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Pokken Tournament Announced On NicoNico Stream, Currently For Arcades Only

President of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara has announced Pokken Tournament on today’s NicoNico live-stream. The new Pokemon project – which we reported on last week – was teased to fans of the franchise as a “shocking” announcement.

Co-developed by Tekken’s producer Katsuhiro Harada and Bandai Namco, the new fighting game will be available in Japanese arcades by 2015. According to the information shown on the stream, the game is only confirmed for arcades so far. However, a Wii U version is still possible given Bandai Namco’s pattern for releasing on arcade format first.

We’ll update the post as new information appears from the stream. If you missed the new Pokken Tournament trailer showing Lucario and Machamp locked in a field battle, you can catch it in all its glory above. Plus, you can take a gander at the game’s official Japanese website, here. Let us know what you think of the announced game in the comments below.

148 thoughts on “Pokken Tournament Announced On NicoNico Stream, Currently For Arcades Only”

    1. Kinda lame how its for Arcade only and only in Japan and releasing in 2015…
      but i probably wouldn’t have bought this if it were coming to WiiU anyways… as SMASH BROS will be my fighting game.
      Games like street fighter and Tekken aren’t my type of fighters too.

    1. They do arcade releases first. It’ll probably come to Wii U a year or 2 after. Or it might just be a launch title for the next console, depending on how long they wait, arcades just get priority with these things

    2. Anyone who knows anything about Tekken, they always playtest their games by putting them into the Japan arcades first before they bring it out anywhere. It will come out to the Wii U eventually once they finish their playtesting.

  1. Fuck the wiiu at this point. It sucks fucking cock, and im no troll. Nintendo has to rely on TWO FUCKING GAMES (Mario kart and smash bros) to make sell their shitty ass console. TWO FUCKING GAMES. Im done, im just done. Im going to a system where it actually has GAMES, not this BULLSHIT. Fuck you nintendo, u used to be a good company

      1. Destiny, Halo, Uncharted, The Order, DriveClub, Forza, The Crew, Mortal Kombat, Until Dawn, Quantam Break

        Your point?

        1. Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, DKC Tropical Freeze, Yoshi, Toad, Kirby, Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and this little title called The Legend of Zelda. People say Nintendo’s only relying on Smash and Kart, but for some reason that’s all people seem to be looking at the Wii U, despite there being a large number of high quality games already out and to be released. Also, you’re clearly an Xbox fan, but how many of the games you just listed could people also get on PC or PS4? There are so many multiplats there, while Wii U is almost all exclusive stuff, you’d get best diversity with a Wii U and anything else combination. Wii U & PS4, though I use my Wii U way more. It’s just got a way better library atm and Nintendo games tend to play my favorite. Xenoblade & Zelda ftw

      1. Same! I’m backed up right now lol, I’m still trying to finish up Tropical Freeze, Lost World, and W101, and Hyrule Warriors is out next month! AAAAAA! Too many games for meeeee!

        1. Haven’t played enough MK8 yet, just in world 3 in DKC TF, need to play more of that too. Never could get in on either W101 and Lost World, though I do enjoy W101, so I’ll try to play it more. Lost World is a lost sake when it comes to me playing it, though. I just can’t stand the controls and the physics, sadly…

          Getting Hyrule Warriors and Smash 3DS and Wii U this year. Waiting with Bayonetta, but will pick that up too! Captain Toad is luckily delayed in Europe, so I won’t have to buy that so soon, either!

          I also wanted to get a 100% in 3D World, but never got the time. On top of that, I have 6-7 VC games on Wii U and 3DS to complete, in addition to A LOT of Indie games! It’s just too much, I wish I could just stop time, and keep playing…

    1. So you will choose NoGaems4 or Xbone which is losing exclusives? Or better tell me, why you are caring about Wii U sales? Can’t you just enjoy all the games you’re getting?

    1. Also are people that retarded that they think it won’t come to wii u, it’s the same for every fighting game, arcade first, home console second

  2. I’ll never make the same mistake again, i’ll never get a nintendo console again. The fact that they have to rely on two games (smash bros and mario kart) to sell their console is sad. Nintendo im done with u, u used to be a good company. Fire that dumb ass iwata who cant listen to fans.

    1. id rather have a ps4/xb1 where we get third party support, their DLC (LOOKING AT YOU COD BO2 WIIU) , and year round support. A console wnere i get my moneys worth. Nintendo fans are being treated like shit. Nintendo, im done with u

      1. DLC is basically treating people like shit so PS4 and Xbox One aren’t any better. Just leave gaming kid and leave it to the real gamers.

          1. So you like DLC buttfucking you in the ass?
            You like companies like EA and Activision buttfuck you with Season Pass?

          1. I know, he is arrogant unlike us real gamers who actually support all platforms with being a whinner like you ;)

            1. u call yourself a real gamers? and im not talking about shitty ea microtransactions, i mean dlc that helps extend the fun on certain games, which never come to wiiu. Listen, KID, you can go shove ur dick up ur ass, if it can even reach there

              1. Jake the pussy… REAL GAMERS play games on all systems– NINTENDO, Sony, Microsoft, SEGA, Neo-Geo, Atari (before Nintendo’s resurrection), Mattel (remember Intellivision?), Magnavox, Coleco, etc.

      2. Unfortunately good sir I have an xb1, a ps4 and a wii u and out of the three the Wii u has the most games and there cheaper and more fun to play

          1. Only the fun part. The Wii U really does have the most games so far and the console and some games are cheaper. Though, they do maintain their price while other console games prices drop pretty fast. But still, you can get a good handful of Wii U games at $50 or less. Indie games are pretty much even across the board, everyone’s got a good number of those :)

            1. Actually, in the Indie Department Nintendo looses. Yeah they have a few gems but for the most part its all ass titles.

            2. Nintendo games say up in price for a long time, because people play them for quite awhile, and people come back to those games. Also, Nintendo games are typically longer than the average game nowadays (besides Elder Scrolls and all that jazz…)

      3. Yeah man I see your point. That’s why people should get the Wii U as a secondary console. Though there are more than 2 good games coming soon to the console such as Bayoneta 2 and Hyrule Warriors, but If Mario Kart and Smash are the only reason you bought a Wii U you probably should’ve waited for a price cut.

      4. Who gives a fuck about your drama queen bullshit? Now that you’re a certified graphics whore, you don’t fucking belong here. Wii U is THE one affordable console where we get OUR money’s worth. For example– Koei-Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 (with a free disc Bayonetta HD) from Nintendo and Platinum Games, Nintendo and Bandai-Namco’s Super Smash Bros. U, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, FAST Racing NEO, Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X from developer Monolith Soft, Splatoon (a new IP), The Legend of Zelda U, and Pokken Fighters. That’s not all… Nintendo also has free DLC for Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors (pre-orders for a moment), and Bayonetta 2.

        Nintendo fans appreciate the fun, enjoyment, and overall quality of their products. You, on the other hand, are nothing but a pretendo who lacks fun, patience, and always rely on graphics and brown and blood colored first-person shooters. Third parties in America always depend on the almighty dollar while Japanese third parties rely on three things that Nintendo brings– fun, unique, and the highest quality.

  3. I have always purchased a nintendo console on day one, but this will never happen again. Sorry but I’m rapidly losing faith in Ninty after being a VERY loyal fan for 21 years :,(

    1. IKR! Great post! Seriously they are treating us like shit. So do you know if ps4 is better or XB1? I just like my average cod and bf4, and love dlc :D

      1. I plan to buy a ps4 very soon as well. Although, I’m not sure just yet. I mainly want it for 3rd parties and kh3.

          1. @stranga, sorry, but your post if very biased. “Both of gimmped pcs with nothing of value to buy” that’s completely untrue, and that would make the Wii U even less than that. However, I enjoy my Wii U and will keep it for nintendo games, but will eventually get a ps4 for 3rd party games and Kh3.

            1. Then explain why MGSV is coming to PC then and that the PS4 and Xbox One are always advertised as to having PC HARDWARE… so yeah, they are gimped PCs to the max.

              1. “Gimped pcs” is completely untrue, again. Also, they do have PC hardware and If that were to be true, then Wii U is even worse than a gimmped PC, so your comment hold no merit.

                1. The point of that phrase is that 90%+ of what’s on those consoles is on PC and half decent PCs run them better. Nintendo’s so full of exclusive games that you can’t get anywhere else it exists as a mostly unique machine, pretty much flipping that 90%+ to be exclusive content. That’s why the Wii U isn’t considered a gimped PC, cause I can’t just get a good PC to outdo the console cause the games don’t exist on the PC

      2. I have both! They both suck too. I wouldn’t rush to upgrade anytime soon. The majority of games shown before release look nothing like the real thing.

      3. So you like it when Companies take things that should have belonged in the game away from you? You’re a strange little boy.

        1. I meant that the graphics were dumbed down and the videos shown are nothing like the actual releases.
          At least Wii U was a huge step up from Wii.
          PS3 and PS4 are essentially the same thing.

      4. Neither are better than Wii u, I own both and Wii u has more games that are actually fun to play not to mention the pro controller is way better then there controllers but if your gunna get way either way I’d go with xb1 , the thumbsticks on the ps4 controller wearout after about 3 months ( the rubber fades away) and that’s not with excessive use not to mention the newtwork on Xbox is way smoother in my opinion and you get a free game with gold every month

      5. Neither is worth getting yet. Xbox One hasn’t proven it can hold onto any exclusives (aside from Halo which isn’t out yet) and PS4 just plain doesn’t have the exclusive library yet. A PC would be the best bet at this point, but if you wait long enough, a PS4 will probably have the better library, though, Microsoft still might surprise us. We’ll really need to wait til next e3 to find out. That’s the one thing I can say for the Wii U, at least you know what you’re getting, a bunch of Nintendo games. Does everyone like those, no, but are they fun for most people, yeah. And they’re all exclusive, so if any interest you, you know you won’t regret getting the game there and not waiting for a different console or PC release cause it won’t release anywhere else. Xenoblade X and Zelda are looking to be 2 of the biggest games of next year, both in scale and quality, whether or not the sales meet expectations or not

  4. Bandai namco said it would be coming late 2015 for ps4,xbox1,ps3andxbox360 no wii u plans.HA…. Nintendo needs games on the wii u.I remember them saying they would not make the same mistake at release with the wii u that they did with the 3ds. Really? Make some games or pay third party develepors for crying out loud!

    1. They did WORSE than the 3ds. at least the 3ds got its shit together hslf a year later. Nintendo just put this mistake on life support

      1. IDK what you’re smoking because Wii U sales are currently rising and outselling the Xbox One XD so get your facts straight

        1. He’s just butthurt because 3rd Party Devs aren’t buttfucking him with crappy DLC that should have been in the game to begin with.

            1. Oh dear but those never had a Season pass and actually added something into the game. Also, most of them were free ;)
              Fail Troll is fail

                1. Actually, even though I agree on Pikmin and Mario Golf being similar to map packs for dlc, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 are a bit different, in my opinion. Hyrule Warriors dlc is planning on adding modes, characters, and maps. The only one we know of soon is a new mode, which will be free. That’s a bit more significant then a map pack and I can only theorize that if Hyrule warriors waited a few more weeks to be released, this dlc would be in the game already. As for Mario Kart 8, it’s more like a patch I believe, tweaking and fixing some complaints while throwing in a few vehicles. It would be the equivalent of throwing a few more minor guns into CoD (maybe just attachments to guns in this case?) while fixing things the community complained about. Not really a map pack, as it’s not adding any major environments or courses to the game. Nintendo is getting better with dlc, and I am interested if they do anything with the smash bros. Game, but we shouldn’t judge all dlc equally. Paying for some new skins in a fighting game is not equal to getting a free new character when it comes to dlc, for example, so season passes and patches should also be judged differently.

                  1. I’d rather it be free than having to pay for it. Having to pay more for content just feels as if you’re pouring more money into a game when it could quite easily have had it in the final build. However, that’s not to say Nintendo aren’t exempt from this in any way. The New Super Mario Bros 2. Coin Rush DLC packs had to be bought (though admittedly they had no real impact on the main game).

                    The DLC Nintendo have offered with Pikmin 3 and the like have had a direct impact on the game, so offering them for free, as opposed to paying for them, makes for better consumer value. I’d rather pay £50 for Pikmin 3 and get free DLC to enhance my experience than say pay £50 for Call of Duty and then have to pay an extra £20-£30 for further map packs, weapons etc.

                    Never have been a believer in season passes.

  5. For all these dumbasses who keep bitching and whining about this? STFU. Nintendo will most likely port this to the Wii U eventually given the high reputation of arcade games. You guys just need to be PATIENT for once

      1. Something tells me you go lube in you ass XD

        Tank Tank Tank, created by Namco Bandai was once a Japanese only Arcade game but was soon ported to the Wii U. And this being a big franchise from Nintendo it’s likely this will too.

        Do some research before you comment kiddo ;)

  6. The Clergy of the Church of Sasori has had a Wii U in its library since launch and has come out to make a statement that this machine was designed to even the playing field to individuals who are not of Japanese decent. We are made to fell inferior or even embarrassed at time when buying games or accessories for our console as if we were “not up to par” with everybody else. This is due to the Japanese getting back at us because of their smaller than average genitalia. Well played sir….

  7. Look at the video, how amazing does this look, seriously we need a new Colosseum/XD style game for Wii U with these graphics please thanks!

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I’m a Massive Security Drone, I don’t engage in such disgraceful organic primitive rituals like you, abomination…

        1. I wouldn’t even eat the bitch ass filthy human scum to kill it, so you can go ahead & squash it with one of your legs, Quadraxis.

      1. I don’t like those 2 idiots either, but if they get banned for damage controlling, you should get banned as well because you’re the idiot that’s fanning the flames.

  8. Pokken Tournament: Arcade version.
    Pokken Fighter: Console (Wii U, maybe 3DS) version.
    Namco often has its games first on arcade and a year later on console : )

  9. Fucking retards not understanding about this hybrid game. Pokken Fighters is coming to arcades in Japan ONLY. However… there’s a greater possibility that Bandai-Namco (publisher) and The Pokemon Company will release the Pokemon/Tekken hybrid to the Wii U worldwide.

    All of you haters and non-believers need to just relax. Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company. Keep your expectations in full check. Lowered down, that is.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Agreed, the only thing that bothers me is that they always announce a Wii U version last…

      But many are just drama-queens, takes everything too literal and are like they’ve never experienced the internet or news at all and can’t think ahead for more than 2 seconds…

      The exact same apes that jumps on some people for taking things too literally , you know who you are…

      1. The original tekken and soul caliber were both released first at arcades, both developed by namco. It seems they like to release a new fighting series in arcades first and see what people think before giving a console release.

        1. Not to mention Pokemon is a huge Nintendo franchise, letting Bandai Namco do the arcade first was probably part of the deal they made when making this game. Way back in the day most games that came to consoles were arcade ports, some companies like Bandai Namco still do that. This way they get the arcade money and still are likely to get basically the same or nearly the same console sales as they would anyhow. It’s like how Destiny’s beta was played by so many people, even though that doesn’t carry over to their main game, only they make money off of it and it’s a full game, not a beta

  10. I wonder whether this has only Fighting Type Pokemon or other types are in. And if, are there type advantages, stats and so on …
    I’m sure this will be on WiiU. It has a german trailer what it wouldn’t if it is Japanese Arcade only.
    Definitely it will be with amiibo support.

  11. This looks interesting. I’m think though, because the tile of the game is “Pokken Tournament” (originally Pokken Fighters??), it’s being developed by Tekken’s Producer and Bandai Namco, AND the only two pokemon shown fighting are fighting types…It seems as though this could mean that the only pokemon included in this game will be pokemon with the Fighting Type, & Fighting/Type(grass, fire, etc.) pokemon. (Note, I can’t speak Japanese, so not sure if this was mentioned in the video).

    I think this would be the only way this game could work…?

  12. Ok, for people who don’t understand how fighting games work in japan, they release in arcades first. Before you say smash bros, understand smash bros isn’t that type game like tekken or street fighter. Capcom, and Namco do the same thing with street fighter, and tekken , and the game will come to wii u, you have to be stupid not to think it would

  13. I hate pokemon with passion and never ever managed to get into it. But you have to acknowledge the game is popular and can be a seller system. Tell me if I am wrong but pokemon company is a separate company who still belong to Nintendo? I don’t understand the logic behind the arcade only thing, pokemon does not need a trial run and should be on console straight away. Nintendo does needs pokemon to sell more hardware, they really should stop beating around the bushes

    1. We don’t know the full details, maybe part of the contract was that (since Namco is developing it) they got first go with it on Arcade only and Nintendo seconded dipped with the Console Port.

      3rd parties do need incentive to developed for the Wii U but what if Ninth found a Way around it. Arcades aren’t a direct competition for Nintendo anyways.

  14. We ALL know this is coming West to the Wii U at some point. As someone pointed out on another forum, Tekken-based games always hit Arcades before heading to videogame hardware systems.

    Same thing with this. Nintendo is saying they have “nothing to announce at the moment,” but they are just keeping Pokken Tournament’s Wii U announcement a secret for right this moment.

  15. Its news like these that makes me wanna question Nintendo for neglecting their own console and I’m inching closer to ditch it for PS4 if this BS continues. I’m so fucking tired of having one particular console being treated so badly when it did nothing to anyone to make people ignore it except for the usually weak “graphics” excuse.

        1. Its just a simple word, if you feel like this imaginary friend of yours is superior, then I feel bad for you, kid.

          Now go on git, gtfoh!

  16. Everybody relax!! This game is coming to the Wii U eventually!! I don’t think Nintendo would be so stupid not to have this game on Wii U, knowing how popular Pokemon is…

  17. I agree! I think after they see how many people would want to own this in their homes they will bring it to wii u !

  18. Looks good. If Nintendo is testing how people will react to the arcade game then it could come to the Wii U in the future with Amiibo support.

    I just hope somebody in the gaming media will contact Nintendo and ask them if they will bring this to the Wii U…

  19. Come on people, why announce this now for Wii U when Smash Bros is around the corner. I think they will wait for the POKKEN hype train to build, later.

  20. I can’t believe this is for arcades only! I’m not gonna drive all the way to a fucking chuck e cheese to play a single game. This wii u is in serious need of games right now. Who even goes to arcades anymore?

  21. Now this is a spin off Pokemon game I can definitely get into! If we don’t get Pokemon Snap 2, this game, when it hits the Wii U, will be the Wii U’s Pokemon Snap for me. I hope it has not just fighting type Pokemon but other types. I’ll definitely use Mewtwo a lot if he’s in the game as one of the Pokken Fighters. The name Pokken makes sense now, too. Pokemon+Tekken=Pokken! >.< To the humans that don't realize this game will eventually hit the Wii U, you really don't know how Bandai Namco works when it comes to games like these.

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