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Operation Platinum Is Aiming To Get Bayonetta 2 To Sell One Million Copies On Wii U

A fan made movement is currently in the works and it’s called Operation Platinum. The social movement is calling for Nintendo fans to purchase Bayonetta 2 on Wii U and help the game shift over one million copies. Of course some people will see this as Nintendo’s job, but that hasn’t stopped fans being vocal about it. The movement is a direct response to third-party publishers that say Nintendo fans don’t purchase their games and the console isn’t worth supporting.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

308 thoughts on “Operation Platinum Is Aiming To Get Bayonetta 2 To Sell One Million Copies On Wii U”

    1. I love it
      im 100% in that way we can prove that a company is wrong “we are after good dedicated games not bad casual port games”

      1. I’m in as well it’s time Wii U games get their attention, I’m a multi console player but I’m in, I’ll support this idea. I say if Nintendo can’t do a better marketing then let the community do it for them. – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

    2. Bayonetta package is gonna be huge! I love his qualifying factors for third party support. I’m starting to feel pity towards those gamers who have no other options than the mainstream third party BS. Just played Arkham Origins for about 3 hours… Holy Garbage Batman! It’s like an adventure game, without the adventure. The same has been true of practically every other AAA pop game I’ve played. Bayonetta 2 looks like video game heaven, and when you see the alternatives and have the misfortune of experiencing them, you start to see how lucky you are to get these hi-fi 3rd party exclusives. Third parties are only realizing that their garbage won’t fool the Nintendo consumer base. When developers put in the right kind of effort though, they need our support. It’s shameful how poorly Wonderful 101 sold. Despite anything anyone says about it, you can’t play it without having a blast. May Bayonetta pave the way for worthwhile third party games coming to the Wii U!

      1. Fucken really? I bet you didn’t spill this dribble when the first Bayo was only on PS3/360. Now though the game is some sort of heaven sent and pinnacle of what 3rd party games are supposed to be because its exclusive to Wii U, gtfoh!

      2. Biggest Nintendo fan since NES

        fanboys! That button smashing piece of shit was already bad on the other consoles so why should this one be better?? Maybe because it’s better then most Wii u games – that are even crappier?

      1. Reminds me of Metroid Prime Trilogy, 3 games in one.
        Of course I already had the first two, but I lacked the third (I didn’t bought it at launch), but with time my first 2 game disc got scratched and my Wii became unable to play them without disc read errors.
        Once I purchased it, it was like recovering my lost collection in one sexy-looking Metal case + my missing game for the collection.

    3. Yes. And we will get TWO games on the package: the original Bayonetta and the second one. It will be a great deal. Every Wiiu owner should get it

        1. Actually, both formats will include everything last I heard. :) So either way, you’ll get everything for your buck. You can ever research its past news to be sure yourself.

    1. Not even close, you failed at life the moment you thought this would bring you anything other than embarrassment.

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    I don’t support Hideki Kamiya, but I do support Nintendo, so I will buy it for sure, Nintendo FTW.

  2. Well you have my purchase, so that’s 1. I think he can reach the goal with enough advertisement. Not to mention that it comes with the first one, so none of you “nintendo fans” have an excuse to NOT buy it

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      True and I’m going to buy this whether there is a movement or not…

      They should explain and promote why people should buy this game though instead of just saying “buy this for support”…

      This is not politics…

      1. Yea, agreed. This game is day one for me, simply because bayonetta is a great game. The “support” aspect comes after the initial reason that YOU want the game.

        1. wiitards always need a reason to buy a game without mario shaking his man tits in their face.

          Nintendo fanbase of today 95% mindless wiitards and 5 % nintendo fans.

            1. yeah since im telling the truth. The nintendo fanbase is plagued by wiitatds now days. All the nintendo fans left.

                1. i’ve seen you around youtube, your a huge wiitard. Nobody should take you seriously cocksucker.

                  I haven’t beEn on this stupid website hardly at all for a long time, so your going to have to do better than that. I’m not looking to be fed moron, im not trolling in this whole article. The nintendo fanbase is fucking cocksucking frauds who damage control everything like you that’s why nintendo hasn’t bettered themselves for years because of wiitards like you.

      1. There is a pettition for it? I’d better start my own pettition so no CoD game gets ever released on Nintendo… hmm CoD seems very poor lemme extent that to any Activision game, wait… Its still CoD…

  3. So the best way to show third parties that we’ll buy their games is to get big sales on yet another first party (at best second party) game? Not gonna work.

        1. Glad I managed to eek out 43 3rd-party Wii games; solid games, many tailor-made for the hardware/controls, & even a few new IPs, too. Plus, I hope to snag Klonoa & Arc Rise Fantasia @ some point. & only 16 1st-party games.

        2. Third parties are a bunch of arrogant fuck-ups that can’t provide consistent quality for all versions of their ports, then blame it on everyone and everything else except for themselves and their lack of effort and understanding of each system’s innards.

          Fuck them, and fuck anyone who’s apologizing for their laziness.

      1. You also forgot that we not only do not want shit ports, but we also don’t want them 4 months after every other console gets them…

    1. the third party games are mostly mature games…Bayonetta and Devil’s third are mature. Didn’t you hear Ubisoft said that they will not make more mature games for Nintendo after Watch_Dogs?

        1. Only if you’re not counting indie games.
          Which would be stupid, since even Sony, the leader of the pack right now, acknowledges them as important support for any console.

    2. Please, stop talking about ‘mature games’. Mario is a mature game, if played by a mature player. The truth is that Nintendo players generally want quality games – quality that Nintendo provides whether in a game like Mario or a game like Bayonetta. Quality that a company like Ubisoft simply don’t want to provide.

      I’m all for getting Bayonetta good sales but let’s be clear – it’s not going to attract third parties back. If you want to do that, then get a million Wii U owners to buy Watch Dogs. Count me out of that one.

      1. No thanks, after having a look at how short & badly supported (& how awkward it renders on PC {Got the prize of worst optimized game for PC at}) that game was I don’t even want to risk my $60 in that thing, considering how poorly they already support Nintendo.
        I was so hyped by it in the same E3 the WiiU showed up, ended up disappointed in a 3 minute video.
        “Its just an Assassins Creed game dressed in modern society with new flashy gadgets, weapons and lots of side-quests that compose the majority of the game itself” .

  4. This is so cool. I was already going to buy the game anyway.
    I’ll try yo spread the word too, it’ll be fun and I really hope this game does well.

  5. I am here Platinum games, Kamiya…just shut the fuck up and take my money.

    of course I will support this, Nintendo has to advertise the shit out of this game though.

  6. & these 3rd-party games skipping Wii U…they’re somehow equal to or better than Bayonetta 2’s quality, focus, style, & bargain? I doubt 3rd parties will step up & cater to the discriminating tastes of Ninty’s fanbase. Would Ubisoft finally make Red Steel 3 &/or a new Prince of Persia for Wii U, even if they couldn’t implement profitable online components, namely DLC & Uplay? Bayonetta 2’s sales (big or small), even simple sales of any 3rd party games are no longer enough. Hardcore audiovisuals, bloated dev teams, & Hollywood-style experiences are just too expensive to maintain w/ out some sorta nickle-&-dime scheme.

    Either way, I’m still getting Bayonetta 2, but 3rd parties are a lost cause to me when it comes extant franchises, stagnant catalogs, & dwindling gameplay. Yeah, Ninty could use some fixing, too, & should probably just counter every 3rd party w/ a better, competing title & really become self-sufficient. They’d definitely be prepared once the majority of so-called gamers wise up & the video-game industry finally crashes–again–setting the stage for the Nintendo Phoenix console. Rant over…for now.

          1. How does it make sense ? It makes absolutely no sense at all. They need to build up hype and let people know about it. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch WiiU owners out there who have no idea about Bayonetta 2 coming out pretty soon, let alone that it will be bundled with Bayonetta 1. Nintendo doesn’t market shit, and it hurts them more than people seem to realize.

            1. Funny thing is I’ve seen Tomodachi Life ads on TV tons of times and that came out after Mario Kart 8.. xD

              1. Yea, it’s plain stupid. It feels like Nintendo is deliberately not giving a shit about convincing people of the WiiU, I honestly can’t understand what’s even going on in their heads. The 3DS gets way, WAY more love from them than the WiiU when it’s the latter that desperately needs it. Inexplicable, nothing else.

                  1. I’d need a WiiU first, lmao.
                    Still on the fence about it because I feel like Nintendo has kinda fucked their supporters over with it and the lack of interest in making things better, with the non-existant marketing or the 0 effort in getting some 3rd-party in, for instance, really makes me not want to buy one. Also, there are barely any titles out so far/coming up on the WiiU that interest me and way too many upcoming games on other platforms that actually do interest me, making me be a bit short on money for a WiiU + games. Not a big fan of the gamepad either, tbh.
                    But I might end up buying one if they’ll offer a nice SSB bundle since it’s one of my favorite series I can’t resist and I believe it belongs on a home console, so the 3DS version won’t do it for me personally. Also, there is gonna be Zelda. But then again, that one’s gonna take a long while to come out.
                    Anyway, there are more reasons that speak against getting one for me personally, but I’ll see about it.
                    If I do buy a WiiU though, I’ll probably borrow Bayonetta from a friend, because I know he’s gonna buy it, lmao.

                    1. If you already own a PS4 for your third party needs, then you should get a Wii U. Unless you don’t have enough money to buy games for two platforms or if you just want to save money with one console. What Wii U games are you interested in anyways? And what games interest you on the other two? (PS4 and XB1)

                    2. The thing is, I’m currently keeping up with 4 platforms at the time, so adding a 5th one might not be too ideal for my wallet, lol.
                      The WiiU games I’d want are SSB, Mario 3D World (could borrow that from said friend too though), Toad’s Treasure Hunt possibly and Zelda.
                      Upcoming games for other platforms I’m gonna buy are Destiny, Driveclub, Freedom Wars, BF Hardline, Pokemon OR/AS, LBP 3, Far Cry, AC Unity, a few indies like Hotline Miami 2. Those are the ones I can think of right now, might be more lmao. There are some other possible purchases like GTA V, but I’ll see about that. And all of those come out within the next 3 months, mind you. There’s even more after.

                1. Just because Nintendo doesn’t air the same commercial 8 times over the course if a one hour show (Diablo III) doesn’t mean they aren’t marketing the game. Take MK8 for example. They had some commercials, they hyped it on their Direct, and they partnered with McDonalds to release a limited time toy lineup with happy meals. That’s brilliant marketing. Bayonetta has been advertised on twitter and a direct so far. I expect to see a few commercials when we get closer to release.

                  1. The Mario Kart 8 ads have pretty much died after the game came out. I don’t see it anymore at all on tv. And I’m pretty sure those MCD’s toys are only for a short time.

                  2. That’s only in one region. Where I live, they barely show any ads and we didn’t get the McDonalds toys either, and Nintendo (+ gaming in general) is quite huge here.
                    Also, as HollowGrape already said, Nintendo’s ads usually stop after the game is out.
                    Plus, not everyone follows Nintendo on Twitter or their Directs, Nintendo has to try to get through to everyone, not fans who already support them. People who watch their Directs/follow them on Twitter are people who are into their stuff anyway.
                    I personally wouldn’t call that “brilliant” marketing.

        1. Didn’t watch E3, didja boyo?
          And you must have missed the flood of reviewers and hands-on previews of the game from different big-name gaming websites in recent months.

          That or you’re ignoring them to support your strawman argument.

  7. Bayonetta 2 comes out around the same time as Smash 3DS and about a week after Hyrule Warriors. *looks at empty wallet*

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      Prioritize, Smash is a must buy and Hyrule Warriors seem like something you would enjoy *looks at HollowGrapeJ’s profile picture*

    2. I went from having nothing to play on my Nintendo consoles, to what will very soon be too much to play with too little time and no money. But I suppose this problem is the better of the two lol.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same way with me. There’s already like a dozen Wii U and 3DS games I want, but I want to get some newer games first. :P Hyrule Warriors is already a definite buy for me, but after that, Idk whether to get Bayonetta 2 or wait for Smash Bros Wii U. I want Smash Bros more but I also want to be able to help with the day 1 sales of Bayo 2. Hm… decisions. Lol.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

          You make a good point, maybe find out which game stores can help you like set one aside.

          Biggest mistake I made was when Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 came out, I decided to buy this other game and when the time came to get it, copies were sold out, something tells me Smash could be the same, so if you have a friend who works in a entertainment store, see if you can get him/her to set a copy of one aside for you.

        2. I’m getting smash for my 3DS, and Hyrule Warriors for the WiiU.

          I’m waiting on the WiiU version of Smash unless there is a significant incentive. I’ll get it eventually though, but after the MK8 fiasco, I’m done with day-1 first party titles. Once I know Smash isn’t a watered down game designed to be “safe” for kids… Putting babysitting before game play, then I’ll buy it.

          Bayo 1&2, Hyrule W – developers that make games for gamers, instead of day-care, limited, gimped software, I’m supporting them first. Nintendo can continue to support their (apparently large) fan base of those who want babies, yoshi, DK,… And hopefully they will get around to the Zelda, Starfox, Metroid, FZero, mature-rated crowd eventually.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      You DO know that this is a fan thing right? Now you say it doesn’t want to make you buy it because it has a dedicated fanbase…
      The logic is not strong in this one

      1. Watching videos of Goofy kids starting a bayonetta fucking “movement” makes me feel as though I am way out of place. Just because you are “taken” with this guy, don’t let it cloud the bigger picture.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

          It isn’t actually goofy, it is quite ambitious, if you think you are too “cool” for people like us, you are welcome to leave. Any objections?

          1. Too cool? Lmfao! Leave? Fuck, you’re such a bitch. Ambitous? It’s retarded and wont sway a single person to purchase the game. The word you are looking for is desperate and not ambitious.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

              Well you say you “feel way out of place” so either you are the outcast or everyone here is, and actually, it did sway me to buy this game, maybe you are just pissed off for other reasons.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                  If you want to be skeptical then sure, but Nintendo’s 3rd party doesn’t have a leg to stand on at the moment because 3rd parties think we only like “kiddy” games, if they see if an M rated game can sell on Nintendo, it is worth a shot, besides, it is 2 games in one and doesn’t cost a fortune, it isn’t such a bad thing.

            2. Desperate times comes for desperate pleasures. Normally, I wouldnt bother with such a thing, but the third party support lately; has been nonexistant. Whether the sales show as an example to future third party devs, or exist to support platinum. This game has my day one.

              1. Iwata is the reason that most third parties don’t want anything to do with Nintendo. This game will sell just fine.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                  Please don’t be one of those people and blame Iwata, he is doing his job just fine, it is the industry that is failing.

                  1. I wish it wasn’t. Iwata is the only person to blame for the WiiU. Can’t be president and not be responsible.

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      The PS4 isn’t doing so hot either you know, people prefer to download several 99c apps than buy real games with meat and depth to them, Steam, itunes and even pirated games are becoming easier and cheaper to get

                    2. I’m not saying the industry doesn’t have issues but the WiiU has many flaws and the games that are out are not even close to what Nintendo needs right now. Being president, Iwata is to blame.

                    3. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Don’t be too harsh on Iwata, we all have ideas of what we can do, but he may be in different circumstances, Iwata was chosen by Yamauchi and Yamauchi-san, may he rest in peace, was the president of Nintendo during the golden era of Nintendo, he must have known what he was doing if he chose Iwata.

                    4. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Well yeah I guess? When the Wii U was selling at those numbers, people were like “Nintendoomed”, just check the charts in Japan now

                    5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Sells worldwide, yet still can’t sell enough for Sony to even make up they’re huge debt that’s pulling them down.

                2. No, third party laziness and crowd-following is the reason why the moment the bigger names dropped Nintendo, the smaller ones followed suite.
                  And the big ones left in the first place because we weren’t buying their ports.
                  And we weren’t buying their ports on the Wii U, because THEY INTENTIONALLY MADE THEIR WII U PORTS INFERIOR TO EVERY OTHER VERSION OUT THERE.

            3. It swayed me, I may never even play it. But at least I know that I would’ve tried to help the Wii U. I’d rather have a good time supporting a crappy console(which isn’t the case but I’m trying to make a point) than watch anything video game related die out. Nintendo and it’s affiliates have my support till the day I die.

          1. You’re not really worth the pixel’s but I’ll say one thing, you really need to work on you’re reading comprehension.

        2. Well…there’s one way to make yourself look pompous, arrogant, and above everyone else! I pity you…someone must have stole your dolly when you were younger…

        3. You got a point though. It’s kinda sad that they have to make silly videos like that to convince each other to buy games on WiiU. Also, isnt’s Nintendo’s job to market their games, especially 3rd party exclusives ? Nintendo doesn’t do shit in terms of marketing, and that’s actually really really sad.
          A “movement” like this isn’t going to convince anyone who wasn’t planning on buying the game anyway, anyone who’s gonna buy the game is going to do it because it’s a good game, not because some random people on the internet tell them to do so.

        4. The “bigger picture” is we finally get a mature game, made by devs who don’t give two shits about Nintendo’s restrictions or fans that made the video. I am indifferent. Whatever helps strengthen Nintendo’s mature game development is good by me.

          Buy the game because you want to, not whether there are YouTube videos that have nothing to do with the creation of the game.

          1. That’s a lot of lol’s and is coupled with homosexuality. You just proved that I own ya, newbie. You best stop talking now.

  8. Honestly why wouldn’t you buy this game. It is such a good deal, two games in one is such a good move by Nintendo/Platinum

  9. I’m glad Nintendo is improving with the Wii U because now I have a steady flow of games to get. There’s Hyrule Warriors in late September, Bayonetta 2 right at the beginning of October, there will be Sonic Boom early November probably along with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and I’m assuming that Smash Bros is December. Then when you move over to next year, there’s Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Splatoon. I’m assuming Splatoon will be maybe early 2015 like February or something. Too many games that I can even afford. And that isn’t even counting my 3DS… I’m trying to save up for a gaming PC right now too, but Nintendo keeps trying to steal my wallet… Sigh. XD

      1. Well, Sonic games these days aren’t really selling that well so if it does then meh. Lol, I just want it because it looks fun. If it isn’t that great, then no big deal. I’ve played worse. XD

      2. It’ll do better than lost world based on the larger install base, How much better depends on how good the game ends up being, Which will probably be average, still good but nothing special

    1. Too many single player games though, Hollow, and they all come out at the same time as the AAA’s on the other consoles. I will prob get Smash bros and maybe the captain toad game, the rest is just meh. The holiday line up should be.. Zelda, Starfox(online coop), Metroid (online coop) and smash bros.

      1. I agree, but you know, this is a chance for you to get a bunch of other games while you wait. :P If you wait too long, there will be a problem. A good thing to do is probably save all your money for games releasing next year so you can buy all the games you want day one and you can get a game ever once in a while to fill out the gap. Yes, there are some AAA title releasing in the coming months for the other consoles, and that is the joy of owning 2 consoles. When you look the situation though, you have to think about which you want more. Third or first party. I am disappointed that games like GTA V and Destiny are not coming to the Wii U, but the number of games I want for my Wii U in comparison is much bigger so I can deal with it for now. I hope you can eventually grab another console and get your third party fix while still enjoying Nintendo’s games. :) I’ve been thinking of selling my Wii U so many times due to lack of third party, but I’m glad this E3 showed me to still have some faith in it. Tbh, if I sold it, I would’ve regretted it. Because at this point, I can save up and get another console for all those games. But back then (when I barely had any money) I would’ve enjoyed all the third party games, but I would’ve been really angry if I found out about Captain Toad and Splatoon right after I sold it. XD The Wii U isn’t getting much third party support and it’s pretty much just an exclusive only console, but over time, it will have some of the greatest games of any Nintendo console in history. So, I’m definitely happy with it right now and I will be looking forward to Zelda.

        1. I own all the consoles and a gaming pc. Money is not much of an issue, it’s the games that are the problem. Nintendo has my some of my favorite franchise’s locked away because Iwata is too stubborn to listen to the fans that supported them in the beginning.

          1. You own all of them even a gaming PC? O.o Well, in that case, I guess the only thing I can recommend you do right now is play some AAA’s on the other consoles (or PC) and wait for Wii U to get something you like. Sad, but it’s pretty much the only thing you can do right now. XD Don’t get rid of it though because Wii U may do a complete U turn (pun intended) and have like 10 games you want. It’s definitely worth waiting. Nintendo these days are so unpredictable. Lol they may give us Majora’s Mask remake, they might give us a Zelda HD collection, or they might not even bother with Zelda after Zelda U. Lol.

        2. Yeah, Hollow, I dunno about you, but I’m just staying “last gen” when it comes to 3rd party games. Not gonna waste my money getting an xbone or ps4, when I have a perfectly operating 360. The 3rd parties look a little scared to make only next gen exclusives, and there’s a lot of late 2014-2015 games coming out for last gen. I’m gonna be getting Borderlands, Metal Gear, and [maybe] Far Cry 4 all on old consoles. So if a ps4 is too pricey, you could always go and buy a ps3/360 for 1/4 of the price. Just a thought.
          Can’t quite recall your 3rd party games list you wrote a little while back, but I’m sure a good portion of them are coming out for last gen, too. GTA5 and Destiny are, at least.

          1. Eh. I would choose to go PC. That way I could enjoy all the last gen games as well as newer ones. I tried X360 and PS3 and they do have some very good exclusives and stuff, but after playing Assassin’s Creed 3 and experiencing brutal frame rate drops, I just can’t deal with that anymore. Lol. XD But I think I am open to getting a PS4 in the future too. Exclusives look promising. :)

          1. @Strangs PinkInk isn’t a hater. More like a frustrated Nintendo fan. Think about the way I was awhile ago. I can easily understand why he/she is upset right now. :P

                1. a gay version of link, i hope he’s not in the next zelda game. I hear he always knocks on the screen randomly, puts on lip stick and starts doing the sucking dick sign while pointing at you…….

      1. Those, & possibly Fatal Frame will hit next year & outside Japan. Although, I know HollowGrapeJ dislikes the Horror genre. There’s also the rumor of a Wii U game, possibly an HD version of an existing one, that the same guy who leaked Devil’s Third mentioned.

    2. Splatoon…. There is a game with HUGE potential.
      Nintendo can make this an epic new IP, or they can blow it. Water it down. Gimp it like Ubi is accused of always doing. Splatoon needs to have 4 x 4, online teams. Larger maps… NOT one on one or two on two… I think this game looks great, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo is going to scale it way back, exclude in-team voice chat, make it difficult to play with friends online, make shitty use of the game pad… When it comes to Nintendo, lower your expectations. It’s less painful when they fuck up, and all the more blissful when they surprise you.

    1. Tell me, Derrick Beckles… when will we see the second season of the rip-off version of Entertainment Tonight?

  10. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Everyone look at it this way, if a game like “Yokai Watch 2” can sell way more than it’s predecessor, a game like this might just do the same

  11. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

    sickr…. why couldlnt you post the call of duty advance warfare wii u as news. but you post this?

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      Enough with your fucking Call of Duty petition, Sickr warned you about that or must I remind him myself?

        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

          Hey look, it’s the anonymous moron who comes to his boyfriend sasori’s rescue!

          What do you want now fool?

    2. ummm hmmmm, let’s see a shitty tired out unoriginal industry ruining piece of shit game with a shitty change .org signiture thing that do nothing, and with less than 500 people actually signing it or what’s going on about a good game and what it means.

      i wonder……..

      1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

        Hmmm, maybe I am onto something
        Hey iceazeama, sasori is an Xbox fanboy, a big one in fact.
        He even says the PS4 is utter shit compared to the Xbox One.
        What are you going to do about it?

        1. Nothing, you know sasori is just a stupid 15 year old teenager who thinks cod isn’t a piece of shit like the rest of these stupid teenagers, same with the xbox. When he gets older maybe he will realize how shitty it is like a lot of them do.

          Besides once you get to know sasori he’s nice.

          He helped me beat the forest boss even after fighting him and you to and everybody else who played this game

          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

            But he insulted Sony, he even says Iwata is doing great.

            C’mon, I thought you hated Xbox fanboys? Rip his throat out.

            1. Who cares but the new zelda better be good, i played TP again but on the gamecube again not to long ago. I really like it more than i did, those annoying motion controls ruined the game for me. Stupid wii seriously made me think that game was worse than it was.

              I said before it was dull and shit but as i do think it didn’t quite innovate like MM and WW the core elements of zelda are the best in that game, like boss fights and dungeons, shit even the puzzles might be the best.

              I don’t know about that new zelda though, after SS i really lost interest in the franchise. Watching that stupid boss fight made me remember how much i liked the game.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                I am sure Zelda U will be good, Aonuma-san seems to have many ideas for it, especially this “vast” world concept he keeps reiterating

                1. I hope, it seems like nintendo knows how many people hated the linearity of SS. All of a sudden they’re saying more than ever it’s going to be completely open word non linear game. Coincidence?

                  I really hated SS, i can’t believe nintendo made zelda like that. They need to deliver with this one, like game of the generation material. Most 3d zelda games were that.

              2. I love Twilight. But then, I’ve never been disappointed with a Zelda. I even liked Skyward sword.

                If you suck at motion controls, I suppose I understand why you wouldn’t like it, but I can adapt to any control scheme, and got very, very good at it.

                1. SS was just awful. Even with traditional controls the game would have been bad. Unlike twilight princess that’s a good game plagued by horrible motion controls in the wii version.

  12. Everybody buy this game, bayonetta is an awesome action game and some say it’s the best. This game deserves to sell and for all you people complaining that every port of 3rd party multiplats on wii u is trash, late port no dlc missing features everywhere rip off versions and that’s why those particular games are not selling, than prove everyone wrong with this 3rd party, non nintendo rated mature game.

    This is your only and last chance to take a stand, to prove everyone wrong that you do want 3rd party games and play more than just nintendo. This game will not be gimped in anyway and IT’S NOT BY NO MEANS A CRAPPY GAME. So if your truly a nintendo fan and not a wiitard (most people in the fanbase) buy this game, not only to prove a point but to get a really good game, actually 2. I mean nintendo isn’t going to advertise jack shit being retarded cunts that they’re so we have to.

    This is everything you guys have been complaining about, it it sells you prove all 3rd parties wrong and if you end up nor getting it and it bombs i and the rest will make fun of the fanbase and continue saying that you only play mario and zelda and the other nintendo made games.

    1. Exactly!! The more sales that this game gets, the more we will get EXCLUSIVE 3rd party support, which is what the Wii U needs. So all of you OF AGE nintendo fans better buy this game, because the first one was great and the second one will be even better.

      1. You know, even if you are right, it would still take years to make a game. Wii U could get the best 3rd party exclusives in the world, but by then, it wouldn’t have sold well and it would’ve been far too late to save it. The exclusives that are coming out right now are pretty much it’s only bet. So if those don’t get the job done, there really isn’t much hope.

        1. If this game sells it proves that you guys aren’t lying frauds who don’t buy quality 3rd party games (lmao it’s probably going to flop, sad day)

        2. @hollow, yup, and that’s why we just have to wait and see the impact these games will have on the Wii U’s sales. I’m pretty confident that they will push a significant amount of units, but regardless of all of that, I’m still gonna be having a blast with smash, bayonetta, hyrule warriors etc.

  13. Awesome! Bayonetta 2 definitely deserves it! I too was hoping that Bayonetta 2 would sell at least 1 million copies and with this movement, my hopes have now raised!!!

    C’mon everyone! Support Bayonetta 2, Nintendo and Platinum games. You won’t regret it!

  14. The fact that the original Bayonetta barely scratched 1 million on platforms with a current install base of over 160 million isn’t gonna help Bayonetta 2’s prospects on a 6million Wii U. Be realistic

    1. Yeah but this game should at least make a impact in sales, lifetime sales could be up to there. I mean shitty zombie u sold decent for a crappy game. So if these guys are dedicated enough to buy a good game (lmao) maybe they can prove a point and play a good game that they probably wouldn’t of bought.

      These type of games should sell more than what they do……..

    2. It certainly won’t if every Wii U owner has your attitude! Why can’t we make a huge Bayonetta 2 movement and get at least 1 million Wii U owners to buy the game?

      Even if it doesn’t work and we fall short. A movement will “only” help. What if the game sells 500k instead of 200k. That would be a HUGE jump in sales from an internet movement that never would have occured if we sat back and did nothing.

      Better to aim high and miss, then to not aim at all.

      1. yeah i agree. This game deserves to sell and not only is it going to be a great game, it’s the only chance nintendo fans have to prove a point and you know why. It’s actually really important. It’s do or die with this and if it bombs then…. huuh lmao nintendo fans or should i say wiitard frauds can’t excuse themselves and damage control over this nintendo fans don’t buy 3rd party games thing.

        I hope it does sell and the rest, even that xenoblade game being a fist party game is very important to sell to show nintendo we like more games, so they continue to give us different things. Seriously who wouldn’t want the new xenoblade game?

        1. The new Xenoblade game and Bayonetta 2 are Wii U must haves. Technically every Wii U owner should buy both of those games, but there are always a majority of Wii U owners that don’t for some reason.

          It’s like there are 5 million Wii U owners who don’t buy any games at all. I don’t get it…

          1. Also the two games promised at launch, and used to deceive us into thinking we were going to get huge 3rd party support. Before Nintendo gimped all their 1st party games and then left us to starve in a software drought. Ubisoft and the Indies, along with Monster Hunter are the only reason I didn’t tell Nintendo to fuck off and end our 20+ year relationship

            1. Nintendo lost their magic and nintendo already cheated on you with multiple casuals.

              #they only wanted your money
              #sell outs

              1. That’s pretty much how I feel.
                I’m trying to hold on for 2014(end) and 2015… Just a little longer… I know I will like Hyrule Warriors, because I like the DW game play model (although it will get a little repetative for some, which is ok, not every game is for everyone)

                I’ll get to play Bayo 1&2… A great treat since I never got to play part one. So I’ll play them in order.

                If the new Zelda is open world, I’ll be thrilled as hell, and of course X… The reason we all bought the WiiU to begin with. (well, a lot of us.)
                I swear to got if I catch Nintendo blowing the Casuals again, we are done.

                1. yeah….. you get it. Just get a ps4 for all of the 3rd party games. Don’t stay loyal to nintendo when you can have both, nintendo are sell outs. I seriously can’t even stand nintendo’s bullshit anymore. Stop torturing yourself haha.

                  ps4 has a lot of good indies too. wii u alone is just torture, i haven’t touched mine since i beat shovelknight.

    3. Other factors to consider:

      *Wii U’s library is smaller in comparison, so Bayonetta 2 has a better chance of standing out.

      *Wii U’s installbase is comparitively smaller than the 7th gen twins (now & @ the time the original Bayonetta hit). However, Wii U’s fanbase just might be more interested in Bayonetta’s genre than the others’ fanbases. If the number of FPS & Sandboxes that filled PS3 & 360’s libraries is any indication, chances are a game like Bayonetta is über niche there. But I think Wii U’s library is dominated by what is now considered niche in the 8th gen.

      *2 games for the price of 1.

      *Published by Nintendo.

      *How much advertising did the original receive?

      I think all of the above should be considered. Ultimately, only time will tell.

      1. Yes, I’m with you there. I will be disappointed if it doesn’t reach the 1 million mark. It deserves that much.

    4. This isn’t a game getting introduced into a pool of gamers who have mature games and clones and rehash spammed at them. This is a quality sequal, being packaged with a refreshed version of the original into a system that is starved for mature-rated games.

      I see no reason it can do well, not do I think it’s fair to compare it to the first give it was a totally different fan base and era.

      1. Very true as well! All those Nintendo fans saying they would support Mature third party games if they weren’t gimped ports should be jumping for this game, no LEAPING, for this game at launch.

        It is everything those Nintendo fans have been asking for PLUS extras.

        It is a no-brainer deal for sure. I hope Nintendo advertises it even more and does awesome promotions to help get this game off the shelves!

        1. Wow, I’m glad you understood what I was saying, I’ve been busy today, and didn’t check my last paragraph… It was a nightmare to read. X.x Kudos for catching the point I was making! :p

  15. Only time this game would have sold 1million and above, is if it was on Playstation 4

    Better gameplay and Better Graphics.

    Its going to flop like W101

    1. Only reason that game didn’t sell well is because it wasn’t advertised enough. I saw literally zero ads on tv about it. That game definitely had the potential to be a system seller. With its colorful box art and small super hero characters and all, it probably just looks like shovelware to the average consumer. XD

    2. Better gameplay on PS4? How so? Wii U has way more controller options, including the standards, minus analog shoulder buttons. Would analog shoulder buttons have made Bayonetta 2’s gameplay better? If so, there’s still Xbox One, PS3, & 360 controllers. & I’m pretty sure both Platinum & Nintendo will ensure tight controls & smooth framerates. Aside from the controller mechanics & framerate, how would Platinum have utilized PS4 to improve gameplay? The touchpad? The Vita?

  16. i’m defiantly buying this game on day one plus you got the Nintendo costumes my personal favorite is the Link one !

  17. I didnt see one advertisement of Knack, TLOU REMASTERED, but they all sold better then Wonderful flop 101

    1. Knack was/is part of a PS4 bundle; I think those software sales were counted. No specific advertising necessary if it comes w/ many of the hardware units.

      How big is the PS4 library? How diverse is it? Does LoU Remastered stand out on its own?

    2. Saying Knack sold better than W101 is like saying drinking while driving is completely legal. Both are BS and everyone knows how GARBAGE Knack is. Bring me the sales figures of Knack vs. W101 first before talking like a smart ass because anything on PS4 sells despite the game sucking or not. Give me a break fool. Don’t get cocky over PS4 hitting 10 million in its runaway success. I’m glad it is but you give Sony Ponies a bad name. lol

  18. I’m a noncomformist and I was going to buy this game regardless of this stupid operation but you guys spread the word. And add wonderful 101 to your operation platinum while you are at it.

  19. I buy all kinds of games on Wii U…. problem is i don’t want the same game as what is released on anything else… those 3rd parties should consider some original content for Wii U rather than ports… if want Call of Doody i will get it for PC or my PS3.. or when i get a PS4 i will get it for my PS4.
    But i do plan to get this new Bayonetta game, i LOVED the first one back when i got it on PS3, so looking forward to the sequel.

    1. At this point, it doesn’t even matter how third parties come to Wii U. Fully supported or gimped. It just needs to get a port at all. XD

  20. Nintendo fans have no excuse(unless to some its not there cup of tea). I honestly do think this game is still going to sell better then w101, because its more well know. Pre orders might not be the highest on vg chartz( not 100%) but the game is climbing higher then w101, If something like mk8, and zombiu can sell well on such a small install base I think bayonetta can as well, after all I recall another time nintendo got a m rated exclusive that gave a shock, RE4. Sold over million on GC having a very low intall base at the time, but only time will tell.

        1. Don’t you know how much CoD sells? Do you really think Activision is going to care about 500 or something signature? That’s like $3 or something to them. XD

      1. @Iceboy. Where was your ass when I was getting attacked by Nintendo fans who wasn’t buying 3rd party because they rather wait for a price drop? No where to find. Now you want to act like I’m the issue? Please I got Zombie U, AC3, and Rayman Legends. ButI’m no longer getting Watch Dogs. I don’t want my $59.99 to be invested in a future PS4/Xbox tittle.

          1. No fact anyone who buys Watch Dogs for Wii U is a loser. That Wii U revenue is going to an upcoming PS4 tittle. Also dont buyJust Dance neither. That money is also for AC6 in the works.

  21. Cool idea I guess but if we need to create ‘movements’ for a game to sell aren’t we kinda validating the opinion of 3rd party studios?

  22. Uhhhhh…… I didn’t need to be convinced to buy Bayonetta 2. The fact that it was bundled with Bayonetta 1 was then enough. So Nintendo you got yourself another buyer.

  23. I was going to buy Bayonetta because it look fun and because I want to try some games out of my comfort zone, but slapping the shit out of Capcom, Square Enix, Ubisoft and EA argument that “the Nintendo fans do not buy 3rd party games” would be a nice added bonus.

  24. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Nintendo is my Blood and Iceazeama replying to each other without insults?…

    Xbot mongrel species finally doomed confirmed!

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      Calm down NC, I was merely trying to focus the troll power to paradox
      The only troll I know more powerful than sasori is iceazeama, seeing as how icezeama is a Sonyan and sasori is an Xbot, it is easy to see what I was trying to do.

      Anyway, did you hear on the attack on Sony recently?

        1. Hey NC, don’t buy watchdogs. That money is just going to a future tittle not available on Wii U. don’t buy shit Ubisoft makes anymore. And NC, don’t try to get Bayonetta if your wallet can’t support it either. Get it at your convience. Besides we can settle our difference when Smash Wii U comes out. My Mii aginst your Mii. What do you say?

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Well I wasn’t planning too, my hype for Watch Dogs ended when they showed a particular trailer that took away the essence of what it was back in 2012…

            I have been saving for Bayonetta 2 for some time so I don’t think it will be a problem, unless some unforeseen circumstances occur which they often do in my life anyway…

            Deal, let us celebrate the end of the year by fighting as Nintendo comrades…

  25. I’m not that into Bayonetta (except to masturbate to), but this is a chance to impress other third party devs, so… guess I’ll buy it!

  26. A lot of you are saying that it’s Nintendo’s job to market. Well I’m not doing this to show 3rd parties up, I’m not doing it for Nintendo I’m doing it for Hideki Kamiya and everyone at Platinum Games they deserve a hit. Also because I loved the first one.

  27. Nintendo commander Quadraxis slut

    Bayonetta to sell one million copies that won’t happen because of fan boys people will be like I am not going to buy this game because its on wiiu I want it on xboxone and 360 and Ps4 why dose it have to be on wiiu sorry guys but most gamers these days are fan boys they only care about ps4 Xboxone 360 ps3 and don’t like Nintendo this new generation of gamers are mostly fan boys but if I am wrong and it sells one million I will be shocked

  28. This is a good idea. If others see that mature games do sale on the Wii u they will be more likley to make more on the future. Spread this, make it a trend. Tell your friends and maybe we can achieve this together.

  29. With Smash 3DS and Wii U, and Hyrule Warriors, coming later this year, I won’t be able to get this at launch. Probably picking it up next year, or something! Still haven’t played MK8 enough, too!

    1. mario kart is already well beyond 2 million

      there’s roughly 7 million wii u consoles out there by now.. 1 million sales for bayonetta 2 isn’t entirely unrealistic

  30. So let me get this straight, I get Bayonetta 2, with the original Bayonetta game, and I get to slap the faces of third party publishers who said ”Mature games don’t sell on Wii U” Count me in. #OperationPlatinum #TheTimeIsNow

  31. Third parties know why their games don’t sell on the Wii U. Most Western Third parties want Nintendo gone so I find it weird how they put their games on the system. It doesn’t make sense.

  32. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

    am not buying this tard hentai hack in slash game screw it. i’ll get cod ghosts, spliter cell, watch dogs or ac4 black flag. am not supporting the dogshit game :) have fun with your typical anime hack in slash game. the wii u needs game like division or rainbow six seiges… not this.

      1. huhhhh………. you can tell by the shitty tastes in games that he’s a xbox fanboy. He literally could name a ton of good original non tired out crap 3rd party games or others but he lists garbage. This he where all his arguments, even if right for nintendo goes completely irrelevant.

        1. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

          how am i an xbox fanboy when i play black ops 2 on my wii u.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Well let’s see…

            1. Praises Xbox yet does not have the console
            2. Thinks owning Xbox accessories and games but not the console makes your opinion valid.
            3. You hyped up Halo Annivesary edition, and did I mention you had no Xbox?
            4. No Xbox.
            5. Repeat reasons 1-4.
            6. Exposed.

      2. these games to him are crap or unoriginal or both, xenoblade, fatal frame, classic resident evil, bayonetta, tearaway, outlast, amnesia, shovelknght, no mans sky, eternal darkness the list goes on and on. If it’s not a shitty tired out casual crappy unoriginal milked game or concept like cod ass creed or new splinter cell, any shooter and the stale AAA games, he says it’s crap.

        He has such an awful taste in games.

        1. Yeah, he’s a BIG xbox fanboy. After that comment though, everything he says at this point is irrelevant. I mean, the fact that he thinks COD is “original” and not a typical shooter is VERY dumb.

          1. I know…… the core xbox fanboys makes me forget how retarded the nintendo fanboys are and they are the worst for numerous reasons like them being wiitards instead of real nintendo fans.

            In other words he makes these fanboys look not as bad because they most likely play better games.

          2. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

            call of duty is an origianl shooter just like how battlefield is it’s own original shooter. splinter cell is a stealth game not a shooter.

              1. *Crysis* is for boring gamers. The ONLY reason why so many PC gamers care about it is because it’s one of the best looking games ever made. But to be honest, it looks really boring gameplay wise. Lol.

  33. No way it’s going to sell that many on this console, Nintendo fanboys are into casual games. I will still purchase this for sure.

  34. I’m sorry but…MyNintendoNews lost so much credibility to me for advertising Doctre or however you spell this dudes name.This guy has constantly been made a fool for his ridiculous reasonings, igniting trivial flame wars, stating inaccurate information and failing to show his sources of said information etc. This guy should not be taken seriously.

  35. If these people can get people that originally weren’t going to buy the game, then by all means, make a movement for the game. Anyone that has a problem with this is being slightly stupid.

    1. originally weren’t going to buy the game to actually buy the game, then by all means, make a movement*

      Like Miiverse, this site needs a bloody edit button. WORDPRESS, GET ON IT, DAMN IT!!!

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    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      If I really enjoy Bayonetta 1 & 2, I will gladly go back & buy Wonderful 101.

  37. ベランダの鉢植えを並び替えるが如く数人が入れ替わったところでヲタ以外は興味持ってない。

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