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Give Platinum Games Kellams More Followers On Twitter And He Will Make Operation Platinum T-Shirt

JP Kellams, the Creative Producer of Scalebound at Platinum Games, has said on Twitter that if he’s able to get over 4000 followers on Twitter then he will make an Operation Platinum t-shirt. If you’re not in the know, Operation Platinum is a campaign started by Nintendo fans to get the forthcoming Bayonetta 2 to sell over one million copies.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

21 thoughts on “Give Platinum Games Kellams More Followers On Twitter And He Will Make Operation Platinum T-Shirt”

    1. While i agree i think it’s good to make more awareness of the #OperationPlatinum – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

  1. The clergy of curch of Sasori disaprobes this. twiiter is for asking women to show’s disgusting sickr posts this irrelevant piece of information instead of the CoD petition..but lord Sasori will forgive’ve been warned Sickr..

  2. Asking for follows, really ?
    And who would even walk around in a shirt that screams “We’re so desperate, we gotta convince each other to buy games on WiiU, plz support”, let alone PAY for it. I know I wouldn’t.

    1. Yeah i would rather jump off a cliff, i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. Jumping off a cliff will only kill me but that t shirt will ruin my life.

      #twitter on mynintendonews

    2. Well back in the day, video game companies actually relied more on free word of mouth of the fans than their own paid commercials to sell their games. What the Operation Platinum people are doing isn’t much different from that old way, so don’t trash it.

      1. Not at all. Project Platinum is organized by WiiU owners who literally try to convince each other to buy a game on the WiiU because they think if they didn’t didn’t start a project like this, not enough people would buy it and they would, once again, show the world that Nintendo supporters really don’t care about 3rd-party games. What they don’t know, though, is that nobody is going to buy the game because some random people on the internet tell them to do it, anyone who’s gonna do it is gonna do it because it’s a game they’re interested in. And that makes me feel like the people who made up this whole project are going to act like it was their achievement once the game comes out and sells well, when in reality they had nothing to do with it because the project sucks and is not convincing at all. It’s gonna sell because it’s a good game + comes bundled with the first part of the game for free.
        I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they actually planned that all in advance, so they’d get some “internet fame” or some shit.

  3. He’s asking for followers in return for making shirts. Isn’t that perhaps a little better than asking for money….

    I don’t think this is a bad thing. Once he makes his shirts, de-follow him. It’s as easy as pie. This isn’t a huge commitment.

      1. the game looks boring to me. i dont even know why people were hyping this game or making an awareness for this game.

        1. But you were so interested in it awhile back, Sasori. Don’t you want to see the boobies? Oh right! I forgot! Your Gamestop is smart & responsible enough to not let a minor buy a Mature game without his parents being right there to buy it for him.

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