, be jealous, as you should, be ashamed that you are not like me, be ashamed that you cannot keep up! You’re so lost in my posts that you feel no embarrassment pointing it out. You’re soft, that’s your problem, you have accepted that the only way to feel any affection is to display weakness. You don’t understand what I write because it is in its purest form. You have grown accustomed to receiving things with an extra layer, you say this is baseless? All of this is based off of your posts.
                    The way you conduct yourself in words tells a different story from what you preach.

                    You side with the popular vote, how do I know this, because you go against what I stand for!

                    You do hate me, the name calling, the constant insults after evey sentence. You fool only yourself! I don’t see the need for profanity, I get my message across intelligently, you dislike, then maybe your business is something you should mind!

                    Because of people like me you are allowed freedom, because of people like me, you get to have your little opinion voiced! I’m not afraid of ANYTHING, you are, you fear people like me, people that bring their opinion to the table without a second thought if it should or should not be discussed!

                    Think what you want of me, you will forever remain a follower, your posts reek of weakness. Accept that I am what you aim to be like! For the record, going against my opinion is considered a form of disrespect, some would call it, an “attack”.

                    Read your posts, that’s gibberish galore.

                    I’m better than you. Live with it, loser. I don’t write to impress, I don’t write to get a reaction, people attack me because I’m right!

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                    1. It’s funny how you call him angry yet in your own shitty comment it’s the exact same situation. Hypocrite and adopted shit has been exposed

                    2. You are so sad and pathetic. All you can do is make up complete lies and bullshit. And I’m soooo sorry my profanity hurts your weak feelings. It’s called freedom of speech. And while you may not use profanity, you do use your posts to incite negative feelings in people. You’re very immature, which is the only thing you’ve proven. I’m better than you. You’ve been posting nothing. You think I have anger? Cause you like to post stupid nonsense? I’m merely pointing out what a loser you are. You’re the one who’s angry because I’m calling you out. Hence you keep replying like a child about how superior you are. You’re either a child or a man child. Only losers go onto websites and act like their better than people. If your friends knew you did that, they’d call you a loser as well. “Your posts wreak of weakness. You have gibberish galore.” Wow, way to refute anything I’ve said. You are a horrible debater. How bout actually respond to substance instead of saying random things to try to debunk what I’ve said. And by the way, freedom is allowed because of people like ME have have served in the military. People like you are allowed to talk such stupidity because of people who fight and stand for freedom. You give me the impression that you have accomplished nothing with your life since you feel the need to come on her on a near daily basis it seems and act in this sad manner. And you do write to get a reaction. You’re a liar. You wouldn’t be posting here if you didn’t. When you write something on the internet it goes without saying people are going to react, one way or another. Keep playing these stupid games and thinking what you want. I’ve already proven to be superior to you. You need to accept that, as it is fact. Oh wait, is that your line? Hmm, well I think it suits me better. Because when I say it, it’s true… Alright, now to get away from all that… Why do you honestly come on this website? Do you like video games? If so, what games do you like?

                    3. Going against your opinion is considered disrespect or an attack? Did you really write that? You really are a narcissist. Going against an opinion is called free thinking. I’m not a mindless idiot who needs others to tell me how I should think. I don’t side with anyone on here, I just happen to share the same opinion because your opinion is just garbage. Spewing hate that most people would disagree with doesn’t make you superior, and it certainly doesn’t make me a follower. You choose to write things that the vast majority of people are going to disagree with, because most people have an actual conscience. Yo on the other hand blame victims of diseases for getting the disease, even though many of the diseases out there are genetic and cannot be prevented. i.e. you’re an idiot. Now for the last time, I’m gonna ask if you would like to change your writing style to something intelligent and based on topics at hand rather than trying to act like a superior being. You might actually enjoy discussing things in a civil manner. Give it a try.

                      1. You`re still going at it with this guy… LOL just ignore him, he`s an idiot. XD

                        On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 1:04 PM, My Nintendo News wrote:

                        > shadowvegeta commented: “Going against your opinion is considered > disrespect or an attack? Did you really write that? You really are a > narcissist. Going against an opinion is called free thinking. I’m not a > mindless idiot who needs others to tell me how I should think. I don’t si” >

                    4. So many contradictions in your posts. The sad part about the book you write about me, you’re the one seeking the attention. I type what I want, if people are offended, they have the choice to ignore it! Since it is popular to be Mr. Savior on these online exchanges, they(you) hop at the opportunity when it presents itself, again, for the sake of belonging. The smart way to handle things, as mentioned, would have been to ignore my posts. But, followers mentality, so it’s natural instinct.

                      You say I write garbage, going against stupid practices and beliefs is not garbage, the outlook is different for each and every individual. Feeling pity is weak, it’s unnecessary, no strong minded person seeks such weak reaction.

                      If you read my posts like you said you stalked….I mean read them, the reason the female was included, because she was partly responsible for the way I am today! Hardly anything personal, I don’t care about her, I wish all the worst for her.

                      And I do NOT look to change, my heroes are selfish, and guess what, they lead lives losers only dream of; I’m on pace to reach greater plateaus. Because I spend a couple of days on a site, part-time, how does that take away from years of hard work??? You have been on this site much longer, what does that say about you?

                      I respect originality, I respect creativity, the reason I’m viewed as the bad guy is because NOBODY on here can be original. Originality brings discomfort, originality raises questions, people like you are programmed to set up, shut up, and be happy!

                      Then you wanna talk about freedom of speech, the reason this exchange exists is because I am a front-line advocate of it! And no “debate” is taken seriously if every other word is an obscenity. Plus this is no debate, I’m better, that’s it, and since you don’t seem to pick up on why, I’ll explain why…

                      -Don’t give in to peer pressure.
                      -Don’t drink, smoke, do drugs.
                      -Confident in self
                      -Liked by beautiful women(some not intelligent)
                      -Say what I want, not what you want to hear

                      The list is too long….

                      This whole drinking is fun disability, I don’t understand; you are probably one of those people. Causing great bodily harm to ones self is NOT entertainment; amongst a circle of low lives, the bigger looser looks to prove himself. If a person sets out to have a FUN time, that person/s are going to succeed, no need for any substance to be involved. That’s one of the main reasons I am BETTER, there is NO debating that. If you drink, of you smoke, do drugs, you take a seat when in my presence. As an early kid, you are thaught to stand clear of these things, not only parents, school teaches you. But it all stems from a weak brain, you people don’t drink/smoke because you are curious, or were curious, you do it because it’s the “in” thing to do. Bunch of minions, still have the audacity to say I’m not SUPERIOR! I control myself, no second/third party has any input on how I should lead MY life….I AM BETTER. Look in the mirror, question why you’re a drunk, why you are a druggy, the answer will never be curiosity, but acceptance! Winners don’t use drugs, even video games were telling you!

                      Don’t hate me for being intelligent, hate yourself for not wanting change.

                      This exchange is officially over.

                      Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                      1. Once again you show how lame you are. You are a HUGE hypocrite. First, I almost never post, but you post a lot, so how am I on this site more? Second, you say I “stalked” your messages. You read mine too you idiot. So by your logic, you “stalked” my messages. I don’t write responses without reading what you wrote. Is that what you think I should do? You make many assumptions such that I do drugs or drink. I don’t so yo failed. And for people who choose to drink, it’s their decision. Doesn’t make you a better person for not doing it. I’m better than you. Accept it as it is fact. You are weak minded and write things merely for attention. You say I cold ignore what you write. Well you could do the very same thing and ignore what I write. But yet you constantly reply. Because you are mad I dared to challenge you on your narcissistic and ignorant posts. Having the same opinion as many doesn’t make that opinion wrong. Your little list is not impressive at all. You don’t do drugs or drink. Would you like a pat on the back? Not exactly Nobel prize worthy accomplishments there buddy. Like by hot women? Yeah, that means anything if it even is true. Confident in yourself? Wow, like you’re the only person in the world who has self confidence. And quite frankly I doubt that you do, as I get a strong feeling this whole thing is an act by you to try to portray yourself as something you’re not. It’s just sad. And how exactly are you a “front-line advocate of free speech?” What have you done to promote free speech? Were you around when the Constitution was signed? Did you serve in the military? Or are you from another country, and if so, how did you promote their free speech? Hmm? I’ve shown that I’m clearly more intelligent than you, so don’t hate me. Facts is facts. Time to accept them buddy. I’m far superior to you. Swallow that pill.

            2. Yes, Because smoking is the ONLY way to get cancer. Oh, and you can get AIDS from heterosexual sex too, jackass.

              1. Hmmmm. Stating the obvious, aren’t you? I merely made mention of activities one should avoid to lower the risks. Surely if you were aware of my presence you would have noted how much of an asset I am to the world. I think for myself, my intelligence is vital to the existence of “humans” like yourself. To sink to your level, putting in in lamens terms: you should have been swallowed.

                I don’t communicate with the subpar human equivalents that are chimpanzees, so what chance do you have? Apart from this comment, of course!

                I am aware there are several activities responsible for hindering a humans well being, but to type a list would be a waste of time. Just like you inhaling precious oxygen.

                Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                1. Yep you confirmed it. You’re a teenager at most. You are like that nintendo commander guy with your own persona. But your persona is just pathetic and asking for attention. You’ act like you’re a higher level of human than everyone on here, what a joke. You really need to get a grip. Oh, are you going to make some lame comment about me being a “failed abortion” or “chimpanzee” now? Come on, can’t wait to hear it, show us how mature and superior you are.

                  1. Let’s see: Shadow….vegeta??? And you call out a superior being???? What are you, twelve? This is grown man business.
                    Lame comments or not(NOT) you’re on here reading each and every one of them, tell me, why are you intrigued if you have “discovered” the identity of this being?

                    Surely you realize you’re dealing with one who goes about his business the way one SHOULD! You are interested as to how I manage, how I can step outside this “box” you limit yourself to and deal with illogical repurcussions. I don’t blame you….first… I blame your lack of education, your lack of experience, then, I blame your lack of motivation to better understand the world! It’s alright to not be afraid, there, there, you don’t have to always be politically correct! Haha, loser, leave real life to people like me, go back and reside inside a greeting a card. I do what I want, I don’t care who it affects, by doing the opposite, I would just be lying! Maybe you should look at your little “heroes” and ask yourself, if they’re just saying what you want to hear. But, you ignorant people live for lies, you live for everything to be alright…even though it’s not, and it’s apparent. Can’t help ya there, ol chum! I’m better than you, take notes, and keep your mouth shut(keep your fingertips off of the keyboard)

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch Stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                    1. OK, this is a video game site, so I picked two video game characters a my name. Not a hard concept. The rest of the first paragraph, I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say. What being? I never said anything about a being. The rest of what you wrote is again pathetically lame baseless statements. You’re just throwing shit out there when you literally have never talked to me before or read anything I’ve written before, as I never post on here. So you’re just making yourself look foolish. Clearly you’re the ignorant one. You don’t even know how to debate. I refute your statements, but what do you do? You just make shit up about me. You’d be a perfect politician, as most of them make up complete bullshit as well. And keep throwing out all these stupid terms like “this box you limit yourself to” trying to act like you’re some sort of psychiatrist. No one on here thinks what you write is deep or intelligent but yourself. Oh, and by the way, if you really feel that you’re so superior to all these people who regularly come on this site, then it’s your duty NOT to belittle them, but to help them. By putting people down, you are no longer superior (not that YOU ever were). So stick that in your pipe and smoke it you lame teenager. As I said in my other comment, seek help if you need it. Perhaps if you’d like we can talk more civil and have a real discussion. And stop with all this arguing and flamethrowing.

                      1. The “shit” I “make up” about you was based on the accurate assessment made by your original posts. If you are still confused, you don’t deserve any further acknowledgment I deal with only the intelligent. You are far from that, and far from an asset, there isn’t a thing you can teach that would be worth learning. And “sissy” because a female a long time ago opened my eyes to reality. Haha, I learned from my mistakes, something you can never do, ever. If you read correctly, too, she hung with me for a second stint, until I let her go, you don’t care? Then why’d you read it and reply? You are discouraged, you are afraid, your posts have been dissected and the weaknesses have been noted, you’re not worthy. Move along, you’re in way over your head. As always, I will always be number one, if you don’t feel that way about yourself, then you do your birth right no justice, there I cannot help you. Loser, losers complain, winners boast. Stick around, you might learn a thing or two…,or a hundred…

                        Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                      2. @NEW TAG NEEDED

                        Step away from the keyboard and get a job. You’re too immature to make a fool of yourself in the internet without even realizing it.

                    2. Nope, the “shit you make up” is based on nothing. My original posts were accurate responses to your hate filled posts. I read your post because we’re having a discussion. Not my fault you included a breakup in it. You don’t see me posting about my personal life on here. That is weakness personified. Looking for a shoulder to cry on on the internet. Perhaps if you came on here and posted intelligently rather than trying to anger all the regular posters people would actually care. But you’ve decided to post in such a manner that makes no one want to be friendly with you. You talk of people being losers with no provocation. That in itself shows how insecure you are. You have this need for attention. And yes I’m giving you that attention you crave. Hope you’re getting your jollies out of it. Now for real, what is your purpose for coming onto this site if you’re not going to discuss video games and just say things you know people are going to be pissed about. It’s one thing to say Wii U sucks to get a reaction, but the stuff you post is shameful and disrespectful. Whoever raised you would not be proud of it. And if they were, which I highly doubt, then shame on them as well. Now how about you start posting in a more appropriate manner and actually discussing video games, and without this false bravado you bring, as no one as impressed, as I’ve mentioned. And if you don’t want to do that, then go do something productive rather than wasting everyone’s time, including yours.

                    3. the guy who said he wasn't going to stay here long.

                      Look clearly being as eloquent as you, I can tell we share intelligent minds. However, there is no use to being smart while having such a display of overwhelmingly low maturity. You may even be smarter than me but I really don’t think you are because intelligent people should be able to progress themselves to become more mature people in a natural inclination to self preservation. Someone smart like you who can’t hold their tongue and feel the need to share their own immature ideals are bound to get pummeled, physically, by much physically stronger morons at some point in time IRL. You should really use your superior brain to better use than mouthing off on this moronic site. Try inventing something or researching a topic in attempt to better the world because apparently you literally couldn’t care less about self betterment… Intelligents without a smarter other half, the half of maturity, that is far more stupid might as well have weak intellect too because right now acting as immature as you are, you are worthless. So, in conclusion, me being just as smart intellectually however definitely smarter maturely have stooped to your level to writing a passage to tell YOU, that I am actually better than you in reality. :3

            3. Homosexual activity=AIDS? XD I hate to crush your ignorant view but HIV/AIDS is a result of any sexual activity with anyone that has the virus. It’s not something that straight people are immune to. And shame on Heropon for agreeing 100% with you knowing full well that he can get AIDS just as easy as any gay person. I guess that means if you or him get it, you were both gay from the very beginning & didn’t realize it.

              1. You called moi ignorant? My view, ignorant? Scientifical studies have found GAY people to be more prone to fall victim to this disgusting virus. Then again, I don’t base my knowledge off of scientifical “studies” done by qualified “professors”(glorified beings with common sense)
                I do my own studies, as I roam around these sites(MNN, NLife, YT) I’m making my OWN studies. Again, to benefit me in my future endeavors. It has been very rewarding, I know the do’s and don’t’s, how easily the gaming population is manipulated. All it takes is the proper words structured in such way, were you always place yourself beneath another’s needs. All of this is great stuff, this is what I live for! Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, bwah, expanding ones mind, that’s the real FUN. There’s no fun to getting drunk, retards at the lowest level use that as a way to escape what truly defines a fun experience. I have fun everyday, no alcohol or drugs needed. Creation is a hell of a high, and that’s why I’m unaffected by people around me who prefer to “get wasted” because my own thoughts are my own high, you should all have your children look up to me I make a perfect role model! Another high, seeing the beautiful smiles of pretty faces, damn, does that not make my confidence level go through the roof! I worked hard for that reaction, so I feel proud reaping the benefits, living proof that if one wants change, sacrifice is the step towards it! That is WHY I DO NOT feel potty for anybody, I was never clean cut, but I put effort into a change, and hell yes it’s paid off!

                Those who read about my experience with that girl who left me, and eventually wound up feeling sorry for herself. Well, she’s a smoker, drinker, just a whole list of things I despise, I stood by her side until she made one mistake, two actually, but I’ll only reveal one. These are her words, probably not exact to a T, but they went something like this “I hate that you treat me like a damn celebrity, I just can’t take it, all the compliments, I’m nothing special, if I was, I wouldn’t wind up in all the situations I do get involved in”

                I can be by your side if you smoke/drink, but NEVER, EVER tell me you’re nothing special. When you do that, you convince me to believe it, and then it’s all down south from there! If you feel potty for yourself, instant out of my life, especially after we had so much fun together, to all of a sudden say things like that. Oh, well, I’m still going to rub it her face one day. Success is the best form of revenge, and boy, does she ever owe me one!

                Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                1. I’m not even going to read all of that narcissism filled comment of yours. You are definitely Talking Stapler. lol

                  1. Don’t kid yourself. You read it, I mean, you’re already here.
                    Even if you didn’t, a slew of other readers did, and are doing so. I didn’t intend on it to happen this way, it just did. People say I LOOK for attention, yea right, I type what’s on my mind and people get intrigued, I’m hardly to fault for that!

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                2. This guy says there is nothing wrong with him, but it sounds like he is a cynic, narcissist, and may be a sociopath or have borderline personality disorder. Of course he will never believe that because he is arrogant and egotistical too lol.

                  1. Did it hurt your brain trying to sum up this being?
                    Being egotistical is one thing, all the other things mentioned, what am I, your uncle? Sorry, sport, only true confidence is within presence, give it a try, it doesn’t descriminate…….unless…never mind.

                    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

                      1. You are lacking attention. Your little posts are a cry, you seek my acknowledgement. As if somehow my validation will elevate your embarassing existence. So quick to jump to conclusions, so quick to judge. Do as you wish, if by trashing one of such greatness is a temporary relief to a permanent ailment, do what you must. It only assures that I am the right one, I’m on the right path. If everyone got along, there would be no room for individual accomplishment, I stick out like a sour thumb because I am about action! It is by choice, not by chance, you rely on the latter to get through your pathetic life, I strategize, I set up the occurrences they don’t just happen.
                        Typical little loser you are, another lost cause, go against my word because you seek comfort in belonging.

                        You will get no future acknowledgment.

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                  1. Yes. Everyone knows that many STDs were spread greatly by the “free love” generation of the 1900s with their sex orgies & crap. As Eric Cartman from South Park puts it, god damn hippies! lol

                      1. And it wasn’t just the free love generation but drug users, too. They also share the blame in this. Especially heroin users as they shared unclean needles with other users.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                          Thank darkness I’m not anything close to anything like that, waste of money, time and life…

                        2. Not true john Lennon, a hippie has done more for the world than you or i.though admittedly he did some retarded things.. Like the bag thing. But that genius and hippie still did more positivity for the world than your typing on the computer

                        3. We’re obviously not talking about hippies like John Lennon. We’re talking about the hippies that did nothing but more harm than good.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I’m talking about the lazy drug abusing hippies that shouldn’t even be considered hippies…

              2. People do choose to get cancer because they can’t give up there habits, mental disabilities can be caused by something the mother did during pregnancy or by some defect in the fathers DNA that he caused from his habits and etc. So unfortunately people choose the outcome of there health and life, your in control of all of it so dont say people have stuff happen to them thats out of there control because it’s all dictated by there previous decisions or because they didn’t handle a situation the way it should have been handled

                1. You just proved yourself wrong in your own argument. If a MOTHER drinks or smokes during her pregnancy then the BABY suffers for something it didn’t do. Therefore the child’s health was determined by the MOTHER and was outside of the BABY’s control.

                  Also, your just incorrect in general. People get sick. It’s not preventable. Every single person on the planet gets sick. Some people just get worse conditions or diseases than others. In other words some just get unlucky. Birth defects are not preventable if they are in your DNA. You cannot control your DNA and bad habits do NOT change your DNA to the extent at which you describe. Therefore if you develop a disease through your DNA than that was a health defect formed outside your control.

                  Any disease on Earth is contactable by anyone regardless of how well you protect yourself. Some of the healthiest people on Earth develop cancers and mental disorders. Some of the unhealthiest people on Earth never develop any serious illnesses their whole lives. It’s all based on probabilities.

                  You keep yourself healthy, you increase your chance of staying healthy. You live unhealthily, you have a greater chance of getting more unhealthy. However, no one can be 100% immune from becoming unhealthy and no one ever has a 100% probability of developing an atrocious disease due to bad health choices.

                  Here is an example, I could never smoke my entire life. I could live in a secluded area where I’ve never even seen a cigarette, never experienced second hand smoke, never used a fire place, never had a bonfire, never breathed in anything less than fresh air and guess what…. I could STILL get lung cancer. It would be really rare and the probability of that happening is much less than that of someone who smokes, but the probability still exists and things like that happen to people all the time.

                  Choose to believe me, or don’t. It’s up to you. I really don’t care, but it would make me feel better inside knowing there was one more person just a little more intelligent in this world than there was before…

                2. To say it is somebody’s fault that they are sick because of a genetic disposition is fucking idiotic. I’m guessing you’re a privilege white male teenager to say everyone has complete control of their lives. I hope you grow out of your ignorance and arrogance.

              1. It tastes horrible. I accidentally sipped a bit when I was younger and it is literally the worst thing I have ever tasted in my entire life. I don’t know how you guys deal with that stuff. Lol. It could be though because I never actually consumed a lot of it so I didn’t get used to it but I’ve already sworn not to do alcohol or drugs. A lot of people in my family already do it and I’m not ever joining them.

                1. I’ve never tried drugs. I don’t even take tylenol or advil. Drugs all have horrible side effects. Avoid that shit like the plague. Beer on the other hand is okay as long as you don’t go overboard. You just need to expand your palate

                  1. Uh… I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to avoid medicine. One day you’ll get struck by a severe headache for example to the point where you don’t even want to move. That beer ain’t gonna help then. XD

                    1. In small doses, alcohol is actually VERY good for your digestive system. That’s why in huge doses, it can be just as dangerous because the very same thing that cleans your digestive system can also damage it there is too much of it. Kind of like how rain won’t kill you but a lot of it can kill ya if it leads to a flood. *thinks about Jumanji with Robin Williams* lol I should use Tuesday as Robin Williams night & watch the movies with Robin Williams in them that are on Netflix instead of watching TV, playing video games, or getting on the internet.

                        1. But we don’t need to drink beer to get the healthy dose of alcohol. Eating certain sweets can give us that as they use vanilla extract, which contains a miniscule amount of alcohol in it, to get the same benefit. In fact, it’s because of this fact that eating too many sweets can give you a certain kind of high. >.<

            4. I partly agree with your comment. Not everything is in your control though. I used to run a lot and my knee gives me problems now. So what was I supposed to do, not exercise? Cancer is something people get for unknown reasons. It’s one thing when a smoker gets lung cancer, it’s a different situation altogether when a woman gets breast cancer out of nowhere. Last, but certainly not least, I take very good care of my health but there’s a limit. I’m not gonna avoid alcohol just because it may mess up my liver. If I only drink occasionally there’s a very good chance I’ll be fine. What the hell is the point of living for so long if you’re not having fun anyway? I’d rather be dead.

            5. Lou gehrig is a genetic disease you fool. It has nothing to do with lifestyle, smoking, alcohol you mentioned. I believe stephen hawking got this disease when he was around 20 and I bet anytime that he was a lot smarter (even now) and had better life style than yours.

              That said I agree this ice bucket challenge is stupid thing. There must be a better way to promote this disease..

              1. The ice bucket challenge has raised over $15.6 million so… it’s actually a really, really good way to promote the disease.

                1. Never mind moderation is going on thanks :-):-):-) I’m so glad I’m so glad I’m glad I’m glad I’m GLAD

        2. Class act by Spencer. Doing the challenge is cool of course, but it’s also important that he donated money as well. For people who are that rich, it may seem like a small thing, but it’s still great to see. Hope the others do this as well.

          1. I agree. The important thing here is that money is being donated. Doesn’t really matter that much whether the guy did it for publicity reasons or just for fun or both, whatever, as long as the act will lead to charity. It might even encourage others to donate as well. And for those people who do want to donate, I think, it is still up to you to decide on how you’ll donate your money, be it for publicity/fun/sympathy/kindness etc..

          1. Sorry, but no. Don’t you know how many fanboys there are on this site?! Just watch somebody say something negative about Phil or Xbox sooner or later… LOL.

            1. Lets see if I can make a guess…. “lol he’s just trying to appear nice than others microsoft is going down the drain lol *Strings of curse words* #nintendolife”

              Yeah, that’s probably pretty accurate.

                1. Continue making memes about me, I’m making $600 a month from bait videos and I have 13,000 subs. My opinion is better than yours.

                  1. you said it “bait videos”. so, are you saying those videos and the money make your opinion better than the opinion of all the people around you. Congrats, you are a lolcow!

                      1. thanks, i did not know you had an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica. that shows who’s the corporate cocksucker! ROFL
                        you’re officialy BUTTHURTED!

            1. Wow honestly that makes you look like a bigger idiot than you are trying to make him out too be. Maybe get a better picture or something for fuck sakes that isn’t even clever LOL!

        3. I like Phil Spencer. He’s an awesome guy and he is definitely leading Xbox in the right direction! I really wish I could get an Xbox One too! :D I love when the video game guys do great stuff like this! It’s hilarious. :) Also (any and all comments speaking negatively about the Xbox brand will be ignored. Thank you and please understand.) XD

          1. In my opinion, this is the best time to look up to company icons. Yoshida is really a cool Playstation boss, so is Spencer for Xbox and Fils-Aime for Nintendo. It’s really great to be living in this day and age where there is so much interaction between the company bosses and fans. Gonna be a great console generation. :)

            1. Yes, they’re all great! I love them all and their wonderful business of making games! It makes me happy to see them enjoying themselves with these kind of activities. It’s definitely going to be good this generation with these fun guys. :)

        4. ha ha! a good way to raise awareness. hopefully yoshida and reggie accepts the challenge and donates – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

        5. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          lol i dont think yoshida can do it. i’ll do the challenge if i get an xbox one is an award with battlefield 4 or titanfall. i think microsoft is trying to weak and soft but later bull trigger and destory sony like before in 2006-2008. those were the years where xbox 360 and microsoft were beating ps3 and had more exclusives. i miss early ps3 fans being butthurt :(

        6. Nice that Phil also donated money. Plenty of celebs are just doing this and nominating other celebrities but donating on top of doing the challenge is pretty cool. Either way nice to see this string of positivity going on amidst the plenty of bad things going on around the world and it’ll be cool if Reggie and Yoshida did it too, and hopefully Reggie can nominate Iwata, Miyamoto and/or Bill.

        7. Give Me Your Address There

          Oh great another stupid trend that gained popularity through the internet. ‘The internet: making people dumber since 1982’.

        8. This “challenge” isn’t even a challenge… Instead of donating to a charity organization, you dump ice water on your head? In California we are in water conservation mode, yet so many people here are doing this “challenge” dumping gallons upon gallons of water on each other… Just so they don’t have to pay the $100? I don’t understand this at all! How about make it an actual challenge! Submerge yourself neck deep in a pool of ice water for an hour or pay the $100. The charity would be receiving a lot of donations… instead we have idiots dumping ice water on their heads all over the internet…

          1. Now that you mention it, it really is idiotic to just waste water like that and encouraging others to do so just to donate. People are doing this and without realizing that water is being wasted. I guess ignorance is also at fault here. It’s too bad, now I hope that people would just donate the money directly instead of wasting water. Although I wouldn’t call these people idiots as they are probably not realizing that water in some parts of the world could mean life or death. Still at least these people want to help. In any case, a small awareness can quickly resolve this issue and hopefully continue on doing the donation without wasting any precious resources.

        9. He’s cooling down because the PS4 is doing better. Or he’s trying to freeze himself because Xbox is a fail. LOL.

        10. I’m all for charity but this trend is getting very annoying. You can only watch someone dump water on their heads so many times until it stops being funny. Reggie would be fucking amazing tho.

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              1. Well, I’m glad you took time out of your life to read comments I make on this site because that means that I’m obviously important to you and you care about me. XD

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        13. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

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        16. This is awesome. I’m glad to see the big wigs get involved in this. Lou Gehrig’s Disease is super serious and super deadly. Any money raised on the diseases behalf is one step closer to helping out anyone that’s been affected.

        17. Well here’s another challenge Microsoft should do: Stop making Xbox One look like another generic DVR box with DRM and make better games for once.

        18. Reggie I could imagine may do it, he’s a fun and outgoing person. I expect if any accept it it’ll be him over the other two.

        19. Yes, people must dump water on their heads to give a charity money. Or, save that clean water for people who don’t have clean water, and just donate anyway. #logicmotherfuckers

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