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Miyamoto Will Be Interviewed In The Next Edition Of EDGE Magazine


EDGE magazine has revealed that the next edition will feature legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Presumably Miyamoto will be talking about the upcoming games on the Wii U including Splatoon, Zelda, Yoshi’s Wooly World and Smash Bros.

37 thoughts on “Miyamoto Will Be Interviewed In The Next Edition Of EDGE Magazine”

  1. This will be epic. He’s a great interviewer and I know that this will lead to great press and maybe push sells. More importantly, just a fun way to get out the word of some awesome games coming up.

    Love the headline.

  2. The Wii U is unraveling just like Yoshi’s ball of yarn. All this to reveal a leapfrog. Sasori warned of this but very little heeded the warning. Salvation comes from obedience not the self inflicted blind eye..

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  3. Really hope they ask him why he isn’t working on getting a Pokemon RPG done. No one cares about that Pokken shit that won’t ever come out over here!

    1. The creator of Pokemon ISN’T Miyamoto if you did some research also… Pokemon is already an RPG… just saying

    2. 1. Miyamoto has never had anything to do with the Pokemon franchise.
      2. Pokken will come to the Wii U & outside of the country eventually. Some of you just have to be patient.
      3. GameFreak only cares about making Pokemon RPG games for the handhelds as the main games have always been handheld focused.

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  6. Strange strange…. Edge Magazine has been ignoring Nintendo and its games for a long time. Why so suddenly they decided to interview Miyamoto?

    1. Because when the Wii U’s tides turn they can be like “yeah, we told you so, never give up on Nintendo LOL!”
      And when they fail they can be like “LOL just had the last interview evar wit sigehuru mayimoto!!! Xd”

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