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Mario Kart 8 DLC With Extra Characters And Courses Now Says Sold Out


Nintendo UK may have jumped the gun by putting up the Mario Kart 8 DLC product page on their official webstore but that didn’t stop people from pre-ordering it, or trying too. The product page now says that it’s sold out. Whether that’s because fans decided to purchase it in their droves, or Nintendo UK realised the product page shouldn’t have been up remains to be seen. The first DLC pack comes in November and will cost £7.00 and includes three characters, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link, 8 courses and four vehicles.


Thanks, Cris

89 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 DLC With Extra Characters And Courses Now Says Sold Out”

          1. We will have one soon sure, and you know why? Nintendo wants our minds off the Smash leaks. What was here yesterday is replaced by tomorrow. ;)

        1. I find it hard to believe that DLC can sell out, so I think it’s safe to say the page should not have been on the site yet.

          1. I get the feeling that nintendo was getting ready to stream another direct with big smash and mario kart news and that these leaks completely killed it. I still think the smash leaks are fake though, or alternate skins for existing characters

  1. How much does it cost to buy “fair item balancing” for this monstrosity of a game? That’s a DLC I would take GREAT interest in.

    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

    1. I actually like the coin, and the new item system too… It makes holding first place harder, giving more variation and more challenge!

    1. Nintendo’s networks go to hell-in-a-handbasket everytime something big happens. This is normal. eShop is totally fucked up right now too. This is normal…

      That said, I’m pretty fucking stoked. This DLC may have just redeemed Mario Kart in my eyes. :)

  2. My Hype~! Where’d it go~! D:
    I just found out that it was announced in Europe, and the pricing is in Europe too~! :( So, I’ll just have to wait til the North American Nintendo company to actually start believing a little more in this DLC. owo
    It looks real though…….but I wish dates of it releasing in America are announced soon!

    OH! And, how are DLCs sold out? I thought they were downloadable content…how does that stuff run out? Don’t tell me that downloadable games get sold out as well? o-o
    (I sound so dumb right now. xD)

    1. Let us know if you do get them early. I’m curious to see if they take up half the character select screen or are just changed with the press of a button from the main Red/ Green ones.

  3. how can dlc be sold out an I don’t really get how u can preorder a download what is it available an hour earlier for you or what?

  4. I believe it says “sold out” ince a lot of people was trying to purchase it, not because they actually ran out of “virtual copies”…

    relax people… we still have to wait till November, oh and also, do you HONESTLY believe this will be Europe exclusive? c’mon guys…

    1. Exactly my thoughts. No way they would go through that effort and leave it in one region, and they know people would tear down the NOA building if we didn’t get it lol

      1. Oh you better believe it. I’d use 200-300 bucks of my own money to take a trip to NOA’s HQ & beat the shit out of people. I might end up in jail but it will be worth it if they denied us this DLC. I want my mother fucking Link racer! lol

        1. hey dude do you have Mario Kart 8? either way what’s your NNID? Had to go all the here to reply to you cause I’m not sure if you can send a private message, but yea lol

          1. Ridley X3

            I can’t accept it yet, though. My Gamepad is dead & I’m waiting for my new charger that I ordered from Nintendo’s online store to come.

  5. A few months ago most of you morons were against MK8 getting any DLC which it desperately needs, but now you’re all excited for it. Typical Nintendo fans…

      1. The imbecile formerly known as sasori is against. as a matter of fact he’s against everything about mario kart 8.

        1. he’s flip fapping again saying “if it’s cheap or free maybe i’ll get it”, when he said a lot of times that he hates Mario Kart 8.

        2. Right now, that little self-racist bitch is in hardcore damage control by pretending to like anything. Nintendo now after his last account got banned for that insulting MLK comment. So basically, he’s just a degenerate pussy with no sense of life or intelligence.

    1. No dumbass. Its everyone else no matter what system or game, thinks Mercedes DLC is stupid which Ubishit opened its own mouth about it too. So basically anyone was complaining not just that very little Nintendo fans you moron.

      Typical hypocrite fools…

    1. Still, I’m excited about this DLC, it’ll make me want to play MK8 again. Link still feels out of place to me though. :3

  6. Damn. Within mere minutes to hours, the DLC is completely freshed out? XD This is how you do DLCs right people. Never before I see any particular gaming group be this dedicated and hyped for DLC, not even COD with its overpriced packs. ^_^ MK8 is on a row man.

  7. Charge me for an update with fair items no matter what place your in(completely random for all), with anti aliasing for no weirdly jagged lines, fake item boxes, ability to hold 2 items at once(when dragging one behind) and a non shit battle mode and I´ll pay. Couldn’t care less about cart mods or characters.

  8. If this doesn’t come to the US, Nintendo of America beware! I’m coming to fucking burn you all down to the ground! D:<

    1. I think it was put up before it was supposed to be available. Think about it. Wouldn’t they have made an announcement on direct or something before just putting it up for pre order?

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