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Mario Kart 8 Maintenance Scheduled Tomorrow For Mercedes DLC & Update

Nintendo has scheduled maintenance for tomorrow, August 27, which will affect the online leaderboards and rankings for Mario Kart 8. Maintenance is specifically taking place for the popular racing game’s update, along with the arrival of the free Mercedes DLC, which includes three news cars to test out on the game’s various tracks. Here are the times online play will be affected across the world on August 27:

  • Europe – 8.50am to 10am
  • UK – 7.50am to 9am
  • USA (EDT) – 2.50am to 4am
  • USA (PDT) – 11.50pm (Tues, August 26) to 1am
  • Japan – 3.50pm to 5pm

20 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Maintenance Scheduled Tomorrow For Mercedes DLC & Update”

  1. Pokken tournament comfirmed by game freak!!!! Just saw the teaser trailer, and it was sick!!! It had machamp, fighting lucario

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                No they aren’t, what bothers me is that any announcement made for the Wii U always comes last…

  2. Glad this is early in the morning update for me. My daughter would freak I’d she couldn’t play this game while they updated or with the new stuff. LOL.

    Wonder if they could get more characters or lose some of the lesser used ones…

    Damn phone, I’d is IF.

  3. I hope nintendo will be ready (hence the maintenance) for the massive load their servers will received. This update is highly anticipated and millions will rush to get it as soon as possible. I hope this update will bring something more to the game, and this type of update will increase the replay value. Maybe this update is include in the 1 year mario kart campaign stated by Nintendo back in March.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Anything to liven up the online community again. I kept being placed into the same room with this guy who wasn’t on my friends list. This happened ALL DAY LONG.

  4. I kind of totally forgot about this! This is sweet! Can wake up to free kart DLC inbound along with general improvements ^_^. This is a good direction Nintendo, hopefully they’ll continue to support MK8 like this on a more regular basis to keep the game fresh.

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