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Mario Kart 8 DLC Has Been Leaked By Nintendo Includes New Characters And Courses




Each Add On Content pack will contain two new cups, each with four courses, which, in total, increases the number of available courses by 50 percent. The Add On Content packs include classics like Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii, as well as new courses, some taking place in the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. New vehicles will also arrive with each pack, including the Blue Falcon kart representing the F-Zero franchise in the first AOC pack.

Mario Kart 8 Pack 1 – Released: November 2014

Pack 1 includes:

  • 3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

Mario Kart 8 Pack 2 – Released: May 2015

Pack 2 includes:

  • 3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

As a bonus for purchasing both packs – as a bundle or separately – you can get eight different-coloured Yoshis and eight different-coloured Shy Guys that can be used right away.


228 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 DLC Has Been Leaked By Nintendo Includes New Characters And Courses”

          1. You people are fucking idiots with your “whatever the fuck you said” confirmed!!
            It’s just dlc, it doesn’t mean there will be a crossover game
            Yes it’s exciting that there will be MK8 dlc, but stop with your bullshit speculations and assumptions, cause weather you’re joking or just plain stupid, it makes you look just as rediculous as that fucking jackoff that kept posting “Half life 3 confirmed” everywhere in vain, which is just pathetic

        1. no its 10 dollars 7 euros would be $9.23 but theirs no way they do a price like that they would round it to 9.99 or just 10

        2. Well, that’s nothing! Buying day 1!! And I already have too much to play with Hyrule Warriors and Smash x2. I haven’t even played enough of the normal Mario Kart 8 tracks… D:

    1. MK8 saves Wii U in May, November and May!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH BAHAHHAHAHA WWDIO()_}WDosirop[aw’;feopfgrweag[w

      Wii U lol. Great console and Nintendo is proving it to the gamers

          1. Holy shit this was the most badass boss ever when i was a kid lmao.

            My balls dropped for like a split second when that happened and i thought it was so hard!! lmao i played it like 5 years ago and can’t believe how easy it is. Well it was a breeze compared to stuff like ninja gaiden but this was a threat for some reason.

      1. I agree to some extent. a new mario kart per system is good moderation. A new mario kart for the same system over and over is bad. so what im saying is COD would be better and more enjoyable if it were released once or twice per console.


    Super Smash Kart confirmed. Can’t wait to play Zero Suit Samus driving a baby metroid.

    1. I know, I would much more like to get it through a build-up, followed by a trailer, through a Nintendo Direct! It would be such a nice surprise!!

    1. But it was leaked. Probably through some website, or something. Guessing it’s supposed to be revealed through a Nintendo Direct later this month/early next month! (Would much rather have gotten the news through a Direct!)

      1. But the headline says

        “Leaked by Nintendo”

        Surely, if it’s their property and they announce it exists, it’s not leaking, it’s announcing, now if it was another website that said it first, that was the leak, not Nintendo.

        1. It was Nintendo’s website, but I believe it was published by accident. It has happened way too many times before!

          But it doesn’t matter now, Nintendo officially announced it on Twitter hours later!

  2. Sweet! I’ve really been hoping for Link and a few others. I know they don’t want it to be Smash Bros Karting or anything, but one or two characters from a couple of other franchises is cool. I can’t believe they are going to support this game with DLC for that long… May 2015!?!? Nintendo rocks. I’m thinking Link could really be a big draw for those who don’t already own the game…

    1. The more clones the better as long as it inflates the character count sir! Also, I don’t know what a “clone” would be in this game since the drivers don’t really affect the race..

      1. I think he means that we already have 3 Mario forms and 3 Princess Toadstool forms. I would be mad too if they were the only additions but there’s a lot more and more tracks so I’m stoked!

      1. I’ll get it of course, you must be out of your mind if you think I don’t want to play as Link in Mario Kart.

        But Tanooki and Cat Peach are the definition of clones though, as they’re the exact same people just in different outfits.

      1. …What? Hater? For pointing out a flaw? I don’t think you know what that word means, and I’m a massive Nintendo fan btw.

  3. Awesome, been wanting this for a long time! Never really wanted a Smash Kart, but a Mario Kart with other Nintendo characters making cameos! Now, if we could have gotten this the intended way, through a (teaser) trailer, that would have been a much better surprise!

  4. Also why is Link included? It’s kinda cool given that he’s a Nintendo character but he seems out of place for Mario Kart.

  5. This is amazing, but they need to include Kirby on the warp star! Just like the Smash trailer for Rosalina and Luma!!!

  6. Smash Bros Kart confirmed! Did Mario Kart 8 get exposed and need outside help? More info coming as this story develops. I will say…Watchdogs didn’t need any third party help…..

    Take that comment lightly folks. Just poking fun at the fact that the Nintendo fans were finally right. People said that it was only a matter of time until Link and friends made it into Kart. Now it finally happened! #LolNintendoForever

  7. I just saw this. I’m SO EXCITED!! WOW! This is amazing, just what I was talking about on a previous article about keeping MK8 fresh. I’M SO HYPED!! It looks legit, the website seems to be official nintendo, there’s even a slide show. WOW!!

  8. good news.. i’ll definitely buy those for the new courses alone

    now if only they’d release a decent battle mode aswell … for free of course, they owe that much

  9. Rant: The one thing I HATE about this is the character selection. Like WTF Nintendo with the Mario and Peach clones? Couldn’t you of picked something much better than that, like I don’t know, perhaps stuff someone will actually play with, like Birdo, Diddy Kong, Dry Bones, etc. instead you pick shitty Mario series characters to add to the terrible roster we already have for that game. And the Villager and Isabelle seem redundant. They’re seriously BETTER BE MORE CHARACTERS than just those six!

  10. Well dang.
    No Zelda or Ganondorf included? :(
    Although, I must admit Link in a Mario Kart game was unexpected. XD

  11. This is not a leak… I have no idea why this site says it is. This new dlc was announced by Nintendo, not some guy on some website. Please do better with headlines in the future.

    1. Encyclopedia Dramatica

      i’m collecting info for the article about you on encyclopedia dramatica and you made it so easy. the level of flip flopping is strong with you.
      your talk page on the website will be spamed :)

  12. Damn it! I can’t believe I’m going to miss out on this. My only hope is that they’re part of Amino,if so then I’m going to be glad.

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  14. A Blue Falcon Kart and an F-Zero course? Nintendo stop trolling and release a new F-Zero game already! It’s obvious you haven’t forgotten about the series.

  15. Wow…

    I’m pretty sure we’ll see Nintendo first ever GOTY edition (with all the dlc packed in) at some point. If you don’t own the game yet, it makes no sense at all to buy the game before then.

  16. This is awesome! 8 new courses in November and another 8 in May will definitely increase the lifespan of this game! Really looking forward to the F-Zero and Zelda courses!

  17. This is becoming Nintendo Kart….

    Tanooki Mario and Cta Peach (and the metal ones) shouldn’t be different characters; they should be different costumes for Mario and Peach. Same for Dry Bowser.

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  20. I love this… I dont care hat anyone says, this is possibly the best thing i’ve ever read in regards to the mario cart franchise.. this is some kick ass DLC

  21. This is what I like to see, exceeding my expectations. Free DLC tomorrow, new DLC incoming with 16 new courses, bunch of new characters and karts, lovely. I can’t wait to play some new courses online also.

    This is a great start and the game hasn’t even been out a year, I hope this support continues in the same fashion.

    This just about made my day as pathetic as that sounds. I’m addicted to MK8.

  22. I just literally fainted when I seen link in that kart. Thought like a week ago why don’t Nintendo have guest star from there games. This is awesome. I’m not trading in Mario kart 8 anymore

    1. Why would you ever trade in the game in the first place! It is like THE best game released for Wii U!

      I’m one of those people that keeps every game he buys, because I love to have my collection of games on my book shelves like a library.

      I think people who trade in games are crazy.

      1. I traded in a bunch of games and a rumble pack back in the day to get DK 64. Never again have I traded. Loved Donkey Kong, but terrible deal and I also like having my collection.

  23. AWESOME!!! It comes with tons of content too! I bet in all, the DLC will cost $20 which is the same amount as NSLU so that seems to be reasonably priced.

    Mario Kart 8 just got that much more fun!!! ^-^

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  26. This… is this shit legit! Has Nintendo themselves actually revealed this!? *hyperventilates & squeals* LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!! Sorry, Lemmy, but… *spartan kicks off a cliff* THIS! IS!! HYRULE!!!

      1. And I’ll tell them to shut the fuck up & be happy they are getting these. >.< Nintendo didn't have to give us shit as far as DLC is concerned.

          1. Didn’t you already ask me that question once before? *shrug* It might have been someone else that asked me. Maybe Hollow. Anyway, hell yes I’m getting it. It’ll be fun to play a game where angels from Heaven are actually the villains. xD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Because I think it’s pointless to have all these people on my friends list when no one wants to play any online games…

                  1. That’s because I thought about asking you on Miiverse, but you never use it. Lol you have one post. XD I can usually play on weekends though so feel free to play with me. :P Although, that might change eventually because I might get assigned weekends by my job too, soooo you should spend as much time with HollowGrapeJ as possible before that happens. XD And I’m getting Bayonetta 2. But probably not launch because of HYRULE WARRIORS! *hums Zelda theme*

                    1. Good thing I’ll be able to get both on launch day. I just have to leave enough in my bank to pay for them when they ship my pre-order.

                      1. It’s not because I can’t get it. It’s because I want to limit as much as possible until I get a PC.

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        One more thing, just because I don’t post comments in Miiverse doesn’t mean I don’t check in t read messages and so on….

                      3. I don’t do much of anything on Miiverse anymore except yeah posts that I like. The admins on Miiverse are so god damn conservative!

                        1. Chozodian Emissary

                          Yo Ridley! You’re good peeps! I’m ChozoEmissary on Miiverse, I’d love to race with you Hollow and Quadraxis. And when Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta come out, it’d be awesome to do some online play.

                        2. Chozodian Emissary

                          Yo Hollow! You’re good peeps! I’m ChozoEmissary on Miiverse, I’d love to race with you Ridley and Quadraxis. And when Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta come out, it’d be awesome to do some online play.

                      4. I know I’ve posted this 3 times now… just covering my bases.

                        Yo Quadraxis! You’re good peeps! I’m ChozoEmissary on Miiverse, I’d love to race with you Hollow and Ridley. And when Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta come out, it’d be awesome to do some online play.

                          1. You’ll have to send me a request. I was going to send you one but my Gamepad’s battery is dead, & I need to get a new adapter which I can’t order til Friday.

                            1. Were you able to send a request? I probably won’t see my new Gamepad adapter til Friday or next week.

                              1. A shame Bayonetta 2 is the only one with online co-op. I guess some people are still hoping for an online co-op mode for Hyrule Warriors as an update later on. Well when the game releases & I fill out the survey, I’ll be sure to mention the want for an online co-op. Maybe if enough of us ask for it in the damn survey, Nintendo & Koei Tecmo will listen.

                                1. I’ll throw that in the survey too, but the Adventure Mode is online co-op in some way. It’ll be interesting to mess around with that.

              1. sorry but no no no I know I am not force to download and buy them them but I am against this kind of business, on a principal that DLC is bad the game industry. I do believe the additional courses should be free. furthermore £15 on the top of £40 is a bit taking the mick if you ask. Oh well Nintendo doing a MS and Sony but who can blame them since people asking for it. Sad news for me

                1. If done right, DLC is one of the best things that can happen to a game. Nintendo just so happens to be one of the people that isn’t charging an arm & a leg for DLC. If this was EA or Activision, this DLC would cost a lot more than what Nintendo is selling it for. So chill out. But whatever. If you think Nintendo is no better, that’s your own opinion.

                  1. I am again that principal does not matter how right is done, I really don’t care if EA or activation or Square Enix will charge more than that.

                    Look at what happening now in the video game industry, you have game you purchased 60$ or £40 or 60 € but you end up with half of it on the media and the other half of it will be DLC. And that becoming an trend going up not down.

                    Not long back an hacker find additional cup so those DLC were planned and this is where I have an ethic issue with that.

                    I hate with passion this business model and I will not encourage it even if it means I won’t enjoy the extra thing any DLC bring with it.

                    Saying that I think I belong to a minority since lot of people (including you) are ready to pay for those DLC.

                    I think I would have seen it as a OK news if the extra courses will be free and the rest as extra characters and kart/bike will be charge for small fees.

                    Just to conclude yes I do believe Nintendo is becoming like Sony and Microsoft and sooner than later you will see some abuse. Saying that Nintendo is just following a trend which is reinforced by every players who brought those contents. So why Nintendo should not follow that path, I guess I can give them kudos for not doing it sooner.

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