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Xenoblade Chronicles X Map Will Be 5 Times Bigger Than That Of Xenoblade Chronicles

News has already started to come out of the latest edition of EDGE magazine which features Shigeru Miyamoto. Shinya Takahashi revealed in the magazine that the map for Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U will be roughly five times bigger than than the one found in Xenoblade Chronicles on the original Wii.

“Vehicles are called Dolls. They are 5 Times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be 5 times bigger. The game world in X is e in fact even bigger than that.”

Thanks, Kallum S

78 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Map Will Be 5 Times Bigger Than That Of Xenoblade Chronicles”

      1. That’s a little too much. We don’t freaking need maps that big. If we had mechs in the original xenoblade it would still take a long time to get from one end to the other.

  1. “The game world in X is e in fact even bigger than that.”

    It’s already confirmed it’s more than 5 times the size just from that sentence.

    I’d change the title to “Xenoblade Chronicles X map will be MORE than 5 times bigger than that of Xenoblade Chronicles”


      1. Hah. No. Just no. I’m not THAT big, human. You’re just small. Unless this is a joke to make fun of the “Ridley is too big” idiots. In which case, continue.

          1. Really? Well thanks for telling me that, Sakurai. My life can now focus on other things. Oh wait! You aren’t Sakurai! Begone with you, impersonator!

            1. Lmao Ridley will be in the game, but I don’t think you can play with him. Not saying I’m against it, but I’m pretty sure he would’ve showed us by now.

              1. *looks at blankly, blinking* This is freaking Sakurai we’re talking about here. Whether Ridley is playable or not, Sakurai has been teasing all of us, both pro & anti Ridley alike, with Ridley ever since he started posting pictures to Miiverse. He knows about that “Ridley is too big!” meme, so he’s been making references to size in a number of posts at this point.

                1. Anyone that doesn’t realize Sakurai’s between trolling us from the beginning is either a fool, blind, or stupid. @.@

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      This article just said they were called Dolls lol. But yeah dude these mountains should be legitimate MOUNTAINS! Remember running down the edge of Valak Mountain? This is going to be even better o_o

  2. Please don’t pull a GTA V… they said that map would be bigger than all of the GTA games maps.. it was actually smaller than GTA San Andreas whilst Just Cause 2 is still the largest open world game out there.

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    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      They could but it would suck. Porting takes a lot more work than gamers know, especially when Wii U has a noticeable drop in power compared to XB1 and PS4. XCX is optimized for the Wii U specifically and has been in development since as far back as 2010, possibly before that.

      1. Funny that you say this if it was true but third parties on Wii U so far didn’t even all. They gimp games, gamers take notice and refuse to pay full price for half of the crap the other platforms get even on 360/PS3 which are very different for each other but they’re also hypocrite for ignoring Wii U for the same reason they still make 360/PS3 ports without a problem and then afterwards you’ll hear third parties bitching that no one is buying their obviously lazy ass job of a garbage Nintendo port.

        Its not that its hard work to port. Its because third parties are openly selfish and hypocrite and yet, its surprising (maybe not) that so many are this stupid to not notice at all.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Of course they’ll port to the 360 and PS3. Each has a huge install base that continues to buy games. Sure, the Wii U’s ports suck but that fault lies with the first third-party games on the system. People didn’t buy those because they weren’t THAT great (people attributed it to the Wii U being a new system) but they never got better. Devs then realized people weren’t going to buy the ports and started getting even sloppier.

          And it IS that it’s hard work to port. They wouldn’t mind if people bought it but by now Nintendo gamers are too upset with third-parties to give them a chance and third-parties don’t want to risk all the time, money, and effort just for one port to a system with a mediocre install-base.

          1. The problem with Wii U launch was the games were already bought off from other platforms and Wii U, like Mass Effect 3 and Batman for example, gets second handed while other platforms have a trilogy edition or some other type of collection bundle for lower price. From the very beginning, third parties have screwed the platform with bare minimally supported ports and not a single original game that actually took full advantage of Wii U’s power and Gamepad which only Nintendo did it best with the exception of Ubishit’s Rayman which brings another point: They also wanna shove as much bad publicity on Wii U as possible as a ticket to move away from Wii U instead of just going straight and tell the public what’s wrong with the platform and why they’re having issues with it so that the fans and Nintendo can wake up and improve from that. But no. They wanna pull BS strings and lie about everything like Bethseda calling Wii U “weak” when everyone who watched Wii U demo at 2012 E3 knows they build a Metro Last Light demo for the platform and looked and ran just fine.

            And of course the majority of the third party mess is their own fault and not a single fan is gonna bother anymore as long as they’re not gonna bother to try either. Its not that the fans are stupid. They’re just tired of getting underrated and mistreated in such matter when they haven’t done anything to ignore their work which isn’t hard work anyway.

    2. Arkham Knight had something to do with graphics, not how big the game is. Games like GTAV and Skyrim were possible on last gen, so that isn’t the problem. Arkham Knight probably could come to Wii U, but it’d probably just look like the PS3 version of Arkham City… They’re aiming to make it look the best in the series. Hence why it isn’t on last gen consoles either.

      1. So? Like I said, the generation jump difference now isn’t as huge as the last gen or the one before that and before that and before that one. Its just a slightly prettier version of 1.0 and its suddenly a huge deal now? lol Anyway, I doubt Arkham Knight map size isn’t actually larger than GTA5 and take a look at Spider-Man 2/3 map size back at their time. Both were such great achievements and did it earlier in a console’s life. So if Wii U is as capable, it can pull off Arkham Knight with a slight graphical downgrade and I don’t care as long as it runs smoothly. Let’s not forget, both PS4/One are still a joke when it comes to comparing them to PC at maximum levels.

        And Rocksteady chose PS4/One platform to develop on because they want to work with new tools and platforms, not because the last gen suddenly sucked for their new game. They can build it around PS3/360 if they wanted too anyway.

        1. It’s not a “slightly prettier version”. It’s difficult to develop those games on the Wii U. And even if they did, it wouldn’t look like they wanted it to so it’s not worth the effort in the end.

        2. And they choose PS4/X1 so they can make their games look even better. Wii U, PS3, and 360 don’t have the power they are looking for. Did you really think they’d leave a majority of their fanbase just to work with new tools? Lol, if that was the case, we’d be seeing more games on the Wii U.

          1. How is making more realistic games look even better than it already is? Realism use is as overused and stale as COD gameplay over ten years. And right there in your last sentence just substantially confessed what the third party truly is: Lazy.

                1. Stranga, dude. You have to get your eyes checked. :p lol xD I saw the Batman AK gameplay and I wasn’t paying attention and then it showed these epic MOVIE quality graphics and I was like “oh ok. It’s a cutscene. Cool :3” And then the camera zoomed out and then BAM. Gameplay. WTF!?! Those graphics weren’t just cutscenes?! O.O And then…the Batmobile showed up. OH MY GOD that car looks epic. As much as I like Nintendo, that definitely could not have been done on the Wii U. XD

                  1. See what I mean about “Hollywood CGI” for games? You’re merely impressed of its slideshow instead of its core substance: Gameplay and plot. If those aspect suck, then graphics means nothings before and after the fact. And yes this is very much possible on Wii U because if Rockstar can pull off such achievement with huge map and open work diversity on PS3/360, then its very much possible on Wii U as well. Besides, how would you know if you don’t try huh? :3

                    1. It doesn’t matter. After I get a PC, I’m going to drool at the way it looks. XD And Arkham games have been praised and got GOTY awards, so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to worry about in terms of gameplay. :3

                      1. Well its secured with gameplay. But why graphics matter if they’re gonna look SLIGHTLY different from last gen consoles? XP Just enjoy the freaking game for the gameplay and plot. Graphics are always an afterthought when you’re done with it.

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            2. I honestly never played the first one, and know almost nothing about it, aside from people saying how awesome it is and that fans had to fight to get it over here. Anyone care to tell me a little about it? And is X a direct sequel to it where I should play the original first or can I play X without being lost on the story?

              1. It will probably be connected to the first game, but I doubt the story will be dependent on the first game’s story. So you shouldn’t need to play the first one to know what’s going on with the sequel. If anything, it will most likely just be characters from the first game making cameo appearances… if it’s a direct sequel to the first game.

            3. This very much excites me. Xenoblade Chronicles is very vast! Extremely vast. I can’t really think of a game I’ve played that has as many environments so big, plus, packed with so much content – there are a ton of side quests in Xeno. If this games offers a lot more in terms of content than even the original Xeno, then I think we may be in for a real treat!

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              1. xD Sorry but NEVER gonna happen. Monolith Soft is now 100% owned by Nintendo. Sorry but any future games in the Xeno franchise will be all Nintendo now. But don’t worry. I’m sure you can play Xenogears & Xenosaga on emulators or on the PS3/4’s online store or w/e.

            5. 5 times bigger!? O.O The first game was big enough as it is & it was full of life. And this one is going to be even bigger? I might just say fuck the mechs & walk throughout the game. xD

            6. So Nintendo is going to have the best rpg with X next year. They are going to have the best fighting game with Smash Bros. They are going to have the best hack and slash with Hyrule Warrios. They are going to have the best action adventure with Zelda. They already have the best racer with MK 8. They always have the best platformers. Fatal Frame will give the Horror Genre a run for it’s money. All they need now is a stand out first person shooter and the big N will have a lock down on the gaming industry once again.

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